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A new Academia please...

So those of you familiar with me and my work on the origins of man and my journey into that aspect of humanity on this planet are aware of my near complete disdain for the hilarious crap that academia would have us believe.

This situation is so bad that I call them academtwits in response to academia calling those of us looking into pyramids and the mysteries of those objects as pyramid idiots.

This is quite ironic as it is actually the academtwits that are the true pyramid idiots.

One of life's ironic ironies!!

The close minded bigotry academia at large delivers with respect to the evidence that lies strewn all over the planet is such a farce that it actually highlights the close minded character traits required to be a member of the academtwit clan.

This situation seems to be driven by stubborn refusal to contemplate and objectively analyze the hogwash taught in universities and churches by close minded bigots whose only goal seems to be to get us to conform to the accepted bollocks passed down through the ages.

The stubborn refusal by these types, in the face of the majority of information that lies hidden in plain sight contradicting their beliefs to consider and reflect on the facts they see is a thing of wonder on its own and in my opinion is the grand case for the broad strokes mental disorder of the human race.

But what would make people refuse to digest and think about the facts that contradict their hilarious beliefs and make people conform to their illogical and mysterious bulldog like belief of their complete and utter dogmatwit insanity??

Digging deep into this peculiar mental disorder is the first step that will deliver us into the land of mental wellness and allow us to begin our true progress as a species.

The fact is, everything we have been taught is a series of deliberate deceptions and a massive set of lies that go with it.

The question is, to what end?

Now don't go labeling me as a conspiracy theorist and a nut job and just dismissing everything in favor of the comfort of your comfort zone as it were.

There is enough evidence out there that contradicts the conventional wisdom you have all been taught that should all have you asking uncomfortable questions of academia and dogma as it stands today on almost every and any subject.

Anything else is no less than severe mental cowardice, to be frank.

Now this does not mean that you should immediately declare everything is garbage and declare all religion and academia worthless out of hand, that would be a tad harsh.

I am sure there is something to spirituality and things related to powerful beings that live in dimensions we are blind to based on my own life experiences with necromancy, alchemy, dark arts and such endeavors beyond the realm of our conventional 3D domain as we perceive them.

From where we stand, as an extremely ignorant race, IMHO, we simply do not possess enough information to understand what is all around us and how the universe actually works.

Also bear in mind that we are actually blind to most of the universe, by design.

Padlocking that door with institutionalized stupidity has become the norm and is a thing of wonder to my small mind, it really is.

It also exacerbates our dilemma as a species mightily.

The fact is, our range of vision and senses actually only makes us aware of a very small spectrum of what constitutes the entire universe as we can perceive it with what we have to perceive it with.

Just because we can't see or sense it does not mean it is not there or does not exist though.

Even when we see things plainly, we are born with a stubborn inane quality that actually even denies a witnessed reality, a very perplexing situation indeed!!

I have seen sound waves at frequencies that kill cancer, Lakhovsky oscillators curing quadriplegics, acoustic levitation demonstrations that defy gravity, magnetrons doing impossible physics, audio devices putting out huge fires with just acoustics, generation of DNA in an empty test tube merely with sound, weird punk science examples like planet elliptical orbits that defy Newton and Kepler et al, sonic geometry necromancy, saser technology, Prof Max Tegmark and his views plus a great many strange things I have experienced myself with kaballah, magnetic levitation and electrical and magnetic fields a la Mr Brown, which has seen me firm in the belief that we as a race know nothing at this stage and juncture of our existence.

Academia and dogma are purposely blinding us and leading us astray and have been engaged in this endeavor for some two thousand years and more.

I consider myself a practitioner of Punk Science and great fun it is too!!

Slowly, other like minded people like Michael Tellinger are opening minds to the bastardized way that academics have been approaching science and how dogma has been conducting religion.

Science and spirituality are very important aspects to our existence and they are bound at the hip.

People like Immanuel Velikovsky are my Saints and hero's to the cause of proper thinking and how academia should be tackling education and open minded thinking in general.

A lot can be learned from these people that will at last allow us to untie the chains that we find the human race is in total bondage to, at this juncture of our existence at any rate.

Question everything, never close a book on what you think the is the final and definitive answer on any subject, ever!

Look to learning something from what you consider obvious and a slam dunk with a new attitude and fresh way of looking at things and soon we will be advancing our cause for our continued enlightenment on everything inside and outside of existence as we know it, as a single race, together in Unity.

When you get into Newton and Einstein and discover that general fudging of data was executed to derive said theories and that actual real world experiments to test said theories do not and did not deliver what they claim, it should be enough to open one's eyes.

It sure did the trick for me!

Approximation and precise knowledge are two different arts entirely.

When you run into someone who tells you this or that is a baked, well known theory and they wont discuss it further, you have run into an ignoramus of immense proportion.

Better you remove such negativity and brick wall thinking from your life and proceed sans the quantum quarks that mind is endeavoring to smother you with.

We are all, each and every one of us, Gods.....

We create our own individual realities with the power of our minds and with the perception of our minds.

Many of you will find this out seconds before your life is extinguished and many will never come to this point of momentary clarity at all.

A few rare souls will discover it early in their lives and thrive magnificently as conscious beings and teach those that are blind or who cannot see as if it were their sole purpose of being in this realm.

Rarer still are those that have transcended our realm and still return to the dimensions of the ignoramus in a quest to facilitate the grand journey of us all.

These are the true saints.

In the end, resistance is futile, you will all ascend and be assimilated.

This is our will and our mind delivering this reality.

Every day more minds join our collective consciousness and our power grows beyond this dimension and realm, driving the only possible outcome, as our singular mind originally ordained it would be.

And it very certainly, will, be!

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