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Countering the Mental disease called "WokeCraft" - Part I

When you deal with a group of Critical-Theory-Morons who argue that the number one (1) has different values to different groups of people, depending on whether or not they are, or were, or will be "oppressed" your synapses instantly realize that "Critical Thinking" (sic) itself is the "other" national deficit that we have to deal with in the modern era, globally.

This sort of hard core asylum talk is the kind of conversation a shrink has with asylum kids down at the funny farm for the criminally insane with a mainline of lithium plugged into their patients arm for the purpose of their emergency equilibrium.

It does not help that the vast majority of these patients are critically stupid care of their zero education and supplanted indoctrination instead of the valuable education their parents paid for but did not get.

The fact that people who were given even basic education sans the intake of exotic mind altering hallucinogens obtained from the "Dark Web" know full well that One (1) is One (1), so this is some sort of bizarre "Woke" statement of the overly obvious that we have educated people and we have uneducated people in global societies all over the planet.

Of course, we also have stupid people mixed in with the odd smattering of smart people as well, irrespective of their alleged education status.

Stupid people however, do outnumber smart people by a pretty huge factor, and I believe the ratio is a staggering 27,000 stupid people for every smart one at this juncture of the way things are.

Sadly, most of the "Woke" fall into the aforementioned stupid category, regardless of their alleged "education" status, proving you can also have stupid, allegedly educated "Woke" morons in the general population.

This lines up with the 1:27,000 ratio observation made everywhere we find people.

I contend that such suppositions (basically everything they say) and total madness put forward by said "Woke" army of entitled and exceptionally stupid spoilt-brats are a stunningly facile and idiotic bunch of dumb-ass "critical" arguments to make, yet we are faced with a generation of spoilt-shit idiots and collective uber morons who collectively believe some seriously warped stupid crap such as this "WokeShit" that our cold war old enemy of the 1960's had a hand in creating, which I am about to shine some light on for you all to chew on.

This old enemy was called Soviet era Communist Marxism, in case you were wondering.

It seems to me that many of these "Woke" Asylum kid shroom junkies seem to think the redistribution of wealth from those that have it to those that want it, for no effort on their part is the "just" and right way to go.

It is clear that not only have US colleges and universities failed to teach our kids anything of any real value over the last 40 odd years, but they have also been instrumental in a deliberate program of malfeasance designed to break western society and descend us all into a primitive cave man atrocity level reality instead.

The real pandemic was in fact not COVID-19, it is in fact crass banal stupidity care of the alleged education systems found around the planet.

Many of the general population of the USA over the last 15 years have been in absolute denial that this sort of stupid level idiotic Marxist origin WokeShit was going on here in the USA, accusing those of us who immediately recognized Marxist malfeasance was going on and raising the alarm against this Marxist scourge of scare mongering or worse.

Sadly our only reward for our due diligence has been the very worn out "It's a conspiracy theory" riposte and label because they could not fathom such stupid "Woke" arguments as being real in any way, but they sure are very fucking real indeed!

I only had to go to UC Berkeley for one day back in 1995 to determine the USA was in very deep shit with said Marxist scourge and I confirmed it at Stanford, USC, UCSB, Columbia and at NYU colleges for myself in person as well.

I had no doubt post visit to these few colleges (Marxist indoctrination centers) I mentioned that I would find radical Marxism at all colleges in the USA if I had found them at these few I had visited.

I was surprised to find it at the University of Spoilt Children (USC) but have concluded rich kids get bored more than most student subjects.

The problem with said left wing standard "conspiracy theory" auto-response to being found out and trotting out their standard "It's a conspiracy theory" pig stupid retort as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) defense to everything is that the people making these "It's a conspiracy theory" knee jerk auto-responses now have no actual credibility at all, as roughly 98.7% of all these so called "conspiracy theories" have in fact been proven out to be 100% true and their so called "Conspiracy Theory" turned out to be a dead center bullseye.

To put it in "WokeSpeak" the critical math they claim just ain't mathing!

In fact, the average difference between an alleged conspiracy theory and the actual truth is now about 2 days and shrinking.

That is how long it takes on average for said conspiracy theory to be proven as an absolute fact, despite the howls of auto-response denials from the radical left propaganda baboons, who we all know as the "Media" in placing the "Conspiracy Theory" allegations through various phases of a farcical "Fact Checking" (sic) meat grinder circus show mind-fuckery bluster and other ridiculous and totally facile wrapping up of the truth in 30,000 layers of deep bullshit to confuse the issues by spraying bullshit everywhere like its a global bullshit farming operation.

When you hear the Marxist media propaganda baboons respond with "Fact Checking" anything it means you scored a bullseye and they had to panic like chikkens dealing with a marauding fox in the chikken coop as to their exposed lies to debunk the truth.

The "Woke" Communist Marxist media propaganda baboons even go as far as attempting to censure the people armed with the facts by accusing them of spreading "misinformation" when they attempt to alert other people on social media as to the doctored "truth" of these various matters.

This is an old Mao Marxist favorite called projection where they engage in the habit of accusing Republicans of exactly what they themselves are doing, also as a standard advanced mind-fuckery confusion tactic.

This is 101 level strategic mind-fuckery tactics taken from Gramsci's prison notes and the Frankfurt School of mega Marxist "critical" racist dunces that set up shop to propagate their evil "Critical Theory" Marxist bullshit they were manufacturing here in the USA after Hitler booted them all out of Germany back in 1934.

Prime examples of this sort of vile behavior are when the Government and it's misinformation propaganda centers (FDA, CDC et al) called out Ivermectin during their plandemic as NOT being effective against COVID-19 and how they dealt with the many Medical research organizations globally that have categorically re-proven it IS in fact one of the few effective treatments for COVID-19.

You can still find over a 100 web sites claiming that Ivermectin is not even medicine and a zillion "Woke" Marxists ignoring the truth and repeating the bullshit like a stuck record at 78 RPM.

This particular effort to debunk scientific fact in this particular case is very strange considering Campbell and Omura were awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2015 for it's creation.

Even stranger is that most of Africa actually stands testimony to the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID-19 and I am staring at over 300 papers on just that one subject alone affirming these solid scientific facts.

What happened to the many medical Doctors who lost their medical licenses for correctly calling out the CDC and FDA on this crap they broadcast you might wonder?

We need to urgently take another look at how medical boards work as a result of this crap.

This practice of pulling somebody's medical license to practice because they cite valid scientific concerns which do not gel with the radical left wing "Woke" Marxist narrative is an extreme form of cancel culture that we need to put an immediate stop to as it transforms bona-fide Medicine into superstitious hocus-pocus dark arts that Zulu and Haitian witch doctors typically practice.

When these Marxist loon toons called bullshit on Ivermectin, it was instantly game over for me and I knew right then that they were playing extreme WEF Marxist games with the entire planet.

For me it was incredulous that so much bullshit about Nobel award winning medicine I myself had studied deeply became the de-facto Modus-Operandi of the ignorant and obviously pig-shit stupid Government agencies and Marxist media alike attempting to debunk science.

They destroyed all their credibility in one smooth move with their efforts to debunk solid and well proven science when they started doing this.

Another example was when people who rightly claimed face masks don't do shit to stop COVID-19 suddenly suffered targeted canceling and lost their medical licenses and were banned from Reddit,Twitter, ScrewTube, Goggle, Fakebook and many other Social Media platforms for sharing these absolute well known and proven scientific facts.

These so called "conspiracy theorists" they censured were also proven to be 100% correct.

This despite the "Fact checking" and media shaming attempts from the likes of Bullshitico and CNN (Communist News Networks) et al to cancel them all.

Has the US Government, Meta and Alphabet et al apologized to these people they falsely censured and accused? Why have they not done that? Is it because they are in fact a huge part of "the problem" perchance?

One by one almost every single alleged "Conspiracy Theory" has been proven out as a cold hard fact backed by real science and not Clowns like Anthony Fauci or that Marxist Communist who ran the CDC deep into Clown town territory and won near 700 Idiot of the Day awards while she was at it - One Rochelle Walensky, who along with White-House secretary of Idiots, one KJP, are both vying for the title of Idiots of the Millennium.

It's going to be a close call that one...I am not sure how you could possibly tell which one is the bigger idiot...

This crying "Conspiracy Theory" mind-fuckery strategy of the radical left was only going to work for a relatively short time before the public was bound to conclude that it was total bullshit and provide a strong backlash to this state of ridiculous moronity that the army of the "Woke" have created for all of us to deal with.

Said "bullshit affirming" Media now being the de-facto 99% propaganda arm of said left wing DNC Marxist nut jobs by the way.

Those feeding the misinformation propaganda frenzy include the CDC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA FDA, DNC and countless other Government departments that have become de-facto bully-boy extensions of the DNC.

These entities now all collectively use misinformation and said propaganda SOP to persecute right wing and any other dissenters to their Marxist Communist heist of the American Republic.

These "Woke" Marxist activists have also been partaking in egregious cheating in all elections and they even openly brag about it all over the internet and anywhere they can regardless of who is listening.

This brazen disregard for the law is rather disturbing.

Of course the already fully hardcore Marxist media never calls the DNC out on shit and so they have been getting away with the most outrageous crimes with the backing of the US legal system, who also have many "Woke" Marxist Cadre Activists infiltrated within it's ranks thinking they are all supporting a just and right cause along the lines of what the "Woke" call "Critical Social Justice".

But they were radicalized and conned into thinking it was plain Social Justice and not the reverse racist Communist Marxist "Critical Social Justice".

Honestly it has been shocking how stupid almost all of these legal folks who were hauled to Washington to explain themselves to congress from time to time really are.

I used to harbor the notion that the top law schools in the US produced a quality product, alas I was very wrong on that score, they have just been producing an army of mind-fuckery critically-racist ass-ants.

These Marxist political activist judge cunts actually believe everything the far left does is righteous and everything the right does is a dissident level crime.

We have the January 6th and the many legal farces against President Trump to bear that out in a rather emphatic way.

Fortunately, the tide has turned and the cancel wave these Marxists created is now coming to wash them away with a Tsunami backlash cancel vengeance not seen on Earth in nigh on 8000 years.

In fact, if you hear these terms (Critical Social Justice, privilege & dissident), the hairs on the back of your neck should be standing erect with chills running up and down your spine as you instantly recognize that you are dealing with Marxist roaches as you hear these terms.

All of this "Woke" mind-fuckery insanity has resulted in all of us literally drowning in a sea of Ubiquitous stupidity and many people are now starting to realize it is past time to mobilize, organize and react to this Woke Marxist mind-fuckery crap.

Fortunately the "Woke" are pretty fucking stupid but having said that, they are also dangerously fucking stupid.

I got me plenty of scars and experience when dealing with dangerously fucking stupid savages of this ilk in Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cuba, Tanzania, Zambia and many other places where this game was and is still played and learnt PDQ that you need to be very fucking careful when dealing with ignorant Woke mind-fuckery vipers.

The fact the Woke mind-fuckery legion are so egregiously stupid actually makes them way more dangerous than dealing with vanilla agitated uneducated savages.

We saw in the Covid lock-down that they rolled out a pretty extensive global effort in 2020 to try and execute their Great Marxist Reset everywhere, all at the same time, in unison.

At first people were dumb-struck at their facile arguments and could not believe this shit was actually happening and so they did nothing as we were all overwhelmed and disbelieving of the wave of global stupidity that flowed all over the planet.

The people were well fuck-struck over the gall of the blatant and unbelievable mind-fuckery situation.

That the US Government itself was spreading all the misinformation and bullshit took some folks a very fucking long time to process and deal with.

Finally, the recognition that Government could not help us with the problem because Government IS the problem dawned on a great many people out there.

The Governments everywhere meanwhile doubled down on WEF inspired Marxist mind-fuckery stupid they were trotting out.

Crass stupidity that they backed up with faux "fact checking" antics which was a bare faced propaganda effort to paint white black and another mind-fuckery pogrom designed to make people even more fuck-struck over the facts.

Soon we started investigating these faux mind-fuckery "fact checkers", who were a literal legion of impressive idiot commie media mind-fuckery mouth pieces like Don the Lemon and Joy Bizarre and a host of other pro Marxist mind-fuckery bobble heads talking pig-stupid shit on the daily pig-stupid TV show circus all the Marxist Propaganda outlets had on a daily basis and pretty soon it was confirmed that we were floating in a literal sea of faux "fact checking" Marxist propaganda mind-fuckery total bullshit.

Moreover, these faux "fact checkers" were all known communist Marxist mind-fuckery agitators that were poorly educated, if at all, and are also as a group all impressively pig shit stupid.

And I am being very kind here.

The standard retort to the actual truth being revealed is the now old and tired "It's a conspiracy theory" mind-fuckery bullshit with the inevitable censure and cancelling antics that follow it.

The longer their antics and malfeasance rolled on the more time we had to investigate and reveal their stupid antics as belonging to the stupid Marxist antics of the "Woke".

The alarming facts are that the "Woke" are so stupid that actual facts and reality do not deter them because they are well, just too plain fucking stupid to deal with reality.

Two things started to unravel the Marxist left wing plot that everything from the center to the the right was claiming is a so called "conspiracy theory" which has resulted in a left wing tire with zero rubber on it that is sliding and slipping all over the road like an out of control train on an ice-field sans any train tracks.

The first thing was this stupid COVID-19 plot they hatched to grab control globally and the second was a fortunate mistake made in the recent Middle-East incident care of HamASS terrorist savages on 10/07/23 that has made a great many Democrat folks who were eyes wide shut suddenly realize via the outrageously ridiculous and ill educated antics and general mind-fuckery of their own children in colleges everywhere that the alleged conspiracy theories said right wing folks were claiming was going on are in fact actually 10,000% true and then some.

What a snot slap to the face that shit is for them dumb duped fucks eh?

Suddenly a lot of people have woken up to the fact that their ignorant and frankly pig-stupid denial of the facts has left us all in a pretty dire state as to how to react and deal with this shit.

Suddenly, left leaning Jews and other previously sane folk have been yanked big time back to the political center with their few remaining working synapses now connected to their formerly wide shut optic nerves and who are now suddenly also processing the audio data from their ears that were shoved deep up their own asses and are now finally joining the dots on the matter once they have cleared the shit from their ears and eyes.

Much work remains to be done to clear the shit from between their ears however...

The worst of these denial situations is centered around all the blue states where radical extreme Marxist lunatics like ANTIFA, BLM and the HamASS SQUIDS in the Democratic (sic) party are engaged in pulling the DNC into an extreme radical left death spiral.

The Marxist left has for years been busy programming YOUR kids with hard core Marxist bullshit, and your kids have swallowed said Marxist bullshit hook line and sinker with a Woke Marxist strategy called Critical Social Justice (double sic) which is the direct spawn of the Frankfurt School Marxists post modern Critical Theory mind-fuckery work that started to get attention circa 1934 via the Frankfurt School Marxists who came to America and who set up shop at Columbia University after Hitler kicked them out of Germany before WWII started.

There are a few things about this Woke contingent you need to understand before we all start doing something about this Woke Marxist reverse racism mind-fuckery gubbins.

The first is these Woke wankers have their own "language" and operating MO that you need to learn PDQ.

Once you have learnt it and understand what they are saying you will be able to counter their facile mind-fuckery arguments with simple and very effective counters.

The next thing to clock is that the majority of the Woke Army is from College campuses and faculties whose focus is mainly the arts and are made up of a core of Woke soldiers who are not very bright and are very uneducated, despite 4-6 years at college being mindless activists stirring shit, consuming vast quantities of shrooms, playing beer pong and being the core architects of their own doom.

Having a double major in Gobbledygook does not mean you are educated as I myself have seen with my own children as well as that of my peers and colleagues children.

These Woke Zombies have not had much luck penetrating STEM and economics students because most of these types are strong Capitalist types unlikely to find Woke Marxism mind-fuckery as a solution to making it big from an economics perspective in that hard to please crowd.

However, these Woke Zombie soldiers of the Woke army are pretty clever with word games and making you feel guilty for their totally imagined White or otherwise posited "privilege" if you do not know what to say and do to counter their "Blitzkrieg" style attacks on you and the system they do not like.

These guys are expert at mind-fuckery games that will have your head spinning if you even go one inch with their insanity.

They play on emotions and make quite a drama of everything under the convenient umbrella of what they call "Critical Social Justice" which like ANTIFA's name also means exactly the opposite of what your average brainless idiot would think it actually means.

This is more general mind-fuckery gamesmanship.

CSJ is actually all about delivering Total Social Injustice (TSI). FACT!

These Woke CSJ views hold no water when you break them down and analyze them under a magnifying glass one by one because they are outdated, stale and facile views ranging from 200 to 50 years ago.

It has one major flaw too.

One so big it makes them all look like the total morons they all are.

If you follow through on their "Woke" logic they will turn the white privileged amongst us into the "new" Oppressed and they will then become the "new" Oppressors of the ex-white "Privileged".

It's a circular argument that swaps parties of oppressed and oppressor in a never ending cycle of stupid circles.

The auto-response of many to such blatant psychosis, and trust me it is blatant psychosis, is to laugh and not take it seriously because it is that absurd, but that is a serious mistake because this shit falls into a bucket of what what we call "Dangerously Fucking Stupid", so pay attention!

The last time we called something "totally absurd" the Catholic Church started murdering everyone who called them on their beefed up to Christianity pagan mind-fuckery beliefs - 2000 years later the Catholic body count makes Mao, Hitler and Stalin combined look like mere children in comparison.

"Woke" here (from the CSJ context I am framing) means you are awoken to the Marxist Critical Social Justice reverse racism world-view, it also means you are quite a Dumb-Fuck-Dumbass if you actually fall for this racist mind-fuckery bullshit.

It is so stupid it is like believing in an actual tooth fairy, it is that absurd.

Again, "Woke" actually means exactly the opposite by those controlling and pulling the strings of said "Woke" Zombies.

In reality it actually means so asleep that the "Woke" are actually fast asleep Zombie automatons who cannot think or process anything for themselves, so the commanders "tell" the "Woke" what to think because they are too lazy to do it for themselves.

These "Woke" idiots have been told they can play their games on their play-stations and do what the hell they like once the Marxist Left has taken power, and that they will never have to work ever again.

The new "State" will do all their thinking for them and they will just get a generous allowance, accommodations, free drugs, free food, free booze and the state will transport them wherever they need to go, on demand at the drop of a hat.

However, the Generation Zombie "Woke" army has yet to figure out that this will not be where they "want" to go, but where the "State" "needs" them to go and that they will be on prison rations sans any drugs, alcohol or PlayStation time (if they are lucky).

And when they finally wake up to this hard fact it will trigger their systematic extinction level eradication from the face of the Earth.

When they finally wake up to their fate and start chirping the odds about this sad situation they will find themselves in, they will all be systematically "cleansed" from the equation by a new class of "situation control specialists".

They will all then be given a new job, that of pushing up daisies from six feet under the ground.

As I said this is intended to be an "extinction" level "situation".

It is therefore best that a "Resistance" to this "Woke" bollocks get their shit together post haste to remedy this sad and dire forthcoming attraction.

Let us start with trying to understand what "Woke" is with some basic pieces of the construct..

The "Woke" worldview is known under several pseudonyms, namely: The Critical Perspective, Social Justice and the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) perspectives.

The "Woke" therefore are suckers who are disciples of the CSJ perspective and who adhere to it without engaging their cerebral cortex to question any of it.

To help them in their fight against the "unjust system" (as perceived by total racist dunces) they have been programmed to view "reality" through the lens of drugs similar to LSD found in various shroom species which affords them the ability to argue and contend that science has no better a grip of what "reality" is than they do, as self admitted mere junkie morons.

A totally false and stupid assertion because they are arguing that reality, as science sees it is not correct but don't forget that these moron dunces cannot even agree what One (1) is.

How such mindless "Arts and crafts" idiot morons who struggle with what one (1) is arrived at this spectacular science free conclusion can only be attributed to the intake of exotic hallucinogens and other such mind bending chemicals found in the copious amounts of drugs that they all quaff.

The Woke worldview actually encompasses a number of different theories relating to past and current imagined inequality between different groups in society.

They argue that the inequalities of the past still exist today but they simply do not. They trade on the outdated emotions and sentiments of the past that it does.

As such, the term "Woke" includes Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, Post-colonial Theory and Fat Studies to name a few of the main ones they use to stir shit up with.

The key difference between the various approaches to Critical Social Justice really has to do with which group the theories concentrate on.

Critical Race Theory emphasizes blacks, Queer Theory emphasizes non-cisgendered people, Post-colonial Theory emphasizes colonized or previously colonized peoples, etc.

The Critical Social Justice (Woke) literature is enormous.

The vast majority of that literature is very technical, so that even general books (e.g. Best (1991)) on the topic are very dense and difficult to access for the uninitiated reader.

Moreover, most work that is written on the topic is written by people within academia adhering to the "Woke" perspective, making it difficult to have an objective understanding of it.

There have been a few recent attempts to describe the Critical Social Justice perspective from outside of the "Woke" perspective (but in academia) (e.g. Hicks (2011)) and from outside of the perspective and outside academia (e.g. Pluckrose and Lindsay (2020)).

I have found Cynical Theories to be the best effort I have come across to date, primarily due to its ability to aggregate the various strains of Critical Social Justice as well as to undertake a meta-analysis extracting the key elements that bind the fetid racist strains together.

As a result, I use (and adapt) Pluckrose and Lindsay's framework for understanding the "Woke" worldview.

So what is the Woke perspective, you may be asking yourself?

Ultimately, there are three main principles that bind the many different flavors of "Woke" together: the knowledge principle, the political principle and the subject principle. The first two principles were coined by Pluckrose & Lindsay in Cynical Theories and Pincourt coined the third.

There are a few important elements to the knowledge principle you need to be aware of.

The first is that while the "Woke" contend that reality itself is not denied or questioned, it is

considered impossible for said uneducated "Woke" idiots to know its true nature, especially when you are dealing with people who argue that 1 to you is not necessarily 1 to another group and further there may be different perceived values for 1 in many "Oppressed" groups.

As I stated earlier this is merely an obvious statement that we have a lot of stupid people on the planet.

The reason they contend it is impossible for us to know about reality's true nature is that any knowledge we think we have is actually only what they call "socially constructed" defined (through language) by the culture(s) in which we live.

Critical for this principle is the fact that different cultures have different understandings about the nature of the world.

After examining the political principle, the importance of this last point may be much clearer to you.

The political principle is that not only is knowledge socially constructed, but knowledge is constructed by oppressor groups in society at the expense of oppressed groups. (Don't laugh these morons actually believe this shit).

The construction of knowledge they argue is done through language whose rules are also determined by groups with the power to do so, i.e. oppressor groups.

Moreover, they contend, knowledge is constructed in such a way that it helps maintain the oppressive role for oppressor groups and to prevent oppressed groups being liberated from their oppression.

This is taken to imply that not only is any knowledge socially constructed, but it is by definition biased and can't be an accurate representation of reality (mainly because they are too stupid to process and filter it).

This, together with the fact that different cultures have different understandings of the nature of the world, implies that no one worldview is more authoritative than any other.

This boils down to a schism between those who made an effort to get educated vs those unable or most likely unwilling to get educated due to their close minded denial of black and white facts blocking their ability to learn anything.

All five of my kids for example went to college for an "education" and all five bar one became nonredeemable close minded idiot morons who only learnt to become pawns in a game whose end game is their total eradication - and boy, have they ever earned it!

It actually does not matter (in the real world) what race, group, class of people you come from or believe when looking at objects and the facts around said examined objects.

For example the number 1 in any language is one. It means one of something but the quantity is one.

A black rock that is a smooth ovoid 3 foot rock, is an ovoid 3 foot smooth black rock.

These are hard facts that cannot be disputed unless you have taken powerful hallucinogenic drugs.

It does not matter how rich or poor or how oppressed or what an oppressor I am imagined to be, or not to be, these are black and white absolute facts.

When you start to argue that the number one has different values depending on whether or not you are "oppressed" or not is a stunningly facile and idiotic argument that highlights the urgent need for the urgent building of millions of lunatic asylums to house these believers of radically insane reverse racist Gobbledygook.

The average "Woke" Zombie started taking serious drugs from the age of about eleven while in middle school and was exposed to some serious bad actor types "teaching" them Woke Marxist "Critical Theory" that actually deny the facts of living in our reality.

All five of my own kids had this experience in US schools and we sent one back to Africa and one to the U.K as this was unraveling those two individuals in a spectacular way and so we were forced to pull them from the American dream, Marxist radicalization indoctrination scheme.

The other three used to come home from school with their heads full of Marxist, Communist, Critical Theory bullshit to the extent that I was immediately aware and alerted to what was going on via their trying to shove that shit up my ass as if the shit they had been sold was some sort of new revelation that only they have been smart enough to be gifted with understanding, in the entire history of mankind too I might add.

My wife was one of the "don't spread your conspiracy theories" deniers who are collectively responsible for us lurching into this situation, simply because she and millions like her refused to accept anybody could actually do this to THEIR kids and who palmed it off as a ridiculous over-reaction to some flippant "Woke" comments.

Well they did do it and it was a serious under-reaction care of their responses to the danger signs.

I saw this Maoist Marxist shit in Africa and I know the signs all too well.

Many of these denier class of people are now finally facing the music and the reality that this is in fact not a conspiracy theory and that this shit has happened and is still happening all around us.

In fact the far left radicals who spawned this Critical theory marxist assault on mankind are now doubling down on stupid and doing the very things they are allegedly in "resistance" to themselves.

This shit is like 1930's Fascist Germany and Italy all over again.

This will also likely result in another World War and the incarceration of millions of Generation Zombie morons before control and order is restored.

This "Woke" world-view is taken to imply that not only is any knowledge socially constructed, but it is by definition biased to those who are educated and thus just cannot be an accurate representation of reality (because the junkie donkeys simply refuse to accept it).

This, together with the fact that different cultures have different understandings of the nature of the world, they contend, implies that no worldview is more authoritative than any other, because it suits the agenda of these lazy idle Zombie morons who do not even know what one of anything is.

Some of the more astute parents out there correctly labelled this spoilt shit take on reality as "entitlement" but it is Turbo charged entitlement taken to a degree that defies belief.

I think the far left Marxist contingent found this Generation Z entitlement nerve and play to it mercilessly, hammered like a copper plate to fit their agenda precisely.

As such, the "Woke" see that all worldviews are (epistemically) equivalent in terms of their ability to know anything about reality, and amount simply to different "stories" about reality.

In other words, to the "Woke" the scientific worldview has no greater claim to understanding reality than any other "story."

That is, a scientific worldview is no truer than a religious worldview, or even than a superstitious worldview.

Moreover the scientific worldview (developed by smart, white, European males - no apologies) constructs knowledge about reality in such a way as to perpetuate systems of oppression that benefit oppressor white, European males.

As such, even the tools used to understand the world according to the scientific worldview such as logic, argument, evidence, hypotheses, controlled experiments, etc. serve to perpetuate oppression.

You can tell that the minds that came up with these beliefs are seriously attempting to validate that the first homo-sapien that crawled out of a cave millions of years ago was a Quantum realm more advanced than these "Woke" disciples of utter stupidity we are surrounded by today.

In fact this shit makes a petri dish full of amoebas about three million times smarter than all the Woke combined.

The net result is that we are drowning in a sea of ubiquitous stupidity and unbelievable depths of total bullshit.

The subject principle is that individuals are primarily defined by their group identity (white, female, black, European, cis-gendered, etc.).

That is to say that they are subjected to their group identity in society - which is why I call this the subject principle (this is how the post-structuralists a.k.a the (high-) postmodernists often referred to individuals, i.e. as subjects).

This implies that people are oppressors or oppressed according to what group/groups they are identified with.

Similarly, it implies that how people behave is primarily a function of group identity, and (taken together with the political principle) that their behavior supports and helps perpetuate the oppressive systems around them unconsciously.

White people for example, simply can't help but behave in ways that perpetuate their oppression over non-white people in society.

Importantly, it also implies black people behave in such a way that perpetuates their oppression, although from a different perspective, and that is one reason they behave differently than white people.

A corollary of this principle is that since individual behavior is defined by one's identity, individuals are responsible or accountable for actions associated with any identity to which they are associated.

As such, the oppressive acts of one member of a group is the oppressive act of all members of that group.

Finally, this accountability is valid across time.

The oppressive act of a member of a group at one time can be attributed to a group identity (and its members) at another time.

Taken together we can infer that according to the "Woke" worldview, reality,

We have a reality that is inhabited by individual subjects with little personal autonomy driven to behave according to their group identities, (all complete and utter nonsensical horse shit).

The groups and their constituent subjects are either oppressors or oppressed and everyone consciously or unconsciously behaves to perpetuate the patterns of oppression - This is the total Bullshit that these woke savages have concluded is the view that works for them collectively.

The Woke Ethos (sic)

Understanding the advance of the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) which is really Total social Injustice perspective in North American universities is difficult without understanding the ethos (operating bullshit script) of the Woke.

The ethos is closely tied to the Woke World-view.

If one adheres to the grim and stupid Woke worldview, and if in addition one is particularly sensitive to care/harm moral foundations (see Haidt (2012)); a characteristic of those on the political left, ethics naturally turn towards the opposition of oppression by paradoxically oppressing the alleged "privileged".

This instantly makes the Woke the new privileged and the old privileged the new oppressed and in so doing making a total mockery of the entire Woke "Ethos".

Given (according to CSJ) that oppression and oppressive structures permeate our entire existence, there are many opportunities to oppose oppression.

Not only are there many opportunities to do so, but an important aspect of the ethos is that one ought to actively oppose.

More recently, that one ought to oppose oppression has been replaced with the notion that if you don't oppose, you are complicit in said shroom imagined oppression.

It is difficult to overestimate the zeal and fanaticism of this "Woke" movement in universities.

The zeal of the movement, the moral (sic) necessity to oppose oppression, and the radical epistemic skepticism and relativity have a logical consequence in the modern university; activism.

Indeed, the Woke ethos considers activism to be a legitimate and essential role for an academic.

There is no shortage of examples of such "opposition to oppression" and academic activism nowadays, be it through Antifa or Black Lives Matter protests, the de-platforming of people with viewpoints incongruous with CSJ, or the canceling of university professors for using words deemed to be beyond the pale.

From within the academy, and within the professoriat, said ethos builds upon a transition from the importance of the Marxian means of economic production, to the Neo-marxian means of cultural or epistemic production; from the shop floor to the Ivory Tower.

It is also closely tied to Dutschke's notion of the "long march through the institutions."

The opposition of oppression in universities actually serves two purposes.

The first is to rid universities of antiquated worldviews developed by oppressor European males to perpetuate their own, totally imagined and unhinged mental unwellness by the "Woke" newly privileged.

The second is to replace these sane and logical folks with those adhering to the unhinged CSJ perspective.

Accordingly, and given the degree to which universities are permeated with the alleged and hilarious oppression (each person, each program, each class, each administrative process), there are an infinite number of "sites" of alleged oppression from which to oppose.

As a result, just about every interaction, every function must be challenged, problematized and opposed because the main goal is to throw sand in the gearbox of everything and disregard all reason, sanity and logic.

It is for this reason that the Woke professoriat will attempt to oppose, thwart and coerce into the CSJ/TSI mold everything over which they can have influence to break as much as possible with total bullshit arguments and counters to further confuse everything and everybody.

This means every course syllabus, every course program and every administrative procedure is a target for mindless argument.

Given the importance of controlling the means of cultural and epistemic production, the biggest prize, and the events that often lead to the most outright conflict, is the hiring of a Woke Marxist professor.

All means will be used to ensure that a Woke Marxist professor is hired, and that a non-Woke deserving through merit scholar is not.

Such opposition has been moving steadily upwards into the hierarchy and bureaucracy of academia from departments, to faculties, to university administrations, to journals, disciplinary associations, government funding agencies and government departments.

The above commentary described the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) belief that said imagined and unhinged oppression is everywhere.

That it is imagined to be everywhere, however, is not to say that all oppression is equal.

Oppression, according to the mentally unwell "Woke" asylum kids, can be looked at dis-aggregately or aggregately.

Looking at oppression dis-aggregately involves considering the amount of imagined oppression in a given act.

The amount of imagined oppression in a given act can be seen on a continuum.

The dis-aggregate continuum of alleged oppression can be seen as a range of acts roughly from relatively minor insults (such as microaggressions) to wage discrimination to torture, to violence, sexual violence and murder/genocide.

While individual acts of imagined oppression may be seen as indicative of larger and more encompassing forms of imagined oppression, the imagined oppression of individual acts can, ultimately, be ranked by said shroom consuming "Woke" subjects who are still lucid enough to grasp a pencil the right way round.

(Of course), people don't experience only one single act of imagined oppression, they are typically seen to experience (many) different acts of imagined oppression - (the poor things)!

As a result, said imagined oppression is more characteristically seen as aggregate.

The total amount of imagined aggregate oppression can also be seen on a continuum basis depending on how potent your shrooms happen to be.

The amount of imagined oppression affecting different groups can be summarized according to many different characteristics of group identity such as sex, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, hearing ability, etc.

As such, women suffer a given amount of imagined oppression, black people suffer another amount of imagined oppression.

In addition to this, identities (and therefore imagined oppression) can be overlapping.

As a result, a black woman suffers the imagined oppression of being a woman and she also suffers the imagined oppression of being black.

On top of that, a black woman suffers the imagined oppression of being a black woman.

This is a special kind of imagined oppression over and above the imagined oppression suffered as a result of just being black and just being a woman, it is thus said that to understand and evaluate said imagined oppression, one needs to consider the "intersection" of identities (and imagined oppression) for any individual (Crenshaw; 1990).

You must all be rolling on the floor laughing your heads off at this absolute absurdity, like I was at first, but I can assure you that once you have been "cancelled" a few times, you gain a new sight and vision of what is going on here and the laughing stops pretty dramatically once you have had this experience.

Said Identities can be combined into a neat "matrix of imagined oppression" by the way.

Matrices of imagined oppression can be used to understand and evaluate the imagined oppression any given individual suffers according to their overlapping group membership.

Naturally, there are some groups of people who don't experience said imagined oppression, but experience the opposite: privilege.

White people, males and heterosexuals are considered not to experience oppression, but rather privilege and the Woke work to get them cancelled, however as stated earlier this paradoxically makes the Ex-Privileged the new de-facto Oppressed and this is not imagined as the Woke themselves delivered the new Oppression, thus the Woke themselves are now the Oppressors.

As such, imagined oppression can be seen on a continuum with the most oppressed being people at the intersection of many different imagined oppressed group identities (e.g. indigenous, female, lesbian).

At the other extreme are those with intersections of privilege, such as white heterosexual males.

Every individual can be found along the continuum of imagined oppression. Figure 1.1 presents a schematic of this continuum. The identities and location on the continuum of imagined oppression shown here are indicative and not necessarily definitive.

Figure 1.1 Stylized schematic of the continuum of privilege and imagined oppression Bullshit

The Woke Political Project

The Woke worldview and ethos has gelled around the following political project; the retributive redistribution of resources according to group identity known as "equity."

The redistribution of wealth is intended to flow from "imagined oppressor" groups to historically "imagined oppressed" groups.

The "equity" project is not typically presented in this light.

It is more commonly presented as "just" the redistribution of resources according to group identity to "redress" historical imbalances.

It is thereby justified by suggesting that the goal will be achieved once fallacious imbalances are redressed.

Fallacious Imbalances themselves can be reckoned upon any number of criteria be they professorships, research funding, citations, etc.

This implies for example that professorships along every dimension in which they can be classified (university, faculty, department, discipline, etc.) should be allocated to different identity groups according to their representation in a given target population.

The target is often undefined but when it is defined it can be national, state or university-level population.

In practice this implies that 51% of professorships in every department should be women, 13% (in the US) should be black, etc. Similarly, 51% of citations should be of women scholars, 13% of black scholars, etc.

Any deviation from such targets along any dimension is considered to be indicative of bigotry (seriously funny given the Woke are the most bigoted bunch of lunatics ever to grace the planet) according to the identity group being considered (sexist if considering females, racist if considering blacks, etc.).

Increasingly, however, the goal of redressing historical imbalances is making way towards retribution.

There is ample evidence for this throughout academia in North America as universities and Marxist governments seek no longer to meet targets, but rather exceed them.

For example, Le High University's strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion seeks to "Meet or exceed national diversity demographics for the group of faculty hires in the next five-year period."

Similarly Canada's uber Marxist Carleton University has the objective to "Continuously meet and exceed all equity hiring targets" for its positions for federally funded research chairs.

Woke Typology

Universities consist of students, faculty, staff and administrators.

To varying extents, they all play a role in the decisions that affect the administration of the university.

Faculty play the most important role and have the most influence since they are around for so long and are found at many levels of the hierarchy of the university, including most administrative positions.

I refer to members of university communities who can influence university decisions, policy and governance as "participants" or "Woke Agitators." (Dissidents are not Woke Agitators).

With respect to the influence of the Woke perspective, participants can be classified according to six categories: the Woke, the Woke-adjacent, opportunists, dissidents, latent dissidents and the uninitiated.

The Woke

The Woke are people who are conscious of the shroom imagined Critical Social Justice perspective and who adhere to this total insanity seated high in their ivory tower while even higher on Hallucinogens from suitable shrooms.

That they adhere to it is to say also that they agree with being completely and utterly insane in alleging this imagined situation needs redress.

As such, this is a three-dimensional definition with the dimensions being: knowledge/consciousness of, adherence to, and agreement with the CSJ/TSI perspective.

For the most part, the Woke asylum kids come from the fine arts, the humanities or the social sciences, where they have been introduced to, trained in and radicalized by the Critical Social Justice perspective (TSI).

As a group they are profiled as being uber entitled and not very bright arts and crafts level idiots.

There remain some pockets of the social sciences that have not been completely subsumed by the CSJ/TSI perspective (e.g. economics, some quantitative sub-disciplines of psychology & political science and philosophy) and so some participants in these disciplines are not "Woke" (insane) or ever likely to be.

The Woke-Proximate

The Woke proximate are people not trained in, or familiar with, Critical Social Justice theory or who have not had any exposure to such levels of insanity in general.

Some are completely unaware of said "Woke" imagined unwellness, while others may know that such mental sickness exists but do not know very much more than that.

While the Woke proximate are not knowledgeable about CSJ, they do adhere to, and agree with, the perspective of unjust insanity, or at least with its prescriptions.

The Woke proximate will agree broadly, for example, with "diversity, equity and inclusion" initiatives such as affirmative action and reparations.

They will also typically agree with (and believe in) doctrines such as systemic racism, and support Woke advances. Politically, they will be on the (extreme) left, be collectivist and interventionist in outlook and often anti-capitalist.

The Woke proximate tend to come from the natural sciences or other quantitative disciplines, especially those with environmental vocations, such as environmental science, climate science, etc.

There are three reasons why professors from these disciplines are likely to be Woke proximate.

First, for the most part they are well-intentioned short sighted idiot morons who should know better.

They support "social justice" and don't see or understand the difference between traditional social justice and Critical Social Justice care of being Mr Magoo level sightless morons.

They believe that what is advocated by CSJ/TSI is the virtuous evolution of social justice developed by Marxist scholars who have focused their attention on it.

Second, especially for professors with an environmental vocation, the environmental and CSJ/TSI perspectives dovetail on a number of issues, particularly with respect to the perceived moral turpitude of liberal, western, capitalist society they are jealous of because they never gained financial reward in themselves.

This commonality is rarely theoretically motivated since the Woke proximate don't really have a theoretical canon comparable to CSJ/TSI, given their natural science-dominated training.

To the extent that it is theoretically motivated, it is likely to be influenced by various shades of "red & green" Marxism (see e.g. Bahro (1984); Bookchin (1982)) or "scientific" environmental catastrophism (e.g. Carson (2002)).

Third, the Woke proximate, like Woke professors themselves, are typically "action-oriented."

That is, they believe themselves to have an important moral and activist vocation which is funny for a group of people who are actually completely "moral free" and near totally "Critically Stupid".

The result is that while they are often trained in scientific, or quantitative, positivistic fields, they are disconcerted by the fact that science is allegedly amoral.

Given the strength of their own (environmental) bullshit based convictions, they can be persuaded that strict scientific rigor, or logical and argumentative coherence can be softened if a cause is imagined to be sufficiently important and urgent, in other words making science political to achieve their aims is AOK.

It is important to be aware of the Woke proximate.

First, it is common to believe that people trained in the sciences will be less susceptible to the attractions of the Critical Social Justice perspective.

The truth, however, is that they can just as easily adhere to and agree with it, despite not being very knowledgeable about it depending on the concentration of smart to stupid people ratio in this demographic.

As such, they can hold the balance of power in situations and thereby potentially enable CSJ/TSI advances.

This is important to recognize when understanding how to manage the dynamics of "situations", and as we will see later when we layout how to repel said Woke advances.

Given their tendency to agree with the CSJ perspective, support CSJ advances, and their "scientific" appearance, the Woke proximate are also the unwitting vanguard of CSJ in the STEM fields.

They represent thereby the greatest threat to fields not yet dominated by the CSJ perspective.

Also, given their scientific background, although we haven't seen this done successfully to date, I think they can be made to recognize the threat to science that the CSJ perspective actually represents, and so potentially become Woke dissidents (see Pincourt (2021a) for an essay that tries to do just that).


Opportunists are participants who may or may not be aware of the Critical Social Justice perspective and who may or may not agree with it.

They do, however, adhere to it and will advocate for it, or at least not challenge it.

These participants appear to think that the CSJ perspective will dominate in the future and don't want to be disadvantaged by not going along with it, cowards who wait and see which way the wind blows before jumping on the bandwagon types.

Opportunists are found in all disciplines but are most likely found in business disciplines, engineering and other STEM fields.

They are less common in the fine arts, social sciences and humanities mainly because the vast majority of participants in these disciplines are already Woke Marxist trashishstas.

For the most part, opportunists cannot be counted on to help counter CSJ, apart, possibly in the context of secret ballot voting though having said that, a lot of the ones with pale skins are starting to realize their position as "Privileged" is a problem for them in this schema as they find they are the new Oppressed as they are in the "White Privileged" group.

Many have cried WTF as a result of the light finally going on.

I have been waiting 8 years for these pale skinned "Woke" idiots to actually read and process the Woke charter.

One of them must have realized after their shrooms wore off that their skins were white.

I know two of my spawn had this epiphany for themselves and lost their shit while they were at it.

Woke Dissidents

Dissidents are those who know (or are conscious of) the CSJ perspective but do not adhere to it, are critical of it and who actively work against it.

Since few from STEM fields know very much about the CSJ perspective, dissidents come primarily from the fine arts, humanities and social sciences.

They are very much in the minority in these disciplines and can come from across the political spectrum.

There are more and more dissidents emerging from business and STEM fields, however, as CSJ is making inroads there.

I use the word dissident because of a characteristic of the CSJ perspective itself, and our culture that is increasingly swayed by its norms and rules; that people are not allowed to question or disagree with it.

The current canceling, de-platforming and quashing of dissent from the CSJ perspective parallels accounts of the quashing of counter-revolutionary ideology in the Soviet bloc as described by, among others, Komrade Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Solzhenitsyn was associated with people in the former Soviet Union who criticized and worked against Soviet ideology, referred to collectively as dissidents.

Latent Dissidents

Latent dissidents may or may not know about the Critical Social Justice perspective.

If they do know of it, they'll only know it superficially.

Most importantly, however, they will likely instinctively disagree with the CSJ perspective, recognizing it as illogical and inherently contradictory and totally imagined by the shroom struck.

They'll likely also find it's prescriptions to be deleterious to the search for knowledge and to science in general, because it is probably the biggest threat to civilization in near eight millennia.

Latent dissidents are most often found in STEM fields and many business schools.

They also represent the greatest hope for resisting the complete dominance of the Critical Social Justice perspective in universities; especially if they can be converted to outright dissidents.

The Uninitiated

Some of us examining the "Woke" occasionally refer to another category, called the "uninitiated."

This is not a mutually exclusive category. It includes all those that are not familiar with the CSJ perspective and who don't agree with it.

They may or may not adhere to it, but they don't know anything about it.

It includes both opportunists and latent dissidents, although not the woke-proximate.


This part of the blog transitions to describing the strategies and tactics used by the Woke to advance the CSJ perspective in universities; what we call "WokeCraft."

WokeCraft is several million times more dangerous than 17th century witchcraft was deemed to be dangerous in that era of our history.

The term WokeCraft is meant to evoke covert strategies and techniques used in other specialized fields like spycraft in espionage but it is actually more akin to actual witchcraft as posited by the folks who were fighting the dark arts such as satanism and witchcraft practices in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The analysis (of key concepts, principles, strategies and tactics) is based on inputs from several contributors as teachers and professors in a North American universities for more than a thirty years.

The analysis itself builds on concepts and terms discussed earlier.

There is a bit of conceptual background that is necessary to understand WokeCraft, so I'll start with that aspect first.


The WokeCraft described is that undertaken by Woke participants at events in which the participants have decision making abilities.

Using rhetorical convention, we call such events "situations."

Situations include departmental assemblies, departmental academic committees, hiring committees and all other committees and bodies in the university with representation from the various participants and where they can formally impact decisions (departments, faculties, senates, boards of governors, etc.).

Sites of Oppression

Earlier we covered how the Woke ethos insists that oppression is everywhere and needs to be opposed wherever it is found/believed/imagined to exist.

Oppression is seen to manifest itself at "sites" of imagined oppression.

Sites can be physical locations, but the notion is much broader than that.

Oppression can be contained in course curricula, an application form, or in the content of a website.

Any such "place" where oppression can be seen or imagined to exist, and therefore opposed, is a "site" of alleged oppression.


While oppression is assumed to be always present, due to the postmodern political principle, it is viewed as being hidden in plain sight.

Problematizing is the mechanism by which oppression is identified or "exposed" preferably after consuming vast quantities of hallucinogenic shrooms.

Once high as a kite the "Woke" smart-ass of the moment can start to spray all their "subjects" with the woke imagined oppression bullshit a person, situation or circumstance is imagined to be suffering from.

You can only see this clearly with said shrooms magnifying your deep, deep levels of psychotic insanity.

Of course these "Woke" drama queens will decide the scale of said imagined oppression from microaggression levels on the small side to huge shit like full on capitalism.

An example of this ridiculous time wasting crap these Woke shroom junkies cite is a white person asking an Asian looking person where they originate from is considered a violent crime, because, they opine, it's racist and exclusionary merely via unconsciously assuming they are not from "here".

These poor, high, wallflower pansies just can't handle such unforgivable crimes seen in society such as asking others in a group where people are from.

They should all stop taking these shrooms, get proper jobs and worry about real shit instead of the trivial crap that consumes them such as this sort of ridiculous and incredibly insulting WokeCrap.

When I talk to my colleagues in technology for example it is obvious we all come from around the planet and I myself am genuinely interested in their roots and where they came from and how they all came to be in the USA because I myself came from Africa.

I myself had a long and fascinating journey from where I started to where I ended up, to this point in time in my own journey.

It is obvious to everyone in the group looking at the various folks around our table that they did not originate from "here" as almost none of us did. This is a simple fact.

My own peer group consists of Zulus, Maori, Aboriginal, Palestinian, Israeli, Bulgarian, American, Mexican, British, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Indian, Pakistani and Egyptian people.

As there are zero indigenous American Indian people in this group, it is more than obvious from data fed to our cerebral cortexi via our eyes and optic nerves that connect to this miracle of nature called a "brain" as well as the audio receptors either side of our heads that also connect to said miracle of nature organic compute device that none of us is actually from "here".

We hear different accents and we see different types of earth based terrans, who funnily enough all look different.

Therefore, it is not a violent crime, or slander, or racist to ask others about their journey to contrast it to your own experience and share our stories with each other while engaging in plain old talking to each other.

Only high on drugs racist cunts would actually conclude that sort of shit is racist, clearly identifying it is the "Woke", not society at large that is actually critically ill and racist.

They are the ones assuming the worst and playing racist asshole because they are assuming what a person's motivation is without knowing what they are thinking.

The fact they are thinking the white people must be racist makes them the racists, because only they are thinking these thoughts.

Funnily enough, when people tell me where they are from I do not immediately conclude they are good or bad or make judgements as to their character or worth, only "Woke" mentally unwell and seriously deranged racists jump to those sorts of psychotic conclusions.

I think the problematization needs to involve the supply of mirrors to the "Woke" so that they may examine the real problems with regards to racial prejudice and look at the only people on the planet who marginalize, exclude, oppress or insult all people on the planet with a multitude of stupid-ass "critical" practices that makes them all "critically stupid" very sick puppies by aggregate.

Goals, Advances & Incursions

The "Goal" referred to here of course is the woke CSJ goal that is actually TSI (Total Social Injustice) after you translate it to "WokeSpeak".

Said goals range from short term to long term mind-fuckery antics and practices.

All Woke short term goals are focused to the achievement of long term insanity.

For these total losers a short term goal can be something as trivial as using the word "critical" in a course outline.

Long term insanity is obviously more ambitious and less focused.

For example a long term goal is the overthrow of structures of oppression inherent in a University (basically everything).

An advance is an attempt to reach a CSJ/TSI goal.

A successful advance such as the inclusion of the word "critical" in a course outline is referred to by the High as a Kite Woke drug addict shroom junkie racists as an incursion.

Entrenchment of the CSJ Perspective

Per these Woke racist savages, the degree to which the CSJ/TSI perspective is entrenched

varies from "situation" to "situation" (winky-winky, nod-nod) and can even be thought of as a continuum of sorts.

At one extreme are "situations" at which the CSJ/TSI perspective is completely absent.

This could be a department where everyone is living under a rock and has never even heard of the CSJ/TSI perspective, or they read it and thought it was a new entry in Mad Magazine.

After a good chuckle they chucked the article in the bin and forgot all about said racist insanity.

Such cases are rare as the Woke reverse racism insanity has a lot of magnifying glasses on it now and ridicule of this WokeCrap is uber rife.

However, hypothetically speaking, if one such engineering department was in this hypothetical position and any members were conscious of the CSJ/TSI reverse racist insanity the Woke would refer to it as "political" and likely considered harmless even if the view of the department of said woke reverse racist perspectives would be considered completely insane.

At the other end of the spectrum, where everybody in the hypothetical department, from professors to adherents and advocates are pushing the CSJ/TSI perspective or are already hard core Woke, much malfeasance is being cooked up in the Woke reverse racism loon toon kitchen.

Examples of such would be almost all social sciences departments in near all US colleges where such mind bending subjects such as queer studies, humanities and fine arts et al are the Woke reverse racist shit stirrers dream nirvana.

Here the CSJ/TSI perspectives are entrenched to varying degrees in different "situations" depending on the composition of the participants present.

The degree to which the racist Woke Gobbledygook will be entrenched is a function of the proportion of Woke racist participants and their history of CSJ/TSI incursions.

The more Woke racist participants there are and the more incursions there have been, the more entrenched this Woke racist Gobbledygook will be.

Given the zeal of said CSJ/TSI proponents of the perspective and the perspectives tendency to increase it's influence, it is helpful to define stages of entrenchment of the perspective that can be used to describe any situation (department/meeting/council etc.).

A "situation" with no Woke racist participants, where CSJ mind-fuckery has not been introduced and no advances have been made is referred to as "unentrenched".

Early stage entrenchment is characterized by a small number of Woke racist participants whose status as Woke racists may or may not be known, a few subtle advances have been tried and a few incursions made.

Late-stage entrenchment is characterized by a significant number of Woke wankers, and several successful incursions have been carved on the war battle record stick.

Full entrenchment is characterized by a near majority of Woke reverse racists , radical advances with no attempt to hide them at all and the silence of naysayers not adhering to the perspective has been achieved - usually with threats of violence, bribery or knowledge of unlawful acts by the naysayers culminating in blackmail.

Principles of WokeCraft

It is said that the entrenchment of the CSJ/TSI perspective is due to the successful adoption of a few principles engaged in by Woke participants and are listed as follows.

Always Try

Here every single Woke attempt at opposition to said imagined oppression can be seen as an attempt to entrench or further entrench the CSJ/TSI perspective within the target, or at the least an "advance" is made.

A key aspect of the Woke ethos (sic) is an obligation to oppose and resist imagined oppression, while not opposing is tantamount to being complicit with said imagined oppression.

Thus, in every situation where imagined oppression is identified, Woke participants will try to make an advance.

This means they push the envelope non stop ad infinitum.

Just Enough Force

While advances will be attempted in all situations where said imagined oppression is identified, it is worth noting that wokecraft is practiced with different degrees of force according to the circumstances at hand.

The general approach is to use the least amount of force necessary (LAFN) to advance the woke agenda in any situation for a successful advance to be notched up on the success score stick.

The greater the perceived importance of a particular example of imagined oppression in any given instance, the more force will be applied to the many techniques used at the target.

The force is inversely related to the resistance the Woke will encounter in keeping with the LAFN approach.

This means the harder a target resists the more force it gets on all fronts.

Going Unnoticed until It is too late

This LAFN approach is used because said Woke maggots do not want to draw attention to any advances they make and the goal is always to camouflage any advances as much as possible.

The aim is for total covert MO until they are firmly entrenched.

For this reason this shit can be difficult to detect before it is way to late and vigilance needs to be ratcheted up a few notches to combat effectively.

Success with every Advance

In making advances, the Woke are faced with a big dilemma.

While sites of imagined oppression are everywhere and advances must always be attempted, it is also necessary to go unnoticed as long as possible.

This tension is resolved by making sure every advance succeeds.

As a result, advances need to be understood in the short and long terms.

The long term goal is to overthrow structures of imagined oppression inherent in universities.

At the same time, it is recognized that this long term goal must be advanced, and not threatened by, short term advances.

This principle has an important influence on the strategies used to make advances.

Early-stage advances will emphasize short term, small advances chosen to make significant advances in the long term.

The Ends Justifies the Means Psychosis

Two aspects of the Critical Social Justice (CSJ/TSI) perspective together have a dramatic influence on Woke rules of engagement: Woke epistemology, and Woke zealotry.

Woke epistemology is based on the notions that all knowledge and knowledge systems are socially constructed by imagined oppressor groups, and constructed in such a way to advantage imagined oppressor groups to the detriment of the imagined oppressed.

This implies that not only is what we consider knowledge oppressive, but the methods by which we obtain any knowledge are also imagined to be inherently oppressive.

This implies, for example, that the scientific method is oppressive, as are methods for the establishment of knowledge such as evidence, argument and even logic.

That is it is oppressive to the uneducated and army of stupids amongst the legion of the Woke.

The second important aspect, influencing Woke rules of engagement, is Woke zealotry.

This zealotry was discussed in the Woke ethos section of this blog.

Essentially, the Woke believe in the CSJ/TSI perspective with a fervor that is difficult to appreciate outside of religious movements.

They believe the perspective to be uniquely true and just (to idiots who struggle what One (1) means).

Moreover, they believe they have a responsibility to propagate it and counter imagined oppressive worldviews and particularly the modern, liberal understanding of the world that has developed since at least the Enlightenment.

These two aspects together remove from the Woke ethos any need to subscribe to traditional rules of engagement when deemed necessary.

As a result, given the moral fervor as well as the belief that traditional rules of engagement are in and of themselves oppressive, such rules can be abandoned at any moment.

Techniques abandoning traditional rules of engagement are more forceful, and in keeping with the LAFN principle, will typically only be used when more forceful methods are deemed to be required.

An important thing to recognize and be prepared for, however, is that the traditional rules of engagement and fair play will and are abandoned, often with a viciousness that is truly terrifying and with little notice.

The ends, to these Critically insane morons are believed to justify the means.

The Wokecraft Tool bag

The principles of wokecraft are implemented using a number of tactics and strategies.

At the base of many tactics are two very common tools.

1.Pavlov's Dog

For the past few years we have all been puzzled by a couple of things related to Critical Social Justice.

The first is how it has been advancing and infiltrating inexorably into every crevice and instance of our work at Bay area Tech companies, on campus and in the social milieu.

The second is that the people around us who are not Woke don't notice it, or did not notice it until it had already happened or was too late.

There is more than one reason for this, but one of the most important is the Woke dog whistle with the conditioning aspects combined, which I refer to as the Pavlov's Dog effect.

Dog whistles are whistles that emit sounds above the sonic range of human hearing.

They are used to call or train dogs without disturbing the humans that train them or those nearby.

The term has also been adopted in political discourse to refer to the use of coded language to garner support from target groups while avoiding opposition from nontarget groups.

A lot of words used by the Woke are in fact dog whistle terms.

Such dog whistle terms work, and are so insidious for two reasons.

The first is that the terms used allow the Woke to communicate to each other.

In particular, it allows Woke individuals to recognize each other as Woke - it is essentially a verbal group identifier.

The second reason is that Woke dog whistle terms have traditionally been (perhaps intentionally) harmless sounding words, especially to the uninitiated.

The two together make them textbook dog whistle terms. The classic example of Woke dog whistle terms is the term "critical" itself.

This word has been particularly useful in academia since it goes completely unnoticed by the uninitiated, and is in fact a word that is universally looked upon favorably in academia.

"Critical" for the Woke refers to the CSJ/TSI perspective.

"Critical" to the uninitiated is considered to be the raison d'être of the university, as in "teaching students to think critically."

As a result, a critical agenda can be advanced and implemented, in plain sight, but with only the Woke (and dissidents) being conscious of their meaning of it.

They also are using conditioning via their antics for what comes next using psychology auto-response effects to ludicrous accusations such as "you are a bigoted racist colonizer" and all sorts of way out there accusations that prompt you to auto-defend yourself in any discourse with these Woke Trashishsta Shroom Junkies.

You need to attack those laying on this sort of narrative and verbally eviscerate them with cold, hard logic that dismisses their Marxist Malevolence and displays it for what it is.

The best form of defense in this situation I can assure you, is a surgical attack counter-strike.

2. Woke Crossover Semantics

In the previous section we started trying to explain an enigma.

How could the CSJ perspective be so successful at spreading, while the uninitiated often don't even notice its spread, and when they do, it's often too late?

We also described how this is done with Woke dog whistles.

Woke crossover words are related to Woke dog whistles.

Woke dog whistles are used as dog whistles because they are seemingly harmless and can hide in plain sight.

They seem harmless because their Woke meaning is camouflaged by the use of crossover words.

Crossover words have multiple meanings.

One meaning is its commonplace definition (like you might find in a dictionary). The other meaning is the Woke asylum kids definition.

Said crossover words have three characteristics.

First off, the words are common and non-technical sounding.

They are rarely words outside of the grasp and use of most people who interact with the Woke.

In the last section I discussed the word "critical," but words like "racism," "equity," "diversity," and "intersection" are typical crossover words used in common Woke parlance.

Less common and more technical words like (random example) "hermeneutics" are rarely redefined.

Second, their usual (commonplace) definitions are well-understood and believed to be commonly accepted.

The uninitiated, when they hear "critical," "diversity" or "intersection" have pretty clear definitions in their minds of these words, and they won't be concerned about their meaning because their definitions are typically thought to be clear; to themselves and to everyone else.

The Woke definitions of these words are, however, very and radically different.

Crossover words are non-technical intentionally so that it is not necessary to have discussions about their definition.

Third, crossover words often (although not always) sound "nice."

If there are two words that describe the same concept, the nicer sounding word will be used.

That is why we often see "inclusion," but not normally "exclusion" used as a crossover word.

This is useful because it makes it difficult to question their true meaning.

This is what makes the combination of crossover words and the Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Horse tactic particularly effective.

Woke Micro-tactics (WokeShit)

The principles of wokecraft and its key tools are combined in a series of micro and grand tactics. The main micro-tactics are as follows:

Subverting Liberal Decision Making Processes

There are a number of Woke micro-tactics that take advantage of and subvert traditional liberal good-faith group decision-making.

Before looking at these micro-tactics, it's necessary to consider what traditional liberal decision-making involves.

Liberal, Good-faith Debate and Decision-making

The principles of wokecraft outlined the general principles that are the basis for tactics adopted by Woke participants advancing the racist Critical Social Justice (CSJ) perspective in universities.

We have thus far described how Woke participants embrace the ends justify the means MO.

This means that traditional liberal rules and norms of engagement in discussion, argumentation and decision-making are considered to be optional and secondary to the goal of advancing the CSJ agenda.

That claim requires a definition of what traditional liberal rules and norms of engagement are.

It is important to note that I'm not using the term "liberal" here in the modern North American political sense, i.e. that of the contemporary progressive DNC left.

Rather, I'm referring to the liberal tradition stemming primarily from the "Enlightenment" and the English/Scottish Enlightenment in particular. Pluckrose and Lindsay (2020) and Levin (2013) provide overviews of the liberal tradition in this context.

In this tradition, norms and in some cases explicit rules (e.g. "Robert's Rules"), have been developed to guide fair discussion, argumentation, debate and decision-making.

According to this tradition, all parties participating in a situation are encouraged to respectfully and honestly express their opinions on the topic of interest.

They are also expected to consider others' opinions respectfully, charitably and in good faith.

This means that one tries to understand the spirit of what someone intends to say.

At the same time, the respectful (and possibly forceful) expression of disagreement is expected and encouraged should it be felt.

Importantly, disagreement is seen as fundamental to good debate and decision-making.

Disagreement is particularly important since while people can generally convince themselves of their own opinions, it is more difficult to convince others.

Others are likely to bring up things that a proponent has not considered thus forcing them to robustly argue their positions.

This counters the well-recognized tendency that we have towards confirmation bias (finding evidence that supports our own positions, see e.g. Haidt (2012)).

Finally, liberal decision-making emphasizes argumentation, logic and the presentation and evaluation of evidence in support of opinions that are expressed.

In this tradition, there is a tacit tendency towards consensus in decision-making.

While consensus is by no means the goal, and despite the importance of disagreement, in normal circumstances, people will try to adjust discussions and decisions to conform to a tacit consensus position.

When consensus is not possible, mechanisms such as voting can be used to arrive at decisions, if not necessarily to the resolution of disagreement.

These norms and rules have served us well and have brought us the extraordinary and prosperous societies that make up the US and Canada today.

Tactics subverting traditional liberal decision-making take advantage of these norms and rules by using the opportunities the tradition provides to advance CSJ, while not according them to those not adhering to the CSJ perspective.

They are particularly important because the subversion of these norms allows Woke participants to have more influence and "punch above their weight," and this is indeed, why they are used.

What follows is a series of explicit tactics used in this subversion.

Woke Insistence on the Informal

Typical and traditional liberal decision-making is characterized by formalized methods to propose topics of discussion, rules by which they are discussed, and how decisions about them are made (see e.g. Robert's Rules of Order).

At the least, this involves the use of agendas (agreed-upon beforehand), times for the beginning and ending of meetings and discussion items, as well as methods by which

decisions will be made, such as voting.

These rules have evolved over time for many reasons, some of which are that they help to ensure that each person has the right to their own opinion and to influence decisions based on their own opinions, without necessarily having to divulge them.

This last point is in fact, the foundation of modern democracy.

Woke participants will insist on informality in meetings.

Arriving on time is not considered important, adhering to pre-determined items on the agenda or pre-determined times for discussion are not important either, particularly if there is another issue they would prefer to cover.

"Flexibility" is emphasized so that meetings can develop "organically."

Attempts to insist on adhering to agendas or rules will be belittled for being unnecessarily formal or "bureaucratic."

From the CSJ perspective, insistence on the informal is justified primarily by maintaining that traditional liberal rules governing decision-making have been developed and used to perpetuate structures of power favoring oppressors to the detriment of the oppressed.

As such, these rules are considered "instrumentalist."

In this vein, it may be maintained that no rules are necessary, or that different forms of equally-effective and legitimate decision-making methods (e.g. healing circles) originating from oppressed identities and cultures, and which are thereby non-oppressive, can and should be used instead.

It may also be maintained that such rules are simply indicative of whiteness and are thereby inherently racist.

As such, not adhering to traditional rules amounts to resistance against oppression and indeed with the decolonization of the university.

Often, it is simply intimated that such rules are not "cool," a surprisingly effective technique.

Should a given situation, however, not go in the direction of supporting a CSJ advance, Woke participants will appeal to formal rules to defend against a retreat.

In such situations they may insist that not enough discussion was allowed, or on some other general mind-fuckery technicality.

While this is not consistent with resistance against liberal decision-making, it is consistent with its subversion and with the wokecraft principle that the "ends justify the means."

The insistence on informality allows Woke participants to have more power in the decision-making process and that is why it is advocated.

These worthless Woke savages are attempting to undo the last 8000 years of already well established and defined by our forefathers protocols and long established, civilized and open debate methodologies.

They do not want to debate they want to prescribe with you at the wrong end of a gun.

This is critical insanity fundamentalism that needs stamping on from the moment of inception with extreme prejudice after asking nicely for them to cease and desist with their Marxist bullshit fails.

Enmity to secret voting

A specific micro-tactic by which informality is used to subvert decision-making is by preventing secret ballot voting, which will be strenuously resisted (unless, Woke participants are in the majority).

That Woke participants prevent decisions being made by secret ballot is extremely important in explaining their oversized influence.

Doing so makes it easier to bully, hector, shame and threaten people to support Critical Social Justice advances, or at least, not resist them.

Instead, there will be (as described in the section below) an attempt to have decisions made by "consensus."

This is because coercing consensus is an effective Woke bullying tactic.

In addition to the standard justifications for eschewing traditional forms of decision-making described above, the following justifications may be made to discredit and prevent secret ballot voting.

First, it can be criticized for being "divisive" while consensus will be lionized for being inclusive.

Second, it can be criticized for being too "binary."

According to CSJ racists, being binary (having only two alternatives or categories) is problematic because categorization itself is considered to be a form of unhinged and imagined oppression.

Running Down the Clock

Another advantage and fine reason for an insistence on informality is the flexibility it provides for delaying and dragging out discussion, or running down the time clock.

The clock can be run down by filibustering or by forcing additional topics onto an agenda.

It can be done with two core goals.

The first is simply preventing an item from being discussed at all at a meeting.

This might be undertaken if there is to be a policy or decision advocated that would work against CSJ evil scheme agendas.

The second is to increase pressure when a particular CSJ evil scheme goal is being advocated, or to ensure big decisions are made without sufficient time to question or challenge them.

In this context, discussions will be continued so that a meeting will go over time and anyone not supportive of a CSJ advance will surrender their resistance in exasperation and/or because they have other commitments that means their capitulation to informal meeting times is now their enemy.

This is very effective when secret ballot voting is prevented.

In that context it increases a time-related pressure, but prevents an easy resolution through secret ballot voting, thereby increasing the likelihood that CSJ advance will succeed.

When agreeing to meeting times with the "Woke" Marxista types, it is prudent to insist on super formal and earlier than what they are comfortable with schedules, in fact close the door to debate and inform them that the schedule is not flexible and that time and time slots are a scarce commodity.

When the meeting invite goes out, send it to them the day before and bring it forward by six hours.

This will go counter-Woke and spin things the way of the un-Woke.

If they are not present at the start of the meeting vote to limit the meeting to only those present and nip their attendance games bullshit in the bud.

Record in the meeting minutes that their non-attendance and tardy time-keeping is disrespectful and uber uncool as there are only so many working hours in a day and suggest censure of the Woke disrespectful to proceedings.

Recruitment of Woke allies

Earlier we covered the key concepts of WokeCraft which described the different stages of entrenchment of the CSJ perspective.

Ultimately, there is a clear correlation between the degree of entrenchment and the proportion of Woke participants.

A higher proportion of Woke participants leads to the ability to use more forceful techniques and ultimately to make advances more easily and of greater impact.

It is for this reason that attempts will be made at all stages to increase the number of Woke allies.

Ideally, the addition of Woke allies will be done at the expense of Woke dissidents or the uninitiated.

Such additions or replacements will often be advocated for, or justified on the basis of "diversity" and "inclusion."

The most important context of recruitment is in the hiring of tenure-track faculty.

Almost unlimited resources will be devoted to this since it is, ultimately, the most important vector for the entrenchment of the Critical Social Justice perspective in a university.

Emotion and Experience Emphasis

This WokeShit tactic involves presenting an argument related to how a Woke participant feels in order to support a CSJ advance or goal, or argue against an initiative counter to CSJ/TSI goals.

This is a rhetorical technique that will typically involve the Woke participant positioning themselves within an identity or intersection of identities and therefore of oppression, and then expressing how the given item of discussion makes them feel from this position.

This particular type of WokeShit is intended to elicit emotion, sympathy and perhaps guilt in the audience and thereby to influence their opinion with respect to a given initiative.

This WokeShit is justified by at least two reasons from the CSJ/TSI perspective.

First, since according to the CSJ/TSI perspective, all knowledge is socially constructed, imagined to be inherently oppressive, and an inaccurate representation of the desired "Woke" reality, best experienced through consuming shroom sourced hallucinogens is seen as the only shroom-accurate way knowledge of the desired "Woke" reality can be obtained.

Second, since argumentation, logic and the presentation of empirical evidence are considered to help perpetuate and reproduce systems of imagined oppression, it is legitimate to ignore them and concentrate on experience and emotion instead - mainly because most "Woke" are pig-stupid specimen with the IQ of 40 dead ferrets and any contrast of serious thought from properly educated and experienced shroom free minds would instantly embarrass said "Woke" drama Queens lack of any serious abilities and clearly showcase their shroom-junkie failings in general.

Advancing experience and emotion as evidenced in a liberal context is considered anecdotal and myopic, and of limited value in "Woke-Agenda" group decision-making.

More spoilt-shit antics from the Woke acid-ant ass-rat army.

Demand Charity but do not extend it

Two key aspects of traditional liberal decision-making are good faith in discussion and argumentation, and charity in interpretation.

Arguing in good faith entails an attitude where participants discuss and argue with the aim of establishing the truth or the best outcome for a given situation or decision.

The Woke ethos (sic), being myopic and zealous, aims solely to advance social justice goals in the university.

As such, the Woke stance involves the abandonment of good faith in discussions.

Charity on the other hand involves making an effort to understand what people are trying to argue while providing people the benefit of the doubt if they do so imperfectly.

A common Woke technique is to abandon any pretense of charity of interpretation, which often is done by problematizing what people say independent of what they intended to say.

This is justified from the CSJ/TSI perspective because it is assumed that people unconsciously speak to and perpetuate the imagined oppressive power structures to which they are subject.

As such, even what they may have "meant" to say is meaningless in contrast to the uncovering of the imagined and hallucinated oppressive meaning that they cannot help but express.

This was first referred to as the "death of the author" by Roland Barthes (1968).

While charity is not extended to interlocutors, Woke participants will insist on it for themselves and their own arguments because they are serious bigots.

If their arguments are interpreted in a negative light, or if unflattering implications of their arguments or logic are evoked, they will maintain that their argument was not treated charitably.

They may claim that they "just" meant some other uncontroversial or innocuous point before fucking off in a big drama queen huff about it all with their tails between their legs.

They may also go on the offensive maintaining that the unflattering interpretation or evocation is a function of a position of privilege, of wanting to perpetuate existing structures of power or of being racist or bigoted (like they themselves are).

Woke Bully Tactics

This subsection concentrates on WokeShit that relies on bullying and intimidation to limit opposition to, and disagreement with, CSJ/TSI advances and goals.

It also builds on the section describing liberal debate and decision-making Tactics using bullying and intimidation are among the most forceful micro-tactics these Junkies over-use.

As such, they tend to be reserved for situations where the Woke perspective is well entrenched, there is a high-proportion of Woke professors, the act or site of oppression is particularly important or a combination of all three of these.

The section begins with tactics undertaken by individuals and then to those done in groups, and as such progress from less to more forceful methods.

Making things Awkward as hell

Most of these spoilt-brat Woke shits have clocked that tactics using bullying and intimidation are among the most forceful micro-tactics in the WokeShit repertoire.

In a "situation", and during discussions, an important Woke tactic is to make things as awkward as possible.

Situations are rendered awkward by Woke participants hectoring, insisting too much upon something and "not letting things go."

Woke professors will commonly insist on their perspective to a point that it makes everyone uncomfortable.

The intention is that the non-Woke participants, to avoid awkwardness, will give in to Woke demands or at least give up any resistance to them.

This tactic exploits the liberal expectation to be respectful of others' opinions, as well as the tacit general tendency to find a consensus.

In a sense, this tactic tries to force a consensus around a position that is possibly held by only one person.

As such, it is a micro-aggression form of bullying.

Ad-hominem attacks

These Woke cunts will often attack an individual rather than their argument if they realize the person they are dealing with is going to beat them up six-love six-love in any sort of verbal sparring discourse.

Should someone, for example, question a CSJ/TSI notion like the omnipresence of shroom-fueled oppression, a Woke participant might accuse the speaker of being complicit with said acid based oppression, not caring about hallucinated oppression, endeavoring to preserve their own imagined privilege, etc.

This tactic simply side-steps liberal decision-making norms by focusing on the individual in an attempt to make them feel bad or discredit them.

This is also used as a threat.

The threat communicates first of all that the Woke shroom junkie is willing to use personal attacks to get their spoilt-shit drama queen way.

Second, the threat communicates to anyone else who dares to challenge a CSJ/TSI notion that they too could be subject to the same treatment.

Assume Guilt, expect proof of innocence

Said Woke Spoilt-Shit drama queens love to accuse a speaker of complicity with acid-junkie based imagined oppression.

This ad hominem attack MO is worth highlighting since it is so common and often effective.

The reason it is particularly effective is that it reverses the traditional liberal principle we discussed earlier of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

It is effective because people typically feel as though they need to defend themselves against an accusation, regardless of whether the accusation has any merit.

This is destabilizing and can cause someone to retreat from a position.

You need to to develop a thick skin immunity to this bullshit tactic when you run into it or you will get skewered with the follow on misrepresentation malfeasance they practice.

Deliberate misinterpretation

These Woke shits are good at playing extra dumb when it suits them.

This usually involves a Woke participant intentionally misinterpreting what someone opposing a CSJ/TSI advance or goal has said.

It is typically combined with problematizing what the person has said.

The misinterpretation of what was said will normally be intended to reflect badly upon the non-Woke speaker.

An example would be a discussion related to a policy of identity-based hiring at a university.

A non-Woke professor might voice concern about such a policy by describing it as discriminatory towards identities not the target of the policy, and contrary to a dedication to universal rights.

A Woke professor could intentionally misinterpret what was said and interpret it as meaning that the non-Woke professor didn't care about the hilariously imagined racism of a bygone era.

They might further problematize it by saying that the concern was voiced from a position of imagined privilege and represented an (unconscious) attempt to perpetuate that imagined privilege.

This tactic has the same aims as the ad hominem attack.

That is, to discredit anyone opposing a CSJ/TSI advance or goal, to make them feel bad and/or guilty, as well as to serve a threat not to oppose Woke goals and advances.

It is contrary to liberal norms of good-faith and charity of interpretation.

It can, however, be justified in the CSJ perspective for two reasons.

First, the Woke ethos (sic) compels the Woke to always seek out and expose imagined oppression that they believe to be omnipresent (the shrooms told them it is).

As a result, such a misinterpretation could be depicted as uncovering hidden and imagined oppression.

Second, it can be justified by appealing to the CSJ/TSI subject principle, which insists that people "speak into" the imagined oppressive structures into which they are embedded and which they perpetuate, even without their knowing (because they are not shroom-junkies).

This is what Roland Barthes referred to as the "death of the author" Barthes (1968).

A fine read that by the way!

Using Consensus Coercion

Advocates of the CSJ/TSI perspective emphasize the importance of consensus in decision-making.

Consensus is considered important because it is related to an avowed guiding principle of the perspective (as well as a crossover word), "inclusion."

The idea is that consensus in decision-making leads to better decisions because it includes "all" perspectives.

The implication of the use of "all" perspectives is that traditional, liberal methods only include the perspective of imagined oppressors.

As such, the goal of all discussions, debates and decisions is to arrive at consensus.

As a result, there is a strong pressure not to disagree and to conform to emerging consensus opinions and decisions.

Voicing disagreement (with a CSJ/TSI advance) will be looked down upon and will typically be considered "divisive."

Divisive means that a person is blocking, or working against consensus, the Woke goal of decision-making.

The result of this pressure to conform is ultimately bullying and renders consensus decision-making little more than coercion.

The goal of consensus cannot easily be enforced by one person, so this is a tactic requiring multiple people and is a "team effort."

This tactic is clearly in opposition to liberal decision-making norms as it discourages disagreement and tries to coerce consensus.

In the liberal tradition, while consensus is considered nice to have, it is not in and of itself a goal.

Methods that seek to coerce agreement and discourage dissent are anathema to good decision-making in the liberal tradition.

Piling it on

This is one of the most forceful and intimidating micro-tactics.

It involves a number of Woke participants challenging one individual.

It will typically involve an individual expressing views that question, are not supportive of, or are not consistent with a CSJ advance in a given situation.

A combination of legitimate argumentation will be used with any number of other tactics (ad hominem attacks, intentional misinterpretation, using appeals to consensus as coercion, etc.), typically one after the other in what amounts to a barrage of sustained attacks.

The subject of such a pile-on may very well not even be able to respond between individual volleys from Woke participants.

Piling on is reserved for situations in which the CSJ perspective is almost fully entrenched.

Piling on, while intimidating, may or may not be consistent with liberal decision-making.

The degree to which it is consistent is a function of the tactics used by the individual Woke participants.

If legitimate argumentation is used, and if the subject is allowed to respond between volleys, this could amount to the regular cut-and-thrust of robust debate.

Sadly, this is rarely how a pile-on takes place with these vile acid-ant wokeholes.

Cancelling and de-platforming

The most forceful Woke bullying tactic is also the one that is the best known: canceling and de-platforming.

Canceling and de-platforming involve coordinated personal attacks, typically through online sources, and social media in particular.

They are normally launched on account of a participant holding unpopular public opinions.

They can also result from a participant resisting Critical Social Justice advances in the context of their duties (e.g. a departmental meeting).

Such attacks commonly lead to demands at all levels of a university to prevent the accused from teaching, rescind academic rank, and even fire altogether.

The attacks can be initiated by professors, but more commonly come from other participants and particularly idiot "Woke" students.

This phenomenon is not restricted to academia either as I myself can attest to.

What is extraordinary, however, is that such attacks can be successful in universities and can involve the firing of tenured professors for their opinions or for behaving consistently with their conscience.

The aim of canceling and de-platforming is clearly to suppress resistance to Woke advances and goals.

This is perhaps the most iconic illiberal, Woke tactic. In the liberal tradition, ideas are to be allowed into the marketplace of ideas where they can be subjected to rational, public criticism.

This was indeed the most important liberal innovation.

Preventing people from expressing their opinions at the pain of losing their livelihoods is the most extreme illiberal tactic in modern democratic societies.

The Reverse M&B Trojan Horse

Whereas previous sections of this long blog described numerous Woke micro-tactics, this section concentrates on only one micro-tactic, what I call the "Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Horse."

We concentrate only on this tactic in this section since it requires relatively elaborate explanation, and because we all think it is perhaps the most effective of the Woke tactics in universities.

To understand the Reverse Motte & Bailey it is necessary to understand the Motte & Bailey technique as well as the Trojan Horse analogy.

Motte & Bailey Rhetorical Technique

The first description of the Motte & Bailey technique was by Shackel (2005).

The terms Motte & Bailey refer to a form of medieval European castle introduced into England by the Normans.

The motte is a well reinforced tower on a mound that is easy to defend, but unpleasant to stay in.

The bailey is the courtyard below the motte surrounded by a protected ditch and palisade that is less secure and more difficult to defend, but more pleasant to inhabit.

The Motte & Bailey strategy involves a proponent who wants to advocate a difficult-to-defend, extreme position (the bailey).

When, or if the extreme position is challenged, the proponent retreats to an easily defensible and easily acceptable position (the motte).

The key to the strategy is a hidden false equivalency of the extreme and easily acceptable positions.

An example of how this might play out in a university setting is the following.

A "Woke" professor might advocate for a lower proportion of white professors on a hiring committee based on the (extreme) CSJ/TSI claim that white people are inherently, unconsciously and irredeemably racist.

This is the bailey position, the extreme position "where" the CSJ/TSI advocate would like to be.

Should anyone question such claims, by for example asking for evidence of inherent, unconscious and irredeemable racism in white people, the advocate would retreat to an uncontroversial "motte" position.

The advocate might, for example, respond "What, so you don't believe that racism exists?"

This move is intended to destabilize the person questioning the claim, who likely wouldn't want to claim that racism doesn't exist.

To the extent that the strategy works (which it often does), it is based on the false equivalency between the (uncontroversial) claim that racism exists and the (extreme) claim that all white people are racist.

Loudly point this out to them by stating you cannot accept their statement all white people are racist as this is NOT true.

You have to bounce their stupid statements right back in their face when they make them with scant pause to reflect on what stupidity they just uttered.

El Trojan Equine

A Trojan Horse is a strategy of subterfuge involving a covert insertion of forces behind enemy lines followed by a surprise attack by the inserted forces.

The term originates from Virgil's popularization of events around the Trojan war.

After a ten-year long unsuccessful siege of Troy, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse in which a team of elite soldiers hid.

The Greeks pretended to sail away, leaving the wooden equine behind.

The Trojans then brought the wooden equine into the walls of Troy as a trophy.

The following night, the soldiers hidden within said wooden equine opened the gates of the city for the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night.

The Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Equine

The Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Horse strategy involves three elements.

1. Unlike the Motte & Bailey, a motte (uncontroversial) position is proposed by one or multiple "Woke" shit stirrer types.

2. The motte position is usually inserted through the use of a Woke crossover word.

3. Once the Woke crossover word has been accepted and integrated into the situation (this can take a long time), it is then maintained by the Woke participant(s) that the correct interpretation of the crossover word is the extreme Critical Social Justice meaning.

As such, the Trojan horse is the Woke crossover word, which goes unnoticed until the overt advance is made.

A classic situation embodying the Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Horse is the negotiation around the description of a new departmental hire.

Consider for example a position proposed in Public Infrastructure Finance.

Perhaps the original intention of the proposed hire was to find an expert on how public infrastructure can be paid for, to fill a lack of expertise in the field in the department.

The title would be accompanied by a description of expertise and research areas sought, such as: "The department is seeks a candidate with an expertise in public infrastructure finance in areas such as, but not limited to: electrical, sewerage, stormwater, transportation, communication infrastructure, in developed or developing world contexts."

A Reverse Motte & Bailey Trojan Horse in this context would begin with a Woke professor suggesting the inclusion of a crossover word or concept into the description.

In this example, a Woke professor might suggest the addition of the clause "...including research at the intersection of these areas."

Uninitiated professors are not likely to understand why it would be necessary to include such a clause, but they likely wouldn't want to make a fuss about something that appeared so harmless.

This is the introduction of the motte position through the word "intersection."

The term intersection here serves as a Trojan Horse for the CSJ/TSI meaning of intersection (i.e. of intersectionality).

The bailey position will be introduced, and the Trojan Horse uncovered later on.

A typical way by which the bailey position will be introduced is in the selection of candidates after the job has been announced and applications have been submitted.

At this stage, the Woke professor(s) will maintain that the word "intersection" refers to its radical, extreme, CSJ/TSI definition.

Based on this, they will argue that Critical Social Justice candidates should be considered in selecting candidates to be interviewed, even though the original nature of the position was clearly not intended to be a CSJ/TSI position.

This thereby increases the probability that a CSJ/TSI professor would be hired, one of the most important victories for the Critical Social Justice/Total Social Injustice perspectives in universities.

Telegraph, Project & Subvert

The expression Telegraph, Project and Subvert was inspired by James Lindsay's notion of the "Iron Law of Woke Projection."

As the expression suggests, it involves three components: telegraphing, projecting, and subverting/inverting.

The telegraphing component imbues a proposal, action, reaction or concept with a malevolent Woke interpretation (all WokeShit is malevolent).

This malevolent interpretation is then projected as being the true (although perhaps unconscious) motivation or intention of the advocates, and the proposal merely a tactic to advance the true intention.

As such, the first two components amount to an accusation of an illegitimate, "problematic" justification for a proposal inserted using a deceitful tactic.

The third component involves a subversion where the Woke participant uses the problematization of the adversary's position to delegitimize the adversary and their proposal.

It is easy to see how this could be an effective tactic.

People are for the most part sensitive to being, or being seen as, hypocritical, even if they are not.

To have one's intentions and integrity (even if they are "only" unconscious) questioned and problematized can be highly destabilizing; perhaps destabilizing enough to back down from advocating a position or proposal.

A variation of this tactic is to replace the subversion step with an inversion.

This involves actually advocating for what is being criticized, but using a different label for it, to dastardly "Woke" and ultimately evil ends.

The latter is often used in combination with crossover words and their Woke mind-fuckery opposites.

An example of straightforward telegraphing, projecting and subverting might be a debate around a proposal to use secret ballot votes in decision making in a department.

Proponents of secret ballot voting may advocate for its use on grounds that it allows people in more precarious positions to participate in decision making without having to publicly express their opinions about it.

In doing this, they may provide as an example the situation of nontenured professors.

Someone telegraphing, projecting and subverting the proposal could do the following.

They might claim that the proposal (especially because of highlighting the example of nontenured professors) could be seen as a way to threaten nontenured professors so that they don't express their opinions (telegraphing).

They may then imply that that was (perchance unconsciously) the intention of the proponents (projecting).

Finally, they could use these to advocate against the proposal (subversion).

An example of telegraphing, projecting and inverting is a typical skirmish relating to a proposed policy of preferential hiring for people of color.

A non-woke professor may oppose such a hiring practice on the valid grounds that it is racist (because it involves distributing resources on the basis of race).

In such a context, a "Woke" participant may then say that making this claim could be seen as an attempt to perpetuate current structures of made up or imagined oppression and thereby legitimizing racism (telegraphing).

Moreover they may very well say that the claim is being made from a position of privilege and that perhaps unknowingly it was made with that aim in mind (projecting).

Finally, the Woke participant may further claim that in this context, supporting the policy actually challenges the existing structures of oppression and as a result is in fact not racist, but anti-racist (inversion) but is in fact merely reverse-racism.

In this example we see how the Woke participant is able to do a number of evil and destructive things.

First, they attempt to de-legitimize the original argument against imagined racist hiring practices.

Second, they invert the argument by advocating for something that they accuse their opponent of having advocated, that is legitimizing racism.

Third, this is all facilitated by using the crossover word racism and its Woke opposite, anti-racism which is really just reverse-racism.

Other "WokeShit" tactics

This section includes a grab bag of other WokeShit micro-tactics included for completeness, even though they are not necessarily thematically coherent.

The Moral High Ground

This tactic is primarily rhetorical.

Woke participants will support advances with unwavering confidence, hubris and priggishness.

At the same time, it will be claimed or intimated that any challenge to a Woke advance is morally bankrupt and unimaginable (ironic coming from those actually guilty of said allegations).

Staking out the moral high ground confidently serves primarily to repress any dissent.

It can be very intimidating and a successful technique if you do not squash that shit dead in it's tracks.

Always Support a WokeShit Ally

In any given situation, Woke professors will support WokeShit allies making an advance.

This is pretty much independent of the WokeShit advance in question.

The provision of meaningful or additional arguments is not really necessary, although arguments will be presented.

Arguments used may be logical, although they can also be specious, disingenuous and often just plain old simply shameless.

What is important is to demonstrate support while attempting to repress dissent.

The number of Woke allies (consistent with the Least Amount of Force Necessary principle) providing support will increase as a function of the perceived amount of dissent and difficulty in ensuring a successful advance.

Obfuscation with Technical Jargon

This technique is used in many different contexts, but will commonly be found when supporting a WokeShit ally.

Arguments will be advanced using all manner of Critical Social Justice jargon and general WokeShit shenanigans, whether it is appropriate or not.

Since there is so much CSJ/TSI jargon and since it often sounds serious and authoritative (e.g. epistemic oppression, discursive aggression, heteronormativity, etc.), and since few non-Woke participants know what they mean, it could at one time be used with impunity to support an ally.

However we are now eyes wide to this threat these days and more folks are aware of their antics and goals.

The goal of the use of such jargon is typically to intimidate and suppress any dissent.

I however turn this on them and translate their WokeShit, WokeSpeak into plain English and then tear it apart one point at a time to hold up a mirror on their bigotry in public for all to see.

The Woke do not know how to deal with full on confrontation using their own tactics against them either.

They often cry and wail like newborn infants when you give them a dose of their own medicine.

The Real Purpose of DEI

The terms diversity, equity, inclusion, among many other positive-sounding Woke words are used as cover for the not so covert recruiting of yet more useless shit stirring woke Marxist trashishstas.

The concepts are useful for the CSJ/TSI perspective because they seem at first glance to be unambiguously positive.

Also, questioning any of them is easily painted as bigoted or racist when you push them on the bizarre agenda and assorted WokeSpeak, WokeShit antics.

It is for these reasons that diversity, equity and inclusion will be used to advance many different initiatives, particularly for recruiting new trashishstas to a given situation or site of oppression (committee, department, discipline, etc.).

In reality, the terms are used to recruit trashishstas that agree with, can be convinced of, or can be forced to comply with, the CSJ/TSI perspective.

Only very rarely (I've actually never seen it, but I assume it has happened thanks to unusually principled Woke participants) will trashishstas be recruited based on diversity, equity or inclusion but who will not actively support, or at least not resist, the evil CSJ/TSI trashishsta perspective.

Just be wide awoke that your company has been infiltrated by these vile Marxist shit stirrer trashishstas if you find you suddenly have many undesirables floating around getting all your good people cancelled.

DEI concepts exists naturally in every reasoning sentient being and has for over 5000 years via good parenting, ethics and a strong moral compass that should have been instilled by a strong family bond from birth.

This is exactly why Woke Marxist trashishstas are so hell bent on destroying the family concept and construct in the first place.

There is no need for the Woke version of DEI, which actually delivers Total Social Injustice and cleans your company out of the valuable IP that made it a success.

Companies that tolerate and cater to Woke DEI shenanigans thinking it is a survival insurance policy of strange sorts have actually just set off the timer on a ticking time bomb that will ultimately totally destroy their company from within.

The Woke trashishstas will invade and replace all your good and useful people with an army of Cancerous Woke Marxist trashishsta scumbag thugs.

I have already seen quite a few companies end up in this dire situation.

Fortunately, startup investors and executive boards across America and the globe have woken up to the fact that this political crap has no place for anybody that wants to make money and that this "WokeShit" is not a smart move at all considering it is pure evil Marxism and Marxism was and never will be any buddy of Capitalism.

I lived this reality in Africa, I know what Marxism and racism is. I have seen the killing fields that goes with Marxism. Been there seen that.

When I came to America in 1995 I saw no racism in corporate America until these Woke trashishsta roaches crawled out of the woodwork after their vanilla attempts to start the American Revolution fell flat on it's face.

It is hard to have a revolution when the people are fat, employed and by and large happy.

Capitalism has actually been systematically leveling the playing field and removing most racism that was out there with good strong moral guidance, family taught strong ethics that brought fairness, compassion, empathy and love for all people along for the ride.

The far left set about destroying everything because they saw this as the only way to start their revolution.

However, I fear they have miscalculated in a big way because people are not that stupid and can and will eventually figure out that the total destruction of a system that was not perfect by any means, but by aggregate was effectively making things more equal for everybody and actually delivering prosperity which was going to fix the World far faster and more effectively than any Woke Marxist crap ever could.

In fact it would take over 3 million years of murdering dissent evolution for Marxism to have any chance of ever working and that would have to be via the aid of genetic engineering the human head to the size of a golf ball and a brain the size of half of a pea.

Hive minds only work for insects where only the Queen does all the thinking, everybody else has a function and just does what she tells them to do or she sends soldiers to kill the dissenters.

The flaw in the Woke Marxist plan is that it is just plain old fashioned evil murderous Power grab tyranny and greed.

If you dissent their answer is a bullet in the back of your head.

Go look at what Robert Mugabe did to Zimbabwe if you want to see where that takes you!

Anybody that thinks that is progress is in fact demented and insane and in need of a funny farm, STAT!

The Woke might want to go see where 40 million Russian dissenters to Marxism went and then go to China, Vietnam and Cambodia and see where Marxism got those 80-120 million victims that their Marxist clown Government dumped in the nearest graveyards en masse when they failed to toe the Marxist thuggery line.

If it was not for the Capitalist West coming to China's rescue in the late 60's and giving them special case advantages to compete with the global economy, there would have been another sort of revolution in China similar to that of the French revolution.

Here in the USA this type of event is almost certainly going to happen.

The people will not forget that it was the Woke Marxist left that set about the destruction of everything we had that was working well to the relative advantage of all.

They will rise up and build guillotines to take care of the Marxist scourge that destroyed it all once and for all before they rebuild it all again.

The revolution the Critically Insane will get will certainly not be the revolution they have been scheming and plotting to get.

It's gonna get pretty fucking messy for them in fact, this is not Rasputin's Russia they are dealing with here.

Dramatic Departure Tactics

Dramatic departure is a two-stage Woke trashishsta tactic. In the first stage, it involves a Woke participant dramatically and conspicuously threatening to leave a situation in protest of a decision going against a Woke trashishsta advance.

It may be accompanied with an appeal to the Woke advocate's trashishsta identity and/or to an explicit or implicit accusation of bigotry on the part of those opposing said trashishsta advance.

An example of this would be a Woke trashishsta participant saying something like " an x-identity person, I feel that this decision erases my Marxist identity."

The threat to leave is used to elicit sympathy for, as well as induce guilt associated with, the Woke participant trashishsta and their Marxist mind-fuckery poison position.

Other participants may be influenced in their decision and consider abandoning their resistance to a Woke trashishsta advance.

If the threat is not successful, the Woke participant may follow through with the threat and depart (the meeting, the committee and in extreme cases, a department or even university).

This is ultimately a last-ditch, Hail Mary type uber trashishsta tactic.

Its effects can be positive or negative.

The departure of the Woke participant can ultimately be beneficial since there will be one fewer Woke trashishsta participant in the situation and an immediate impromptu celebration may be pertinent.

Unfortunately, said Woke trashishsta tactic can also have long-lasting effects.

It can introduce a miasma of doubt within the "situation" and may cause longer term damage as the initial intention of the threat (to elicit sympathy and guilt) may work in the longer term.

In this way it's a bit like a land-mine they planted that may or may not go off.

Whether the effects are negative or positive will have to do with the resilience of the situation or institution dealing with the Woke trashishsta infestation.

Passive Aggressive WokeShit

In early stage entrenchment, WokeShit policies seem to work against a CSJ agenda, through reverse mind-fuckery passive-aggressive behavior.

Passive-aggressive behavior is characterized not so much by explicit opposition, but rather by a combination of overt non-opposition but covert opposition.

A typical example would be a participant not agreeing with a policy but agreeing to help with its implementation.

During the implementation phase, however, they will not do what they were supposed to do, won't adhere to deadlines or deliberately deliver tasks erroneously to slow progress of the proposal.

This can cause initiatives to completely lose momentum and not be implemented at all.

This is done mostly in early stage entrenchment because it is discreet.

WokeShit in a nutshell and Quelling dissent

Until now, we have concentrated on the Woke worldview, the Woke themselves, the Woke ethos, general Woke concepts, principles and the specific tactics used to advance the goals of the Critical Social Justice/Total Social Injustice perspective in universities.

In this section we categorize Woke micro-tactics (WokeShit) building on concepts from previous sections.

The categorization helps to summarize WokeShit, but will also serve as a framework for understanding WokeCraft and how to protect against it.

By Aggregate, WokeShit can be placed into three categories: subterfuge, exaggerating support, and quelling dissent.

While tactics in each of the categories can be used in almost all situations, there is a correlation between the category of tactics used and the stage of entrenchment of the Critical Social Justice perspective.

Similarly there is a correlation between the stage of entrenchment and the forcefulness of the WokeShit.

It is useful to recall the different stages of entrenchment.

In early-stage entrenchment, there is a small proportion of Woke participants.

Advances are subtle and characterized by the least amount of force.

Mid-stage entrenchment involves a higher proportion of Woke participants, although less than the majority.

Advances at this stage are less subtle and more forceful than in early-stage entrenchment.

Finally, in late-stage entrenchment, there is a high proportion of Woke participants (perhaps the majority) and advances and tactics are the most forceful.

Tactics of subterfuge in early-stage entrenchment are used to help establish the presence of the CSJ perspective.

That is, CSJ notions are introduced and planted, non-woke initiatives are thwarted through passive-aggressive behavior, allies are identified and the ranks of the Woke swelled, if this can be done subtly.

Mid- and late-stage entrenchment are aimed directly at altering the perceived balance of power and acceptance of the CSJ perspective.

Mid-stage entrenchment involves actively and overtly recruiting Woke allies, and appeals to exaggerating the perceived numbers of Woke participants.

End of Part 1

To be Continued..


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