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The corruption that is America

Every morning at or about 5:15 AM I stir from one of two sleepy states.

With the most common one I am able to recall my dream world adventures pretty clearly and in the other a deep sleep state robs me of any recall capability.

I am also either happy, enthused with the scenarios theme of the dream or I am pretty perturbed as to how things rolled out in them when I awake regardless of the state of recall .

I used to not be able to wake up, go relieve myself and rejoin my dreamscape adventure of the moment but of late, over the last three years I have been able to re-enter said dreamworld on command and it is getting easier to do so.

I can literally go back to my REM state and rejoin the dreamworld scene I just left at will.

Some of these "reality-scapes" are so stark and real that I have a hard time with the high production quality and scripts that were being played out in each one of them.

I must have my head scanned for brain tumors as I have heard that they can cause this sort of thing.

Regardless, my skill at being able to do this of late is pretty interesting indeed.

I also spend some time in the virtual chess animation lounge of this dream-scape dreamland playing some of my more vexing Gameknot games in my head in full 3D cartoon like animation for a short while.

My Chess ranking has also shot up since I have started having these sorts of sessions that I can recall at any rate.

Sometimes when I play a game online and I cannot recall the dreamscape content from the night before, while playing Chess and while sipping my early morning coffee I often start to recall fragments of the Chess animation and I sometimes also start to recall the other dreamscapes I went into afterward move by move as I play if I can drag the recall of the chess games back to the surface.

I get the idea as I am playing a game and having this recall that my synapses have puzzled this game out before and I can swiftly deduce what my final move will be - before I have processed it!

A kind of instant Chess Deja Vu!

This was very freaky the first few times this happened.

Many times I start to recall everything including the non-chess dreamscapes in vivid technicolor starkness as I somehow know what my final move decision was and the steps I went through to get there.

I take zero medications by the way so this is not a product of any meds and I do not partake of any substance abuse apart from fine red Merlot consumption.

Now that I think about significant events that happened at about the same time as this started to happen, it was between the time of my first and last Pfizer CCP Vax booster shot.

I literally felt like I had been turned inside out by this hocus pocus, witch doctor, Bullshit Potion and the booster made me feel like I was being excruciatingly killed very slowly from the inside out.

I am definitely never touching any CCP Virus vaccine ever again unless a fancy new Quantum computer figures out a 100% effective vaccine that actually works.

I was "forced" to take these witch doctor potions by pressure from my wife and work back when getting vaccinated was a big urgent rush of total and complete insanity.

I put up a pretty huge fight with my wife about it all as I was very disturbed about taking this vaccine as I consulted with my army of cohorts in the vaccines business and found THEY were NOT taking any of it and they told me exactly why.

I was fairly sure my mother was killed by the same vaccine set I had taken and my eldest son became an NMO victim from the moment he took his first shot.

In fact, many of us have strange symptoms since we were vaccinated that I am pretty sure will turn out to be our collective demise.

My dreamscapes go into various "what if" scenarios that swirl around this theme and the Political Marxist takeover of the planet that the WEF led by Klaus Schwab have been working on for these past 40 years.

All of these parallel universes in my dreamscapes by the way are various alternatives of how things could play out and all of them have the exact same final result.`

I am pretty certain these are other bubbles in the parallel universe that we are able to connect to in our dream state.

Each one is a living reality.

Deja-Vu manifests when you can recall memories across these bubbles and even branch into them at will.

When you play chess against someone you can pretty much figure out how the game will go within 8 moves.

It is unusual to play 5000 games that no matter how or what you do, it ends up with the same checkmate time after time.

Our timeline seems to be one such destiny type scenario that has the same fate no matter which way you slice and dice it all.

This has led me to conclude that we in fact do live in a virtual reality construct that is programmed for the same outcome no matter what you do.

I am also fairly sure that if you do terminate one timeline stream by doing what is not programmed in your timeline that they just fork another virtual reality construct that was the same up to the point the non programmed event occurred and they just play it forward from there and they terminate the corrupted reality.

What I am getting more and more fascinated by is the "who are they" piece of this conundrum exactly.

Mathematically I am convinced we are in a quantum state of being - in the box and outside of the box with Schrödinger's darn cat - all at the same time with all possible forks and permutations of reality in-between going on all at once and connected to a single consciousness.

With the aid of Sanskrit documents I have been studying for almost 40 years now I am pretty sure that the whole of reality is just what they called "Maya".

Maya translates as an elaborate illusion.

I am fairly sure that what I have experienced with Deja-Vu and my study of these documents that describes this phenomena in ancient Egyptian as well as many Sanskrit documents affirms my thoughts on the subject.

The book called the Brotherhood of light by J.J Hurtak also covers this ground from another angle entirely and I have been studying that since I was around 16 years old.

The academy for future science has a lot of seemingly kooky books and ideas that have surprising alignment with the ancient documents I have read and whoever built the Giza complex Pyramids and the Pyramids in Tibet also left some pretty clear texts in emerald tablets that have been fascinating to decode and understand.

J.J Hurtak is someone I would have liked to have spent 5 years with studying this stuff full time.

In a nutshell, this instance of reality - along with all of the bubbles of the associated parallel Universes anchored to it is the collective 84th instance of our reality.

This is I surmise, a completely virtual instance of Maya.

That is to say the entire construct is in it's 84th instance.

There will be 113 of them in total before we go from virtual to actual physical reality.

Actually I am not sure if 112 will be the last virtual reality and 113 is the final and first physical one as I am not that well versed in the ancient languages.

That is to say not like I am with English, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Danish or any other language I am fluent in.

Sanskrit gets most of my focus because that was one elegant language that articulates anything in a precise precision I struggled to comprehend for nearly 25 years before it started to decode itself for me.

Earth right now is in what they call the age of Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga has a few descriptions that are all fairly accurate and they are 1. The Age of Darkness 2. The age of vice and misery and 3. The age of quarrel and hypocrisy".

These are all characterized by ignorance, corruption, materialism and chaos.

I am sure many of you will vibrate with that as the current state we are now living n.

I find that I myself have become polarized from the center where I want to be, towards the right as a natural reflex reaction to the insanity emanating from the radical lunatic left.

I am not a take it all in without saying anything type of soul.

That shit is for sheep headed to the slaughter house.

I am able to recall some past lives and the going from light to darkness happens to be a common thing in all of them once the individual life force instance terminates.

This event spawns a collection of data process and a go out and get more one after that.

Most life experiences are harsh persecution situations from which we are all supposed to learn and evolve.

We are supposed to be dispassionate and unattached to whatever we experience and witness but as I said I am a troublemaker soul on a mission of enlightenment so as to aid and facilitate the ascension of this particular instance of humanity in this dimension of creation.

Our orbit through the stars of our solar system does in fact have quite the drama associated with it in terms of influence from planets and other star systems as our solar system moves through them all in space and time.

The influence of the stars and the planets do actually have an effect on physical manifestations of beings living in their reality, believe it or not.

Astrology and astronomy have quite fascinated me in the course of my present life and many ancient documents I have come across speak to this "science".

Many laugh and write this off as fallacy but it is interesting to see the results of the precise time of birth of an individual and the resulting calculation of that persons character and who they are that this produces based on the influences of the heavenly bodies.

The ancients from India have astounding Sanskrit documents on this subject.

This brings up the subject of the Indian Yuga system the ancients treated as a deep and mystical science.

Many Hindu Gurus argue over the exact date and time of the yugas which was what initially led to me not taking it seriously.

Many Gurus claim that Kali Yuga ended in 2012 which aligns with the Mayan Calendar and they say we are in Dwarpa Yuga with just 70 years left to go in that era.

Sanskrit documentation also talks of these dates and cycles but with different names.

Some believe that 2082 marks the end of the current transition out of madness towards enlightenment in the age of Treta Yuga which will be on the positive side of the egg.

My own thoughts on the matter are the current age we are in will end in 2025 and last 300 years before we start to ascend in 2325 but I once read something I find quite striking that states "Kali Yuga is for fools and hypocrites. They will always live in it. The wise and truthful always live in Satya Yuga."

Try to lead a truthful life. Time cannot change us unless we try to change ourselves. Avoid foolish speculations and imaginations. Develop right discrimination and be wise, that way you will always live in Satya Yuga.

This can be hard to deliver on with all of the sea of morons floating around out there.....

The challenge is not to anchor yourself to their reality.

A formidable challenge indeed!

Oi Vey!!

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