• Marvin the Paranoid Biological Android

Android Flip to iPhone

So I must confess from the outset here that I have not had a great iPhone experience to date.

My last was an iPhone 11, which I had for about three hours before I made she who must be obeyed the forced owner and before that I was on an iPhone 4S which was a great but very quirky beast indeed.

This was the time of GPS Map software aiding and abetting Bay area and LA commutes and those early phones had lots of problems with such software.

The GPS receiver chip in the phones then being a prime culprit behind such malady if you want to know the hardware challenges we faced with the early phones from a navigation POV.

I also fly things and Aviation Map software that runs on iPad and iPhone is also something I am a big fan of, just in case the iPad dies and you have a handy backup.

Now on the software front, before Waze was acquired by Google, Apple was all gung ho on Waze until they developed GPS Map software ambitions of their own which made them frenemies.

But Waze is still the king of GPS Map software for road travel purposes by a long chalk and this is because the social media aspect thrown in to the equation makes Waze very valuable indeed for the commuter.

Well, it's pretty valuable to me personally at any rate!

I know about road issues and problems live whereas Apple and vanilla Google Maps still lag behind Waze itself on this front even though a lot of Waze features are creeping into Google Maps these days.

Waze also speaks to me in Dutch or any other language I desire seamlessly.

I also own a boatload of other GPS navigation software that can run on Android and Apple iOS and I play with them often, mainly just to check if anything better has come along.

The reason I gave the iPhone 11 to she who must be obeyed was due to Bluetooth issues.

Ironically, the reason I switched to iPhone 14 Pro Max from the Samsung S21 Ultra was also due to Bluetooth issues!

I recently bought a whole bunch of BT based battery monitor systems for my Jaguar iPace and some Aircraft I fly and had a real torrid time of it with the Android phones I had which are a Samsung S21 Ultra that I have had for nearly two years now and a Pixel 7 test machine.

I learnt the hard way that fiddling with a phone that is not seamlessly syncing with the Bluetooth device you need without a phone reset etc. could be a life threatening endeavor.

My new iPad just works and so I switched back to iPhone because that just works as well.

This is my new criteria, when I add a temperature probe, battery sensor or a hydraulic pressure sensor et al, it HAS to just fucking work!

To illustrate this challenge I recently acquired two Kamado Joe grilling thingamajigs and the meater Bluetooth probe took a lot of persuading to sync and work with the Samsung S21 Ultra or the Pixel 7 phone, whereas on the iPhone of she who must be obeyed, it just worked every frelling time.

In my Aircraft all Avionics are iPad based. This is expensive but because it needs to be dependable so Andriod OS is never gonna cut the mustard for ma at any rate.

This is because it sure ain't dependable and I ain't into guessing about terrain and speed etc..

One of my pals looked at some of our LSA aircraft and built his own based on Samsung Tablet equivalents to iPad thinking it would be cheaper.

But they just never work!

These things freeze, hang and lose communications with BT devices and WiFi instruments in a real bad way.

So for that reason I switched back to iPhone and so far the only issues I am having are password and Authentication software based problems.

All of the BT devices I need it to speak to it does flawlessly, so I am a pretty happy camper.

To be honest the only thing I miss on the Android phones are my cool icons and Emoji characters but these do not present me with any life threatening challenges.

One thing I have noticed on the iPhone already though, which is going to require me lugging those big battery cells for extra juice are the way the iPhones still consume too much power.

My S21 could do near three days of my antics before it needed a charge and already my iPhone is on charge all the time, before 11 AM today it was on 72% power.