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Ancient Clues of Tiamat

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Our Solar system once looked very different to the way it does now.

Many people over the ages have wondered why it is, when comparing Earth to the other planets, that only our planet has the vast oceans with the life it does, while everything else in the solar system seems rather dead, apart from maybe Europa and some other strange looking moons we have not explored yet to answer these questions.

The fact is, Earth was not in the solar system in the way you would expect, as most of the other planets were. In fact the two youngest planetary bodies in the solar system are Earth and Venus.

Venus is also the newest member of our solar system having transformed itself from an ejected from Jupiter comet to a fixed orbit planet, but she had dire future consequences for Mars and Earth that I will cover in a separate blog.

We know from comets and asteroids that strike the Earth that we calculated originated from the asteroid belt, that the water found in these rocky bodies bear the exact same water as the Earth does. (Who knew that you can tell where water is from via its Hydrogen signature?)..

Academia is puzzling how all that water got here from way out there or how those rocks got there from here if you want to look at it that way...

All they have to do is read the legends of Tiamat, how it was destroyed and how the Earth was formed to gather more clues to solve that one, but no, they postulate the grandest idiocy to come up with a most bizarre story.

It really is very simple, the legend is actually based on what happened a billion years or so ago.

This is another “Myth” that is pointing hard to actual historical fact.

Ignore the story of who caused this calamity and look at the raw facts, which are two huge planet sized objects collided with each other in the vicinity of the Asteroid belt a billion or so years ago.

The asteroid belt itself is a rather subtle clue to this event having transpired at some point in the past.

Its rocks are the same as those found on our planet Earth.

The water signatures from Asteroid belt rock match that found on the Earth.


I keep getting told by various folks that they have found and verified zircon crystals that show the Earth is in fact 4.5 billion years old.

Well, the rock in the Earth is for sure 4.5 Billion years old, as it came from another planet it has to be old rock, but the Earth as a planetary body is definitely not 4.5 Billion years old and it sure has not been in orbit where it is now that long, but absolutely, its rocks are indeed 4.5 billion years old.

NASA already knows from separate probes they sent to the asteroid belt that the rocks themselves and the water signatures match.

Therefore I am at a loss as to why academia has to concoct this exotic meteor shower theory with enough water to fill the Earth malarkey until dogma and stupid becomes a part of the equation at any rate!

Once dogmas and stupid becomes resident in the human psyche the obvious in your face evidence becomes "myth" and grand exercises of denial ensue...

And one other thing I want to mention on the subject of Earth origin is that as there was nothing in the space where Earth is now before a large piece of rock left over from the planet Tiamat came to rest where the Earth is now orbiting the Sun, with millions of other fragments flung this way post impact, what would attract these postulated water laden rocks to all go to the same empty spot in space with all that water and just start forming a new planet?

Bits of ex planet do not just all congregate at some point in space just because they feel like it.

The odds of that are several billion-trillion to one....

There has to be some electro-magnetic and gravity attraction that would send rocks in that volume with enough water to one spot in space...

Scratch the stupid space junk with water theory from the list....

What coulda happened per new modelling software is a sizable chunk of water laden remnant of Tiamat spun off into the rough orbit it is in now and the trail of shit that came after it was due to the gravity attraction or magnetic pull of the sizable piece that ended up in this orbit.

It had enough gravitational pull to also yank bits with it and it eventually all calmed down and formed the Earth as we know it now.

The water on Earth has always been there as it came from Tiamat which was a water-world planet to start off with, so that large surviving fragment which spun here after Tiamat and that moon collided with each other already had a large amount of water in it from the genesis process of the new Earth.

We know from water erosion a la Grand Canyon et al that water has been on Earth for a very long time.

The other theory we are looking at based on Velikovsky data is Tiamat was already in this region (rough current Earth orbit) and that after the moon that hit it split it in pieces the biggest moon fragment pulled small rocks through space but given the distance of the asteroid belt to Earth I myself am not a fan of either idea.

The suggestion is that the biggest water laden fragment stayed here and the other pieces followed the moon to the asteroid belt region which was also empty space a long time ago and came to rest where it is now.

I think this unlikely but the modelling shows it is a possible theory. Whether it holds water or not is another matter...(giggle)..

However as we were not there at the time this will remain a speculative exercise at best.

However the rocks and water signatures from the steroid belt and the Earth match, so however unlikely it may seem there is that to bake into the pie when thinking about what transpired back then.

This is why draining the Mediterranean Sea around Alexandria is such an important project.

We also need to do this around the island of Crete for 100 miles....

Looking back at the solar systems genesis then, in the relatively new days of our solar system, the planets were Mercury, Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and one other planet that has wreaked havoc on this solar system called Nibiru.

Niburu or Nibiru, I use both spellings by the way, was called Marduk by the Babylonians, the older Sumerian civilization called it Nibiru thousands of years before the Babylonians even existed.

Make a note to yourself mentally that whenever you see one or other historical reference to Marduk that it is in fact the same planet as Nibiru.

I think we are talking about two different bodies here because Marduk is Jupiter, due to the fact they could not see much at that range from Earth, another wondering planet that came from Jupiter could be involved here as well.

There exists yet other surviving records that talk of another planet beyond the bracelet of hammerhead rocks but this could also be Jupiter or another exoplanet from a brown dwarf once twinned with our sun.

Nibiru's location is constantly referenced as beyond the bracelet location though.

Jupiter is very interesting though. I have an idea that red spot is where Jupiter expels planets like Venus in a process unknown to science.

As our records seem to reach to 5700 BC and beyond that it all goes dark, the Sumerian civilization seems to be our reference point but Sumerian records refer back to an even older civilization before theirs and the Annunaki before that.

Many people reading this with a so called education on the matter will scoff and proclaim that the Sumerian civilization was the first and it was only from about the time period between 7500 BC to 4500 BC per our records and miscalculations on the matter.

I always riposte these idiots with our genetic MTA data and ask where the hell our other 96% of historical data is then...

I have yet to encounter an academtwit with a rational argument on that one.....they are so narrow minded most of those fools....

As we now know that genetically, we as a race are between 203,000 to 212,000 years old, the academtwits at large cannot explain where the other (missing) 96 odd percent of our existence we know absolutely nothing about is exactly. (because they so easily write off the records as “myth” and discount the multitude of data we do in fact have - now that's what I do call close minded utterly bizarre behavior....).

They do this because religion of one form or another has brainwashed them into accepting a reality that was fabricated by that religion, and it was these toxic religious cults that declared God created everything 6000 years ago (but please don't tell the 4.5 billion year old rocks, they might get a tad upset).

When Dogma and mental illness team up to step on science, logic and common sense eh?

Remember that religion was a tool the “Gods” came up with to police their lab rats due to their very limited numbers and our penchant for copulation and multiplying our numbers like rabbits rendered mankind a management problem.

Thus, I find it is in fact those that claim 7500 BC as a timeline for the history of man and who insist we are 6000 years old that need to be scoffed and sneered at though we now know the machinations of Mars and Venus were the culprits for this primitive response to worlds colliding.

However, the fact that Venus, Mars and Jupiter were an influence of major proportions on Earth in 3700 BC and then twice more in roughly 1500 BC it becomes clearer how the 6000 years of existence they all believe in came to be the de-facto oh my god the gods are angry with us thang.

I get into that deeper in my later blog on Venus and Mars if you care.

Whatever the calamitous past event, can these religious cult folks count or what? Its 2020 now. 7500 BC plus 2020 AD is?????

Yes, that's already 9520 or so years chaps.....

Then there is 3700 BC to 2020 that was the big one that the ancients called the end of the age, when the world ended in fire and floods.

No matter what timeline, the fact remains that this all accounts for a mere 4.69% of our history as a species.......blowing the standard religious 6000 year theory to shreds in the process and lets not forget the MTA evidence with its 203, 000 year number to back us up here, lest i neglect to mention it once again.

If we look at the first civilization the academtwits say we came from in Sumeria, we have found that by the time the Sumerian cities of Eridu and Uruk were well established, the people of Shinar were already a 3000 year old civilization and a work in progress care of the benevolent "gods" that remained on the scene to give us the best chance going forward, given the surviving history we have of what Enlil and the Annunaki did to craft homo sapiens to do their bidding.

It looks like at some point the Annunaki were mandated by someone to clean up their act and have a guiding hand in our development going forward as some sort of United Planets wrist slapping exercise for having created us the way they did in the first place.

Those that scoff at all these "legends" et al can also not explain the data on many tablets that exist that academia has been in denial about for a very long time that does in fact explain it all, other than to laugh at us and proclaim this is all myth and fantasy.

It's only myth and fantasy to them because it does not line up with their academtwit-dogma mind fuck cult bullshit spiel, and everything MUST line up with their mind fuck cult bullshit or they instantly lose all of their non existent and very imagined credibility!

These same allegedly educated people will then go on to tell you that we descended from monkeys and evolved our way to where we are today, but then fail to explain where all of the records of us and this very wild totally unproven fantasy is in the fossil record that happens to accurately record evidence of just about everything else found on this planet or how this could even be possible in a mere 9500 years of evolution.

Now why is it that there is no trace in the fossil record of this dogma induced fantasy they bear?

I’ll say it again, the fact is, we as a race are between 203,000 and 212,000 years old. The MTA evidence inside each and every one of us proves that as fact.

Some creatures on this planet have in fact evolved to survive new environmental conditions that many supernova and space junk strikes et al left all on the planet to deal with in their various violent aftermaths, and you will find these various species have been around quite the timespan, as in at least three million years.

You will also find the monkeys that were hanging around in trees 3 million years ago are still hanging around today....still in trees......still eating bananas....still walking on their knuckles.....they still have no speech capability whatsoever....

They may have found exotic ways to crack nuts open, but they are, three million years later still monkeys who live and swing around in frelling trees.

None of them went from swinging around in trees to walking upright and reporting news for CNN, even though they appear to be near ideal CNN journalist material, but not in three million years I'm afraid.

You may feel you descended from monkeys for whatever reason ails your troubled mind, but I myself am fairly comfortable with the knowledge that the Nefilim took a large hominid for its base genetic code and blended it with much of their own DNA and that I descended from an Annunaki genetic laboratory on Gondwana Island made from contributions from 7-14 Annunaki, a selected terrestrial hominid and additional assistance from 32 very advanced Sirian beings.

Per the legends on the matter that we happen to have with us that academia claims to be mere wild myth and fantasy.

The attempts by Ninhursag at this genetic alchemy are very well documented genetic data that survive. The academtwits have been ignoring it studiously.

Mankind in its current form has not been around longer than 212,000 years.

People need to compute this fact and then contemplate how the "myth" and the actual MTA DNA evidence we have as to our origins happen to line up so perfectly!!

What are the odds of that exactly????

Adding fuel to the fire are the various organizations attempting to hide the evidence or destroy it. They have been doing this for over 2000 years now.

How many myths have to be proven as fact before these idiots wake up and start to consider the possibility that these “myths” have something to them and at least seriously consider them before they come up with any other wild assed cult based rationalization crap?

There are also many stones that speak to things so unreal that our learned (sic) colleagues elected to write them off as too fantastic to be true and the standard MO was to label it as “Myth” because there was once a time when suggesting what was actually written resulted in your head being lopped off in a most gruesome manner or getting burnt at the stake (alive) after much grisly torture had been served up to these countless victims who dared utter such heresies.

Who were these lizards that keep popping up in artifacts from all over the planet?

The legacy aftermath to those events has made us shy of suggesting anything not aligned with our incredible cultist fantasies and general bullshit that abound by the bucket load.

Surely a sign of disturbing mental health issues? Seems like text book psychosis stuff to me....

Its funny, I seem to have registered the fifth commandment very clearly in all these crackpot cults holy books...the one they break the most with alarming indifference.....next to number 8 that is.....

In fact, per witness of the last 2,000 years of our murderous "behavior", it is safe to say that religion as we know it serves as a pretty good cure for general wellness across the board. Hindu’s and a few others being notable exceptions.

Everywhere on our planet, people with deep rooted mental insanity of the 24 carat criminal kind stand behind the thin veil of religious beliefs and serve up amazing doses of effective cures for wellness in a manner that makes you seriously wonder when it was exactly that the lunatics took control of the asylum.

There have always been various pagan superstitions and then various agents of “Faith” punting these sorts of very unhealthy crackpot ideologies very forcefully down the throat of mankind over the ages.

Not helping the issue here is the fact that mankind is itself a mutant to not only various supernova events, but also to wars and events some of the ancient gods were responsible for in our distant past, as well as the mayhem the passing comet Venus brought to our world in three servings of electro-gravito mayhem.

There are over 100,000 records of this tale that survived our deliberate attempt to destroy them by the various agencies of “Faith” over the last 2000 years of our very interesting 203, 000 year history.

Obviously, with unhealthy cults springing up here and there, there are also interfering hands from the camp attributable to Enlil and also those of Enki still at play here on the planet, still fighting the same old fight it would seem.

Those that scoff can also not explain the records the priests of SAIS have been the guardians of for over 35,000 years and a multitude of other data on the civilizations that existed on Earth before the relatively modern homo sapien race that is here now existed with evidence such as the Kings list and all these stones that reference the Annunaki and Nephilim et al.

Many of these “finds” have been mysteriously locked away by the Church and other organizations we label under the cloak of the Illuminati or some freemason backed new world order organization.

The Kings list clearly shows the reigns of the first Kings being beyond that of mortal men, and then man reigned for much shorter spans of time.

We can see with our own eyes that the data is clear as to these facts.

I myself once classed the notion of a new world order as utter paranoia and a sign of deep rooted mental unwellness, until I myself was involved in the excavation of the remains of giant human beings from all over the planet that have been swept up into god knows what vaults in the Vatican or Smithsonian warehouses or just destroyed and never mentioned again by whatever Government agencies became entangled.

It is clear some agency is at work in the background when all of this evidence disappears with such frequency never to be seen or heard of again.

And I am not joking it really does just get whacked.

Ironic that those that started the whole Catholic cult thing knew full well it was all complete and utter bullshit to start off with and then at some point 375 years later, after spending 300 years crafting their complete and utter bullshit, they just started punting their bullshit hogs wild and started murdering innocents who held sane and rational views of their totally insane belief systems that they had spent the last 300 years crafting in the Catholic Spin Factory.

I fully understand why the Catholics reacted the way they did when the Gnostic's called them out on their ridiculously stupid doctrine back when the Catholic story first started care of radical religious terrorists such as Justinian who started to overreact to the Gnostic threat to their own brand of complete and total utter insanity.

Stunning psychiatric science journal material in fact....

It was clearly JUST about ego and saving face at that stage of the game for the Catholics of the time when they ran into the Gnostic faith who challenged them 100% on all of their bullshit.

Remember too that folks like Justinian suffered from Syphilis an such maladies of the age and were not well in the head.

Some of the ancient tablet based records we do happen to know by the way are made of the most exotic materials you could not possibly imagine and some are based on crystal frequency technology that download themselves into your direct consciousness when you are at the required frequency to enable the transfer of knowledge to flow.

This is done simply by the combination of your consciousness and your evolution working together to unlock the data you can get access to.

Where is this data?

This data was encoded in your DNA, our DNA. It was there from the beginning.

This is why the cryptic clues of the Gods, Tibetan religions and various aliens who came here make frequent references to humans to search within, the answers are all inside you and such notions.

They were not kidding either, the answers to all literally lie within each and every one of us.

This is what Enlil cut our access to having as a species by deliberately scrambling our DNA.

Our DNA memory has been tampered with because in the beginning we had the full recall to everything the Annunaki memory recorded as well as our own.

This is the same mechanism animals use and why animals freshly born are able to follow migratory patterns without any personal knowledge and zero experience of them.

They get born with the full knowledge of past generations!!

The very interesting Sumerians by the way, also had in their possession, detailed and accurate data on the position of all the planets that exist now, the ones that existed before and also the entire history of the wobbles of the planet Earth through a full 25, 920 year cycle through our heavens in 2160 year segments.

They also have a table of the planets mixed up in the solar system by the way with an intricate story of how electro magnetic affects between the planets and the Sun and passing bodies of big mass disturb the planets from time to time.

We have been bobbing around in vastly different orbits and these changes are very sudden when they happen.

When ancient texts describe the sun rising and setting in the same place twice or thrice, what it is saying is that 51, 840 to 77, 760 of our Earth cycles around the sun had passed.

These cycles are not rhythmic clockwork either.

We have rotated right to left and left to right in the past.

Look at Venus right now where it is rotating so slow that a day is longer than a year!!

More recent data could also be referring to 3700 BC when Venus, ejected from Jupiter and almost colliding with Earth brought mayhem care of its gravitational and tidal effects on the Earth and the Earth started rotating the other way as well as similar events in 1500 BC that caused the magnetic poles and terrestrial axis to swap.

The new field of archeoastronomy is swiftly proving that the ancients were a lot more ancient than what the church and academia have steadfastly been claiming.

Then there is the Kings list with its claim of really outrageous reigns of Kings from Nibiru and then on to mortal men who’s reigns were much shorter as we did not live for the periods of time that the Nephilim did to contemplate at length.

This makes me conclude that the Nephilim may have been a separate branch of human giant as Tiamat humans did not live that long per the “myths” we have on the subject.

However, given the huge orbit of Nibiru and claims they had regenerative technology and a food source that kept their cells from the normal aging process using mono-atomic gold, it is possible this is as reported.

The data from ancient records reveal the various described cycles through the heavens are not approximate rough guess descriptions either and detailed data down to the exact second exist in many records that survived of our cyclical journeys through the heavens.

Consider one aspect of this fact and do not let it go: The ancients recorded equinoxes and our precise journey through the heavens.

They knew a full cycle through them all is approximately 25,920 years.

The Hindus had all the ages associated with these journeys as did many other past civilizations.

The continent of Atlantis was home to a very advanced human civilization in recent times and they were playing around with some pretty gnarly Mer-Ka-Ba technology.

You cannot conclude this sort of astronomical data about a 25,920 year journey through the Zodiac with a mere 6000 years of observation of the sky to such stated accuracy.

So it is a fact that when the records go back 450,000 years and we know we have been around a mere 203,000 years that we are safe with the conclusion that there was someone else who already knew these things who then taught it to us.

Conclusion? Past human and non-human civilizations knew in intricate and precise detail the mechanics of such solar machinations going back to at least 450,000 cycles of Earth around its sun and our solar systems journey through the stars.

As we have the asteroid belt as solid evidence of a heavenly collision and tablets describing the exact events that led to their creation, that NASA now knows did actually occur, it is additionally clear that whoever taught us this information knew about our solar system history going back some 2.5 billion years...

Since Zacharia Sitchen passed there have also been astounding breakthroughs in our ability to understand and read many of these ancient stones that record these facts as those who recorded them understood them to be.

This has led us to reveal the fact that even Sitchin himself did not relay what he had discovered very deliberately as much of it seemed pretty far fetched and improbable, even to him, and so for a certain amount of credibility to be retained on his part, he toned what he learnt down somewhat, as he knew that the full enchilada would render him a bit of a laughing stock!

He deliberately ignored a great deal of data in the process. Thinking about it I can’t say I blame him either.

We were not ready for it in one slap then, given the insane reaction to those caught believing the standard cult Dogma fallacy we have observed in the last thirty years at any rate.

Understand that anyone who records history is tainted to the agenda and goals of those who were living at that time.

History is always a biased recording of facts as seen by those recording what seem facts to them at that moment in time.

Just know that EVERYTHING we think we know about ourselves and what we are taught is absolute and complete bunk.

Our various religions are behind this unfortunate state of affairs and they have murdered dissent out of the population in times when they could get away with that sort of behavior.

Only The Hindu religion admits the story of the gods and accepts it as Gospel.

Our friends in Islam as still attempting to murder common sense out of people like the Catholics did for two thousand years.

Ask yourself this, is it a sane and rational religion that decrees that if you don't believe their gobbledegook and bollocks that you must die a gruesome and horrible death?

We can all make the right conclusion on that state of affairs....

There is also a deliberate attempt by a Masonic style organization or two that have been deliberately working to conceal the real story from the masses of humans on this planet.

Enough solid data exists for us to call everything academia and theology teaches as fact into question and flush it all into a big toilet that already contains a great pile of steaming, stinking bullshit as it has all been concocted and fabricated to meet the unscrupulous agendas of those wishing to ensure mankind is kept ignorant as to the facts the historical records actually left us with .

Every year, for example, more and more recorded myth is revealed as actual fact and one day we will be in a position where we will understand that all these fantastic stories we happily write off as myth are in fact a watered down version of the actual past history of our young planet.

The Hindu faith and their legends are also really quite interesting and yet another race of alien beings seems to have entered the picture in our most recent past as well.

You also need to understand that though our branch of mankind is a mere 203,000 years old, that a billion or more years ago, before Earth even existed, the planet Tiamat was home to more than 100 Billion human type beings who ranged between 18 and 25 feet in height.

Some of them lived on our planet in times after Tiamat was destroyed. We have found their ancient remains, so we know many races of them did in fact exist on our planet.

Think about this for a moment though...

As Tiamat was destroyed, there were obviously remnants of this human stock living elsewhere in the Solar system and beyond.

Those stories in the Bible referring to tribes of giants roaming the Earth warring and murdering smaller humans are not fallacy.

This was a fact and many remains have been dug up to prove it in the last 400 years alone.

We as a species have also been tampered with and these facts too are recorded in amazing detail.

As we learn more ourselves, the more we can understand the genetic engineering capabilities of the ancient races who came here.

This enables us to make sense as to what they did here and what they are saying on the tablets and legends that survive as to our creation.

Just a point of clarity here on the Annunaki. The Annunaki are the Nephilim.

We called them the Annunaki - those who to Earth from the heavens came, but they did not call themselves the Annunaki.

The Sumerians have a slightly different account of who was who but we are not sure if this was a Civilization X that came after them or the Annunaki themselves.

I myself am still puzzled about who was who nuance wise, so am covering the broad stroke concepts as we assemble the fragments but we do know who was who from a broad strokes view point and of course we are in possession of immense amounts of friction between the Nephilim parties and their chain of command.

We know there was the Annunaki civilization, we also know another civilization X preceded the Lumerian civilization which in turn preceded the Atlantean one.

By the way we also know that the Nephilim did have some sort of Stargate technology, but because of the immense power creating wormholes took, it was reserved for rare occasions for their King, Anu.

The plebs still had to travel by rocket ships or more advanced space vehicles.

There is a temple in South America we call the Temple of the Sun near Tiwanaku, which has heads of the various Alien species in its walls which tells a story of who played a role in our history and that tell a story of how Nuclear war came to destroy it all at one point.

The Gate of the Sun Arch

It even details the way this bomb device worked and how it split the atoms to start the chain reaction that led to our recent destruction on a piece of surviving wall we call the Gate of the Sun.

It comes with a terrifying story and is a kind of warning as it stands, though it was never completed for some reason.

We can see what they started to build but they fled before it was completed.

The Akapana Pyramid complex

There was some major event that caused them all to flee and abandon what they were doing very suddenly.

The complexes in Tiwanaku, Puma Punku and other South American ancient cities are nothing short of astounding and are a clear indication of a very advanced high technology entity that was not human that built them.

The details we have may require course correction as we uncover more data and further clarity and corroboration is gained.

However, the story from these many sacred sites and past civilizations is the same one over and over again.

The very out of place hieroglyphs from Abydos in Egypt depicting Helicopters and Planes....

70 years ago, for example, we could not interpret the genetic engineering these many texts were describing.

Since the breakthroughs in the field of genetics mapping the human genome, pioneered by Dr Venter at the close of the last century, revisiting these ancient texts reveals that these ancient races and the so called “Myth” we understood them to be has carried us to a point where those searching for our origins are better served by opening their minds and paying attention to what these alleged “myths” are actually telling us, because as some of us well know, they are in fact records of fragments of our past and are in fact not myth at all.

The DNA engineering data checks out as valid DNA engineering data.........

There are also vast Sanskrit libraries of documents that survived the attempt by Islam to destroy them and they tell some very precise and very technical details about Genetic engineering, Polymer engineering and some of the stuff that Ramanujan and Roger Penrose were working on that the Lemurians, Atlanteans and Egyptian founders from Atlantis already knew.

Atlanteans were far more technologically advanced than we are now. The 3700BC event destroyed all of that civilization as it was then.

The problem with fragments is context and their proper place in the order of things, but we do in fact have most of the fragments.

We also know certain facts re our DNA now that have allowed us to put several puzzle pieces in the right place on the table that now makes the ancient texts that refer to the Nephilim and the Annunaki fall into the right place of understanding.

There have also been many outside parties to this drama and our creation as a new species of human as well as our own evolution.

There have been many alien agencies tainting the water to suit their own particular agenda in what I will term our journey.

Let's look at the work of Sitchin and merge it with some of the newer and more accurate translations of the texts in an attempt to create a more accurate web we can look at of not just our most recent 203,000 years of history, but of the history of our solar system from these many tablets and stones as well as legends passed down from various peoples of the Earth themselves.

Billions of years ago, the Earth was a small part of a planet called Tiamat (or its very large moon) that orbited around the sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Tiamat actually once orbited nor far from where Earth now orbits the sun.

This planet Tiamat had a very large moon that was one day destined to become a planet itself at some point in the future, per the legends written on the subject.

There was also one other planet that was a troublemaker in this solar system that spun retrograde in comparison to the other planets in the solar system and it also has a very unusual orbit indeed.

Today we know Mercury and Uranus spin retrograde to the other planets......Why?

It has something to do with the positive and negative charge of everything in the solar system.

This rogue planet itself seems to have escaped its bonds from another solar system or it spins in orbit around a dwarf star that was once twinned with our own sun and the two systems paths intercede.

There is a legend or three about our rogue planet that fits Nibiru rather well as the likely suspect from these legends.

There are too many references to a black sun and its planet in our past to write this off as fantasy.

Also, some huge planetary bodies passed close to Earth in 3700BC, 1500 BC and 800BC and this caused massive destruction here on Earth.

This was most likely Venus and then Mars who were once both moons of Jupiter or were born via a process of cleavage from within Jupiter that was also full of water per legends had a part to play in the celestial dramas.

We can see from the massive amounts of death and silt in Alaska and Siberia that something suddenly killed everything in a huge wave of silt and mud which also suddenly froze in 3700 BC and again in 1500 BC in two events separated by 52 years..

Mars seems to have come close sometime between 800 and 700 BC as well.

This kind of event was not a direct strike of an asteroid or comet, it was due to the massive electro-gravity pull of something that passed by very near to Earth.

It is clear that the morning star (Venus) is a very recent addition to the sky.

This event is unprecedented in the entire history of the Earth as far as we can tell.

I will have to devote an entire blog to Venus, Mars and Jupiter as it is very important we figure this out.

Most Suns are in fact binary in nature and we do in fact have ancient records that have stated that there was once two suns observed in our sky, though some of us think that a supernova event some 70,000 years ago was visible as a second sun and in fact was responsible for a lot damage to the Earth when it’s physical shock wave hit our solar system, so we don’t really have those fragments in their proper place yet.

As we have lost many of the records for public access and no longer have easy access to those that survive, we cannot easily put them in the right context and frame it altogether in the right way, but if you have watched the Stargate series on TV, just know that a secret globally backed organization actually exists on the planet that operates very much the way this Sci-Fi fantasy series suggests, at a broad stroke conceptual level anyway, and they do have most of these records.

One Immanuel Velikovsky came up with his take on things just from the Bible and various records we still have, you just have to take the Gobbledegook religious nonsense out of the equation.

The real Indiana Jones stuff started in around 1830 by the way and got real serious with German organizations such as the Vrill and other such Nazi backed thrill seekers realized through books and stones they decoded that this was not wild fantasy and bullshit, this shit was in fact very real!

When it was realized even back then what it was that Napoleon was sitting on, stuff started getting very serious indeed.

History needs to be re-written about the real agendas of Napoleon and Egypt and what was found even then, not to mention what Hitler did with what he found in ancient Egypt and particularly in South America and the Antarctic continent.

It’s not like the US Government as we know it actually knows at the lower levels what these sorts were and are up to or if they even exist, but they are there.

There does seem to be a significant chain of command though......

It was no mistake NASA had so many astronauts perform Masonic rites en-route to the moon and then on it by the way.

These sorts (NASA) are not to be confused with the US Navy secret space fleet operation that has been going on as a consequence of operation paperclip or the Nazi group of scientists who have been progressing their evolutionary path with the help of other alien meddlers.

Though the Nazi thing started as a single group it has become splintered over time as we understand it.

Don’t forget though that the US took many of these Nazi’s in operation paperclip, so it's pretty clear to me at least these are all entwined together in the background.

In fact, there are so many agendas and factions doing so many different things that it is hard to fathom the unity of consciousness that binds them all together.

Somehow it is all working and pulling in the desired direction. It is pretty fascinating to watch and many from other worlds and dimensions have come to watch the show, so to speak.

Just so you know, movies and TV shows have become the medium of choice of breaking us in to various ideas so do not scoff or write off the ideas presented when you watch them as they are tools to open your mind if you use the concepts as intended for your benefit as a species.

Combined, they all actually tell the story in fragments for us to put together when we as a species one day wake up and are in the right receptive mood for these things to fall into the proper sequence as they unfold.

In case you are unaware, this awakening is actually taking place in a big way, right now....FYI...

There are also those that have been sent here as troublemakers and guardians of light to open the collective mind and consciousness to facilitate a return to the level from where you have fallen.

Actually the return to that level will be brief as you will accelerate far beyond this point in your journey as you evolve at an unprecedented rate.

Going back to the religious cult fantasy for a minute, many believe that the biblical Moses wrote Genesis in around 1250 BC.

This is simply incorrect.

Moses copied Genesis from Sumerian tablets he had given to him that themselves were written 4200 years before Moses himself presented Genesis to the Heebs and the Sumerians themselves copied their tablets from tablets that were in turn 35,000 years old and we recently found indication that those too were copied from even earlier tablets going back 70,000 years and more.

A very old copy of “Genesis, the first book of Moses”....

Moses copied five books in all from Sumerian tablets Verbatim and has been accredited as being the original author but alas, our Cult speckled Catholic brethren, in reacting to the Gnostic spoken canon hastily edited a written cannon and details of context and intent and the reason d'être old Moses had as an explanation were left on the Catholic fraudsters editing room floor and swept away forever.

Moses never claimed he wrote this shit, he said he wrote it down as instructed from the more ancient tablets he was given. The data as to the who it was that told him to do this is lost to the sands of time.

I have heard rumors that documents exist somewhere telling this tale in detail..In the Vatican archive no less.

We have many tales of Atlantis, with maps as to the location of Atlantis as well as older tales of Lumeria and Gondwanaland with other civilizations that themselves go back to over 450K years.

We know for fact that there are massive stone cities under the oceans built by someone at a time when we as a race did not yet exist.

Remember we as a species are a mere 203,000 years old.

There are cities under the water last above the water some 300,000 years ago.

This means they were built roughly 100,000 years before humans arrived on the scene.

From this we can in fact happily deduce that ancient beings with the abilities to fly and conduct interplanetary travel as well as conduct impressive feats of truly massive scale engineering once existed a long time before we as a race existed.

You will see that in the last 203,000 years that the geography of the planet changes violently with each axis shift and new land masses rise and sink regularly.

Much more regularly than we have convinced ourselves is actually the case in fact.

We can also deduce from the Piri Reis map that someone supplied the Turks in the 15th century that Antarctica is not shown covered in ice on these maps.

This has mind blowing implications because this is the current configuration of our maps as we know them today.

Now the Peri Reis map has been debunked by various folks, but what is forgotten is this map was copied from 20 or more source maps found in the library at Alexandria and the sub glacial cartography of Antarctica is shown and it is one of many hundreds that show sub-glacial Antarctica map data in alarming detail.

Deep sea core samples taken from Antarctica suggest there was no ice 10,000 years ago, which makes a mockery of the claim that ice sheet is several millions years old.

Consider this: If a pole shift happens every 100,000 years or so and the new North and South can be anywhere, new ice would follow it....

Seems pretty clear to me one of the recent poles was in Australia and it has unusual scars that bear this theory out....

Now what is several million years old is that cat structure in Giza, that thing is truly ancient.

The Pyramids themselves are relatively newer, but also at least 35,000 years old themselves.

These recent civilizations credited with their creation could barely make mud dolls that looked anything other than primitive.

How academia has accredited Cheops with their creation is the biggest joke on academia bar none. It is the most stupid theory put forward by anyone in academia, ever.

Claiming the moon is made of goat cheese is not as stupid.

Cheops was a mere farmer and a squatter.

His people struggled to make reed boats that could barely float and Papyrus for writing on was a thing of incredulous wonder to them.

They did not have the equipment, the technology, the time or the skills and know how to build anything resembling the Pyramids, in fact I rather suspect that the Zulus could probably have done better than Cheops peeps at building anything blindfold.....

US Airforce mapping systems using their examination of all of these maps of Atlantis agree on two things.

1. They are very accurate depictions of sub-glacial Antarctica and 2. the mapping shown is out of place for the civilization at the time accredited to having made them.

It would also seem that the actual North and South Poles shifted to where they are now and this always brings ice with it.

Massive sheets of the stuff.

We also know for a fact there are large Pyramids on Antarctica and several massive cities under the ice as well.

We also know the Nazis spent a massive amount of time, effort and money down there and that U-530 went there in secret months after the war had ended and that the USA sent a sizable expedition under the command of Admiral Byrd with the name of operation High jump - in 1946!

Its purpose was to destroy a massive Nazi base in the Antarctic.

They suffered high levels of casualties that defy clear explanation to this day.

You will see that when the Nephilim arrived here on the planet that a large Island called Gondwanaland sat off the coast of Southern Africa.

You will also hear of Lemuria in the Pacific and the sudden emergence of Atlantis at the same time Lemuria sank and of the man made destruction that caused Atlantis to slowly sink and disappear.

Lemuria will solve some of the Easter Island mysteries which is, it seems, a fragment of what is left of Old Lemuria with odd fragments of Tahiti and Hawaii thrown in as odd legacy remnants.

I myself idly wonder if Antarctica is not Gondwanaland, but I cannot see its migration that far South in any of my computer modeling scenarios, but what do I know?

I have enough ancient texts to make me more than suspect this is actually Gondwanaland.

One last thing on Antarctica.

We found several hundred huge skulls of beings with elongated skulls just like the ones we found in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Just like Akhenaten in fact, hundreds of the bastards......

According to academia this is bizarre as they say no civilizations they knew of was ever on Antarctica.

Well, the skulls and skeletons we know about say otherwise....Another example of a bunch of idiots who know everything about nothing debunking things framed on their total ignorance of facts and fanatical belief that their cult religion is not a lie.

We also know Hawaii is very recent in terms of emergence and that Tahiti is sinking swiftly beneath the seas again.

This all ties in with the ancient Lemurian legends.

Later we will see the madness that led to the disaster of Atlantis that very nearly destroyed the entire planet forever.

Even better, the story of the Nephilim from Nibiru is fairly fresh and we have multitudes of evidence about that story still with us and yet more clues that still reside in caves and mountains on stones, tablets, walls and crystal storage devices all over the planet and we have known about them for a very, very long time.

There are also several ancient spacecraft used by the more advanced alien entities in places like Tibet and Antarctica and the even more bizarre cities under the seas all over the planet that to this day are still visited by alien or inter-dimensional visitors who also seem to live there or just visit someone or something there a lot.

So lets go back to how and why the human race came to be on the planet Earth.

This is where you need to read Sitchin’s twelfth planet as well as get into the stories of ancient Earth civilizations that told this exact same story. It’s just the names of the characters in them that are different.

It's not concise but its a suitable stepping stone with the broad strokes general idea to get you into the right frame of receptive mind to get the information you will need.

It is also pretty much how it was even with the more far out, to Sitchin, details left out.

Per the Sumerian records and those entrusted to the Priests of SAIS, sometime around 450, 000 years ago the planet Nibiru and it’s inhabitants, called Nephilim started having serious problems with the atmosphere of their planet.

These Nephilim beings consisted of males that ranged in height between 14 and 16 feet and females who ranged in height from 10-12 feet and their lifespan on Nibiru was recorded as being approximately 360,000 Earth years.

What we don't know is if these beings were survivors of Tiamat, but what we do know is that life existed on artificial structures of huge proportions that were essentially traveling spaceships on a massive scale, such as our moon and one or two even bigger than Mars and that beings lived on these various artificial structures and cities in space all over our Solar system.

These beings were said to all model the Tiamat humans of the era and as I mentioned there were over 100 Billion of them per stated records.

There are even legends of a few groups of them that made it across to various other Galaxies, though I am sure it is the other way around...

In all probability, Nibiru and Nibirians are descendants of this form of Tiamat based humanesque being who came from Orion and before that the Lyra Star system.

I think that as their sun was dying many came to Tiamat and moved back to Nibiru a billion years later, when their planet was safe to live on again.

The records (myth?) lay claim to these ideas.

Nibiru was probably a construct of some planet transformed to host these Nefilim beings who had elected to form an independent existence away from Tiamat.

On Mars there lived a warlike race of beings in the days of Tiamat’s existence who were always in the throes of attempting to infiltrate and gain control of Tiamat to their own purpose and agenda.

There seems to have been a pretty long war between the reluctant beings of Tiamat, the warlike clans of Mars and some third party Reptilian beings said to live mainly in the 4th dimension with a third dimensional presence on Mercury and Venus.

This war was actually between the Martians and the Reptilians and the Martians lost.

This war was over a very long time ago and Tiamat’s destruction was the price that was paid for it’s end.

The legends claim the Reptilians destroyed Tiamat to get rid of the Martians who had destroyed the Idyllic and desired Tiamat existence with their war like parasitic inklings and agendas.

The records state these reptilian beings engineered the destruction of Tiamat at the behest of Galactic command.

It is not stated what their crime was, other than Galactic command seemed disappointed with their progress as a species and there was a war going on with the parasitic warlike invaders from Mars that pulled their Tiamat experiment to a point that both Mars and Tiamat became expendable.

The Reptilians apparently engineered the collision of a moon of Nibiru with Tiamat per the legends we have on this matter.

Out of this catastrophic collision, the Earth was born and subsequently used as a living laboratory for the creation of new life.

Life on Mars was also severely impacted and the Martian existence became a watered down influence on the future planet that came out of the catastrophe of Tiamat.

We are uncertain if the first life on Earth was the Dinosaurs or if this was ancient life hailing from Tiamat that remained in the fossil record.

It is most likely, given the size of beings on Tiamat that the dinosaurs are remnants of Tiamat though this form of life was recreated on Earth in an experiment some 300 million years ago by some as yet unknown entity.

Earth itself as a separate entity seems to be around 500 million years old, per these "mythical" records.

Records as to the age of the planet from the Halls of Amenti also correlate with 500 million years ago.

Many documents from Lemuria and Atlantis make reference to the Akashic record of earth being just 500 Million years old.

The first inhabitants of conscious life on this new Earth however, came here from an Ocean World circling one of the stars we know as the Sirius cluster and they were not human like at all.

They were Cetaceans. Whales or Dolphins of various types.

It is said that these beings live mainly in a fourth dimensional realm but are connected to the third dimensional plane through cetacean life forms as we see them.

I mention this as when the first Nephilim came to Earth they had to ask for permission from Galactic command as well as the higher forms of consciousness that were already here on the planet.

And for what did they need permission to be on Earth for, you may ask?

Well, after the destruction of Tiamat, galactic command was not about to let willy nilly destruction of whole planets have sway and a cooling off period of a billion years came and went.

Much like the Ozone hole in our atmosphere which we are dealing with today, on Nibiru, they had an almost exact problem that their scientists solved with the suspension of gold particles above their atmosphere.

They thus had to find a massive source of gold in the solar system and beyond and then go about purloining the metal for this use in their environment.

The gold was not actually in their atmosphere per se, it was in a blanket just above the atmosphere, suspended in space.

These beings had rocket ships much like our own recent rocket ships and were not that much more advanced technologically than we are now, they had just being doing it for a lot longer than we have.

They also had to wait until Nibiru got much closer to the Earth before they could travel to Earth.

So 430,000 years ago, a sole explorer, Alalu, came here to set things up and he happened to have been a freshly deposed King of Nibiru out to prove a point and get his power base back.

This King was eventually exiled to Mars and was buried there some 300,000 years ago as he got up to additional bad boy drama that did not sit well with the new King Anu, but I digress.

Once he had the permission and blessings of the Cetaceans and Galactic command setup, a team of 600 Nephilim came to Earth with advanced mining gear to mine Gold to take back to Nibiru.

There were an additional 300 beings stationed on Mars and spaceships in Earth orbit and a team of 12 manager types orchestrating operations.

They first established base in what we call Iraq today and they set their mining operations up in a single valley in South Eastern Africa centered around what we now call the Zambezi basin.

One of these 12 managers of operations was the Earth mining manager responsible for mining and extracting the gold.

His name was Enlil.

They dug for gold for a very long time and it was 150,000 years before they ran into their first troubles with this mining operation.

During this time they shipped gold back to Nibiru once every 3600 years, when Nibiru was at its closest point to Earth.

At this point the beings doing the actual mining, who were few in number, began to grumble about their lot in life and work began in genetic laboratories to create a worker bee from the life already on Earth, engineered together with their DNA.

They screwed around for 100,000 years on this piece before they came up with a suitable mk1 prototype that could be trained to do the mining on their behalf.

So our first and only purpose was to mine gold for the Nephilim.

This was also where the whole thing started going Tango Uniform for our pals from Nibiru...

This story with accurate corroborating evidence exists in many records and tablets that survived deliberate destruction and the Sumerians had very detailed records of all of these events.

So what has science found that corroborates all of this?

Well, as I myself was from South Africa and have seen for my own eyes the evidence of ancient gold mining that took place in the Zambezi basin, Zimbabwe and South Africa itself, it is clear that we have artifacts and remnants of their ancient machines and even computer systems they used that were the tools they used for this task.

Anglo American corporation has in its possession a very large collection of totally out of place and "impossible" to academia artifacts pulled from Anglo American mining operations between 2500 and 7000 meters under the ground.

Someone mined gold there a very long time before they did.

They know this for a fact.

Not only that but we have skeletal remains of mostly humans and a few giants (Nephilim) in these self same mines dating back over 280,000 years.

So if we were so primitive, what were we doing mining gold for 150,000 plus years ago?

Moreover, where did the gold go? There are no stockpiles and hidden caves full of 150,000 plus years of mining the stuff found anywhere on Earth and there never will be.

Its all above Nibiru.

This is why the African eve theory is linked to this same valley where the Sumerians claim the Nefilim were mining the gold.

Other texts we have claim that the first humans were created in 198,214 BC on an Island then in the mid Atlantic called Gondwanaland.

This Island has since sunk into the Atlantic ocean and disappeared., but the story about that epic saga is for another book!

Suffice to say that modern Earth humans were developed and evolved on this island for a period lasting between 50,000 and 70,000 years.

Workers were taken from this region to the gold mining operation centers in Southern Africa once equipped and trained to serve as desired.

What is interesting is that most African tribes say we came from an Island in the West called Gondwana.

Many records stating this still exist today.

The only exception to this story is in fact that of the Zulu tribe, who claim they came from colonies living in space.

Many records also exist as to those claims.

Sumerian records exist that depict humans as being one third of the height of the Nephilim and we have enough skeletal remains of beings ranging in size from 14 to 36 feet to know that there is substance to these ancient claims because the skeletal remains are fact.

The height range of the giants literally is 14 to 36 feet by the way.

That is not a typo or myth.

Real bodies....real evidence.

In Ecuador I have seen two 7.5 Meter specimen dug up from the graveyard of the gods.

I have seen them with my own eyes. Many 5 Meter tall skeletons dug up from the Earth as well as these two monsters.

Hundreds of 5 Meter skeletons dug up from all over the planet that routinely go missing qualify as a suspicious situation when they all go missing and claims as to their existence are denied, every single time without fail.

We should ask the Smithsonian to release the evidence, at last count they had over 4000 remains of said specimen.........

Of the 7 odd meter specimen, there are said to be over 700 in Ecuador and some 100 in New Zealand.

It is rather odd how the Smithsonian claims it knows nothing of the evidence that went its way, yet the people involved in each project did.....

One or two maybe, but all of them? Hah, now there's a stinking rat!!

Its simple, don’t trust the Smithsonian about anything at all, based on these facts, they’re obviously not on our side, that's for bloody sure.

Like that incident in Arizona where they discovered caves full of Ancient Egyptian artifacts that dated to 9,500 BC....Suddenly the location of the cave and the artifacts becomes a Chinese whisper to be denied for the rest of time itself by these rats in this organization.

Must be a Brian Clough descendant...............

Anyways, back to the subject at hand, the first variants of humans created in the Nephilim lab could not breed and they had to be created in Gondwana island labs and transported to where they were needed.

This was completely intentional on the part of Enlil and co. (no he did not decide things in isolation, he in fact required majority consent for most things the Annunaki did).

In ancient Sumerian texts that ended up in Genesis it states “ And when man began to multiply on the face of the Earth”, here we are indeed witness to a very important statement indeed.

It goes on to "state that when the sons of God saw the daughters of men were fair, they took them wives, all of which they chose", and then it rambles on about the giants that roamed the Earth in those days and also after those days.

It then states that when "the sons of God came in unto daughters of men, who bore them children, that these children became mighty men of the old men of renown" who fathered them.

Sons of God? And daughters of man? Man not referred to as the sons of God? Very interesting indeed!! Mmm...

The Sumerian statements on these issues make a lot more sense than the heavily edited crap in the Catholic and later King James Bible editions and other such works, which in my humble opinion are all effectively rendered in the same category as Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales with the difference that some of the stuff in the Bible, if placed in the proper Sumerian context, actually makes sense (if you add the whole Sumerian record in and not the carefully selected garbage Christian Cult Churches, Islam and Judaism punt down their all too gullible followers throats.

All of these various 900 variants of the Sumerian texts we know as the Bible\Koran\Torah etc. refer to these giants as the Nephilim.

It's not a secret. They talk about giants who existed on Earth because hey, they actually fucking existed here on Earth.

It's therefore not surprising then that we keep pulling the stiffs of giants out of the terra firma they were planted into post mortem.

The same Nephilim we found older references to in many other ancient tablets are these giants.

Just bear in mind that Enlil seems to have used religion and raw unmitigated fear of the “Wrath of God” (himself) among his vast portfolio of tools with some very public displays of steaming a few lab rats with his advanced technology and liberal use of religion in particular to control the weaker minded of these specimen to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt as a way to police them using psychological threats only.

A master stroke of genius if you ask me. To this end I suspect that religion was born in order for him to achieve his goals in this regard.

As Enlil, from our POV (as well as that of Enki et al..) is a nasty piece of work, seemingly devoid of any compassion, it is also clear his brother Enki and a good many other Nephilim were not quite in sync with this heavy handed approach Enlil was taking and also the reason why the Old “God” as we know him was such a rotten bastard to mankind per Biblical and Sumerian texts on the matter.

Also, it is clear higher dimension beings from Sirius who played a part in our creation had their own agenda that did not give carte blanche to these compassionless Nephilim as to the outcome of their lab rats destiny.

These Sirians were, after all, responsible for all life on the planet, regardless of what that life was.

We recently found many electric grids on the planet that correlate to every species of creation on the planet.

The implication of this itself is pretty immense.

Then there is the agenda of Galactic command to work into the intricate plot of what was going on down here on Earth.

Actually sorting the good guys from the bad here on Earth is a bit of a serious mission.

There is no guarantee that Enki is a good guy either as much documentation charges him with the evil meddling and the creator of Frankensteins like us never mind the other ghastly genetic experiments they were conducting on an island in the Mediterranean.

Also do not forget that at various other times in our history, other Alien races appear to have involved themselves in our history, mostly to help, though I am not sure what the blood lust of the Gods in South America was all about exactly or if it was homo sapiens who took this practice up to tempt the gods to return after they fled.

To me at least it is clear that the Indian Pantheon of Gods was another group not really related to Nibiru per se.

That is to say it is not obvious they were the same entity. Their blue skins give that one away...

They are the only Gods that seemed to have blue skin for example. To some of us, these sorts of differences are of note.

Then there is the alien contingent responsible for the South American pyramids that were significantly different to the Egyptian ones.

Same basic math but different architecture entirely.

It could be that those that came here to help repair the Atlantean damage left after their tasks here were done or the Nephilim could just simply have returned to Nibiru, having mined the easy to get Gold and reached a point where the rest was not worth the effort involved.

We have significant legends of war amongst the Gods and I suspect this is all related to the Atlantean situation we will get into later that the Nephilim would certainly have caught the blame for.

The Sirians it seems made a bad judgement call with the Nephilim, though being 4th dimension through 6th dimension beings, I rather do suspect they knew the likely outcome here on Earth of this drama and how it would play out.

We do know that Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva played a role in the war between Dharma and Adharma (for and against human prosperity).

It does seem that as we now know a city called Dwarka was destroyed by nuclear weaponry fairly recently and that Krishna was the “God” living there and that this is another legend that actually has facts that tie in with actual reality.

We have recently found this city (Dwarka) under the waves so we know that this epic battle actually did happen as recent findings there and in Mohenjo-daro bear scars and signs that can only be attributed to Nuclear weapons which are a perfect match to the legends and “myths” that abound and it did in fact end up in the Sea again per the "myth".

The Radio-Active signature there that survives also confirms something unusual transpired there.

Yet another classic example where the legend and myth has eventually been proven to be actual history.

Seven cities were built upon the site where the last one - Dwarka was built by the time it sank back into the sea.

It was said when Krishna died from an accidental arrow that the Sea God then took back the land he had given Krishna as agreed, per the legends.

It was around this same period of time when the planet seems to have plunged into a serious Apocalyptic event that saw mankind crawling out of caves again with a totally wiped memory of his past.

It seems that environmental consequences combined with Nuclear ones put mankind back by a significant step from where they once were at this stage of the game and we lost much data on our various lost civilizations in the aftermath.

We are right now modelling scenarios with our computer systems what Venus passing close to Earth in 3700 BC and twice in the 1500 BC era would have done to life here on Earth.

Early modeling is interesting. It suggests almost total annihilation of everything on the planet - on land or sea perished as a result of the tidal effects Venus had on Earth as well as an astounding magnetic lightning show between Earth and Venus each time it passed us.

These ark stories have substance to them. The Earth based arks were only a small part of the story and we probably had help from many alien contingents watching the show as well.

Something our present day academia has not seen well, due to all the shit in their eyes from self inflicted cult based theological religious programming bollocks is how all the reference to Orion and Sirius fits into the equation here.

Many past records make mention of giant beings who were here on the Earth.

They do not say who they were and where they all came from and these were not all references to just the Nephilim.

What we do know is that these giant beings, who were already here on Earth before us (the Nephilim) became our mother.

There are records that state that 7 of these beings came together, dropped their bodies by consciously dying and formed a pattern of seven interlocking spheres of consciousness exactly like the genesis pattern.

The records state that this merging of the 7 created a white blue flame called the flower of life and that this flame was placed into the womb of the Earth.

The Egyptians called this womb the halls of Amenti, which is a fourth dimensional space that has a third dimensional location 1000 miles under the surface of the Earth and is connected to the great Pyramid through a 4th dimensional passageway.

The halls of Amenti, it is said, are used for the creation of new species on the planet.

Inside the halls is a room based on Fibonacci proportions, made from what appears to be stone.

In the middle of this room is a cube and on top of the cube is the flame that the giants created that is about five feet tall and three feet in diameter.

The light from this flame which is a blue tinged white, is pure prana, pure consciousness and is in fact the planetary ovum that is the evolutionary path that we call human.

So these giants were our mother, but who was our father?

It states in the records that beings from the third planet out from around Sirius B were preparing to travel to Earth at this same time, having being summonsed here by the Earth based Cetaceans who were monitoring what was going on here with the Nephilim genetic attempts to create a worker bee to mine gold.

There were thirty two of these beings and they were made up of sixteen males and sixteen females who were all married to each other.

You can today see pods of Orcas and Dolphin species who move in clans together on the planet who also behave in perplexing ways who also exhibit group relationships with everyone in their clan.

These beings also happened to be Giants in the same height range as the Nephilim by the way, from nose to tail fin in any event.

The difference is that while the Nephilim were primarily third dimensional, the Sirians were primarily fourth dimensional.

Thirty two beings all married to each other also sounds a bit funky.

Sirians were beings from the Lyra star system that came to the Pleiades planets around the stars of Orion's belt.

There are two types of Lyrans. Human like and Cetacean like.

The human like ones came to the Pleiades some 600 million years ago to escape war in that region of space.

They fought wars here on Earth before fleeing back to the Pleiades.

Some stayed on a Planet of a Dwarf star once twinned with our own sun on a planet called Nibiru instead of going back to the Pleiades.

Some 635,000 odd years ago the North and South of this planet Nibiru nuked each other in a gnarly war before sanity broke out but a lot of damage was already done.

On Earth one male and one female join as we reflect the light from our sun and our sun is a Hydrogen sun which has one proton and one neutron and we duplicate the process of hydrogen.

Sirius is a Helium sun and Sirius B is a white dwarf sun that uses a system of 32 (Germanium).

The Sirians came here and knew exactly what to do. They entered directly into the womb of the halls of Amenti, right into the pyramid and before the flame.

These Lyran beings had the understanding that all things are light and they understood the connection between thought and feeling.

They created 32 rose quartz slabs 30 inches high and 18-20 feet long which were created out of absolutely nothing at all which were evenly spaced around the flame.

Each Sirian then lay on each slab alternating male and female, facing upwards with their heads towards the center around the flame and merged with the ovum of the Nephilim.

On the third dimensional level, the Nephilim scientists placed the laboratory created human eggs in the wombs of seven Nephilim women, from which the first modern day human being was eventually born.

Conception in human terms happens in less than 24 hours -through the basic process of the first eight cells.

Conception at a planetary level is completely different and these beings lay there for around 2000 years, conceiving this new race that is us.

Looking at the Sumerian records of our beginnings, when Enlil first came to Earth he went into the waters and not the land. Why did he do that?

He stayed in the waters a very long time indeed.

He did this because the dolphins and whales were the highest consciousness on the planet and per galactic law he had to get permission from these cetacean beings and some human like water beings to live on the land and mine the Earth.

The records state that when he came back to land he was half human and half fish and he eventually became all human again.

These beings from Sirius manifest in third dimension levels as cetaceans!!

The whales and dolphins from Sirius are our father!!

Seems way out but also makes a weird kinda sense? At any rate this is what the records from all over the world actually state when translated fully from the ancient Sumerian sources.

It would appear that after 2000 years of these Sirians laying on these slabs, the first humans were conceived in Gondwana island genetic engineering labs.

There is in fact a very interesting book you must read called the Legend of the Golden Dolphin, which describes how they came to the third planet from Sirius B from another Galaxy (Lyra) and then on to the Earth.

On this planet of Sirius B are two land masses, one the size of Australia and one the size of California. Some human variant beings live on the land but are few in number, while the seas and oceans there are full of Cetacean life.

So the Dolphins and the Nephilim between them were our species creators.

You’re probably all rolling on the floor laughing at this notion, but if you go look at the real past civilization records, the dolphin symbol is pretty much everywhere in these past civilizations.

Christianity itself has taken the fish symbol but the first ones were in fact dolphin symbols.

There are also many references to the Sirian Dolphin race in our old stones that have been left off the translations as I guess humans in the dark ages were not quite ready to hear Papa was a Dolphin.

There is very good evidence from the Nephilim side as to our mother aspect of our creation in many tablets that survive.

The Sirian reference is not that direct at this time and science does not understand where we came from, just that we mysteriously arrived between 170,000 and 230,000 years ago, completely out of nowhere.

Those looking for the missing link will search fruitlessly for all of eternity because we did not evolve from primates on this planet, we were created as the tablets state in DNA labs of the Nephilim who came to Earth from from Nibiru on the island of Gondwanaland off the coast of Southern Africa in 198,000 BC.

Per these records there were seven Adam and Eve’s from the first seven Nephilim hosts.

Eventually a few humans were brought to labs in Iraq for the purpose of gardening and serving these beings as we made really great slaves.

Not only that but these Nephilim could procreate with these slaves as well by design!!

Enlil had a younger brother whose name was Enki, and he and Enlil did not see eye to eye on anything at all as Enki and Enlil had a similar story to that of Jesus in that Enki while being first born of Anu was not considered the heir as his mother was a concubine.

Enlil, the younger brother to Enki had a mother of direct royal lineage and so Enlil was considered the true heir.

In the midst of his feud with Enlil, he gave these lab rats the knowledge and information as to fixing their ability to procreate and becoming like the gods by eating of the fruit of the tree of life.

This is a reference to knowledge and science as to how man was created and how to fix things so that man was like the gods themselves.

Adam and Eve used this knowledge to give themselves the ability to have children and their passions produced many children who were all listed in various tablets, by their exact name by the way.

The Sumerian texts are the best records we had of this until more recent tablets were translated.

If you go back to both the Sumerian stones and the Christian Bible it states that “God” was walking through the garden looking for Adam and Eve (strange thing for God to do and the first clue that this God was in fact a being of physical flesh)...

So anyway Enlil calls to them and realizes pretty quick that something has changed as they are covering up and there are little Adam and Eve’s running around all over Eden and he begins to realize that one of the other Elohim (Gods) has been dicking around with his little worker bee project and he gets really furious about the situation.

He forbade them from learning more from the "tree of life" as that would also have rendered them immortal, so he threw them out of the garden and watched what they got up to with a frosty beady eye from that point onward.

We know he watched as he recorded everything they did and recorded all the names of the offspring etc, and this lasted for 2000 years before the first word of the first Nephilim texts was ever written that stated these facts.

Enlil had been intending to let the last of his lab rats die out naturally before leaving the planet per his agreement with the resident galactic affairs management team.

These trees of life and knowledge were not physical tree’s by the way they were knowledge banks that the human consciousness could plug into and access if they had the knowledge to do it.

Enlil took steps to scramble the DNA on the one strain of human that could procreate so it was unlikely they would ever figure this all out, but he got that one wrong as well...we did figure it out.

The lab continued to produce sterile humans for the purpose of mining which ceased suddenly some years ago, at which time the Nephilim appear to have left the Earth completely.

The strain of sterile slaves was totally eradicated in the flood event some 11,500 years ago and they obviously were able to keep their numbers up by using the labs, the required seeds and tools of life the Nephilim left behind to procreate in test tubes.

The bones of these sterile specimen are in these mines in the Zambezi basin and look identical to ours.

Pole shifts on our planet have been responsible for Gondwanaland sinking, as well as Lemuria and then Atlantis. These pole shifts are electro-gravitic in nature and have also been triggered by massive planetary bodies passing by Earth or even striking it.

Venus seems to have been the cause of some of these most recent pole shifts and its tidal pull on our crust destroyed almost everything on our planet as it passed by us several times on a very strange orbital plane.

Venus was a comet before it became a planet.

We are about to have another pole shift that will see much of the USA sinking beneath the waves as well. Get to love the Ozarks, it will be where the reshaped USA will be at after the next pole shift.

These pole shifts also change our consciousness and the last one was very negative.

We ended up going down and not up in our consciousness level 11,500 years ago.

At this time the dimensional merge also began to separate and much discord and disharmony affected the entire human population of the Earth with a culmination of sorts about 6000-7000 years ago in a further catastrophe that was on top of the flood event circa 10,500 BC or so.

When Gondwanaland allegedly sank another land mass rose in the Pacific that we know as Lemuria and the descendants of Adam and Eve were evacuated from the sinking Gondwanaland and placed in Lemuria throughout its many thousands of islands.

It is likely it was one large continent then as well.

Lemuria extended from the Hawaiian islands all the way down to Easter Island by the way.

Humans were allowed to develop and evolve in Lemuria for a period lasting between 65-70, 000 years without any influence from the Nephilim and enforced by Galactic command.

Those acting as our guardians were doing this to enable us to accelerate through our evolutionary path.

We experimented on ourselves and made a few changes to our spine and the skull and overall physical shape in this time and delved into many aspects of self along the way.

We were mostly right brained and feminine in nature in the days of Lemuria and records from these times allude to the fact that we were like a 12 year old girl from a development point of view.

We discovered that Lemuria was not a myth in around 1910 and two years later seem to have forgotten about it because some group using theory and knowledge Nicola Tesla had discovered were conducting experiments in 1913 similar to the later Philadelphia experiments that ultimately changed the course of our evolution.

These experiments were a massive catastrophe as we did not have much of an idea of what it was we were playing with at that time.

Before the first world war the planet was very interested in psychic and spiritual affairs, much as we are now.

After these experiments which led to the first world war we were never the same again.

We sort of fell asleep until the 1960’s.

Up to 1913, Egypt, Mystics, psychics and all that sort of thing related to ancient knowledge was the in thing with our collective consciousness.

We had very substantive proof of Lemuria’s existence from the coral in the oceans which were visible in huge rings at the time.

Also, the floor of the Atlantic rises and falls all the time. In December 1969 the Atlantic ocean floor rose 2 miles.

Old Lemuria

They discovered coral rings in the Pacific at 1800 ft depth which is very weird because coral is usually found at 150 ft only.

So from Easter Island all the way to Hawaii there were coral islands that sank very slowly and the ones that survive all have the same flaura and fauna so we know they were once all linked to each other from the Tahitian Islands to Hawaii.

The Lemurian Legend of Ay and Tiya

Legend has it that approximately 2000 years before Lemuria sank, a couple with the names of Ay and Tiya discovered that if you make love in a certain way, and breathe in a certain way while engaged in the act, you get very different results from the children that are conceived in this manner.

They discovered that through the conception of that kind of birth, that all three of them (mother - father and child) would become immortal.

They began to suspect this as everyone they knew started dying yet they remained alive.

So they set up the first mystery school on the Earth in this cycle of human life and they called it the Naacal mystery school.

Ay and Tiya are also recorded as being in interim charge of Egypt for a long time and were responsible for Akhenaten coming into this dimensional reality.

These are the same two beings from Lemuria who also founded Atlantis.

What they taught at the Naacal mystery school was essentially how to do resurrection or ascension through the art of Tantra.

Tantra is the Hindu word for yoga or union with the creator though sexual practices and by the time Lemuria sank they had a group of 1000 immortals in families of three who could demonstrate they understood what was going on.

This tantra when perfected involved no physical touching as it was inter dimensional in nature.

This is why the ancient Indian civilizations had temples of Love all over India by the way, later on in time thousands of years later, another Alien influence and those survivors of Lemuria were to start a movement dedicated to this art and thousands of temples where this was practiced were built as a result.

Islam has attempted to destroy all of the records of this ancient art that existed as this seemed to irk the narrow minded bigots from the desert who seem hell bent on murder and total destructive insanity as an art form in its own right.

Lemurians were very psychic and they knew that Lemuria was going to sink, so they relocated to Lake Titicaca, Central America, Mexico and as far north as mount Shasta, taking all of their things with them.

At the time Lemuria sank, Atlantis rose out of the water and it was pretty big in size, consisting of one large piece of land and nine islands which extended to where the Florida keys are now.

The main body of land was smack between the USA and Europe, though much of the USA as we know it now was also under water.

The sinking of Lemuria and rise of Atlantis occurred at the same time as an axis shift and while this was going on the 1000 immortal beings of Lemuria flew to a little island north of the newly arisen Atlantis that they called Udal.

It seems after Atlantis the continent sank, the survivors built another city called Poseida in Mauritania that was wiped out in 1500 BC due to devastating tidal effects from a passing Venus.

Satellite imagery of the eye of Africa and the sand we see from space clearly shows something pulled vast piles of mud East to West and then West to East.

On Old Atlantis however, the Lemurians began to recreate their spiritual science.

Some anatomy of the human brain is called for at this juncture. The left side of the average brain is classed as male and the right side as female.

Logic vs experiencing down to the bare tacks so to speak. These two halves are further divided into four pieces to leave us with the male geometric logical (top left), female experiential (top right), male experiential (bottom left) and female geometric logical (bottom right).

So the male brain is based on the tetrahedron and the cube in 3D, and the female brain is based on the tetrahedron, icosahedron, and the dodecahedron.

These are basically reflections of each other from the front to the back.

I bring this up as the Lemurians created a spiritual representation of the human brain on the island of Udal.

The purpose? To birth a new consciousness based on what they had learned from Lemuria.

They believed the brain was key to a new Utopian civilization and so they recreated their art starting with the brain as their model

They made a physical wall down the middle of Udal 40 feet high and 20 feet wide, then they ran a minor wall at 90 degrees to this major wall so that the island was in four divisions.

Half of their 1000 mystery school folks went left and the others went right, depending on their nature and leaning.

This was effectively male on the left and female on the right (not totally but more or less).

These immortals remained there in this state for thousands of years until they were ready for the next step in their plan.

Three of these people were selected to represent the corpus callosum, which is the part of the brain that links the left and the right sides together.

These three masters were allowed to go anywhere on the island (the others were not), so that these three could align the energies, thoughts and feelings of all aspects of being human into a human brain made up with human bodies instead of cells.

They then projected the tree of life onto the surface of Atlantis using 12 circles instead of 10, but the 11th and 12th circles were not on the mainland of Atlantis. One was on Udal itself and the other in the water off the coast to the South of Atlantis.

The spheres of the tree of life were used to designate the size and shape of the cities on Atlantis.

Plato wrote that the main city of Atlantis was made up of three rings of land separated by water and that the city was constructed of red, black and white stones (as in the great pyramid). This city was called Poseidia and looked like an archers target from the air.

In one day, the brain of Atlantis breathed life on the surface of Old Atlantis. This created vortices of energy rotating out of the circles on the tree of life on Atlantis.

Once these vortices were established, the brain of Atlantis psychically called the children of Atlantis from all over the planet and they were pulled into Atlantis.

Unfortunately the Lemurian planetary body of consciousness was only at that of a 12 year old girl but a great migration to the 10 circles began regardless.

As such, some of its centers were not functioning and they had also only mastered 8 of the ten vortices and the other two were completely ignored.

They began to settle and build cities where they congregated in the eight centers.

By the time Atlantis was destroyed there were in fact 10 cities in total, so much work was done on 9 and 10.

Initially, there were a few people in the undeveloped two mainland areas but none on Udal and in the offshore water area to the South.

Old Atlantis

However, these two vortices were pulling life towards them and they were filled by Alien races.

The first was filled by the Hebrews who came back from the future and from an off World location in the future.

This was in part due to the fact that the Hebrews had failed at ascension and had to do it all over again.

Thus the Hebrews knew a lot of stuff we did not know yet and had permission from Galactic command to step into our timeline so as to be a part of our evolutionary path to the next level.

They brought many concepts and ideas that added to our overall capability and have been a positive addition.

Had only the Hebrews come here on their own, there would have been no problems with this grand plan and scheme of ascension.

The other race that stepped in were those troublesome Martians from Mars.

The same ones from the same timeline as Tiamat at war with the Reptilians a very long time ago.

This is the contingent responsible for the illuminati and new world order and other such meddlers.

These Martians had the capability of time travel and at the time the Reptilians destroyed Tiamat and were about to destroy Mars, a small group of them saw the vortex in Atlantis with nobody in it and without asking permission and being part of the rebellion, they skipped the normal procedure and just stepped into our evolutionary path by stepping into that remaining vortex.

Even though only a few thousand of these Martians used this vortex, the first thing they did on arrival was attempt to take control of Atlantis.

The Lemurians and Atlanteans managed to suppress and control these warmongers and thwarted their initial attempt to take control, but they could not be sent back.

At this stage the Atlanteans were like a 14 year old girl development wise who had been raped by some stranger.

These Martians did not care what we thought or felt about their unwelcome intrusion.

Though they promised to try and understand the female aspect of who we were, they still managed to polarize our evolutionary path and we began to see things through the left side of the brain only and we have mostly forgotten the right side aspect of who we are at this point in time.

The Hebrews sided with the Lemurians and conflict between the Martians and Lemurians never subsided, even to the very end of Atlantis.

To say they hated each other would be a very mild understatement.

This state of affairs endured for 26,000 years until the next phase slowly began.

At this time a minor pole shift occurred with a resulting small change in consciousness and a small piece of Atlantis sank back into the ocean causing a large amount of fear among Atlanteans who by now had also lost their ability to see into the future as they once had been able.

It took 200 years for them to calm down when a comet was seen in the heavens which they knew was going to hit the planet. This was about 15,700 years ago.

Understand that the Atlanteans had greater technology than we have today and the martians who were by now in control wanted to blow it out the heavens with their sophisticated laser beams and a great conflict broke out amongst the Atlanteans about this plan of action.

The feminine aspect felt the comet was part of a divine order and should be left to do whatever it was going to do.

After much arguing the Martians allowed the comet to strike and it hit the western ocean off the coast of Atlantis, but two fragments did hit Atlantis and it took 300 years for it to sink into the ocean as a result.

The fragments destroyed most of the Martians in Atlantis as this is where the vortex they were drawn to was and where the comet fragments struck.

The resulting resentment by the Martians lowered our consciousness levels by a huge amount and as a consequence we all live by the bitter seed that was sown by this event to this very day.

However, these Martians amongst the Atlanteans began to go rogue with various ideas and they elected to build a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba as they had once done on Mars, again without consent, only 50, 000 years had passed since they had last built one and they could not recall exactly how to do it properly.

These events and their Mer-Ka-Bas were tied to events a long time ago before the Mars experiments first began as they sought to escape destruction.

The first Mer-Ka-Ba experiment after that was in 1913, the second in 1943 a third in 1983 and a fourth occurred in 1993.

These were all linked to the Bermuda disaster event and the vortex the martians stepped in to.

Had they succeeded all those years ago they would have had total control of the planet.

When they built their first experiment in Atlantis in the various buildings they had constructed for the sole purpose of a synthetic MerKaBa, they instantly lost complete control from the moment they turned it on and the degree of destruction that ensued was virtually indescribable.

The biggest error you can construct in this reality is a totally out of control synthetic Merkaba.

This one began to open the lower dimensions of the Earth and very nearly destroyed the entire planet.

You can still see the destruction this caused in the Pacific.

Not only that but this disaster also ripped open these lower dimensions and released lower dimension spirits who were forced into a world they did not understand or know.

They had to live, but had no bodies, so they went right into the people of Atlantis in droves.

This resulted in every single person on the planet being possessed by these beings from other dimensions and resulted in the biggest catastrophe the world has ever seen.

This occurred near the island of Bermuda exactly where the Bermuda Triangle is at.

There is an actual building down there that contains a rotating three star tetrahedral electromagnetic field set, all superimposed over each other that stretches out over the ocean and into deep space.

Time and space distortions happen here as a result. They also happen in deep space as a result and have caused much damage.

The Mayan calendar was actually a clock that was counting down to when this problem could be fixed by the Sirians and other alien races who are diligently working to fix this problem.

It’s 2018 and we are still here, so they must have succeeded.

The Earth at this time had a group of 1600 ascended masters who have been working overtime to fix 95% or more of this situation and have managed to return most of these spirits to their homes in other dimensions.

However, many people were still afflicted and the ascended masters did not really know how to fix this situation.

The remaining Atlantean's got sick and most died forcing the ascended masters to call on higher levels of consciousness for help.

Similar events have occurred on other planets before but the ascended masters soon learned that mankind on Earth was going to fall a long way down the spectrum of life and they focused on figuring out how to get us back on track once the situation was repaired.

This meant everyone on the planet was to be saved, Martians, Lemurians, Atlanteans and all the others.

There was no partial saving to be done here. It was all or nothing..

Whether you are christian or atheist or muslim or whatever, your planet has a christ consciousness grid present.

Without it the whole of mankind will have been totally extinguished by now.

We have Akhenaten to thank for that as he delivered it to us and saved the human experiment from coming to a sudden end.

You do not have to be a follower of any religion for this grid to grow stronger and do its job, but you do have to embrace love and compassion and abandon the savage and brutal doctrines that result in conflict, murder, rape, war and suppression of the right brained side of who we are.

The left right now casts a shadow of destruction over the entire species.

In truth we do not need either the left or the right on their own to progress, but beings who are able to balance both evolve at a much faster rate and attain a much higher plane of evolution.

This is our goal and the purpose of our hybrid species.

Right now we have been programmed for a different frequency of light and unlocking the keys from within that will allow us to evolve has been the path our collective consciousness has chosen.

Along the way, many have been deceived and pulled from light into darkness and many others have had the opposite journey from darkness into light.

In the end the balance between everything is the holy grail our consciousness seeks in a never ending quest of ascension to the next level.

Those that wish to annihilate and destroy those that do not wish for only darkness or just light are behaving like a very immature child and have simply failed to grasp the plot and meaning of life itself.

It is only possible to evolve so far with either before you realize the next step requires everything to attain unity of everything.

Unity of half is nothing. The other half is still missing.

From where we have fallen it is sometimes hard to see the road and goals forward and everything is a process.

As our path back has been accelerated due to the unfortunate steps the Martian consequences led us to, we are at a point where we have to collectively see and understand the right thing for all to do to enable us to leap forward.

There is no leaving any party behind, we are all going on this journey together whether we like it or not.

It is time to grow up and get with the task at hand.... the consequences of failure are dire for everyone, its not as if some will make it and some not.

We all have to make it.

The stakes in this game are high for everyone.....

Better then to make peace with our collective consciousness and put our shoulders to the wheel to address the immediate tasks to enable success of us all as one in unity.

Divergent views and beliefs welcome !!

All sentient creation in the universe knows the difference between right and wrong.

Therefore, actions that attempt to eradicate and destroy others who do not see the Universe as you do cannot be argued with as being rational, sane or a good thing.

The sentiment of this vibration is the destruction of unity and unity is the only way to evolve to higher planes of existence and soul evolution.

If you look at the spectrum of brilliant white light, you soon realize this light is made up of the entire spectrum of light, not just a piece of the spectrum.

Therefore, the radiations into the intermediate levels of collective relativity are advanced by pillars of light into a brilliant globular cluster of purifying light energy fields of the entire spectrum which perfect creation and enable you to become the living light.

Therefore, any spectrum of light that is missing from the field will not produce a field of brilliant white light and will not attain perfection.

As each of us evolve through death and rebirth, the journey will allow us to observe and experience spherical energy fields which are not touched by death at all and you begin to see all of the plus and minus energy fields bonding at random on the lower thresholds of intelligence.

As you progress, you are drawn through crystalline purification through a series of interconnecting mirrors that are like the Eyes of Horus.

Note the reference to the eyes and not a singular eye.

As you remake random creation into greater crystalline perfection you begin to receive and exhibit the light as an evolved creation and at the highest level you will see the eye of the eternal as a manifestation of the creators eye.

This eternal eye contains all omnipotence and omnipresence governing all the rulers of the aeons who pass into the midst of the Eyes of Horus.

By the time we leave this three dimensional energy cube in which we live as this spatial human form, you are able to leave one common body of electromagnetism that you have participated in and work with the light multiples of the larger Eka Universe.

The larger Eka Universe is made up of various color patterns, biological patterns and assorted membrane patterns that will eventually be processed through the eye of the Eternal.

The Brotherhood of light is the light vehicle between Eka Universes and is the light intelligence that repairs all spectrum of limited color and membrane radiation so that those lower forms of intelligence can be freed of limitation and can share in the bountiful creative patterns of the infinite Way.

There are seven basic colors for each chakra of the human intelligence and these can be coordinated by the Brotherhood to merge with the myriad colors to aid the body for spiritual evolvement.

For example, the color of an orange red hued lavender is used as a holding force of patience which prepares the eyes to see the stages of enlightened spiritual education.

This education of the soul takes place through energy fields established by colors and separated by threshold colors of enlightenment for each phase of evolution.

This is why the various books of the dead speak to the colors of the gods and demons you move through as you review your life after your body has died.

You will be attracted to the light you have yet to master in your next incarnation.

This will serve to program you for your next life with the goals you need to master in the journey that is that life.

At some point you will evolve to where death does not touch the light you are in and your evolution as a species becomes rapid.

We were once at this threshold and have fallen way down the spectrum and are back on the path to where we once were.

The quickening is however going to be upon us as we are repaired through the Christ consciousness grid that will accelerate our journey onward and upwards.

This does not mean you have to be a Christian by the way.

Religious organizations on this planet have all twisted and misinterpreted the consciousness message of the species as some spectrums of light sought to extinguish the flames of the others.

The Unity of ALL of the spectrums in harmony and balance that will produce the one combined light of the required purity cannot be attained with only one spectrum of light.

Orange light is orange light. Pure orange light is just orange light. To attain purity, the entire spectrum has to be present and accounted for in its own range and spectrum.

Orange light does not become pure white light on its own.

Thus it is that the continual succession of colors with all of their intermediate degrees of color are required to produce a garment of color that will emerge from the emanations of the 72 divine names, the derekh ha-shemoth as the quintessence of the divine grace bestowed on the human kingdom.

These color emanations are used to evolve the living membrane to the point where the living light can establish itself on the physical plane, do the work required of the physical form and return again to the divine light.

The brotherhood of light is sent to work with all people as the dimension of Zohar Splendor and the dimension of the Christ light which unites all of the energy forms of the inner vehicles of light.

The re-genesis of all the colors within the human spectrum funneled into the white light allows the inner vehicles to proceed from the biochemical shell when the meridian of time changes.

At that time the relativity of human creation is changed by the High Command and the brotherhood of white light.

Many among you have perceived this white light brotherhood to be a racial statement of the Divine.

I have just explained the white light consists of all of the spectrums and colors of life.

The color of your skin is irrelevant.

You are one species of man made up of various subtle differences and enhancements to best suit your environment.

There would be little point in sending white skinned homo sapiens to do work in the hot African sun because you would spend all your time treating them for sunburn.

Likewise, you would not send black skinned homo sapiens to the Antarctic to work in the freezing conditions because they would not be suited to that environment.

The color of your skin came about to suit the environment you were originally tasked to serve the Nephilim in as slaves to the Nephilim.

Each race has its deliberately designed features to enable them to execute their tasks for the Nephilim as efficiently as possible.

Each is good at certain things but each can also do what the others do as well.

The affairs of race and primitive religious beliefs waste a great deal of time amongst humans on this planet at this point in time.

It is totally irrelevant, trust me.

The only thing that is relevant is Unity and soul evolution.

You know these words are truth. You may deny it, but you know better.

The time has come for all of us to embrace all our brothers and sisters and their contribution of their uniqueness so that we can evolve our consciousness to the next levels and progress to where we are going in this journey we have all embarked upon.

We are all on this journey together.

This is a fact of the breath of life we find ourselves in.

Let us stop fucking around and get on with the phase of Unity so that our journey’s end and our return to the light can be realized.

Resistance is ultimately totally FUTILE, you WILL all be assimilated.......even if it is eventually...why resist the inevitable certainty?

The time to hop on the ascension bus is now.

Just so you know, one of the newly Ascended masters who lives in Peru activated our defenses against alien takeover attempts in 1989 by taking the first step up the ascension process and connected with the new grid and executed the programming that required recalculation so she could deal with the threat.

The grid that enabled this had to be rebuilt and was initiated in Egypt a very long time ago and they had to wait for Atlantis to sink for the final step to be put in place.

There is a warship that fits onto the capstone of the Great Pyramid that generates a huge Merkaba field with the Ascended masters aboard the ship that is used to protect us when the magnetic field collapses and all life on the planet goes into the great void for three to four days.

The Maya describe this null zone in detail in the Troano document by the way and is a description of the Electromagnetic null zone.

If the ascended masters on the warship had not been protected by the Merkaba during the change they would have completely lost their memories.

Memory is dependent on a single living magnetic field, much like a computer.

At the time of the last change, which was brought on by that out of control artificial Merkaba the Atlanteans who survived had their memories totally wiped and they had to start from scratch.

Fires, clothing, civilization basics and such from scratch sort of deal. Only those protected by spinning Mer-Ka-Bas were not affected and everyone else had to start over from the beginning again.

Without the ascended masters we would all have died and the whole Earth experiment would have been over forever.

The two other groups who’s Merkaba fields remained intact were the Nephilim and Sirians and they are still here hidden within the dimensional worlds.

We had also descended from higher dimensions to a solid third dimensional existence where we had to learn to eat, breathe and survive again in this dense third dimensional reality.

The warship lies in the dimensional room below the Sphinx and remained there for 13,000 years until the Peruvian ascended master used it last in 1989 to access the grid.

Egypt is the male component of the grid and the female component is centered in Uxmal, both on a Fibonacci spiral.

The ascended masters on board the ship split into several groups that went to Lake Titicaca, Tibet, and a city under the ground in Egypt where our root civilization was restarted again.

Seven masters remained with the ship after these three thirds were offloaded and it was placed in a room beneath the Sphinx until last used in 1989.

The leaders of these three groups are Ra (Egypt), Thoth (Titicaca) and Araragat (Himalayas) and each has 7 centers laid out in a Fibonacci spiral with centers that align with our Chakras. The Uxmal center spirals out to Labna, Kabah, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Kohinlich and finally to Palenque.

There are also further octave splits of this spiral that go North and South and touch places like Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman, Blue Lake and Chavin in Peru, as well as lake Tahoe, Donner lake, Pyramid lake, Haleakala crater and back to Moorea in a huge circle that comes around the Earth.

These are all points on what we call the Christ grid in spirals that go in a clockwise radial moment.

The Himalayans built crystal structures and pyramids in the mountains of Tibet and a solid white pyramid is there with a solid crystal capstone in near perfect condition.

All of these points were planned by a higher consciousness at the 4th Dimensional level but some of them have points that are 4th dimensional only.

I Mentioned some of the third dimensional ones already.

Giza, Titicaca and Tibet represent the father, mother and child aspects of the Christ consciousness grid on the planet.

These are all working with the five levels of human consciousness here on Earth. These five levels of people have keys in their DNA that have been unlocked and activated and each perceives reality differently and each level of consciousness grows from the last one until it is at the fifth level, at which point humanity will learn how to translate into a new manner of expressing life, leaving the Earth forever.

The visual difference between these levels is expressed in height.

First level people are 4-6ft tall. Second level people are 5-7 feet (where we are now) and third level people range in height between 10-16 feet which is where we are about to shift to.

Fourth level beings are 30 to 35ft tall and the final level is 50-60 feet.

These last two levels will be in the very distant future.

Once all the keys in our DNA are unlocked this is where we will be, just like the Hebrew Arch Angel Metatron who is 55 foot tall.

As we grow we will see the chromosome level increases in pairs until you get to 50 + 2. You will not understand how this happens but this is our evolutionary path.

For now I will leave you with these tidbits before we finally start getting into the father aspect of sacred geometry which will require I move from this primitive Apple Web publishing tool to something a lot more sophisticated for this sole purpose.

Sanctify yourselves!!

In the meantime folks try not to piss Jupiter off!!

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