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Android Flip back to iPhone update

257 days into my iPhone 14 Pro Max experience all I can think about is owning an android phone again.

There is not really anything wrong with my iPhone, it works with everything, does it's job fairly well and such, but it's just not a very thrilling experience.

I mostly use it as a phone and a device for my EV's to use Waze for Navigation.

The being a phone part of the iPhone is solid and much better than the Android experience for calls and Zoom conferencing, it must be said and the iPhone also works much better with Bluetooth gadgets than any Android.

However, despite it's doing these basic things better than the Samsung phone I last had, I do not use the iPhone as much as I used my Samsung S22 Ultra Android phone.

I think the reason is the Android is still easier to use with its many useful apps than the iPhone experience is.

But I will not be switching back anytime soon either as I sadly have to have dependable communications and rock solid Bluetooth operations that do not freeze the phone and render it useless until it is rebooted.

I was flying in bad inclement weather the other day by instrument when my aircraft's primary flight control system went bye bye.

I was able to switch to my iPad and iPhone backup system without missing a beat and pull off an instrument approach using just them two devices.

It was a hair raising situation but the iPhone software was getting data from my aircraft's instrumentation AOK and I was able to pull it off without damage to me or the aircraft.

I had a plan C that relied on just the iPhone and iPad and that would have also saved my ass.

I know this because it had put it to the test in Germany in early May and I kinda like systems that I can depend on when needed.

Boring but life saving type dependable works too!

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