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Alphabet, the Modern day Mafioso

Updated: Apr 28

Once upon a time I quite admired Google as a corporation and how their search engine technology allowed me to remain way ahead of my game re searching for and validating internet based technical information.

This was all going in the right direction until around 2007 when all of the seven deadly sins seemed to home in on Alphabet execs like guided missiles with payloads of pure evil spreading like a terminal cancer everywhere.

For the last year I have been dealing with several very serious Google based issues which are frankly very serious crimes that have exposed this issue for me and blown the doors right off these many cans of worms.

What has been the biggest surprise for me is their bullying and generally bad Modus Operandi attitude that is wrapped up with how they conduct themselves to their own customers - US.

It's shocking this attitude of theirs!

They all seem to have been infected with jolly green giant syndrome these Alphabet people.

This is people who think they are here to roam the earth doing whatever the fuck they like with no oversight, checks or balances at the direction of God Almighty himself.

They take OUR data to profit like crazy and then they treat us like shit? Jeez Louise!

This is all a bit much!

So my two biggest beefs (I have many others) with Alphabet aka Pure Evil Corp - (PEC) Stems from their continued violation of US and EU (and everywhere else apparently) privacy laws and their serious anti-trust behaviors.

Australia too is having some interesting issues with PEC antics that is going to have dire consequences that the rest of the world is going to follow precedent on.

Nobody needs Google news in any market, its just tainted left wing propaganda.

Tainted propaganda is not news, its just tainted propaganda.

PEC have been handed huge fines for these breaches here in the USA and in Europe to name a few other geographies and yet, they still carry on doing the same thing regardless, making only token cosmetic changes but still doing the same old same old.

This is the problem with the current age of social engineering based propaganda, the actual truth is irrelevant.

We need to urgently act to breakup and crush Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and any organization in the monopoly zone.

The USA has always been anti-monopoly, why they act like clueless idiots with internet media is beyond me.

I am heartened by various Government officials starting legal actions to this end.

About bloody time is all I can say.

Google has not made the internet better, Amazon has not made shopping better, and Facebook/Twitter certainly has not benefited society in any positive way at all.

Each one does have traits and facets we think we cannot live without, but we cannot live with the crap they bundle into the whole toxic enchilada either.

The bad outweighs the good by a large margin in each individual case here.

A few months ago I happened to get into a bizarre situation where something on one of my new AMD Threadripper rigs was consuming 99% of the CPU and memory in an out of control series of processes that had me scratching my head.

128GB of RAM and all of a Threadripper CPU is a rather lot of computer resources to hijack on just a single machine!

I immediately feared Malware at best and Ransomware at worst...

That PEC was responsible was quite the eye opener, but I was not that surprised, given my history with some of them at any rate.

More of a confirmation exercise of the Alphabet total Rape of the Internet status check.

Having sniffer equipment and the ability to track malware nasties to their destination has long been a skill of mine that I picked up from my Network General Sniffer Xpert days that transcended local LAN and covered the entire internet on any Network Topology that included the Telecommunication corporations backbones in toto.

I had these skills from my days working in S.A Telkom labs and am pretty well grounded in Pulse Code Modulation, ATM, Ethernet, Digital Microwave systems and a whole horde of Satellite communication systems both commercial and military based, never mind all the routing and internet traffic schemas in use.

German, French, American, Russian and Chinese based along with the British telecommunications stuff as it developed I kept pace with because that was once my job in the Telkom research lab.

There is in fact not many communication based systems, analogue or digital I cannot figure out or get access to.

I also did a lot of work on Microwave scatter burst communication systems bouncing off clouds for tanks and submarines while associated with Denel Engineering back in the day where we could send full communication bursts encrypted in short 20 microsecond bursts that were near impossible to intercept with all the ciphers, encryption and such built in just for good measure in case they somehow were.

I have many pals who dabble in the world of surveillance, propaganda, social engineering and spying that reaches from the private contractor world to the three letter government agencies and I am and have always been aware of exactly what they can do to track you as an individual with phone, internet and car based GPS systems et al linked into your banking and TV watching habits and leanings, amongst others if they have to.

Project Echelon was not created at a whim to gather all data from everywhere either.

These sorts of tools are so invasive that they have started to use them for commercial purposes and it is so bad that if you happen to be in your car with your phone turned off and the vehicle also turned off in the middle of nowhere and mention to whoever you happen to be with verbally that you really need to look into better gold panning prospecting methods for higher yields for example, that within 30 seconds of uttering these words your email and your browsing efforts from that moment onward will start flavoring anything you do online to all manner of gold prospecting tools somebody wants to sell you.

Your inbox will suddenly be flooded with email to that goal and agenda. It's not a coincidence as some people seem to think either (idiots).

This is actually a very serious problem.

The reason why it is a serious problem is this stuff has also been used for political agendas and goals.

Influencing the masses sans any actual facts being a case in point.

They have built a propaganda machine Joseph Goebels would have been issuing The Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds to folks for in sheer admiration and envy were he still with us on this mortal coil and able to gush over this impressive propaganda machine.

Right now, Left wing socialists have been using these tools in the USA to transform the US into just another banana republic in their effort to unseat Trump.

On realizing the majority sentiment was with the right the left do what they always do when they cannot win, they cheat and play dirty.

They always play dirty anyway as we have seen with recent Supreme court smear campaigns against Kavanaugh and co that underline that they have no moral compass whatsoever and were really starting to get nervous that Trump would actually really drain the swamp.

The left is the party of dirty politics, lying, cronyism, cheating and doing whatever they need to do so that they hang on to power.

Big tech companies like Facebook and Google et al are using their platforms as complete and total propaganda engines to deliver the goods on many fronts.

They have gone from being pretty useful to pretty irritating with all the advertising and profiling they are constantly doing with our online habits and unsavory resulting agendas at play.

Politics and social engineering being just a few of them but they seem very short sighted, do the perpetrators of these schemes.

It is already backfiring on them with dire consequences for everybody.

The naivete is impressive actually..

What they have failed to realize is that there will be no need for them once they have served their purpose to this socialist agenda.

That they cannot see this tells you all you need to know about the Utopian Unicorn Shepherds running these big tech companies.

That moron running twitter is a prime example. The sooner they replace that clown with someone who actually has a brain the better.

Selling us tainted and twisted rhetoric, political bullshit and whatever the latest mind manipulation techniques, social engineering schemes or just selling you on complete unadulterated BS happen to be what we are witnessing right now.

There is no real news anymore, its all fake news. It's all slanted to the agenda of these lunatic lefties.

People are not stupid, even the left wing lunatics with working brains can see the bias and lack of objectivity amongst themselves.

They laugh that they flexed their muscles to get Trump out of power do these Goggle execs.

I would not be laughing and bragging about such quite as publicly as they do if I were them.

They are in fact not JGG's........

These days, if these tools identify your politics and sentiment as being on the right you become a pariah and get the anti-Christ level treatment.

Some of us have lost many jobs due to these completely illegal practices they are conducting.

Most of us never push our politics or views unless somebody absolutely forces it out of us because most of us do not want to alienate any group from doing business with us due to perceived political or religious beliefs.

I did not get into the computer business to only serve certain people who believe what I believe and I do not discriminate against anybody over anything else either.

You like the Cubs, fine I like the Raiders, so what? We both love football, move on.

You lean left? whatever makes your boat float, I am a slight right of center centrist. Does not stop me drinking beers or doing business with anybody from any other political leaning.

On a personal level I have friends across the spectrum of all flavors of religion, politics, beliefs, race and sporting team preferences, in fact most of them are people of color.

I guess I can be accused of only being pals with people of color as statistically it just happens to be so.

But it's not the way it is.

This has never stopped us toasting a cow or chicken or two over some hot coals while drinking a few beers and such things pals get up to.

I will never fire anybody or not hire anybody and base friendship qualification on any beliefs he/she may or may not have as long as they are not breaking the law.

If I like them I like them. That's the only qualifier.

I do not have the time in my life to categorize my pals into these ridiculous billions of buckets of Gray and decide if I want to be friends with somebody only if they are exactly like me and echo my exact views of life.

None of my friends are exactly like me. I strive for diversity and rich experience of being.

I do not want other friends just like me.

All my friends are in fact significantly, unlike me.

I do not surround myself with people like me because I want to surround myself with people from all points of the spectrum.

Human beings do not have enough days in their lives to do this level of ridiculous "pal qualification" even if they wanted to and would end up a bigoted and exceedingly biased bunch of morons that lacked flavor, insight and vision if they did.

For some, birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

The flock I preen with is a collection of eclectic ducks who can all think for themselves very well indeed.

This sort of "pals of a feather" operating procedure is called making yourself an island separated from reality IMHO. To each his own I say.

Effectively we have no freedom of speech anymore and the constitution has been torn up along the way as a result.

Unfortunately, these short sighted idiots drunk on the abuse of this power have absolutely no vision.

What works for them today can work for anyone with an anti-agenda tomorrow.

All this shit has done is an even deeper digging into the trenches and stronger and more radical polarization results on both sides.

Whether both sides like it or not, sanity and reason is in the center.

The country is still split down the center, what remains to be seen is how strong the backlash to the lunatic left cheating antics is going to be.

As I survey these issues and situations all around me I surmise that this is actually primo civil war incendiary stuff.

I can even see states like Texas leaving the Union and I am in fact amazed how strong this sentiment is actually growing within Texas.

Quite shocking the discussions they are having over there actually.

You cannot blame them either.

The choice will be either civil war or break free. I think break free will be the common sense route here.

To avoid this undesired option we are in need of a leader that can bring both sides together but there is none such evident right now.

I believe this breakup is ultimately inevitable.

Meanwhile, the social engineering and propaganda circus rolls relentlessly onward delivering tons and tons and heaps and heaps of absolute hogwash propaganda disguised poorly as news.

For these media and internet companies to be able to do this stuff they have to be violating just about every letter in the constitution and our privacy laws and they are holding our privacy as individuals ransom to their greedy goals while they go about their illegal business practices.

Regulation of this shit just arrived with a spectacular clang on an iron table.

We have all been joking about this invasive Google behavior about making comments with a cell phone and computer in your presence for a long time now and I have been given a demo by various three letter government agencies in the USA of how deep this is and their exact abilities to track you and build a file of who and what you are from a profiling perspective in this regard under the banner of "law enforcement" or "anti terrorism".

This shit has grown seriously out of control.

For PEC, the key tool they are using to allow other tools to piggyback off of this nefarious behavior is Google Chrome and associated Google "services" (sic).

It was Google Chrome spawned processes to various background bots harvesting this data that was rapidly identified on my one TRX40 as the culprit for all these out of control internet activity spying processes that took 99.8% of that particular computers power.

Not subtle and definitely something you will immediately recognize as unusual behavior.

I whipped out the tracking and sniffing gear and 2 days later was in zero doubt as to who was behind this malarkey. Actually within 30 seconds I knew but the depth of it took a lot of work to uncover.

After removing Chrome and all the spy-bot redirection stuff it was spawning (or so we thought) it became clear, after some deep lengthy forensic analysis that we had to do a proper clean and OS re-install with some special tools to clean out partitions and such that I won't get into here to restore a base level of system sanity and security.

I then wondered what the situation was on all of my other rigs.

It was pretty shocking and took my cohorts and I, who I had roped into the fray, many hundreds of hours to also do deep dive forensic analysis of and perform suitable cleansing antics on.

I am now using Blockchain technologies to avert some of these threats and my two TRX40 machines are now basically invisible to anyone and are both fully protected by their own chains.

I have also removed Chrome from all of my machines bar two and those are as locked down as I can get them.

I only use them for this one purpose and do not conduct any internet browsing on them at all.

My goal is to remove ALL PEC surveillance and monitoring schemas and systems from every machine I operate including the work related ones.

I currently have no choice on these two work related machines as I am using a tool for HPE server configs that works on Google drive and some JavaScript update mechanisms for quoting purposes.

However, I only use these machines for that small part of my daily job function.

Sadly, Google Chrome is the attack plane for Malware as well as this multitude of spying shenanigans they execute by default as a result because many hackers became aware of the illegal stuff they were doing and that sort of thing spreads faster than light does.

In my book therefore, Google Chrome is now very malicious malware. Period. IPSO FACTO.

Google deliberately made it that way, it did it by intentional design.

All my devices such as Alexa and others like Nest are now unplugged and in their original boxes in my attic.

They will remain there until such time as this madness reaches a point of sanity.

My Ring cameras are still up as there are many agendas of my own in play there.

No reason you cannot use the big brother machine to your advantage.

Just so you know, the various three letter agencies can take control of your Ring cameras, your nest goodies and bunches of other stuff such as your computers, cell phone and TV to their purpose and goals without even asking for or getting a court order that current laws dictate they MUST obtain to do this.

In the case of Ring and being aware of what they are doing with it, I am OK with it. Police and FBI should be able to tap into that resource as it should make us all safer if used with due diligence and not abused.

The only issue there is due to the way its being used it is not admissible evidence in any court of law.

But knowing facts to be armed with knowledge enables actions to save lives in the case of law enforcement purposes.

Even for non legal purposes am not afraid of Government agencies tracking my whereabouts on camera or GPS.

Knock yourselves out is my thinking.

The Spyks (FBI and assorted three letter gov agencies) can even turn on all manner of electronic equipment such as computers, cell phones and TV sets where you will not be aware they are on and in surveillance mode.

They can even take complete control of cars such as Tesla EVs equipped with the self-drive systems and get them to crash into other cars or static objects like a parked truck.

They could if they wanted too, even lock you in your own vehicle.

Being shown all this stuff and being aware of the data they have on people it is plain to me that this data is all collected completely illegally.

So I was forced to take rather drastic measures to wrestle the performance back from my hardware free of the drain from these unwanted surveillance parasites.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not that naïve that I expect this all to stop overnight or at all but what has to happen is it needs to be reigned in pretty significantly.

As in by 98.8 % reigned in.

I spoke to several Apple folks about what they were doing in this same arena years ago which I also did not like but actually the way they are doing it is far more reasonable than what Alphabet and Facebook are doing.

Still unreasonable though.

This issue is a key reason why Cook, Alphabet and Facebook are mortal frenemies these days.

The shit Alphabet and Facebook are in cahoots with has resulted in Facebook getting the boot big time from my life and Apple is making them disappear from their platforms as well.

I fought wars with Facebook about the stuff they were doing before it became obvious they were never going to stop so I removed all of their stuff from my life as well.

That is basically the choice with Facebook, use it and give up all privacy or remove it completely. Not really acceptable but in light of their failure to comply - they had to go.

I left all Facebook owned platforms in 2018 as this too was causing huge impacts on my computer hardware, my personal life as well as my working life.

Getting some data is one thing, running so much your hardware becomes paralyzed is quite another.

I also do not want to make a joke or comment about anything to find my email and subsequent internet searches 100% inundated with sales pitches oriented to these verbal comments.

I also do not want my Amazon, Netflix and Google YouTube media systems to start serving me up foreign language content by default just because I watch a few Danish, German, Swedish and Israeli based shows which is what they are all doing right now.

This whole thing is best summarized by a short but quaint Anglo-Saxon phrase that nutshells the situation fairly elegantly, which is "fucking ridiculous" and it really is.

This being a country where nothing is done about stuff unless you litigate, litigation it was and still is.

I got onto the litigation way of life myself with the Volkswagen-Audi Diesel debacle where we were also given no other alternative other than to litigate so Beard et al vs Volkswagen became my litigation initiation experience by fire.

Since then I have been involved in several other class actions including a few against some companies I really like and am wondering why this action does not change any behaviors as desired?

They just keep on doing it regardless of consequence.

In the case of Google Chrome and its viking based piracy slanted behaviors, even when you turn off all the privacy settings and tell it not to do it and you go through the opt out chicken dance, it still totally ignores your settings and does it anyway, just like Facebook do actually.

A coincidence? I think not!

This sort of behavior should result in the complete shutdown of the guilty corporation, not a darn fine they will tie up in legal process forever and a day anyways.

And if you think this is harsh, trust me, this is the ONLY way to do it.

If companies like PEC are going to just play this game and not obey the law they just have to be shuttered.

It does not matter how big they are.

I was torn between which one would make the better shockwave precedent but the fact is both are equally evil and we should break them both up with vigor.

Over a 100 years ago we had to do this with the big Oil barons and we are here again in our modern age.

If I had my way I would shutter all of PEC permanently and I would have the law to back me up as well as the Precedent of Standard Oil corp to legitimately base it on from 1911.

This action may sound drastic, but given they have had ample opportunity to do the right thing and have never done the right thing, I believe the time has come to send wake up shocks to big technology companies and take some short term pain to get us a whole lot of good here.

This is because regardless of law suits against them, they have ZERO intention of ever complying.

I heard it from the horses mouth at PEC himself. He of Ex Novell Netware fame.

Again, I realize this is not likely to transpire in our reality but in a token gesture to this goal of well intended futility I will do what I can to avoid as much PEC and Facebook related interaction as I possibly can myself as a token of my displeasure on the matter.

In fact, I will go out of my way to make sure I have the smallest possible PEC footprint and that my firewalls do all they can to thwart their efforts at harvesting any of my data.

I might just be one but there is already a lot of anger boiling out there on this one.

One can become billions quite easily these days.

PEC are playing with Nitroglycerine while playing a game of high energy Jai alai using a hand grenade for a ball..

Not subtle and definitely not very smart.

PEC have the corporate IQ of a dead ferret it would seem.

About a year ago it was big news that Google got hacked and from Thanksgiving of 2020 I started getting floods of transactions show up where I allegedly bought things from Spokane and New York of all places whilst being in San Francisco, amongst others.

This exposure all came from Google Chrome harvesting sessions on all my personal computers and electronic devices and the fact Google were hacked.

I had to cancel all my Banking cards I used while using Google and get more secure ones.

A very tedious process.

I had a charge on my Google Store Account for $124 that immediately spawned some serious stupidity from Google Pay people when I immediately challenged the transaction and won.

Now consider this, there was a time when installing Chrome and then shopping online using Chrome, you got asked if the browser should keep your account details and passwords for "convenience" and an accompanying statement that "Google will never share or upload your information" as an assurance that conveniently popped up if you dithered.

Well that turns out to be a massive freaking lie.

If all my passwords and account logins and my banking details are in the hands of criminals who are now stealing goods using my credentials and they got them from Hacking Google, the first question I am asking Google is "hey, WTF are you doing storing my sensitive information and data on a system that 1.has no security and 2. That I did not give you permission to store anywhere other than on my local browser on my local compute device?"

I will NEVER give any browser permission to cache anything anywhere other than on my local compute devices.

At this point Google has now stolen my data and exposed it without my permissions which I will expressly never sanction, not EVER.

Especially with their appalling record of protecting it.

This is why I have a bank vault in the Cayman Islands.

In it is a paper file with all my passwords and account numbers and identity data et al. That is all encrypted with its own cipher and is meaningless to anyone without the cipher terminal.

That's where I store my sensitive personal data.

The only digital way I would store data on the internet is in a complex blockchain based encryption system that works exactly like Bitcoin does.

If Google made one, I would never use it anyway.

One does not trust the Fox to be caretaker of the hen-house.

In all I had over 14 fraudulent transactions that came from this Google hacking incident.

My wife checks our bank charges like a hawk and interrogates me daily and we compare who bought what with online receipts within 6 hours if anything amiss crops up.

If any charge is unknown to us, we immediately challenge it.

Now that we knew it had been compromised somehow we then also asked the issuer to cancel that card in question and send us a new one, because guess what Google? It had been compromised. Who compromised it? Why, Google compromised it!

We have been doing this same online transaction MO for years. Its Standard Operating Procedure that the BANKS insist on.

So the $124 gets reversed but suddenly, I could not purchase anything on the Play Store or the Google store.

At first they said they wanted a copy of my California drivers license and my credit card.

It was only after persistent haranguing that it emerged they wanted a bank statement that showed the credit card was cancelled.

Never seen that show up on a bank statement in my life to date.

Then I got the Feds involved and they told me everything PEC asked for is completely illegal.

Turns out PEC are actually pissed I had the temerity to challenge a charge I did not actually transact!!

Why would they kill themselves with such banal stupidity I wondered to myself in now total fascination?

I made several calls to their support people who demanded a copy of the cancelled Credit card and my California drivers license plus a bank statement, none of which they are entitled to but I cannot upload it even if I wanted to.

I even tried to comply to this ridiculous and illegal request but could not as they have made it impossible for me to comply.

Then the Google support moron told me to trim the files I was attempting too upload from my Android phone.

How, pray tell would I do that on an android phone exactly? I could do it on a PC, just not easily.

Just lunatic idiocy I have not witnessed to date, it is pretty spectacular!!

A thing I have never had to do with Apple or Google Prior to Google being hacked by the way.

Not only did Google get hacked once, but it happened three times where all passwords you may have stored in your Google Chrome browser were exposed to these hacker based criminals.

In fact, my inside people at PEC tell me that the Data Breech is now more or less a DAILY occurrence and they clamp most of the news on these never ending breaches of security.

I had to close 287 accounts as a result of this Chrome exposure problem by the way, a nasty and onerous task I can tell ya!

Given that I use MFA, I am wondering how they expect treating us their consumers like criminals that have allegedly pulled off a near impossible crime will work out for them?

Let us remember that this all came about from Google being hacked in the first place.

Google exposed my credit cards and passwords to the world. Google. Not me, GOOGLE.

Data that was never supposed to leave my computer was somehow stored in a single location that some hacker group hacked and gained access to.

Because GOOGLE got hacked they suspended MY account!!

Rich as heck!!

My Google account is now forever suspended and completely useless.

I made several calls to rectify this situation and got some Google support snothead with big attitude telling me I had to send them proof I cancelled the credit card with the challenged and fraudulent purchase as evidence on the bank statement and then "maybe" they would reverse the suspension.

This is akin to stating, hey, if you can crap solid 24 carat gold nuggets out your ass we will un-suspend your stupid Google store account.

Well what has happened is all the movies I used to buy through Google and all the apps I wanted to buy on Playstore I merely load on my iPad and buy it through Apple via Apple TV or my Apple account.

Guess if Google do not want my business I can comply. No problemo!! Funny business model though. Please explain it to me!!

Planet Earth to Google!!

Google has remedy through the banking and commerce mechanisms to challenge these disputed transactions with the banks when they arise.

A consumer never has to do what they are asking us to do and the US Attorney general told me in no uncertain terms that this is completely illegal and they are investigating it as illegal due to millions of complaints on the issue.

They will be answering to litigation on this one from the Fed and I am as of today working with a legal outfit in Seattle on our class action focusing on this specific issue as hey, we already have 3 million steamed Google customers just a bit pissed off about it.

I just did what I do several times a year when this sort of thing happens and this always results in either my wife or I being issued with a new card from our bank.

Google Pay illegally demanding this sort of documentation be verified is completely a problem and their attitude to biting the hand that is feeding them is very strange indeed.

It is really pissing me off pretty seriously in fact.

I have concluded PEC inc. is deep into territory of total insanity based on these experiences.

A quick scan on Reddit reveals that I am in fact not alone on this and many other issues either.

In fact I found a great many people pissed off by Google in a pretty big way.

Some even had open letters to Google voicing their ire with the title "Google is starting to seriously piss me off" in the open letter online titles I saw.

Fortunately, my Google identity has never been used by myself for anything other than getting Play Store Apps for my Android phone so I am inconvenienced for sure but I can shut this down if I have to.

So I did because they took me there.

Not only that, my current Samsung phone will also be my last Android phone because I will vote with my feet.

I already told Samsung and LG I will never buy another product from them unless they have Android free options.

I will abandon all PEC platforms 100% and will ban myself from buying anything through them because their actions transmit in no uncertain terms to me, their customer that they do not want my business. No way, No How.

The litigation path class action style has also had its fuse lit and we will be filing seven or more class action suites and broadcasting it to the entire planet based on these various filings.

It is sad, that like Volkswagen, the only way to get the corporation to the shores of sanity is this litigation path.

So be it.

Their support guy's comment "So sue us then" will become a reality, because THEY took it there.

We won't be losing a single one of these class actions either by the way.

Its really is the last resort for me but they leave many of us with no other choice.

I called enough times to sort this out and all I got was total insanity.

God, these lawyers must love this shit!!

I should have become a lawyer.........

Anyways when we have the litigation lined up I will publish all the links so those who want to join can.

This is not about money anymore, this is now pure principle and I am pretty steamed to boot!!

I will also be lighting several fires to get PEC broken up while I am at it, the time certainly has come!

There are also three Anti-Trust suites the federal government has filed against Google but these will probably take years to settle.

In the meantime I like the Nordic taxation approach to this problem, the only thing I cannot decide is if 87.9% taxation rate for Alphabet is suitable or if a flat 96% rate is not the better way to go here?

Aww shit, let's just take it all!!!

If we give them an arbitrary fine of $20 Trillion dollars for all their serious violations we can have the Federal government take control and ownership and then proceed to cut it up into small pieces and sell those teeny pieces to the gain of the US Taxpayer.

Sounds absolutely fair to me!

Then we can breakup Amazon and Facebook while we are at it.

Nothing like ambition chaps, nothing like ambition!!

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