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Supernova Sundae

I have been asked a lot of Questions about Geminga after my previous “One Day 41 020 years ago” blog from a technical point of view and as a result we are going to delve a bit deeper into Supernova science and how we know that Geminga hit us some 41,000 years ago.

Just bear one thing in mind here, the best minds on the planet have no better idea than the fleas that infest the gonads of my pet Collie Dante’s best buddy Duke on the Subject of SuperNova Science.

This is sad but by and large a generally true statement.

However, we have examined the data from 231 remnants of Supernovae that still remain in our close(ish) vicinity to come up with a far more likely explanation of how they work based on the observations and examination of data that we have accumulated while delving into the subject.

I once used to ponder the state of stability in an environment and country, spending hours fretting about peace and such nirvana.

When one looks at the flux and rate of change in our Universe, one quickly comes to realize that stability is a mere passing phase in a violent and never ending sea of constant change.

Things around us are being constantly created and destroyed.

Genesis is a fact all over the Universe, just as is the Omega phase.

Stars are born and stars die every single day.

Only the scale and ripple effect consequences differ.

The constant cycle of birth and death is not just a phenomena found in living beings, the entire Universe experiences the various cycles of change on a daily basis.

This then is my analysis and conclusions as we know and understand SuperNovae at this point in time, relative to us.

As no party can conclusively test such theory in a lab with what we have today in terms of equipment, it remains theoretical interpretations of what we can see and analyze of the cosmos using what we know of Physics and Chemistry.

I suspect there is also quite a lot of Quantum entanglement stuff going on inside a SuperNova event that baffles us from a physics vantage point, with things going on in the various dimensions we are only just starting to become aware of.

Also we only see a vastly tiny piece of the spectrum anyway and are blind to it unless we build instruments and sensors that can pick it up, however there is a lot we still cannot see or do not know about yet. Its hard to build a sensor for something you have no idea about..

Re the reality of SuperNovas impacting our planet, we also have physical evidence via the black layer in the archaeological record which is heavy in iron 60 and other material only produced by rare events such as a very large SuperNova to contemplate and consider.....

The nitrate levels in the ice cores going back 130,000 years do tell a stunning story that backs this up and weaves a new pattern of understanding on how we and everything in the Universe interrelate and are entangled together.

There is strong evidence to also suggest the known universe may be a very sophisticated hologram but that's another fun Quantum problem for some other time...

These black layers in our earth’s strata tell the tale of many previous SuperNova events which happen to coincide with past mass extinctions on our planet to the degree that it cannot be coincidence, as there are just way too many of them at the right time.

The conclusions are stunning and most clear when you correlate past extinction events to a SuperNova event as well, and we have! 

That academia has not seen or accepted this speaks volumes of the influence of the Churches of various religions on our thought process and the value of academia tainted by the Church and Darwin alike.

Anyhow, back to said SuperNova science.....

SuperNovae are one of the most powerful things we know of in the cosmos.

Their raw beauty and unbound savagery, combined with indeterminately powerful destructive capability has no equal in nature as we know it at this time.

As far as we know, even black holes have their Genesis in a truly massive SuperNova event.

From our point of view here on earth it is very clear that such an event took place 41,000 years ago (Radiation pulse) with several waves of Geminga SuperNova aftermath, the most notable of which was some 34,000 years ago (the Physical Geminga Shockwave) and finally 13,000 years ago (Deflected objects from the Oort cloud and subsequent nitrate levels post earth impact of those objects that caused the deluge).

The interesting thing is that there were eyewitnesses to these events and they did in fact record what they saw.

Naturally, these tales of destruction have also been embellished somewhat through the annals of time as is our human nature.

The most important witnesses however were the ice packs at the poles and the Ocean floors themselves.

Almost every culture on the planet tells the story of worldwide fire and massive deluge events which are rich in descriptions of ice age animals that are now extinct circa 11,500 BC.

The common threads in all of these various cataclysm “myths” are 1. The “Creator” warns us that we are in trouble 2. Everyone ignores the warnings 3. A few paranoid schizo (pz) types heed the warning 4. Fire rains down from the sky 5. Thick clouds form and we get mega flooded 6. Nearly everything is wiped out on earth and the pz survivors start us all off in a new “Genesis” again and 7. The survivors with the help of the “gods” rebuild the world et al (again).

Now, one of the the last two reasonably big SuperNovae we know of occurred in 1054 and the Chinese recorded this particular event rather well.

This gives us ancient written accounts with data as recorded by the people at that time.

In 1987, an English astronomer by the name of Ian Shelton saw something strange with his telescope in Chile and went outside to visually observe a new bright star which turned out to be the first visual discovery of a SuperNova since 1604.

They called this one SN1987A (logical as it was seen in 1987) and they found that it was a supergiant star 20 x the size of our own sun.

This SuperNova had very strange cigar puff type rings around it post SN explosion event and it also shone with the power of 100 million suns for several months after it was first seen here on earth.

The point is that in the last 1000 years there have been 6 SuperNovae within 6,100 parsecs of earth and we can expect one within 250 parsecs every 100,000 years or so.

There are well recorded ancient stories from Taiwan and South America that reported two suns in our sky that bear remembering in the back of your mind for now.

These are very well documented and are established historical fact.

The Egyptian chronicle document also records that there were two suns in the sky for a while and also records the eye of Ra effect that was seen in the sky from this particular Geminga SuperNova event.

Let's go back to dying stars for a minute.

When a Sun dies, one of two things happen to it, it either burns out with some relatively minor explosions or if big enough, it explodes in an unimagined traumatic orgy of total violence.

As far as we can tell, our own Sun, which is in fact a yellow dwarf star came from the debris of an ancient massive SuperNova event itself about 4.5 Billion years ago.

Our Sun was once a really gargantuan Hydrogen gas cloud that combined with other SuperNova ejections until that cloud itself became so massive that it collapsed under its own weight and formed a star out of the gas debris of previous SuperNova events.

In such a gas cloud situation, the force of gravity smashing all of this material together actually ignites the newly formed sun when the gas particles are forced together so tightly that nuclear fusion ensues once critical mass is achieved, turning hydrogen into helium en process.

Something funny with gravity and gravity waves that we do not yet understand takes place at this point and as a result gravity can be seen as a push wave from the center of the sun radiating outwards as well as a pull from the magnetic core of an active planet.

This has something to do with ultra strong magnetic fields but we have not yet related the two together.

Just know that if we program computers to simulate the planetary effects as a gravitational push force and not a pull force, you can better explain the motions of objects in our solar system than with just a mere pull force.

Obviously we do not understand gravity quite as well as we think we fact we have no idea what gravity is at all.

We estimate that our little yellow dwarf star has used up 50% of its hydrogen so far and has about 4 Billion years left before it runs out of Hydrogen.

I personally think this current thinking is pretty way off and does not take into account the effect of other SuperNova events on our own star.

However, when it does run out of hydrogen, it will start to burn helium and this will cause it to swell up 40% bigger than it is now and also get twice as bright as it is now. About 1.5 billion years after that it will swell to 3 x its current size and it will then be a red giant with a deep orange tint.

If we have not left the solar system by then, our goose will be literally cooked as the seas begin to boil.

This would not be of much consequence as most life on earth would have expired long before we get to this stage in any event.

Our descendants will probably be watching from front seat observation points a nice safe distance away from harm.

250 million years after that last expansion milestone, the sun will be 100 x its original size and will be around 500 times brighter than it is now.

It will become so hot that its remaining helium will fuse into carbon and this will create a massive explosion that will eject about 35% of its mass into space at ultra high velocity in a rather beautiful and spectacularly terminal fireworks display.

Finally, after burning through the last of its material and blowing a great deal of it outwards in an exceptionally violent solar wind, it will become a white dwarf about the size of earth and it will begin to cool down, until it is finally a black dwarf with the ashes of the rest of the solar system’s planets circling it in some seriously dark space.

Violent as this is, what I just described is in fact not a SuperNova explosion event.

Those typically occur in binary star systems, which are the norm by the way, we are very unusual in the fact that we do in fact not seem to have a nemesis companion star to our own sun.

If we do it is rather well hidden or it went South a long time ago......

What usually happens in a SuperNova situation is that one of the binary stars is already a white dwarf when celestial mechanics and it’s position relative to its nemesis causes the other (which is in a red dwarf state) to suck gas from the red partner star and when it gets to 1.498 times the mass of said red dwarf, the gravitational forces in the white dwarf trigger an uncontrolled fusion of carbon, nitrogen and silicon into a very radioactive type of nickel, which then causes the white dwarf to explode in a spectacular type 1a SuperNova, sending its companion red dwarf hurtling off into deep space like a startled prairie rabbit with its ass on fire.

The SuperNova of the White Dwarf radiates at 10 billion times the light of the sun for several weeks and its ejected atoms and neutrons recombine to form the heavier stable elements.

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, the next type of SuperNova event, higher up the scale are the type II exploding stars...

These stars, which are roughly six times as massive as our own sun burn in layers like an onion, with each layer having its own makeup and unique characteristics.

In these stars, the heavier stable elements like iron are at the center of this layered onion mass.

These star types are much more volatile and rapidly advance to SuperNova state a mere few million years after they are formed.

Before their SN event they blow off gas in a very strong and literally raging stellar wind.

The massive heat released from these large stars balances the forces of gravity raging within them that are attempting to squash everything together with massive gravitational forces.

When they get to the iron layer, nuclear fusion stops and the center of the star collapses very rapidly.

The iron burning phase actually only lasts nano seconds as the star shrinks to the size of the earth, and when it does, a cataclysmic series of events begin.

Here, the dense core collapses within less than a second, getting compressed instantly in situ.

The dense core which is only about 7% of the stars total mass collapses so fast that it leaves the outer layers behind.

These layers then crash into the compressed core generating a reverse shock wave that heats everything to 5.2 Billion degrees, triggering a reaction that generates more energy than that which the star had produced in its entire life prior to this event.

This energy expands into a catastrophic forward shock wave that sends most of the mass of the star hurtling into space in a giant shell shaped shock wave.

The remaining core is compressed so tightly that it’s protons and electrons are crushed together to form neutrons and the core becomes a neutron star and if big enough, a black hole, which is totally invisible to the naked eye with truly massive density that sucks everything onto it like one of James Dyson’s impressive machines.

The resulting SN explosion blasts the stars material into the interstellar medium, undergoing nuclear synthesis that produces elements like uranium, Plutonium & Thorium et al and with it come several chain reactions that for lack of an articulate description I will merely lump into two broad categories and give them names similar to radioactive elements.

These are Fuckedupium and Creationium and their broad deliverables are clear from their name. One destroys and the other creates.

The Fuckedupium components are thus made up of many destructive catastrophes that can affect other solar systems post SN explosion, posing serious threats to life that may be on planets in the vicinity it happens to hit.

Such catastrophes are the radiation waves, shock waves and waves of other exotic materials that get blasted in all directions bringing mayhem and destruction with it wherever it happens to reach.

Part of Fuckedupium we are experiencing right now, that is the part where the survivors breed and multiply uncontrollably until they themselves are wiped out.

The Creationium component is what happens when these ejected masses form new solar systems such as the one we are currently in, over billions of years of accumulation of material and gasses from the Fuckedupium phase that result in the combined gravitational mass of this material sparking a star genesis cycle all over again.

Creationium is not limited to the SN outcomes of one SN event but probably thousands..

The accumulation of these many SN ejections eventually joining forces where gravity once more plays its role in the formation of stars and planets.

Everything in nature it seems is a repetitive cycle of events.

The clues these SuperNova events leave behind on the planets they strike are pretty easily found if you know what you are looking for.

If you cast your mind back to the SN explosion event and that resulting cigar ring, which contains physical matter that is blown outwards from the star, imagine two things, 1. The radiation wave from the SN event travels at or faster than the speed of light and will leave its mark on the planets it strikes via a flash extinction on those planets bearing life. We have such a record here circa 41,000 BC, where radiation exposure from Geminga lasted some 10 seconds with dire consequences to life here on our planet.

And 2. The second thing I want you to imagine is the actual physical wave which is that cigar ring itself which is bearing heavier elements such as iron and potassium et al is itself traveling at a pretty high speed posing danger to stuff within a certain range of the explosion.

The further out they travel the less dangerous they become, but all that lies within its kill-zone have dire consequences coming their way.

As this matter from this ring rain down on planets (Long after the radiation wave hits) they will leave their signature in the layers of the planets they affect and sure enough, here on earth, we have a layer in the archeological record that is black and rich in iron and Potassium 40 (K-40) and even bigger clues in the megafauna (plants and animals) that bear iron and K40 in pellet form that rained down on us out of the sky at over 3000 Miles per second destroying life as it struck us.

We have examined remains of creatures that were suddenly wiped out in the 34,000 BC event and they do in fact carry these trace elements and debris.

Billions of these little pellets abound in the remains of megafauna of the period and if you go to an archeological site that exposes the various layers of earth you can visually clearly see with your own eyes the Clovis era black mat in the archeological strata that I referred to already.

The event in 11,500 BC that wiped out the remaining ice age animals that suddenly disappeared seems to have come from a massive flood.......

The other event in 3700 BC that caused the sea of death on the planet was caused by Venus which was ejected from Jupiter and interfered and collided with planets in the solar system and Mars once disturbed caused mayhem on earth every 15 years as she passed by so close it caused earthquakes and other mayhem in around the 800-700 BC timeframe.

We have ruled out a meteorite causing the 34,000 BC event as the size of something like that striking the earth based on the material we found would have destroyed the entire planet, and in any event the material would not be traveling at that velocity if it disintegrated in the atmosphere, so we knew that a SuperNova was the culprit based on observing the 1987 event and 23 odd years of analysis of that particular event and other data and materials in the ground and tusks of mammoths etc which these pellets were dug out from.

The proof of the pudding so to speak was going on a global verification hunt to prove such theory and that has been done.

There is no other conclusion to be made unless someone out there has an idea of what can rain down exotic star material out of the sky at over 3000 Miles per second for a few weeks.

In 2005 a few scientists by the name of Firestone and West published a lot of stuff related to this that has since been confirmed by various labs around the planet.

Firestone and West believe that debris from a supernova explosion coalesced into low-density, comet-like objects that wreaked havoc on the solar system a while back. One such piece of debris, a large comet, hit North America 13,000 (around 11,500 BC) years ago, unleashing a cataclysmic event that killed off the vast majority of mammoths and many other large North American mammals.

The survivors of that event were wiped out in 3700 BC by tidal effects of Venus on Earth as she swept by twice - separated by 52 years.

This 11,500 BC comet impacted the ice sheet near Lake Michigan.

They found evidence of this impact layer at several archaeological sites throughout North America, where Clovis era hunting artifacts and human-butchered mammoths have been unearthed.

It has long been established that human activity ceased at these sites about 13,000 years ago, which is roughly the same time that most of the mammoths disappeared.

They also found evidence of the supernova explosion’s initial shockwave: 34,000-year-old mammoth tusks that are peppered with tiny impact craters apparently produced by iron-rich grains traveling at an estimated 10,000 kilometers per second.

These grains were emitted from a supernova that exploded roughly 7,000 years earlier and which was then about 250 light years from Earth.

Our research indicates that a 10-kilometer-wide comet, which was composed of the remnants of a supernova explosion, hit North America 13,000 years ago,” says Firestone. “This event was preceded by an intense blast of iron-rich grains that impacted the planet roughly 34-36,000 years ago.”

In support of the comet impact, Firestone and West found magnetic metal spherules in the sediment of nine 13,000-year-old Clovis sites in Michigan, Canada, Arizona, New Mexico and the Carolina's. Low-density carbon spherules, charcoal, and excess radioactivity were also found at these sites.

“Armed with only a magnet and a Geiger counter, we found the magnetic particles in the well-dated Clovis layer all over North America where no one had looked before,” says Firestone.

So here we have several waves of aftermath to a SN event that has been corroborated with what we have found in the sediment layer and the remains of these sudden mass extinction events that adversely impacted the mega-fauna 41,000, 34,000 and 13,000 years ago.

Firestone and West also uncovered evidence of an even earlier event that blasted parts of the Earth with iron-rich grains. Three mammoth tusks found in Alaska and Siberia, which were carbon-dated to be about 34,000 years old, are pitted with slightly radioactive, iron-rich impact sites caused by high-velocity grains.

Because tusks are composed of dentine, which is a very hard material, these craters aren’t easily formed. In fact, tests with shotgun pellets traveling 1,000 kilometers per hour produced no penetration in the tusks.

Much higher impact energies are needed: x-ray analysis determined that the impact depths are consistent with grains traveling at speeds approaching 10,000 kilometers per second.

This speed is the known rate of expansion of young supernova remnants,” says Firestone.

In 1996 another scientist (Ellis) used measurements from ice cores and ocean cores that suggested that Geminga did in fact explode very much closer to earth than originally thought.

I could delve into it a lot more but that is basically the salt of it. I could put you to sleep with the numbers and associated math but I won’t. I am feeling most merciful today....

What we have here is a SuperNova Sundae, no cream with a heavy dose of fuckedupium.

I am willing to bet that the large Dinosaur extinction 65 odd Million years ago was also due to a SuperNova event that was around 400 parsecs away from the planet with another heavy serving of raw fuckedupium.

We also have a new theory about Supernova where twinned stars get ejected vast distances in space opposite to each other's magnetic orientation at the time of the explosion.

We have been examining stars that seem to be gravitation bonded to each other which are separated by massive distances.

In fact our own sun seems to be bonded to Sirius and as they are smaller stars this seems to happen on a smaller scale as well.

Many of you are asking if that was all that we have experienced from the Geminga SN.

The answer is no. We are actually currently in the consequence stage of these combined events.

41,000 years ago a very advanced human civilization existed on this earth, the radiation pulse from Geminga wiped out more than 90% of life on the planet by sterilizing almost everything immediately.

What remained in the 1000 years ice age that followed and the immediate aftermath caused a tremendous imbalance in nature.

The survivors prospered and their population exploded uncontrollably.

It is clear the survivors had the technology to re-seed the Earth and they in fact have done this many times in our past.

What will happen next is the massive extinction of this population that has prospered (us) and which has destroyed most of the survivors of the Geminga pulse on Earth (flaura, fauna and the environment).

Our populations have destroyed and are still destroying the natural environment.

Nature’s way of sorting this out will result in a massive depopulation of Homo Sapiens on planet Earth.

This will probably wipe us out as a species completely.

If you look at past extinctions on earth some 65, 210, 245, 364 and 440 million years ago there are amazing correlations to supernova and resulting climate changes over the last 500 million years from the evidence in the cores and rock strata.

You even find a regular 26 million year extinction cycle when you peer deeper into the past. The massive ones of note were listed above.

We are currently in the worst dip of extinction cycle phase if you track it with past events and extrapolate it out.

Looking at our populations and the decimation of nature we have wrought on the planet, it is clear our depopulation phase is in the genesis phase of that cycle.

A few of us may survive but it is already clear a much more massively technologically advanced civilization once lived on earth that was decimated in 10-12 seconds some 41,000 years ago.

We are cavemen in comparison to their engineering feats that they left where they were and remain as clues all over the planet, mostly in the form of massive granite structures and cities that lie deep under our oceans made from these huge stones.

Our challenge at this juncture is can we learn and regulate our own populations before mother nature does it for us? The race is on for survival. Right now we are fat with excess populations that have infested the planet like waves of indestructible roaches.

The planet cannot support 1 billion, never mind 9 billion beings and climbing.

Savage and sad times lie ahead.....It may not impact us directly today, we may be a thousand years from the bough breaking, but it is coming.

The fact that the prior Civilizations and “gods” suddenly packed their tents and fucked off in a hurry to avoid the last wave of catastrophe and seemingly declined to return is quite interesting indeed.

I am starting to also get quite interested in alleged cities created in rock under the surface of our planet with huge nuclear powered boring machines called moles that bear USAF markings seen in new Mexico by myself and reported by many others with photographic evidence and tales of vast underground complexes that are described as massive cities.

It is clear that some US government agency is very busy preparing quite well for such catastrophe. I can imagine this has not been cheap to create either......

It could be that another such event is expected or that the fat lady of Geminga has not sung its last song quite yet...!?

I wonder what selection process is in place that will house the survivors? Probably they have the DNA banks they will need and only the military will staff these while they deliver the Genesis phase.

I would even suspect a new hybrid Homo Sapiens would be the new age survivors of this forthcoming event going forward.


Deeply fascinating for sure!!

It is clear that most of what exists today will cease to exist as we know it.

Probably a good thing too based on our (sic) progress to date.

Let us just hope that the new age that comes out of this will produce beings that will not have the sad traits and habits of what we have today and who will revere life with the sanctity it deserves.

I will look forward to my next incarnation as one of these new hybrid beings with an exciting and eager anticipation.....

Civitas Solis anyone? Maybe I will just go home to the city of light after all....

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