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The Atrocious Scandal of MH370

The Pilot that Killed all aboard MH370

When MH370 went missing back on March 8th of 2014, it became a major news story the very next day that has gripped the planet as to the mystery of what exactly happened to this plane and all it's passengers.

As usual in such dramas, things are not how they first appear at all and such was and is the case with MH370...

MH370 is in fact not a mystery at all, the US, Malaysian, UK, Ukrainian, Australian and Russian governments decided to make it one with serial cascade lying that carries on to this very day.

The first thing you need to do in understanding the MH370 story is taking all data the Malaysian Government claims about the Pilot and flushing it all down the toilet so it can go be where it belongs with a fat pile of sewage and other such literal shit down at the shit farm where such ridiculous wild fantasy claims belong.

I was able to draw on my experience with the Air France 447 accident saga back in 2009, where I sadly lost a few people I knew who were aboard and was one of a host of folks that applied some of the technology and checked the math methodology that was used to eventually find AF447's final resting place after 2 years of wrestling with the data.

Erich from Thyssenkrupp would have been impressed at our work on this sad matter...

In any event, I became pretty interested in the pilot of MH370 in particular as it took me just 15 minutes to discover that a family member of his had been sent to jail the DAY BEFORE MH370 went missing and my gut feel at the time was that MH370 was related to this unfortunate incident.

Turns out I was not far wrong here either.

Said family member was no ordinary Joe Schmoe either, he had been Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia so this was a huge story in Malaysia with a huge number of eyes internationally on this saga as well..This self same guy is now Prime Minister of Malaysia by the way, he became Prime minister in November of 2022.

I was also able to get info that the pilot was somewhat of a troublemaker on the political front but was lacking the specifics and gravitas on the matter.

A year later though I had enough on this guy to seriously call Bullshit on the Malaysian Governments stance that the Pilot was a saint, as it was and still is the most likely scenario as nobody has to this day come forward to lay claim to MH370 proceedings which is actually rather unprecedented.

I also looked into where this jet was going destination wise and drew blanks on the anti-Chinese terrorism angle here as the possibilities or alternative valid options were a bit thin on the ground.

I also chased after the Diego Garcia cell phone activation angle but only found that some spook was mirroring a cell phone of an individual on board they had been tracking so it looked like their cell phone was activated, it was just from Echelon data and the cell phone signal they were using to ghost that guys cell phone.

This is what I was told in any event. Take it for what it is worth...

The yanks do have some interesting capabilities in tracking cell phones and making an identical working copy of any cell phone, so this is not beyond the realms of possibility.

However, these were all just rabbit hole diversions that took me nowhere.

What pisses me off greatly with this story however, is the attitude and disbelief the Malaysian authorities are claiming and professing, despite knowing for a fact that this incident was related to one Anwar Ibrahim who was at that time targeted by certain Malaysian dirty politics scumbags because he was gay and in Malaysia this was a big perception and religion problem in some circles.

Certain Malay political agents were working to smear this former Malaysian deputy Prime Minister care of political persecution pathways via made up sodomy charges and this unsavory action pissed off a lot of people in Malaysia and it ultimately led to the death of 229 people, 228 of whom did not deserve to be a victim of this Dirty Malaysian Politics BS story.

The Pilot of MH370, one Zaharie Ahmad Shah is actually related to Anwar Ibrahim and the stance that Mr Ibrahim took in deciding to play dumb in this incident is itself a scandalous mystery beyond belief.

I personally think he is just genuinely shocked and ashamed that Shah even took this drastic and radical action on his behalf but to pretend all these years he had no idea he was related to the pilot? Come on man, show the victims some respect here!

Shah by the way, was a well known anti-government agitator and was very active in anti-government political shit stirring circles within Malaysia at that time.

So much for the Malaysian authorities claiming he was beyond question and a literal saint all these years!

These are now and were then well known facts within Malaysian political and media circles.

Even I, querying this from the USA on March 10th 2014 dug this up on my laptop computer in short order, aided by conversations with various newspaper journalist pals in Malaysia familiar with Malaysian politics and the subject of gay rights within Malaysia to verify said alleged salient facts of this matter et al.

This is basic journalism 101 and many others went down this path only to run into the Malaysian Government sternly telling us we were barking up the wrong tree with our focus on the pilot!

Shah had even been at the trial in Putrajaya in person the day before the flight and was utterly incensed by the verdict that was handed down.

Several sources have verified this as a bona fide, 24 carat indisputable fact.

Shah's meltdown over this verdict had many witnesses....

On examining the flight path of MH370, there is an interesting 22 minute holding pattern the pilot put the aircraft into and we now know for a fact that while in this holding pattern that Shah was communicating with the Malaysian Authorities on a Military channel and feebly negotiating for the release of Mr Ibrahim while in said holding pattern.

The Malaysian Government knew exactly what was going on the whole freaking time!

Meanwhile, years passed and other people like myself were able to focus on the WSPR and Radio HAM frequency channel signals and interruptions the aircraft made to the HAM radio waves to mathematically correlate exactly where MH370 likely went into the Indian Ocean as well.

By now this was six years after MH370 initially went missing.

I used a lot of my compute resources to do simulations and tracking with the WSPR data and got to a rough location 1200 KM West of Perth in the Indian Ocean.

I was quite a long way off too, as it was actually another 733km due west from my initial swag but I calculated wind at high altitude in an estimated straight line, not rambling lunatic pilot antics.

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi calculated the position using current and tide info as well and this is very deep water territory by the way so it could be 4000 meters deep unless it is on a higher shelf but it is definitely in this vicinity.

The confirmation of the WSPR data came from a retired British Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey who worked out radio ham waves were disturbed by this aircraft and did an even more precise tracking of MH370 with this data than the every hour WSPR engine data.

There was only one other aircraft in this Indian ocean airspace so it was pretty easy for Godfrey to figure the precise track of MH370.

He is not wrong. His claim checks out and we have used this methodology to track other aircraft that have disappeared as well.

In the passing years I amused myself with the total crap the Malaysian Government clowns were putting out there to debunk the bad press on Shah and just took it as Gospel that all this effort was focused on them hiding something pretty big.

I also got similar whispers from the global intelligence community about this one being a domestic Malaysian Political issue.

Shah thought he had shut down all transponders and such but he did not know that the engine data telemetry is sent via satellite to the engine manufacturer every hour and there is no option to turn this stuff off in the cockpit.

We also all learnt some new theory about HAM radios along the way that we did not know before and that has also advanced our tracking capabilities in such situations greatly.

The downtime period during the global COVID lock down phase in 2020 afforded many of us who were fascinated by MH370 the opportunity to do some neat math and some amateur sleuthing with a lot of hard core forensic analysis using WSPR telemetry and this new Radio HAM radio data theory we were checking the math on and they both clearly correlated the position and track of MH370.

There is now Zero doubt as to where MH370 went into the Indian Ocean.

The Aircraft is somewhere at these co-ordinates: 33 degrees 177 S, 95 degrees 300 E.

This is exactly where it went into the Ocean at any rate and it could be in the green zone under the ocean but there is a WA oceanographer who worked out where it is at these co-ordinates years ago by the way.

It is likely all aboard were dead long before impact and the Pilot of this aircraft was solely responsible for this incident in my opinion, though he may have had Malay opposition agent support in communicating with the Military authorities on the specified military channels they use.

The Malaysian Government however, knew the facts and the details from the moment Shah made contact with them and while he held MH370 in this short 22 minute holding pattern while something was going on between him and said Malay Military authorities.

I have had conversations with "other" people of interest in this matter about this negotiation phase and I know that it absolutely did 1 million percent go down and happen.

I even have names.

The Malay authorities keep coming out with preposterously stupid comments like "we do not want to politicize this incident", which makes me seriously want to splutter "are you actually sane or what?"

In the final analysis I have had to conclude that all those involved on the Malaysian side of this coin are evidently seriously mentally deranged.

It obviously did not go Shah's way in these frantic 22 minutes and he by then knew he could never recover from his egregious over-reaction he had foolishly acted on as he himself would have been executed or imprisoned for life as a consequence of his exceedingly stupid actions.

Air Malaysia needs to hire pilots who are stable personalities with no political or religious affiliations whatsoever going forward as this sh1t show is now seemingly Air Malaysia Pilot's SOP.

A stringent Psychological profile needs to be MH SOP I think, for the peace of mind of potential passengers not wishing to be unwilling martyrs to ridiculous differences of a petty religious or political nature over trivial shit like gay rights et al.

It is likely the other pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid was locked out of the cabin when he went to the bathroom or was asked to check something in the main cabin as he tried to activate his cell phone.

I am fairly convinced Shah acted alone on this sad situation and should never have been pilot in command of anything but a Goddamn roller skate.

Seconds after the Hamid cell phone blip the aircraft climbed to 40,000 feet and made a sharp turn to accelerate the decompression effects.

If the Malaysian Government had come clean and been honest from the outset this would have been cut and dried on the head of Shah, but their despicable and totally appalling behavior and never ending lies in light of the fact they knew precisely and exactly what happened here makes them more despicable than Shah himself.

I do not make that statement lightly either and I have been stewing on it for years.

I am told Shah told the General he was ranting to that all aboard but himself were already dead and that he was rambling and raving like a frantic lunatic.

Having friends and family on a jetliner that went down and hoping they survived for 30 to 60 days after the plane goes missing is probably one of the worst mental tortures a human being can endure, and to have this saga drag on since March 9th 2014 will never be seen as acceptable by anybody laying claim to sanity.

I also had people I knew die in the similarly shady SAA Helderberg incident on November 28th 1987 by the way and there I can at least understand why the South African Government denied that incident, but that one actually pisses me off the most.

Fortunately Pik Botha had a big mouth when he drank too much, I am actually surprised the then South African Government never organized a convenient heart attack for old Pik.

Pik at least had a terrible conscience about many things his Government were doing...

SAA were transporting volatile Military armament chemicals on a civilian aircraft when violent turbulence caused special containers holding a substance called red mercury that was strapped to a wooden pallet to rupture and leak the protective liquid in these containers that the red mercury was suspended in.

This exposed the red mercury to air and turned SAA 295 into a bright fireball and a similar sort of denial disaster to MH370 followed, except MH370 was a deliberate act and SAA 295 was a seemingly genuine but incredibly stupid accident.

If SAA or the then South African Government had admitted to transporting said dangerous military armaments chemicals on a civilian Airliner they would never have been able to get any aviation insurance for SAA ever again.

In hindsight, this may have been the better outcome for SAA anyways as it was and still is run like a money wasting Government department with tons of money poured down the drain on frivolous crap and a strange airline management MO.

SAA were always bailed out by the old South African Government and again recently by the new one which is why they ended up transporting military stuff disguised as agricultural equipment for many years back then.

Nowadays SAA is the official Dubai or Europe Tax free Shopping spree tool for totally corrupt South African Government Officials and their ilk.

These corruptocrat antics do at least not endanger the aircraft they are partying about on.

South Africa, Israel and Pakistan also did a lot of shady shit in cahoots on a Nuclear armaments program by the way and I happen to know a lot about that story as well which also ended with the Pakistani General Zia-ul-Haq being terminated in a Hercules C130 military transport incident near Bahawalpur on August 17th 1988 some 9 months after SAA 295 was lost.

Funnily enough, the Military Junta in Malaysia were also involved in the SAA 295 story that also involved General Zia but that is another very sad story for another day..

Having a party to this MH370 drama that knew all along exactly what happened and not coming clean in my opinion makes them a million times more despicable than Shah himself in this exceptionally sad drama that is still ongoing.

The Malaysian Government has the blood of those that died on their hands and the petty and egregious lying they have conducted since the pilot had negotiated with them directly in those 22 minutes has also been a quite unacceptable and a frankly scandalous stance and attitude to have been taken by all Malaysian parties involved in this scandalous affair.

I frankly struggle with their position on this one.

There is something else going on we do not know about here....This is my suspicion at any rate, though many of my MI6 peeps familiar with South East Asian matters tell me this is just typical Malaysian face saving antics.

Family of the victims of MH370 are still suffering today because all the Malaysian Authorities do is lie and deny with straight faces.

They know that we know, and they still behave the way they do! Unbelievable is what my pops used to quip in situations that were similar.

I am certainly never going to fly on that airline or go anywhere near that country ever again either by the way.

This does seem to be a risk with some of these countries that have had their thinking and behaviors influenced by the art of taqiyya and other such unsavory practices and characteristics some Malaysians seem to be over endowed with.

The whole thing was very unfortunate and completely unnecessary.

There is absolutely no reason for not being honest about a situation like this and the scandalous cover up that has taken place since.

The Malaysian Government should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for putting these Chinese and Australian family members through this crap when they have known since 2 hours and 27 minutes into MH370 exactly what caused the pilot to do what he did.

I conclude in my own mind that the Malaysians involved here have absolutely no honor or dignity at all.

This is a very sad, but exactly how it is situation.

The fact is that generally speaking, I have a strong general perception that such Malaysians can never be trusted about anything as they are known and proven liars and I cite MH370 as my prima facie evidence de jure in this case to back up my claim here.

Oh, and I have six other Malaysian Airlines incidents I can cite to back this bizarre Malaysian behavior up with triple underscores as well as their involvement in SAA 295's Red Mercury scandal.

These Malaysians, it would seem are certainly very serious Caring Understanding Nineties Types....

I light a candle thrice a year these days, one on March 8th for MH370 , one on November 28th for SAA 295 and one on June 1st every year for AF447.

While the candles burn, I contemplate what shits human beings can be that lead to such losses of life and I send my prayers to God to forgive them all for their transgressions.

It would seem there was electronic equipment on board this aircraft that was also involved in this sad saga that was loaded sans X-Ray similar to what happened to SAA 295 back in the day.

I have also been informed SAA 295 was not an accident and that the Americans were also involved in this incident as well.

MH17 getting downed in the Ukraine is also linked to the MH370 event, possibly for the same reasons.

We know two US AWACS aircraft could have blocked all signals from MH370 and told it to proceed to Diego Garcia. Allegations persist in this vein, from credible people....

We know there was a Cell phone blip from one of the passengers phones in Diego Garcia which my US Contacts wrote off as an Echelon check of that cell phone's carbon copy signature.

I am thinking this is all bullshit at this stage of proceedings....

Also, I cannot say where that WSPR Satellite data came from but then there is the Radio Ham data.....hmmmmmmm....

Pretty interesting this one......!!

Shah did attend Ibrahim's trial in Putrajaya the day before MH370 went missing......And there were many witnesses to his anger over the verdict, I have now confirmed this for myself and heard it from the mouths of those who witnessed this fact.

Anwar Ibrahim, Shah's cousin is now Prime Minister of Malaysia..........He went from being found guilty of sodomy to being Prime Minister of Malaysia.......Fact.....

I guess the real questions are around what was Ibrahim's link to the consignment of electronics that went aboard MH370, is this a red herring? What was Shah's role in his trial and that consignment, why did the FBI grab Shah's flight simulator, claim they knew what happened but then failed to share it with anybody?? So many interesting questions sans credible answers.....And finally what was the Russians role in this sorry saga, if any?

More interesting is what is the American who recovered alleged debris from MH370 in Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa MH370 story all about?

Statistically impossible one guy could find all of that debris across all these countries and also a burning question is how did he allegedly do this? Why is the riveted serial no plate from the wing part is missing?

My spidey senses whut detect Galactic amounts of bullsheet are going crazy on this particular gig!

Fascinating is whut this shit is!

Smells like real rotten fish to moi!

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