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The 84th

For years now I have been reading a great many Sanskrit texts as translated by various folks over the last 2000 odd years into Hindu or old latin and then into English.

2000 years ago Indian royalty and nobility still retained a great deal of Sanskrit as taught to the upper classes in their society which allowed the language to live on longer than expected down through the ages.

It was only when I started to learn some Sanskrit for myself that I realized my motivation to do so was due to many things being lost in translation in the original texts I was studying and it was much more serious than what I feared being the case when interpreting these documents for myself.

Learning Sanskrit for me is a journey still in its infancy but already it has totally transformed the work on the few texts I am focused on and my personal understanding of reality with it.

These ancient Sanskrit works of Astronomy I am studying are truly astounding for they reveal knowledge that uncovers a remarkable working knowledge of our solar system and our Galaxy and how it moves through space and time relative to us.

These ancient texts also reveal much knowledge of the working of the entire Universe and those that came before it and those that will come after this one.

As you read these words you may be dissolving my credibility in your mind as you may not comprehend or be willing to process the statement and the many implications it brings with it.

To get a deeper knowledge for yourself on this subject you would have to duplicate my life's efforts and come to the same conclusion of thought et al that I have.

You may even have done so and even have surpassed my own efforts and some may have just laughed at the notion as they are not ready to digest it or accept it in any way.

Many are not ready as they hold belief systems they cannot let go of. They are firmly trapped inside of them.

It is remarkable that this information has actually been lying around in plain sight for so many years.

Through the ages there have been those on a murderous mission to quell such knowledge and eradicate all people who knew it or knew of it.

In a nutshell, these ancient Sanskrit documents claim precise knowledge of everything since the first Universe came into being down to the very last one that is yet to come.

These many Sanskrit documents also cite evidence that support the statements that the current Universe we are living in at the moment is the 84th Incarnation of creation and that there will be 112 physical instances of it before the 113th one which will not be physical.

That is to say that there have been 84 Big bangs in total to this point in time.

This is not a cycle that repeats itself into eternity and beyond.

They know that the 112th will be the last physical instance of this happening.

So after the big bang happens everything expands and then it collapses, condenses and it starts all over again.

I have read texts about this that explain it is an exact repeat of everything every time that this happens.

I myself am not so sure of this information as claimed. In fact I would cite it as an impossibility.

But then I do not know how this all works either.....

Let us just say my mind, on playing with the concept finds this rather unlikely (at the moment anyways)..

Here I am assuming there is distinct and separate purpose to each instance of creation.

Why would it happen 112 times exactly the same each time around?

Again, I ask this in ignorance of how this all works exactly or even not exactly.

I suspect my mind is unable to comprehend more than a few small grains of the whole universe anyways.

This all very interesting because for years I have been reading Sanskrit document translations that sometimes state this or refer to it in the literal translations interspersed amongst many Sanskrit documents covering a wide range of random subjects.

Always this reference to this event and where we are in the cycle is made.

At first I thought the translator had made an error but actually the work that stated this was absolutely correct.

It was other influences like dogma and politics that changed the interpretation thereof drastically.

It is what drove me to understand Sanskrit for myself and in this journey have discovered I would probably need a good 50-100 years to master the art to my full satisfaction.

I consulted with many mathematicians and other gurus I could find on the various dribbles of information I learned and indeed found that these stated concepts and ideas were no mere fantasy.

Even more shocking is India has had many gurus that have been teaching these things for thousands of years right up to the present day.

Many of us actually know the story of creation in some limited form or other but in India they have the most complete version of it that exists IMHO.

I have spent considerable time studying many religions, cults and things some refer to as the "dark arts".

Then there are those who were from Tibet who do actually know it all. The entire enchilada.

Well that is to say relative to most of the rest of us mere mortals......

Our Sun is currently approaching the awakening phase of its 25, 920 year cycle through the systems it rotates around in a full cycle through the Zodiac.

Kali Yuga is our darkest age of one of these cycles and some say we are 2522 years into Dwapara Yuga. Kali Yuga is behind us at this time per these folks.

That was and is the darkest time in our cyclical history as well.

In 70 years we will be in the Bronze age of Treta Yuga which will start in 2082.

Some Gurus say Kali Yuga only ends in 2025 because the 24,000 year cycle estimations are not correct, the right one is 25, 920 years.

Whenever it is, this new age will be preceded by another upheaval before we are in the Bronze age of well-being and well on our way to the Golden age.

It gets even better from where we are now.

When we get to the age of Satya Yuga we will be like gods and blossom like flowers.

We actually have surviving records that record our solar systems last six 25, 920 precessions through the Zodiac that correlates with all this stuff by the way.

This implies that we lost our records of this history in the worst of the current Kali Yuga phase many thousands of years ago and suffered serious amnesia as a result with it.

Many stones and ancient texts survive telling these stories which our academia has elected to classify as "myth" because they were too close minded and stupid to process the information.

This is very sad.

Some say this is just the spirit of the age we are in.

However, as we approach the light again we will go beyond being enlightened beings and our full past will be revealed to us once more.

It is actually all recorded in our DNA in any event.

Someone tampered with it so that we cannot access it as we should be naturally able to.

Once this is repaired we will know our true history again. It cannot be removed. It cannot be altered, all they can do is temporarily cut our access to it.

Some of us are born with the full capability however. In some it is stronger than in others.

We can also learn to switch the full access to the full archive back on again.

Right now, over 400,000 enlightened beings exist on the planet who can and who are busy awakening and enlightening others as they go.

Every second in every day.

It cannot be held back.

What was once sacred knowledge that would result in your death if they found you had it has become a raging flood they cannot possibly stem the flow of.

Billions have by now read pieces of it on the internet and have started the process of thinking about it already.

The seeds have been planted. The sprouts spring forth.......

Serious obstacles and stupid people will still stand in our way in every age no matter how strong the force is in the rest of us though.

This is just the way it always is.

The time of light as we advance towards it year by year cannot be changed though. It grows stronger with each passing second for each passing second draws us nearer to the new Golden age like moths to the celestial light.

Those that yearn for the full darkness will have to wait some 20,000 years again to be fully immersed in it's evil grip again.

All these things will come to pass as is the natural cyclical order of the Universe we are currently in right now.

In this next phase of enlightenment, Ascension here on Earth will be achieved.

New children are coming to Earth and the cycle will begin again once more after Ascension has been reached by the current beings who populate this planet.

The continual cycle of compression and expansion of the Universe for 112 cycles has had a lot written about it before we got into the most recent and some say still current Kali Yuga phase which has been our darkest ever hour.

Surprisingly many documents written in Sanskrit detail this subject quite accurately but the mistakes in the translation has been due to the people doing the translations belonging to other faiths and twisting the translation to the meaning of their particular religious dogmas and agendas.

Sanskrit is an unbelievable and elegant language which can be spoken or sung and even chanted in breathtakingly eloquent form.

In the U.K there is a former student of Oxford University who goes by the name of Gaia Sanskrit on YouTube.

I first heard her Sanskrit sung translation of the Bhagavad Gita many years ago and was hooked on finding much more on the Vedas and these past civilizations from this region of the planet as a result of my natural curiosity on this subject to which I am drawn like a moth to the light myself.

Gaia Sanskrit's real name by the way is Gabriella Burnell and she has the voice of an angel. It is hypnotic and beautiful to listen to her chant Sanskrit texts like the Gita.

It awakens memories deep in the storage archive of my consciousness that transcends all my incarnations on this world.

She does struggle with some Sanskrit translation interpretations and pronunciations but on questioning does admit that many years are required to fully understand the language as it was once spoken and understood.

She is still learning.

Her sung Bhagavad Gita is one of the few pleasures I have had in this COVID era.

She sure knows a lot more more than I do though.

However, Zachariah Sitchin who passed away a few years ago also translated old Sumerian stones after he found a key and revealed the full meaning of the Sumerian writings himself.

He published several books and he held back a lot of the literal translations in order to maintain perceived credibility.

He made a call we were then not ready to process the full information load.

I argue we will never be truly "ready". Bring it on regardless.

Humans are great at adapting.

I often lament the fact he did not literally translate all the old stones verbatim as they tell the same story that the Ancient Sanskrit documents do.

Sumerian as a language did not last like Sanskrit did and Gabriella is only singing the old Vedas and other Gurus works in Sanskrit.

She is not interpreting the many old Vedas and technical manuals. Not that I am aware of at any rate. I am sure she must have done some of this while at Oxford though.

I myself worked with a group of Germans who pulled an old Sanskrit document out of an Indian Pyramid complex which turned out to be a technical document that talked about Microwave cooking machines - this was in the 1920's that they found this document.

Actually they found a library of thousands of ancient Sanskrit documents.

Today we all know how Microwave machines work. They started playing with them in the 1950's to cook food.

By the end of the 1980's they were mainstream everywhere.

American engineer Percy Spencer is generally credited with inventing the modern microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war.

Named the "Radarange", it was first sold in 1946.

Raytheon licensed its patents for a home-use microwave oven that was introduced in 1955, but it was still too large and expensive for general home use then as we did not have the materials for many years to make them properly.

Sharp Corporation introduced the first microwave oven with a turntable between 1964 and 1966. The countertop microwave oven was introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation.

However the "how to" all came from this Sanskrit document recovered from a Pyramid in India.

Once the concept was in the minds of student consciousness at large who were studying engineering, Radar and offshoot applications to do various things came from the theory and concepts from said Sanskrit document.

The pre world war II Germans also raided several Pyramid sites and obtained other startling information on flying machines (Vimanas) and we saw a huge leap in flying machine technology come out of many of those old ancient documents as well.

They also came into possession of documents that described time travel and several mind boggling machines were built as a result of this information when the materials and the know how to build them became possible.

These Germans were the first to be able to make this happen in our Era.

What many people do not know is the swastika symbol that the Nazi's used is actually very common in Sanskrit documents.

It was not new. They just copied it.

A big clue as to their sudden technological advancements if ever there was a more obvious clue.

The German Vrill organization was deeply involved in recovery of ancient documents that led to "new" technology and our astounding leaps in technology advancement these past 100 years in particular came directly from these many adventures.

Only the "new" technology it produced was not new at all.

This all started with Napoleon invading Egypt at the behest of the radical Free Masons of the time who after being made aware of what all their Gobbledygook and strange ceremony was actually all about and they started to wake up and think with what the grand architect gifted them with for this divine task.

It turns out our brains are powerful Quantum computers that can create their own reality and they get more powerful with each mind that hops on the bandwagon.

The true meaning of Free masonry was lost deliberately in this era as you could not have any old sorts of people dabbling with this shit until they were trained and ready for it.

True Free Masonry went underground and a small select group of minds groomed to advance the "Masonic arts" has been all that has kept it going through the ages.

Another phenomena also occurred as a result of the Vrill organization dabbling in these seemingly "dark arts" and such from the 1820's era onward as well by the way.

They opened gateways of human consciousness to the vast archive of data that is stored in our DNA.

Some people like Tesla, Einstein, Brown, Ramanujan, Velikovsky et al started to come up with some pretty amazing things as a result.

We are where we are today because of all of these shenanigans from many different people.

There were backups as well by the way in case the Teslas and Einsteins of this world came to a premature cessation of life force within them.

It is now known there were many groups of people that were doing what Tesla, Brown and Penrose were dabbling with.

If it had not been them others would have had the laurels and kudos.

Now let me explain that the "dark arts" are not really what you have in your mind as a result of traditional Dogma based upbringing that has taught you what the "dark arts" are or could be.

This is not Satanists sacrificing virgins on altars, though that also once had a purpose rooted in actual technology if you understood it before the occultists gave it a bad name and even worse perception when they bastardized what was actually happening because they did not understand the technology.

The Catholic Church has spent over 2000 years attempting to murder people with snippets of knowledge of the "dark arts" so that they could not build a picture or even a small piece of the puzzle in an attempt to snuff it all out as a matter of wild panic and urgency they saw as counter to "their agenda".

They failed.

Billions of souls perished as a result in a sea of death that lasted over 2000 years.

They still failed to quell and crush it, for to do that they would have had to kill every single human on the planet including all of themselves......

Even then it would not have been enough to quell it.

This planet is a literal grain of sand in a vast multiverse of stars and planets where living beings tap into what we call consciousness.

It is an energy grid that can neither be created nor destroyed.

It simply IS.

Once anyone does something or invents something new its is recorded in the DNA string.

There is no way to undo it, forget it, crush it, etc.

This is what the Dogma Brigades thoroughly failed to understand.

This is why I and my ilk refer to the Dogma Brigades as "those that fart against thunder".

All they did was delay the inevitable but they could not stop the inevitable.

They did almost succeed in wiping out humanity on this planet with their occult antics but a being with the name of Akhenaten was sent to repair the damage and he needed just one hour in a single day to do the job.

He actually had a stretch of 18 years on the throne of Egypt and over-achieved with respect to his mission in a spectacular way.

After he passed into the records of history they did try eradicate all traces of his existence but by then it was too late.

He also made sure 300 additional ascended masters joined his army through his Mystery schools.

The ascension path data was written into the record string and our consciousness was fully aware from that moment onward.

Those that fart against thunder were merely taking their art to the highest form possible to test the Akashic record Akhenaten placed into our collective consciousness.

They too have been aware for centuries that all they can do is cause conflict, chaos and mayhem to buy time.

Ultimately they cannot change anything.

That they even try is just staggering in its total stupidity.

There was a Star Trek series once about the Borg which has a quip from the Borg queen that framed it most eloquently, it states "Resistance is Futile, you will all be assimilated".

In the final analysis that is exactly the situation with humanity on this planet.

The time to get with the program and reach for the light is quickening as we reach for the age of Satya Yuga.

The Yugas (युग) are not a fallacy or a myth. They are a fact.

Sanskrit documents detailing the precise knowledge that are over 400,000 years old exist that contain information going back billions of years.

The celestial year which is 25, 920 of our Earth years is called a Chatur Yuga in Sanskrit (चतुर्युग) Chatur means four and Yuga means age.

Four ages is the sum of one celestial Yuga cycle. What they call a great year. One flip through the entire Zodiac.

We are in the fourth age called the Kali Yuga (कलियुग) which is characterized by conflict, war, strife, discord and total mayhem.

The Kali Yuga phase will end in 2082. Some Gurus believe it ended in 2012 and yet others believe it will end in 2025. I am not so sure about that but it is possible.

The Mayans made a big deal about 2012 on their calendar which has some very precise math and reasoning that goes with it.

Between now and 2082 things are going to get pretty ugly but we are moving in ascension towards the Satya Yuga (सत्ययुग) golden age.

There are still two ages to cross before we get to Satya Yuga though.

The Bronze age and the Silver age.

Our Iron age (Kali Yuga) is just now in its final shake of the stick.

We will still be broken spiritually going through the the next two ages but mending ourselves steadily as we travel on the path towards the Golden era of enlightenment for mankind.

This particular Kali Yuga phase has been the most violent and Cataclysmic Kali Yuga that has occurred in the modern era that spanned the last one million Earth years.

This was mainly due to Jupiter expunging Venus from within itself and the resulting solar system chaos that ensued from the way it's orbit disturbed many other planets path through the heavens.

Mars used to be roughly where Venus is now only it was much closer to Earth than Venus currently is.

That the planets can swap their positions is something our science has zero inkling of at this time.

When the magnetic axis of the Earth next flips we are going to be witness to some pretty bizarre and cataclysmic level stuff that will bear some of this out.

Unfortunately billions could potentially perish when this happens.

As we do not etch our history in granite stones like the ancients did it will be hard to imagine the record of what happened to us surviving such a cataclysmic event.

Imagine for a second what future generations would make of our garbage heaps, smart phones without working screens and computer systems that will be mere dull plastic shells to those examining them.

Even today when we look at the black smudge in the strata of the clovis era super nova event we can scarcely piece together what was on the planet at that time.

The clues such as massive stone cities and pyramids that could only have been built by civilizations much more advanced than what we currently are litter the landscape and lie under the seas.

Our roads and cities that survive will be a clue like Angkor Wat is but Angkor was once a 100km x 100km complex that took lidar technology to give us a picture of what was the glory of that city that was once the jewel of the Khmer empire.

The remains of Suryavarman II lie entombed in a special chamber of Angkor Wat itself and he is the one history has recorded as the pinnacle of the Khmer Empire.

Antarctica also hides secrets of a living legacy civilization and past civilizations on Earth.

Occasionally we dig up some puzzling bodies of human like creatures that reach to 7.3 meters in height but who are mostly around 5 meters tall.

This information has been deliberately hidden by various organizations for some 1500 years now and we have even seen conflicts between church and state as the Dogma based organizations have lost their grip on the power they once wielded to rule and control the masses.

The bureaucratic mess we call Government today does not have the education and IQ that the church had though.

Stupid bureaucrats existed within the church for sure but the church took great care to educate its flock and groom its leadership very well.

That they lasted 2000 years you can attribute to a combination of fear and the education of these clergy.

Your average current day bureaucrat in contrast is an exceedingly poor product of our garbage education systems and they are so corrupt few would believe that they could show the Cosa Nostra itself a thing or two about absolute corruption.

We only have to vividly recall the recent and current COVID-19 antics of bureaucrats everywhere to underline the sheer incompetence that has caused half of all small businesses everywhere to shutter their doors forever to highlight this sad situation.

Never has there been a clearer example of the sheer incompetence of bureaucracy everywhere on the planet than that which COVID-19 has afforded us an emphatic view of.

I take solace in the fact that it is the spirit of the iron Age we live in and that things will get better, eventually.

It was while I was doing research into older Sanskrit texts that I noticed constant reference in thousands of them to the 84th instance of the universe which was pretty much in all of these documents I was reading.

I started to dig deeper into these continual statements of fact and it is starting to look like the picture I had in my head of the Universe expanding and collapsing to a single point over and over again has some serious ancient correlation to this self same train of thought in these documents.

Only here is much more precise data and mathematics to the suspicion thereof being a lot more than an idle speculative theory that they knew about to quite an advanced level.

I am diving into this and learning Sanskrit as I go to ensure the mistakes in translation are removed where possible.

The rough picture is already breathtaking.

It seems we need to think about our historical data that survived various cataclysms and strip the label of "myth" from the data package and think about it in a more sane and rational manner.

The influence of the Church and the corrupt state that followed the Church agenda that lasted 2000 years is also a major factor that influences the ancient data collection and analysis of the ancient data.

Fortunately they were not able to hide all the evidence and artifacts and these days organizations that discover things are doing a good job of keeping it out of the hands of people with anti human agendas.

These are not ET based either by the way, but they are coming to play their part in the next chapter of "Earth".

They have been here for a long time actually.

For some reason what is happening on our planet is somehow very important in the 84th incarnation of this "Universe" to these more advanced "watchers".

Everything is considered as "Maya", an elaborate illusion as the Sanskrit language articulated it.

This is the closest thing we can describe it as with what language we have to describe it with.

I am fascinated how telepaths would communicate such a concept without language actually - having spent many years pondering the task from the telepath point of view.

It is said that this particular version of homo sapien that is us, grew the brain area upwards from the brow compared to what was available in prior versions due to language introduction.

Language required more CPU to process the concept apparently so that we could better grasp the concepts of language to describe the Universe as we perceive it but which is actually in a state of "Maya".

We also needed to grasp concepts of Mathematics in six dimensions and are in early stage development with that aspect as we go.


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