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Human Greed getting in the way of Progress

In around 1899 a few people working with electricity, electric motors and related technologies came up with working examples and schemas on how to get to a free energy model that could be practically free to the common people if it was deployed right.

It never happened because the big money that controlled things then still control them now and they all just want to get insanely richer and control markets and pricing for things that should be near free to all humans.

Energy is not something we should be paying for at the levels we are forced to pay for it.

I once had thought that Nicola Tesla's many secrets had gone with him to the grave but as I grew older and worked on Quantum computing engineering challenges as well as Brown's interesting electrical work I found out that this was not actually the case at all.

In fact the US Government had secretly taken Tesla's work and expanded on it to a pretty much unbelievable level on many subsequent Black Projects they were involved in with his theories.

What seems to have happened was JP Morgan, Westinghouse and many others wanted to buy all of Tesla's many patents, mainly just to kill them, but Nicola was not playing ball.

Nicola also did not agree with the way they wanted to make so much money out of something that should be freely available like air and water so he stubbornly sat on it until he died.

Nicola Tesla knew that free energy to mankind would have been the gift that allowed true technology advances and he also knew secrets of electro-magnetism and electric field theory and how gravity waves and magnetic wave theory could literally change our lives in a spectacular manner.

All we have done the last 123 years is perfect manufacturing of very, very old and basic Tesla ideas and technology.

The actual major technology advances themselves have been killed by the old money that would be put out of business by these new technology advances.

They had to cancel the threat but the man's work was so astounding it could not be ignored either.

This deliberate cancelling of breakthrough technologies that actually benefit the whole of mankind by the few in control is actually what has held back our advancement and progress on this planet in a pretty big way.

One organization however, did take Brown and Tesla's work and advance with them as would have been expected of such ground breaking technology.

This organization is linked to the Vril society and they also control the old money crowd but they are frenemies.

When Tesla died, the American Dark projects Government folk arrived and confiscated everything. Patents, papers, working models and all.

We know the US Black Projects people have had this technology all this time because the things they have developed with it, which look like Pure Fucking Magic to us morons that have been kept away from the commercial world applications of all of this “Sheer Fucking Magic” actually make accidental appearances all too often.

This technology is sometimes very evident for us all to see and then some folks have also leaked info on the subject and the Dark Black Hole that swallows most of our tax payer dollar!

Those craft for example, that we think are UFO's, are nothing of the kind at all. They are man made reverse engineering efforts of UFO craft we did come into possession of.

Tesla, Brown, some Russians and some Vril Society Nazi's already knew the theory and basic principles involved and the Nazi Vril Society were also well advanced with their own developments by the time World War II rolled around as they had already plundered all the Pyramids that housed these secrets in the 1920's and 1930's a la Indiana Jones type shenanigans that are actually pretty darn accurate!

They found the last major ones in 1941 and all of the crystal skulls by 1987.

Most of what they discovered was old human technology that was all re-hydrated from the ancients.

The ancients got it from the alien entities we called the blue skinned gods in the days when they lived on Earth with mankind.

There exist today very detailed Sanskrit technical manuals on building and running vimanas and many assorted machines that travel through time and dimensions.

The Nazi "Der Glocke" project was one such technology the Nazi Scientists did not fully understand that caused the ET watchers to intervene lest we cause a rift and significant Black hole problem in the space time fabric.

Along the way in this journey they also discovered that we live in a parallel Universe and that all of it is a virtual reality construct within which all things play out as the minds in the anchor reality imagine them.

All possibilities and all things unfold all at the same instant by the way.

All of the current Multiverse are actually in it's 84th incarnation.

The paradox of this reality of fact and the ironic proof lies in a harmonic side effect we know as Deja-Vu.

If you have ever had the total conviction that a scene that unfolds in your life is something you actually vividly and clearly recall to the extent that before it finishes, it plays out exactly as the memory you should not have in your head, but do somehow have in your head happens exactly as your Deja-Vu event reveals it does.

This begs some serious questions of space-time and all of reality as we know it..

The fact is data leaks from parallel universe constructs of you. Your mind is linked to all possible bubbles of parallel universe constructs and sometimes a memory pops into your head that plays out exactly as this recall event does.

Those that get into this can also face Deja-Vu moments from parallel construct bubbles that have a different outcome entirely and which are also crystal clear.

This type of Deja-Vu can also drive a weak mind completely insane as they are convinced a reality will play out a certain way and when it does not the mind throws out a logic loop abend state that can kill the human host having it.

Some humans can even track and recall up to 40 different streams and timelines from parallel universe bubbles and walk them with their minds.

The ancients learnt how to walk through these parallel dimension bubbles.

All the Black Project money that has gone into this seemingly fucking sheer magic technology since then, with zero accountability all these years, is so far advanced that they can even leave the planet and go to another planet in another star system, they are that far advanced with this technology.

The stuff that has trickled down to us plebs is 30-40 years out of date already compared to what they are using today and we only got a handful of trinkets in comparison to what they are using.

They can even travel between the stars with this seemingly magic technology!

It was therefore no accident a new arm of Government called the Space Force was setup a few years ago to present a new facade to cover what was going to happen there.

The next step is dragging us into a new era and a new technological sphere.

They need colonists for new worlds in our reality and these will not be voluntary by nature so like the Royal Navy they will press gang bodies to forcibly make them go to new worlds by force.

The joke is that this is actually not necessary at all.

Literally Billions of people would actually volunteer to go and be a part of this new pioneer adventure no matter how dangerous it could be.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, we actually have technology that can replace all Nuclear or coal powered energy that can change the impact and the damage that fossil fuels have done to the planet and it's atmosphere, but the people in control would rather see the planet destroyed than let everybody have free and safe power.

In fact these bad actors actually WANT us to destroy the entire planet!

We developed free and safe energy in 1933 and have just been sitting on it for the last 90 odd years because of human greed...

I know this because the extra terrestrials who helped the Vril Nazis and then the Americans have given us help with all of this technology and they did not ask for anything in return other than a request it be used to the benefit of all mankind but most importantly to look after the planet itself.

Us surviving is of no consequence to the ET’s at all, the planet itself is what their only concern is.

They are only helping us understand shit before we blow the whole planet up in our insane ignorance of science.

We did not use their gifts the way we had promised to use it though and our Greed is the reason for this development.

They only helped us because we were not going the desired way with nuclear and fossil fuel energy and because one technology Tesla developed could in fact turn the planet into another pile of asteroid belt rocks.

Frankly, the ET's went about it all the wrong way. In fact you could not deliberately write a more obvious script than what actually transpired in relation to this unfortunate matter if you tried.

They should have open sourced access to this knowledge so that anybody could have got access to it all and they certainly should not have worked with the Military Industrial complex at all.

The problem here is traditional manufacturing with rare earth materials. That does cost money or effort to setup in our present financial markets system.

Refined devices that are cheap to manufacture are also a thing that costs money to produce to some master plan with kits on how to do things with a central control sort of idea which would have been necessary as well.

However if we make things for the benefit of all there does not have to be any money in the system either.

The sad fact is our money system is actually a huge scam in any event. It is also being used to hold us in bondage to our own material desires and has been for some 2300 years.

The problem with technology making people and money redundant is what will we as a species do with our time in the day?

This is at least how madmen like Klaus Schwab and his evil sidekick Yuval Noah Harari think about this in any event.

They should be thinking how can man advance and evolve himself now that he has the time to focus on technology and soul evolution and what can they do to contribute to our collective evolution but they are Marxists that do not believe in spiritual matters and balance of energy in the Universe.

Their immense greed and total selfishness to be in control of the slave masses is what has defeated them.

These guys want to tell you how and what to think, they do not want you to go discover that there is no need for an industrial complex once you discover how to build stuff easily, quickly and safely yourself.

We have the technology with things like 3D printer type technology that can literally make anything out there we desire.

In fact there are actually devices that can make Microprocessors and Quantum computers or space craft out of any theoretical Polymer engineered material you desire and things that we literally would perceive as sheer magic.

Mankind used to vibrate at a much higher frequency than they do now and they still managed to destroy themselves with their High Technology experimentation in total ignorance of the true science consequences.

This is because they were totally ignorant and did not understand the sciences they were fucking with.

The original Pyramids for example were built with simple technologies by people that did understand magnetism, power, electricity, gravity and how energy actually works in our Universe.

These technologies are not actually that complicated to understand but our physical awareness of things we cannot see because we cannot sense or detect them has not helped this particular variant of homo sapiens a whole bunch.

And then there has been the Church and academia itself, both on a 5000 year mission to ensure as much confusion about new discoveries in relation to science and math was corrupted and debunked so as to keep man tied in bondage to this controlling elite.

There are a lot of people out there that are interested in controlling the masses and getting drunk on power for the very select few slave style.

They want us to be dependent on them so that they can control literally everything that we do.

In our relatively recent history, only a handful of ascended masters survived and transcended space and time to advance to what we call other dimensions.

Most of these beings are still here with us and trying to help us evolve as we should be evolving but they vibrate at the old frequency compared to our present one and can move between them at will.

We have to learn how to do it again like the ancient Atlanteans did and the way their descendants in Egypt managed to do as well some 3200 years ago.

Eventually, we will all succeed with this quest of ascendance and move on but there is a lot of time, energy and handbrakes being deliberately applied to our general consciousness progress that is not in our collective best interests at this time.

What I and many others have been asking is why?

There was once another planet in our Solar system where this all played out exactly like it is being played out now. They were also pretty much far advanced in comparison to us and where we are today.

All that remains of Tiamat are the rocks that make up the asteroid belt and the fragments that went into making Earth some 500 million years ago.

The mistakes being made today are the exact same mistakes that were made back then. The human project is a much failed endeavor due to our inane greed.

Nothing has changed and I am wondering if it ever will? I am saying that because there have been endless efforts at making the Human Project work and they have all failed.

They have failed because of this one problem that we call human greed.

We have to learn that we are all ultimately one.

Once we have truly learnt we are all on the same team and are the same single consciousness is the day that we will finally evolve.

Things to think about at this point in the space time continuum as we perceive it with what we have to perceive it with...

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