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HCHCI Network Fabrics

Network Fabric Architecture and design quality is the foundation stone for a fantastic HCHCI operating experience.

We have seen many deployments of HCI solutions over the past 12 years that made the customer conclude that HCI was questionable in terms of the real world experience they had with it.

Every single situation where this was the case was due to not enough diligence paid at the network layer or attempts to get it to run on legacy campus switches and not Data Center Class, low latency, large buffer, specifically designed for East-West Data traffic network fabrics that is a characteristic of all HCI systems.

All of our Consulting Architects have CCIE or equivalent experience with all of the Network OEM players that stretch back to 1994 when Ethernet Switching first became a thing.

We understand in no uncertain terms how critical this aspect is for a fantastic HCI or HCHCI systems operating experience.

Most write this aspect off as being too expensive, but this is simply speaking not true.

It can be if you play it old school style and throw a lot of money at it, but intelligent architecture with the right components for the job is the way to go here.

There are options available for HCHCI networking Fabrics that are not only the fastest, most resilient and reliable platforms specifically designed for HCI traffic patterns, they are surprisingly also the most affordable.

Many corporations have standardized on the traditional players in this space and will not consider the incorporation of the right switch fabrics for the HCI components.

This is a serious and expensive mistake that degrades the operation experience of their HCHCI solution that usually leaves a lot of unused performance on the table.

We here at Sequrux have tried and deployed just about all known combinations of networking fabrics and we can deliver solid, reliable fabrics that operate at 25 GB/s or better for a fraction of the cost compared to that of the legacy Networking OEM offerings.

Of course, if a corporation wants a slower fabric, we can accommodate their legacy architectures with the best suited switches for the job from their legacy OEM Networking vendor, but Catalyst series or Meraki switches will not tick the box here, so be aware you will need switches specifically geared to HCI traffic flows.

There is no point in buying a Ferrari and then fitting it with four bicycle tires and wheels now is there?

For this reason we at Sequrux value solid and dependable network fabrics over ultimate speed for HCHCI solutions but having said that, we can deliver on that front as well as we have designed over 1000 such fabrics with ZERO CSAT issues and everybody loves the price tag.

So if you want to talk about this aspect, we are happy to educate and inform as we work with your team on this subject and you will like the result, we guarantee it!


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