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Ignoring Politics no longer possible

Most of us, I am sure, all used to regard politics and politicians as a necessary evil to be barely tolerated in election season on a bare minimum basis with the overbearing election messaging inconveniently robbing us of our normal evening shows entertainment on TV that we begrudgingly give up to perform our civic duty every 4 years or so, from a much limited time investment point of view, of course.

Try as we all have all no doubt done, there is no escaping the political election fraud season when it comes around as we get it from all angles seven ways to Sunday, shoved down our throats and in some cases even up our unwilling asses, come election time.

It sure feels that way in any event!

In years gone bye, each party used to present it's case and position and many debates raged on about this and that, with the involvement of those who actually cared about the issues jumping in to debate and have their 2c worth of opinions on the various matters at hand.

Come election day, the people who cared about the various issues settled matters either way at the ballot box and we moved on with our regular daily grind.

Most of us back then were either slightly left or slightly right of center.

The politicians, it must be said, did not like this a whole bunch but then this was due to them conducting egregious lying to the people they are supposed to represent on these many issues that the people wanted them to tackle.

Special interests have warped what the people want to what the political industrial complex wants, presented as if the people wanted these outcomes.

Therefore politicians have failed the people. IPSO FACTO!

What is also interesting to note from the left these days is their failure to debate anything as it takes just a 2 year old intellect to shred their moronic and facile Marxist ranting and so they simply don't do it anymore, most likely because they know the outcome is "fixed" so why bother to debate, right?

With stroke victims like Fetterman, who is as articulate as a 2 year old downs syndrome patient, amazingly winning elections, it does not take much thought about how such an obvious idiot who cannot even string two coherent words together manages to seemingly win arguments and votes on anything to conclude something ain't right.

I watched all of Fetterman's attempts to debate and it was not only sad but very painful to watch.

Fetterman is therefore obviously merely just a Muppet Mannequin with a pulse and nothing more.

Junta Joe himself acts like he has suffered a major stroke, flailing about trying to get offstage or up stairs with severe speech impediments and memory lapses almost as painful to watch as Fetterman himself, Feinstein certainly displays symptoms of a small stroke (disguised as "shingles") and that great RINO McConnel displays similar behaviors and traits that stroke victims bear when you watch them.

This all leads one to conclude that the whole show these folks put on everyday is just elaborate theater and that all the issues have been pre-ordained and settled outcome wise by the Critical Theory Marxist Elites actually running the show.

These folk are literally taking the piss and telling us how stupid they think we all are with this sort of conduct from their side where it is more than obvious something very warped is going on.

This is the same sort of arrogance that led to the guillotine the last time we had to correct this shit.

When special interests pressure is not so cut and dried possible anymore (because it was full on hardcore insanity) all sorts of clauses that protect special interests and serve the nefarious outcomes of what the Political Industrial Complex really want are to be found deep inside various proposed bills and associated legislation documents.

This is tantamount to serious fraud IMHO.

I want to know who is doing this and how this fraud gets injected into these bills as it obviously takes an army of fraudsters to pull it off and that requires serious project management and coordination to execute on.

The combined total in your face corruption is staggering to behold.

Washington "lawmakers" favorite tactic is throwing an encyclopedia volume of bullshit at congress to read 4 hours before a vote on it is due in the hope nobody will find all the hidden special interests clauses and other fraudulent crap embedded deep within said works of many crimes.

This is now all a literal swamp that has become a literal sewerage farm with corruption and sloppy shit for foundation stones.

To spread even more confusion those that cook up this fraud like to flood Congress with even more legislation with more deeply embedded clauses and gotchas to ram through their nefarious hidden in plain sight agendas.

Nancy Pelosi is orchestrating much of this fraudulent malarkey in Cahoots with Shifty Shumer who are both key Critical Theory advocates by the way.

Nobody needs the mass of legislation the USA has unless it is a dodgy vehicle to hide their many real illegal and criminal fraudulent agendas, which is exactly what this shit show now is.

This is the way that modern Communist Critical Theory Marxists prefer to work, as if you made a bill in black and white with just their open agenda in it, it would be looked at as totally insane and be laughed right off the floor, as it should be.

For years the people themselves would ensure a status quo existed between Congress and the Senate that mostly ensured the sitting President was effectively a lame duck and everything was effectively balanced and neutral in political la la land.

There were exceptions here and there but this is how it generally speaking was.

This sort of situation was with us through the 60's, 70's and 80's and it all started to get dirty in the 90's with regards to rhetoric emanating from the left as they were infiltrated by some pretty hard core Frankfurt School Influenced Marxist types masquerading as Progressive Liberals.

They are all the soldiers of treason and sedition but what was it that allowed them tip the apple cart in their favor to conduct their crimes against the people so effectively?

The answer is Technology used in a whole host of bad ways, as some of us always feared it would be.

These media companies serve up and broadcast a literal mountain of Bullshit and misinformation while claiming the truth is a "conspiracy theory" and then the left goes on to do exactly what they are accusing their opposition of.

If you actually measure the "Conspiracy Theory" to truth ratio or how many "conspiracies" actually turn out to be true you find the average difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about five months and three days.

The percentage of real conspiracy theories to actual fact is 97% of it is true and only 3% of it is a real actual conspiracy theory.

If you look at who is crying "conspiracy theory" though, the DNC is batting a 100% failure rate.

ALL the DNC claimed "conspiracy theories" end up being actual FACT.

It is a full on hard core Lunatic Asylum script these Critical Theory Marxists are spreading out there like no tomorrow is dawning.

The DNC really does think that you the public are unbelievably stupid and they should know, they are the Oracles of stupid.

We need to take a serious look at how all this twisted Marxist propaganda via the internet and Marxist media is twisting things in a very unhealthy way for us all and have the same rules we had before the internet was around to apply to this digital world we live in.

We saw exactly how dangerous misinformation spread by the US Government was in the recent Scamdemic event, and they were the creators and the delivery mechanism of all the scamdemic misinformation.

All of the mass of bullshit in the massive bullshit mountain the left created was their misinformation propaganda.

Some of the misinformation they are still spreading is staggering given we all know at this stage that it is all bullshit.

Many of us knew this the minute the bullshit hit the airwaves but were staggered by the actual stupidity of the public to black and white, cut and dried issues.

This was to serve as a fairly accurate measurement of Critical Stupidity to go by as a frame of reference.

For example there are currently ads on TV telling you to go get your "new" vaccine shot for Covid, despite the fact that we know for a confirmed fact it does not prevent you from getting Covid of any kind, therefore it is not a vaccine.

I even called my contacts at Pfizer to ask if they finally got it right and they just laughed.

In fact nobody at all can even articulate what good it will do you, if any.

I have eight volumes on what bad it will do you, one dead mother, one crippled son and two other kids that are invalids due to the so called "mRNA Covid Vaccine".

What it is, is a delivery system to ensure you die of a whole horde of nasty issues like myelitis, myocarditis, cancers and a million unhealthy auto-immune reactions to their toxic brew that will make you very Critically Sick.

And yet still, they tell you to take the "shot"? I wonder what their real agenda is in light of this FACT?

If you still think they are friend and not foe, you are sadly what I have to call a de-facto CRITICAL MORON!

They are also pushing face diapers again despite knowing full well that the only protection you could ever get is via wearing a fully sealed pressurized hazmat suit and even then, you need to be washed and sprayed with some exotic chemicals by others wearing the same rigs.

In any event, Covid is a corona, there is no hiding from a corona, natural immunity does that care of mother nature.

The Critical Theory Marxist dumb ass brigade shut down the whole planet in an orchestrated scam for a common cold virus less deadly than flu. These are statistical FACTS!

Most of Africa could not afford these "vaccines" and yet they have the lowest incidents of all these maladies these so called "vaccines" gifted those that took them?

How convenient is that, a public willing to execute itself!

Ask yourself why, despite the fact we know that what they are saying of late is utter crap, do they persist with their utter and now totally insulting, egregious bullshit?

The answer is alarming.

They are not your friend, they do not care about you more than your short term use to their agendas and primarily as a useful idiot against you yourself.

They do not even care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, ultimately, they just want you gone.

Behind the dirty smear campaign rhetoric the DNC is delivering these days, lurks a thick veined ugly roach type infestation of Antonio Gramsci, Frankfurt School Critical Theory Marxism treason plotters whose genesis can be traced back to two key events.

The first was in 1933 and the second was sometime in 1965 when a KGB pogrom from the cold war era (Spurred by the Bay of Pigs Cuban missile crises saga) that boasted soldiers with boots on the ground within the USA, like Piven and Cloward for example, who went on to spawn a whole roach infestation of Critical Theory Marxists from within American colleges that have culminated in the infantile "woke" idiocy and sea of ubiquitous stupidity that we find ourselves swimming in today.

The second generation Frankfurt School turned Columbia Marxists thus joined forces quite by accident with this 1965 era KGB pogrom and the KGB funneled quite a lot of cash their way for their efforts to grow deeper and wider with "Critical Theory".

This Frankfurt School turned Columbia "Critical Theory" Marxism is now all a Global WEF funded campaign as the success of the Plandemic has clearly shown us it is.

As a consequence it really is "the" Global cesspool of banal stupidity that we find ourselves dealing with in the present time frame.

Critical Theory has to generate Critical Stupidity for it to work though.

This is why they have been busy turning our kids into Critical Morons to do their bidding.

If you want to search back to the real root of this problem though, we find we have to blame good old Adolph Hitler himself for being the real unintentional catalyst of the phenomena we call Modern American Critical Theory Marxism.

Actually this whole saga is a many layered shit sandwich that started to seriously stink from about the 1840 era.

The two key modern catalyst events though, came from 1933 and 1943 when the Nazi Party took to prominence in Germany and later when the Allies became aware of the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, they welcomed a few strategic Jews in two waves without examining their political belief systems and took their religious hankerings as to why people everywhere had problems with Jews, for thousands of years.

However, this is a naive sweeping generalization stance as Jewish religion itself is not the problem and it actually never has been.

It is their brand of Socialist Marxism that actually existed 5000 years before Karl Marx was even born that is the actual problem with some in this group of people.

Not all Jews are Marxist activists though.

Also bear in mind Marx himself was what they call a "non-religious" Jew which is what many of these Critical Theory Marxistas actually are and whether or not they are religious their core goal is targeting and destroying Christianity.

This woke malarkey is all a Jihad of extremely radical Woke Socialism vs Christianity and family values.

Karl Marx himself was just the modern Critical Theory Marxist Messiah that was the face of this old school brand of Pure Jewish Communism that had existed for thousands of years that he lent his name to.

Most Jewish immigration attempts into the USA between the 1930's and 1965 generally failed but there was a further group of highly skilled technology folk that got in under the Operation Paperclip effort that was mainly for getting Nazi's like Von Braun and a whole lot of Atomic bomb specialists into various like US programs.

The West was competing with the Russians who were the real Communist Marxist enchilada at that time and in the fight for the pieces they wanted, they failed to understand what they were getting exactly.

It was quite heavily ironic that German Nazi and German Jewish Marxists with alarming ideologies were part of the Operation Paperclip program designed to bring cutting edge technologies to the USA.

It turns out the Germanic Jewish Marxist contingent among them was far more dangerous than any Atom bomb or Nazi would ever prove to be.

As a result of Nazi oppression of Jews in 1930's Germany, another group called the Frankfurt School came to the USA post 1933 after the Nazi's shut them down from their intellectual base of operations which was the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

They then set up shop at Columbia University in New York City and further embellished their evil work and agenda on their "Critical Theory" malarkey.

An important thing to also note is that a great many of the Atom bomb physicists the USA was after came from this very same school and Goethe University still churns out many Quantum theory gurus amongst many others today.

The academic influence of the critical method of Marxism is far reaching indeed when you understand some of these Physicists working in the Atom Bomb projects had been influenced by the Frankfurt school "Critical Theory" contingent.

For the longest time I myself erroneously concluded "Critical Theory" was speaking to the critical mass trigger for a Nuclear explosion in an atom bomb and dismissed any notion it was in fact all about Marxism - in fact the idea never even occurred to me at all until I read their various tomes of Political science deconstruction in my later years.

Some of the key issues and philosophical preoccupations of the Frankfurt School involve the critique of modernity and capitalist society, the definition of social emancipation, as well as the detection of the many pathologies of society.

Critical Theory provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy with regards to some of its central economic and political notions like commodification, reification, fetishization and various critiques of mass culture.

Some of the most prominent figures of the first generation of Critical Theorists were Max Horkheimer (1895-1973), Theodor Adorno (1903-1969), Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979), Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), Friedrich Pollock (1894-1970), Leo Lowenthal (1900-1993), and Eric Fromm (1900-1980).

Since the 1970s, a second generation began with Jürgen Habermas, who, among other merits, contributed to the opening of a dialogue between so-called continental and the analytic traditions.

With Habermas, the Frankfurt School turned global, influencing methodological approaches in other European academic contexts and disciplines.

It was during this phase that Richard Bernstein, a philosopher and contemporary of Habermas, embraced the research agenda of Critical Theory and significantly helped its development in American universities starting from the New School for Social Research in New York.

The third generation of critical theorists, therefore, arose either from Habermas’ research students in the United States and at Frankfurt am Main and Starnberg (1971-1982), or from a spontaneous convergence of independently educated scholars.

Therefore, the third generation of Critical Theory scholars consists of two groups.

The first spans a broad time - denying the possibility of establishing any sharp boundaries.

It can also be said to include other scholars such as Andrew Feenberg, even if he was a direct student of Marcuse, or people such as Albrecht Wellmer who became an assistant of Habermas due to the premature death of Adorno in 1969.

Klaus Offe, Josef Früchtl, Hauke Brunkhorst, Klaus Günther, Axel Honneth, Alessandro Ferrara, Cristina Lafont, and Rainer Forst, among others, are also members of this group.

The second group of the third generation is instead composed mostly of American scholars who were influenced by Habermas’ philosophy during his visits to the United States.

America thus admitted some seriously dangerous German and Eastern European Jewish Marxism ideologies into the General population at various points in time from 1840 to 1946 and despite being a Jew myself, I am not in any way aligned with the views of these totally insane radical Critical Theory Marxists that have slowly poisoned America and the entire Western world with their ideological "Woke" cancer.

It is important to note how many Marxist Jews were activists within the USA in the 1920's and 1930's with various trade unions and the like.

The groundwork to setting the table for what would unfold in later years care of the Frankfurt School influences were in fact set by these various Jewish radicals.

Most of these earlier Jews had come into the USA in earlier waves when Russia began murdering and expelling their own Jews which resulted in a flood of them coming into the USA between 1840 and 1904.

Many Jews came to America from Eastern Europe in the 1849 Gold rush era in California by the way.

At the turn of the 20th century, Jews globally had split into Marxist flavored Jews and American styled Conservative flavored Jews but 90% of them were Eastern European Marxist troublemakers of note and only 10% of us are Conservative in our political leanings.

In Israel there are a lot more powerful Conservative Jews in the Political game than here in the USA but both Israeli Marxist Jews and American Marxist Jews have no evidence of any morality whatsoever on display anywhere.

The percentage of Jews in the US population between 1840-1924 reached a peak around 3.2% and has dwindled to around the 2.1% level today, with most concentrations being found in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Oregon and Washington state.

It is no co-incidence that this is also where law and order has flown the nest leaving behind free for all zones where stealing and murder goes unpunished in an unmitigated orgy of total lawlessness care of Radical Progressive liberal insanity that saw defund the Police campaigns lay the table for future crime wave disasters.

Walking the streets of Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and New York leaves no room for error of conclusion as to what Progressive liberalism in all it's insane Critical Theory Marxist glory has rendered in the afflicted cities I just mentioned.

The current situation that we find ourselves mired in was further accelerated by the KGB pogroms in Colleges and Universities in the 1960's and has now degenerated to the level where the DNC has descended to the depths all Communist Marxistas go to, where open and egregious cheating in elections and outright viscous lying propaganda is just considered part and parcel of all of these Communist Marxist activists achieving their ill thought out goals and there is seemingly nothing they are not prepared to do to ensure Democracy is never served, ever again while they are at it.

And you can be darn sure their core goal is the destruction of Democracy.

Now, if you look at the woke influences per se this seems to have come from another Brazilian Marxist by the name of Paolo Freire who stated children should be not be taught facts and truth but should instead be taught "critical consciousness" which is the whole stinking barrel of "wokeness" as it stands today.

This guy understood that without indoctrinating the children, Critical Theory had no chance of survival.

Wokeness is a wide collection of really ridiculous and stupid 2 year old infantile level mind rot and stupid crap that Liberal Marxists love to further their cause and agendas with that have all duped and snagged the public with their many tendrils of stinky crap.

Their strategy is simple, fill the barrel with a thousand totally ridiculous and stupid made up ideas and make believe these are all real issues.

Flood your senses with so much bullshit you cannot possibly deal with it or take it seriously being the strategy de-jure in play here.

If you take each item out the barrel and examine it separately it takes seconds to debunk this shit for the Simple Minded trash that it is.

The only problem with this Antonio Gramsci flavored Communist Frankfurt School influenced Marxist agenda they are currently all serving up is that once the political right is eliminated, they will turn inward on their own and viciously eliminate all naysayers within who will wake up at 2 hours past midnight to panic and realize they have been the glorious architects of their own spectacular and very bloody demise.

And it will be extinction level bloody in nature.

If you consider that not even Castro Cuban Marxists would have anything to do with these radical Eastern European Jewish Marxists, you have found a good vein of thoughts to chew on with some serious alarm cranking up the adrenaline levels contemplation wise.

Fortunately for us the more modern ill educated American Marxists have also been the victims of their own Pogrom of destruction vis-a-vis the destruction of American education in that they are blessed and heavily pregnant with crass stupidity as a result of their efforts to break the American education system down to where it currently languishes.

These self same idiots stand testimony as to the effectiveness of the factory line of stupid American colleges churn out these days like a massive meat grinder.

It is so bad they have to import people like myself with the required skills to drive the technology bandwagon as they have scant capable home grown people in the ranks that can get the job done.

Those that are there are heavily involved in politically correct Woke pogroms which is a derivative Hybrid of said Gramsci Frankfurt School styled Marxism imported from Italy post 1930 with some Maoisms thrown in for good measure.

While Cloward and Piven produced an army of mindless, destructive, Communist Marxist Zombie morons, they forgot entirely that they needed a replacement plan for the Capitalism they were targeting but it is in fact clear that they have absolutely nothing to replace it with, other than total chaos and full on destruction of absolutely everything.

The only thing these Critical Theory Marxistas can actually do is throw sand in the gearbox of everything and destroy it all.

Their core skill is fucking up and they are very good at it.

However, some of the brighter ones are in fact asking questions they should have asked in the beginning and which they are now starting to ask themselves, which is a fairly panicked " what?"

Now what indeed!!

They are also asking if Critical Theory is in fact not totally inferior to Continually evolving Capitalism as Critical theory has not been a positive contribution to humanity in any way, shape or form other than getting a handful of Elites really excited at the prospect of World Domination and old school slavery of the masses.

To add insult to injury, these bad Critical Theory Marxist players and influences are not even in the majority or even anywhere near a 10% segment of the General Population anywhere.

Despite the claimed propaganda based views of everything these days being either hardcore left wing or hardcore right wing, you find that the actual radicals out there are acting a part in an elaborate illusion show controlled by media Marxist propaganda merchants like CNN, MSNBC and Politico (Bullshitico) et al, to name but a few propaganda shit stirrers who have absolutely no idea what truth and proper Journalism is all about.

The many left wing players themselves who are out there have also been getting rather arrogant and have dialed up the notch levels of their insanity and have gotten very busy massaging the perception that their agenda is what the masses actually want, but at the same time, in the very same sentence bragging how they delivered such false perceptions with scant 3% of support for their very own brand of Marxist insanity.

This amounts to a Moose Nuts level admission they are in the 3% minority with their radical views and antics.

I did say they were well endowed in the stupid department!

Every now and again you will run into one specimen who will tell you truth and facts are irrelevant and that Critical Theory and consciousness is superior to any truth, with a straight face I might add.

These are the most dangerous of this Critical Theory Marxist scourge.

Close and deep analysis to confirm their many claimed facts, reveals there is in fact at best, a scant 3.7% core support for this rabid asylum level Marxist insanity and that politicians on the left have for years just been telling people what they want to hear and then doing the exact opposite in the belief the people are so stupid and so gullible and that they can get away with their criminal and illegal behaviors, regardless of the will of the people.

I have heard Nancy Pelosi herself stating this into a hot microphone over a dozen times since 2009 on many "news" (sic) channels who did not edit what was being beamed to the masses.

These dangerous Marxist bad actors even believe there is no accountability for them and they can do what the fuck they like and suffer absolutely zero consequences.

Progressive liberalism is in fact a group of idiots devoid of responsibility for the natural consequences of their totally daft and dangerously stupid ideas.

Organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and bad Marxist agents like Ehud Barak have even been getting so arrogant that they are openly bragging and openly admitting they are doing all of their evil and nefarious work with a scant 3 to 4% of support from the people, making it look like they have across the board support that they do in fact NOT have while admitting they have not got the support of the people while at it.

It is stupendous to me that they are being allowed to get away with it.

The simple fact is this, if they did have the global mass support they claim they have, then why does it not show in election polls across the globe?

Even with the egregious cheating they are doing it looks like neck and neck stuff (even after they cheat)!

This factoid should disturb most people with a thinking and functioning brain.

After watching 2000 mules and other video evidence other folks in the Intel world shared with me, I confirmed a long held suspicion for myself that evil parties and bad actors were hijacking the will and sentiment of the people on a major scale and on many fronts.

I first saw the election cheating with my own eyes on a global basis as an election monitor in Africa and India and listened to people bragging about how they stole elections across the planet before they started using these same tools to cheat with here in the USA.

I myself have links and access to networks around the globe that fall under the banner of security and spy agencies and I know a great many people who wrote software tools like Pegasus that have been used to make the Orwellian police state a reality everywhere such tools care to be used.

These bad agents even demonstrated to me personally how they influenced election results in India, Pakistan, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, to name but a few.

These efforts of meddling were all geared to be advantageous to the USA. They almost never were. In fact 99% of the time they backfired spectacularly.

I always wondered, when the FBI showed me all this stuff back in 1995, how long it would be before they used these tools domestically within the USA, if they were not doing so already.

I in fact asked them back then and they assured me with straight faces, "Never in America".

I laughed then and I am laughing even harder now because since then they have shown me even more powerful tools and how they can further manipulate and control any election result, literally anywhere.

Again, the work of a frighteningly small group of bad actors manipulating the masses is at play here.

These WEF players like Klaus Martin Schwab and his evil Israeli Marxist side kick Yuval Noah Harari started openly bragging that most cabinet ministers from Governments around the world but particularly the EU are their de-facto henchmen and that they pull their strings on command.

They want you to believe that but is it actually true?

Once you compute and process these wild claims, you should start to see a glimmer of how serious this cancer has actually become.

Of course, the one thing these Critical theory Communist Marxist WEF roaches do well is complete and utter Gaslighting (Bullshiting) of the facts, which you do have to bake into the mix and think about for a bit when contemplating their unlikely and wild claims.

They got ahead of themselves recently claiming Republican Vivek Ramaswamy was one of "them" so he sued them and won.

Vivek is definitely not one of "them" and this is just another Critical Theory Marxista Propaganda attempt to divide and smear good conservative people who could be better than Donald Trump with utter bull crap as early as possible.

The WEF see Vivek and other emerging GOP stars as a huge threat to their nefarious agendas who all need neutralizing sooner rather than later..

I myself went to college firm in the belief my generation could and would build a better world but I also knew Communist Marxism of any flavor was never going to be how that is achieved because all that does is murder dissent from people and replaces it with a new Totalitarian construct that will kill all innovation and progress and set back the evolution of the species by 2000 years at the very least.

All through Africa I saw exactly what this Communist Marxism did to the people and it was very sad to witness the level of total corruption and destruction that went with it in each and every country that dabbled with said Communist Marxist ideology.

I watched many countries that fell for this shit fall head first into destruction and demise where the only winners were the Elites who were getting it all while the people it was who suffered greatly at their hands.

You have no idea what jewels Angola, Tanzania, DRC, Zimbabwe and Mozambique were before Communist Marxism ruined them all, one by one.

Countries that were early adopters of Communist Marxism like Tanzania have since come out of it but the threat of a coup by an unscrupulous few could easily take them right back to the full hardcore oppression of the people again if people are not educated on how to avoid this Communist Marxist pitfall.

The latest Communist Marxist threat comes to us all care of the Chinese CCP as Russian Marxism descended into the full scale hard core Oligarch Mafia controlled construct that has always controlled Russia, killing Russian Communism dead while at it.

I had the opportunity some 30 years ago to talk several times to a truly great man myself in South Africa with the goal of avoiding the feared but inevitable bloodbath that the outright Communist Marxist path offered the ANC and Madiba fortunately had the luxury of seeing for himself how this Communist Marxist madness did not work out anywhere else and he actually learnt something from the many mistakes of others in Africa and around the world in terms of what Communist Marxism actually gifted the people with exactly.

It was actually useful Madiba was Isolated for 27 years with a lot of time to think while chipping rocks, it would seem.

I do not believe that this was a waste of his time at all, on reflection.

I am not so sure that if I had been in his shoes that I would have gone there myself, which for me and many others actually made Nelson Mandela one impressive human being in my humble estimation of the man.

He really was able to put his own bitterness aside and put the people first that one.

I also knew one Chris Hani and despite the fact that he was a hard core Communist, I liked him, mainly because he was a very smart cookie indeed.

He was rare in that he would talk about the Pros and Cons of Communism without getting angry and plotting to murder half the planet in infantile rage like the rest of the Communist Marxist community do as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

I also thought that he was also a rather overly serious but overall a real nice guy.

Fortunately Madiba was able to convey the mistakes of that well trodden African Marxist path of destruction and Chris himself did not deny the probable outcome if that path had been followed and he held the SACP in the wings in wait mode at Madiba's personal request.

Sadly, we will never know how Chris Hani would have worked out in South Africa as some Polish idiot assassinated him at a very tricky point of the transition negotiations back in 1993 and it took a lot out of Madiba to pour oil on those turbulent waters at that point in time.

I was almost certain South Africa was going to erupt into a full scale civil war when Chris Hani was murdered by Janus Walus and made immediate plans to extricate myself and my family after chatting with Madiba and some angry SACP folks about it all.

I was personally very sad when Chris was assassinated, as we lost a good man that day that Madiba could have got to see the light with going forward.

The leaders that came after Madiba left the political scene left a lot to be desired and were not even 1% of the great guy that Chris Hani actually was.

In fact they are all totally corrupt to the core, every single one of them.

I myself also thought that serving as a free and fair elections monitor around the world where I saw outright egregious cheating by the likes of Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda - who were all on a mission to send opposition political parties to the Graveyard - would serve me well in terms of understanding when cheating was going on and that after I moved to the USA that I would not likely see such antics ever again or be able to use these experiences to anybody's advantage.

Boy was I naive and very wrong on that score!

It was long joked about in all of these aforementioned African countries that dissidents could be interviewed in the graveyards where they had all been murdered and this is an actual fact of life in any banana republic you may care to mention or investigate.

We all knew exactly how Communist Marxists traditionally dealt with opposition and those exact same traits have made a very unwelcome and ugly appearance here in the USA.

Communist Marxists do not like to debate or argue their views and beliefs with anyone as even an average child could shred their infantile ideology to shreds in seconds.

When this happens they reach for their guns to win the argument to save some face.

It is funny how Critical Theory Marxists first reaction to opposition to their ideas is Critical Violence.

As a result of the bad optics that shit brings they use a myriad of issues to cover their ideological failings and mash the confusion together with the goal of avoiding articulate explanation of their position on literally anything.

If you persist and call them on their Bullshit they threaten to kill you. This is their agenda.

It does not take much probing to discover their way will be force with their victims looking down the barrel of a gun to do their bidding.

The emergence of nasty brown shirt Nazi styled agitators who have been trained by Marxist bad actor organizations in Turkey (like the MLKP) has been quite the shock for most Americans to contemplate, digest and believe.

The core of them roam free in Portland and Seattle and you know them as ANTIFA but there have also been very dangerous Trans cells of murderous activist types roaming out there that have been programmed to go off like a literal time bomb at any point.

These folks do belong in Asylums for the critically and criminally insane.

These specimen splintered off from ANTIFA's core group of Agitators that they trained here in the USA and are a very dangerous horde of funny farm lunatics.

These groups are the force contingent to the Critical Theory Marxist plot agendas.

There is a deep vein of "It would or could never happen here" that has been hindering recognition of where this assault on American society has been coming from and what it is exactly, never mind how to deal with it.

Americans have been resolute in believing there is no communism or Marxism here in the USA and that this is not a threat, but they have been deeply duped on this score.

The entire American bureaucracy as it stands is full on hard core Marxist territory and it even has an underground politburo they call the "deep state".

What it is, is actually a deep state of very deep Critical Theory Marxist Bullshit!

Black lives matter and the hilariously named ANTIFA (themselves the most hardcore fascists you will ever meet) are among the bad actors in play here in the USA under the control of this "deep state" politburo construct via the FBI and DOJ.

We have all seen what they have done in Portland and Seattle, to name but a few examples of the fruits of these bad actor bully boys labors that we have seen and witnessed for ourselves on TV these past 4 years.

Most of the newly indoctrinated American Communist Marxist zombie types have turned their brains on once out of college and have seen that Capitalism has actually brought us all up to living better lives than that which previous generations enjoyed.

The big problem with these Critical Theory Marxists achieving success is that Capitalism in the USA actually did level the playing field quite a bit and it is a fact it is impossible to have a revolution when the people are fat and happy.

There has been an entitled hardcore though, who just like Robert Mugabe and his ilk want absolute power to control and corrupt the masses absolutely.

To mitigate this issue these Gramsci and Frankfurt school woke Critical Theory Marxists merely re-invented issues that have long been eradicated some 50 years ago or more. They made an issue out of race and sexuality and I heard many Black Americans and Gay folk call utter bullshit on these many scores.

I grew up in South Africa, I know what racism looks like and while I heard it actually existed in the USA, 40 years later, the only racists I can find in the USA are actually all to be found within the DNC!!

I myself was born in Africa so I am myself technically an African American by the way.

You do not have to be black to be an African American, that is a Critical Theory Marxist exercise in racial profiling.

I am, care of my African election experiences, one of a good few people who has seen this Communist Marxist shit happen all over Africa and I know the consequence and results that come from such folly.

What we are dealing with now as a society is the PlayStation generation who want to see instant gratification but life is, sadly for them, not a PlayStation game.

These idiot morons from the millennial and generation Z zombie army are the super gullible minion pawn cannon fodder who the likes of Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari are pinning on getting their nefarious goals met with.

These idiots in these two generations need to wake up and realize that it is easy to break everything, building it back up to better than what it was before they started breaking it will take another 250 years to achieve and the more they break the longer it will take.

There are too many people on the planet for us to accommodate these lying, cheating and murdering bad actors who want to enslave humanity for their sole benefit.

These fools will realize far too late, probably when they themselves are being murdered, that they were all just pawns of a radical Elite who do not give a fuck about you or me or the common good of the people.

By then the only way to fight this scourge will be the rising up of the people en masse to take it all back from these Elites who will find themselves on the wrong end of a machete and rope.

I too have seen that happen once too often in my lifetime.

We saw it happen in Europe last when the French Revolution saw the elites of the day dealt with at the Guillotine and I saw it happen over a dozen times in Africa - sometimes more than once in a single country.

This French Revolution style event will happen yet again.

It is inevitable.

It may take over one thousand years, but it is completely inevitable.

I myself believe it will be within the next 30 years that this will come to pass.

Human spirit cannot be suppressed, it cannot be murdered away and it will evolve the way it wants to evolve.

Constructs like Greed and the even more dangerous than Nuclear Bombs Critical Theory Communist Marxism ideologies are doomed to failure even before they begin because of the human condition that exists within each Human Being.

We constantly strive to be better but we often encounter our own roadblocks to our own success.

Critical Theory Communist Marxism is the biggest roadblock we face as a species to our combined evolution.

Bringing back racial intolerance and Mao's Woke bullshit is not going to raise or quicken our evolution, it will in fact make it sink back into the deep swamp with all the nefarious Critical Theory Communist Marxist bad actors who will end up eating everything including all of their own like starved alligators and other such actual swamp creatures.

In my book that will bring massive Devolution, not evolution.

Those that say that before you can create you need to destroy are the same cancer that we need to overcome from within.

Creating a better tomorrow than yesterday does not need to involve killing a single human being or dissident.

Those that disagree are making my argument for their accommodations in Lunatic Asylums and prisons, making a compelling argument without me having to open my maw or lift a single finger to prove it, I might add.

The only thing worse than living in a sea of ubiquitous stupidity is living in a sea of ubiquitous stupidity in the company of denizens of the Asylums for the criminally insane.

We need to build prisons and asylums to undo the bad shit cancer that Pat Brown started in California in the 1950's when he triggered a closure of both prisons and asylums when in fact we needed much more of both to deal with growing populations of nutters.

In a world of 8 Billion humans we cannot tolerate breaking of law and order or unleashing insanity upon the masses unchecked.

We have to be disciplined and orderly to maintain our society and there can be no tolerance for deviance from these basic tenets of law and order.

The left wing lunatics answer is to grab power and murder us down from 8 Billion souls to 200 million, using their Plandemic as the great reset point trigger event.

This is actually their stated belief. You can buy their books openly stating this intention.

This will never succeed, especially when you go on to hear that only 500 elites will control it all, the rest of us will be banished to full slavery, ad infinitum..

Fuck That! I and others just like me have other ideas about that shit!

Things are going to get worse before they get better and some of us are going to be unwilling martyrs, but it is all for a good cause, the collective "us".

The idea is onward and upward, not down and backward to Cave man times to be counted out of the game!

Think about it and act appropriately, we have the monumental task of educating the ignorant youth who have emerged from colleges and Universities in a seriously devolved state in front of us and it is not going to be easy educating these idiots, but educate them we must!

I myself have five of them and only one is redeemable.

I have heard it said that the only good Marxist is a dead Marxist, but the best soldiers in the fight against this Tyranny are actually ex Cadres who have lived the destruction that Communist Marxism brings and are haunted by all the destruction and death it brought to the masses.

There are of course always those criminals amongst us who just use a cause such as Woke Marxism to practice being an unfettered serial murderer, but these types are actually fairly rare.

What I have found though is that once the barrier is removed, more of these psychopaths jump onto the bandwagon and the proletariat just uses them to spread terror and fear amongst the people thinking they can control them.

They do not call Critical Theory Marxism a tyranny for nuthin, after all.

However, I have seen that the people themselves will not take this Critical Theory Marxist crap lying down and it is not a fight the city dwelling woke Critical Theory Marxist rats can win either, as they will need to eat something at some point.

The backlash to this Critical Theory Marxist crap is going to be a lot more harsh than what some are expecting.

It is going to get very interesting.

I took an oath to lay down my life and defend the constitution of these here United States when I came here in 1995 and I took that Oath at my own Citizen confirmation in 2007 very seriously indeed.

There is no other place to move to or run to, I have been there and done that. The rubber meets the road right here, right now in that regard.

I am ready.

Bring it on!

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