• Marvin the Paranoid Biological Android

The ET Guide to Earth - 2021 Edition

I am known to partake in silent meditation exercises from time to time in my awesome Japanese stone garden and on the odd occasion I set ancient Sanskrit chants to play softly in the background care of my working Sonos device to amplify the experience for my sole surviving synapse.

Once I cast my mind free of all thoughts I occasionally drift into imagining that I am a butterfly - fluttering hither and thither between the various flowers, just going about the usual tasks of being a butterfly - free of the burden that being human brings in this current day and age.

I find this dalliance profoundly relaxing for some inexplicable reason on the odd occasion that I drift into experiencing these small pleasures.

As I awoke from one such meditative trance like session the other day, my mind started to form random thoughts not related to anything I had ever spent much time wondering about in any serious manner before.

It is quite surprising what thoughts emerge post hypnotic empty mind meditation states like that which this butterfly dalliance spawns.

It opens the gates of unexpected random creativity within.

What, I randomly wondered to myself a scant 10 minutes after the fact, would alien beings from other planets or beings that live in other dimensions think of what was happening with the funky vibes being broadcast on our planet right now?

There are a lot of negative energies ebbing and flowing around us at the moment that have a deep scent of dark forebodings that could easily culminate in self destructive disaster that is completely unnecessary, should opposing forces fail to do their job and push back so as to maintain a balance of sorts.

Its like watching morons play chicken with a live hand grenade in a Nitro-glycerine factory just because of the adrenaline high combined with the chicken-thrill it gives them to play dangerous games that can never be undone.

I cast my minds eye over the mess that the socialist minded Marxist morons and the weak and feckless right wing contingent have both created for us to deal with here and just take it all in while I calmly draw in pure prana with every breath to aid in the contemplation thereof.

The hallmark behavior from both parties is that they clearly did not spend any thought on cause, effect and natural consequence of their kindergarten antics.

The left has become radicalized and the right has responded in kind but they have been smarter about it.

This yin-yang yoyo action is a recurring worry I and many others harbor in an elevated pitch of concern and alarm over the pendulum swing between the two.

Both sides need to rush back to the center to avert disaster.

Left of center and right of center both by a smidge is where sanity thrives.

This radical left or radical right stuff just alienates everybody and there can be no true consensus when that happens.

This is indeed worth mulling over at length.

Cause, effect and consequence I find a real easy subject to deal with and though some think that this makes me a visionary - I struggle to understand why this is so hard for every human being to see or grasp.

It really is a very basic concept.

If you stack dominoes apart in a planned spacing schema and tumble just one, the others also all fall in a very predictable fashion.

In the current smorgasbord of political propaganda and outright lying to the people - two factions are perceived to have formed: like dominoes perfectly placed for a ripple effect toppling exercise such as this we are all witnessing right now.

One party is right wing and the other party is hard core left wing totalitarian Marxist oriented.

The problem the left wing Marxist like nut jobs in this scrambled egg have is that for revolution to actually happen you need real suffering and discontent to have actually taken place.

It has not.

In fact the exact opposite situation has developed.

Prosperity the likes of which the planet has not witnessed for over six thousand years is all around in abundance.

For sure it is not perfect but it is getting there quicker and faster than the crackpot Marxist bullshit path which involves a lot of death, starvation, hunger and suffering..

In the face of this not so small problem, the Marxist like contingent are busy inventing issues and "re-imagining" reality to make the formerly contented masses believe that actually, everything in society is in fact totally wrong and these Marxist types are doing everything they can to destroy society - with a moronic vengeance.

The mass of the Marxist like "stupid" in this scrambled egg has not bothered or taken the time to think what these left wing extremist Marxist terrorists have waiting in the wings to replace the current unprecedented levels of prosperity in American society with - mainly because hey, they are in fact, totally stupid....

What Utopia will replace the smoldering ruins of what we have now if they succeed in destroying it, you should seriously ask yourself? Sooner rather than later.

Marx, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Robert "Dumb ass" Mugabe and whoever else in the history of this planet who went down this road had zero answers to this and like questions.

Lost for words is a common theme here and you find they cannot coherently answer them anyways.

AOC for example will give you the same babble that makes as much sense as crooked Joe did on TV these past weeks.

Joe has advanced Dementia, what is her excuse exactly? Such a dumb ass I have not run across in a long while.

It is so bad watching said specimen flail and flap like a beached cod on a sandy shore that one is actually embarrassed on their behalf to the extent that I sometimes catch myself arguing their points for them to the TV - it is in fact that shuddersomely bad.

You cannot do this for Demented ol Joe because his mind has nothing in it apart from advanced senility and some severely bad wind he broke back in 2005.

Man, what a creepy old Magoo dude he is!

What Lenin, Stalin and Mao did have waiting in the wings was extreme violence and murder for anyone who dared to question "The Plan" or how this alleged "Utopia" would work or even question how it could be arrived at exactly.

They could not even define or agree among themselves what this Utopia was, or is, or even what it could be.

This is why even Gorbachev himself threw in the towel on that Marxist ideology dog shit.

The modern day Marxist clan does such a shocking job of it that I am sure Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin themselves would have slapped the lot of this inept cast of the current Marxist Ghouls everywhere to death in utter frustration at their pathetic efforts.

You have to "believe" and have "faith" that they will achieve their Utopian goal, whatever that is or may be imagined to be.

You need to have a lot of "faith" and "imagination" and be blessed with an unhealthy dollop of stupid to be a good Marxist apparently.

If you want a classic living example of this just watch that total Marxist moron specimen Pelosi or her fellow crony thug Chuckie the bobble-headed Marxist super-moron..

I am sure Antifa Fascism was their idea because that's their entire persona. They do remind me of old Benito Mussolini do those Marxist creeps.

Modern day carbon copies in fact - one male one female.

In fact, said Lefty lunatic like Marxist tin-pot-crack-pots have absolutely no idea nor do they have any coherent plan and even worse absolutely zero chance of ever achieving something they do not even know they are setting to strive for as a goal.

This is the whole joke related to these modern day Marxist, Leninist, Potist and Maoist thugs and murderers.

You only have to look at all of human history to prove where such schemes have led and the millions that they murdered to force their dumb ass tin-pot-crack-pot theories down the throats of the unwilling masses.

Rule by Autocratic force and fear is what you get when you go down this road.

This time will be no different.

The result will also be no different to previous efforts, in this age, the next age after that or in any age to come.

The only difference between them will be the numbers they murder along the way.

In fact, this dumbass Marxist Utopian theory can only "work" in very small groups of like minded bull headed goats of the same feather kibbutz style in a remote but isolated desert.

Here I abuse the concept of "work" in the most loose hypothetical term of course.

Even then, this Imaginary Marxist Kibbutz Utopia has severe dependencies on Capitalism at large actually existing so as to mine the fruits of the labors of the victims who just get food, shelter and a bed in return for their labors and "faith" that this flawed ideal will somehow actually "work".

With a population of eight Billion human beings on planet Earth, such a system can never "work" and this is due simply to what we call the human condition.

These tin-pot-crack-pot Marxist revolutionaries are interesting to study if study of the homo Extra-Ignoramus makes your boat float with glee and all that jazz.

One would think that these tin-pot-crack-pot Marxist like DNC thugs are only interested in the welfare of the masses but one would be completely wrong in this line of thought because all they want is Autocratic and unquestioning rule of obedience - punishable by your sudden death should you question or dissent.

These thugs want just two classes of people, the masses and the Party ruling class.

Guess where they see themselves sitting?

They want to tell you what to think, what to do, what to expect etc. all set to make them wealthy beyond belief and enslave the masses once more like it's 1790 all over again.

These Marxist thugs are the modern brown shirt bully boys of the twenty first century, your worst nightmare come to life in your actual reality.

If you disagree with them in any way or try to promote self you are the enemy that must be destroyed.

They have even developed a very unethical weapon called "cancel culture" that smears and taints people who have been fired and smeared for no good cause other than that they are not Marxists, and who question everything, but especially the DNC Marxist brand of sheer lunacy and total horse shit.

It’s funny how the tables get turned in life. I wonder how hard they will bleat when they get cancelled.

I myself can’t wait….

I would have thought that humans who went through this same mess 105 years ago would have learnt and seen that communism and Marxism is a compete failure everywhere it has been tried.

Stalin and Lenin between them murdered 45 million people in pursuit of this totally demented fallacy.

Mao started by murdering over 54 million human beings in the early 1950's and who knows what the tally of Chinese communism is to date with their campaigns to murder Uighurs and others who practice dissent with Beijing.

We all know Pol Pot murdered roughly 4 million people and not the 2 Million that he is falsely credited with murdering but it is the same story over and over again.

Here in the USA, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, the despicable AOC, the more despicable "Chuckie", BLM, Antifa and other miscreants are on a path to emulate the glory (sic) of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Robert "dumb ass" Mugabe and Lenin.

They have no problem murdering every dissenting voice to get there either.

George Soros has this belief of a global state that is one Government for all - no borders anywhere (only if you are a Party Official of course).

This is so labor can be free and slavery a way of life once more while they quietly murder all dissenters in the background.

If I had my way, I'd have all of them tried for treason and insurrection and then the guilty would all be shot.

On the other side of this aisle you have the feckless right wing contingent who have completely failed to realize exactly what game is being played here - touting all sorts of moral high ground meekness and capitulation rather than fighting this deadly cancer with the required force and determination it actually requires to get the job done.

The face of the Feckless and the Stupid - Moral cowards every one

In years gone by on this planet rulers dealt with such treason with extreme violence and force as shown by none other than the Catholic Church who set precedent with a sea of blood not seen before or since..

You cannot let rabid rampant terrorists like these run around spreading their cancer like rats spreading bubonic plague.

Meekly stating "oh chlorinating the gene pool is not the answer" may be a grand philosophical idea but this line of thought assumes the "other" side is also playing by these Marquess of Queensberry rules, which they most certainly are not.

They are playing the most ruthless and violent game that can be played and they are fully intending to murder every dissenting voice that they run into if they have their way in the matter.

These long knife lefty Marxist like lunatics have zero qualms about murdering anyone who challenges their flawed and unreachable quest for this false and poorly imagined Marxist Utopia that nobody can tell you about in anything other than ultra vague, smokey, shadowy and very shady terms.

Were one to follow the course of their wanton destruction and desires, when all the statues are pulled down, when all the Government and company buildings are destroyed, when 178 million fresh graves have been dug and when there is no more economy and when all thinking people have been murdered and all history blotted out of the history books and when all schools and learning have been replaced with farcical ideologies that even a box of dead frogs can logically conclude is delusion that belongs in only one place - a padded cell, then what?

What will replace the engine of work, a job, a house to live in, clean water to drink, power flowing down the power lines, goods that have been made in factories to consume this power, roads that have been maintained, bridges that can be crossed, cars to drive down the roads in, Airplanes to transport you between cities and so on ad infinitum?

What plan can you examine so as to engage in constructive dialogue as to its flaws and failings so that it can avoid the 100% error record and failings of the past?

There is none. They have no plan. The only skills they have is in total death and destruction.

When you inquire as to such plans for purposes of scrutiny your reply is a violent and swift death by bully boy fascists who are unable to stand up to any shred of scrutiny or a single beam of light on their plans and ideas as it will only reveal one thing, that you are dealing with crass stupid on a level that can scarce be imagined.

The right wing party in this scramble is in fact Ultimately responsible for this as they failed to deal with the threat when they had the chance and they caved in when strength was required to push back and maintain the status quo.

With all things in life, the balance remains in the center of anything.

Drift too far left or too far right and you trigger a domino effect that leads to total destruction.

Either way, the destruction is mutually assured to all parties.

Knowing this is the certain outcome then, one ponders - so why bother? The answer is mankind is very sick, as in lunatic asylum sick.

About 34% of the current population of the USA actually requires padded cell and mental institution treatment of their serious psychological maladies and a lot of lithium for purposes of their equilibrium as they have been radicalized in a rabid babble way.

The right is not taking this on the chin and turning the other cheek either, it might appear that way but once the Loon-toon-lefties start spilling blood we will have a flash incendiary civil war state that will affirm the Biden-Harris Banana Republic reality they have led the American people into.

In the 1960's the USA led the way of closing these mental health institutions and treating these very sick people with Psychedelic drugs called Opioids instead of padded cells and mountains of lithium.

A very dim witted Governor from California by the name of Brown led us to that disaster. That "gift" (sic) is still giving.

The result of this Brown shit decision is what we have in front of us today.

Like all turds it stinks to high heaven and has aged with despicable disease like Marxism, Fascism and produced people like Pelosi and Schumer.

Across the country where violence and anarchy prevails, where stealing from stores goes unpunished, where murder is AOK if you are an Antifa fascist or a BLM terrorist, you notice one commonality, these are all Democrat run cities where this sort of "Progressive" (sic) thinking has categorically proven to the masses to be a total unmitigated failure and that the ensuing destruction has led to people fleeing to safe harbor - mostly in Idaho and Texas.

Now, when the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for these ridiculous edicts are held to account they just sit there and grin - hiding behind the law and the ACLU or some such obstructive instrument while they grin and laugh about the destruction they deliberately created.

I saw several such DNC morons in Portland and Seattle grinning on TV like it was a game that people had died as a result of their stupid laws and edicts that they knew full well would come to the result it did.

Portland Marxist superhero "Dumb-Fuck-Duck"

It puzzled me that they seemed so unconcerned and brimming with humor about it all until it dawned on me that this was exactly what they wanted.

They want to destroy everything. This is totally deliberate.

When characters like Jenny Durkan who jump headfirst into de-funding the Police programs and such without engaging brain and then get personally targeted by Antifa when she realizes, "oops, jeez, that's dumb" and pushes back only to find they just simply focus on her ass and then try to kill her for a bonus - it gets to rather interesting status at that point...

Now Durkan the dumbass Gerkin is insisting on hiring more police to replace the hordes who resigned in disgust at her stupid edicts.

Said hordes of cops are all now living on ranches in Idaho by the way - a fact that makes you start to realize that we need to urgently build tens of thousands of lunatic asylums and start stockpiling lithium to treat these sick lefty puppies with.

It needs to be steel re-in-forced concrete that these asylums get built with - About 1 mile underground.

The only problem with this Marxist destruction of what we built so far is that they have nothing to replace it with and having failed to understand what total destruction means exactly they suddenly realize - jeez, there is nothing left to rebuild anything with because -fuck, we just destroyed everything we needed to do it with!

It then struck me they they also want and seek death of the masses on an unprecedented scale, for a few insightful seconds pondering this dilemma leads you there by the default of watching their stupid Marxist dominoes fall.

To me it is crystal clear.

It is very easy and swift to destroy anything with just a few well trained fascist bully boys who hide under the label of being what they are against, but are.

It is not so easy to build it up again.

Especially when you have made certain that all you have left to do it with is a mass of crass Marxist stupid that just wants to kick peoples heads in all day long and burn and destroy everything around them all day, every day.

Robert Mugabe did this to Zimbabwe and all the people got in return was more hunger, more poverty, lots of kicked in heads and a rich seam of total helplessness as they watched their country turn to red barren sand.

The reaction to all this from the right here in America will be equally violent and stupid - but also totally inevitable.

After the civil wars that are to come have been fought and won, after the dust settles around what remains - it will all start all over again.

This has happened before and it will happen again.

I marvel at how the species of Homo Ignoramus on this planet cannot fathom this reality and deal with it in an evolutionary light.

So, if you are a passing alien or multidimensional being who gets his kicks from watching crass stupidity, grab some popcorn and gather around for the greatest ever Lunatic Lefty Marxist tear it all down and burn it show.

Flee!! It's a planet full of a new breed of dim-wit dumbass called the Extra-Homo-Ignoramus

From your perspective it can be nothing but a fascinating spectacle.

The more evolved of what is out there will for sure give it a miss as they all know all too well how Marxist ideology dominoes fall - it is not rocket science....

In America, many Marxists cloak themselves in phrases like “progressives,” “Democratic Socialists,” “social activists,” “community activists,” etc., as most Americans remain openly hostile to the label of Marxism.

To avoid the correct label which they earned, they operate and slink around like jackals - like disease laden roaches under myriad newly minted organizational or identifying nomenclatures, such as “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), “Antifa,” “The Squad,” and other similar bad politics Marxist comedy clubs.

They even have the temerity to claim to promote “economic justice,” “environmental justice,” “racial equity,” “gender equity,” and a raft of such scandalous bollocks.

They have invented "new" theories, like Critical Race Theory, and phrases and terminologies, linked to or to fit into a radical and destructive Marxist construct.

Only they did not invent shit, it’s all the work of that syphilis stricken Marx miscreant Karl.

CRT by the way was invented by white South Africans who called it “Apartheid” which ironically Black people in Atlanta are enforcing on themselves.

Hendrik Verwoerd, were he here to see it, would have laughed himself to death.

There are no words for the total all encompassing insanity that is CRT!

Moreover, they claim “the dominant culture” and capitalist system are “unjust”, “inequitable” , “racist”, “sexist”, “colonialist”, “imperialist”, “materialistic” and “destructive” of the environment.

Jesus, what a pathetic bunch of cry-baby, namby-pamby, piss-artist total losers!

Of course, the purpose of their actions is to tear down and tear apart the nation for a thousand reasons and in a thousand ways, thereby dispiriting and demoralizing the public; undermining the citizenry’s confidence in the nation’s institutions, traditions, and customs; creating one calamity after another; weakening the nation from within; and ultimately, destroying what we know as American republicanism and capitalism.

However, there should be no mistake that the various leaders of this counterrevolution are increasingly outspoken and brazen about who they are, including bands of openly Marxist professors and activists, and they are supported by a core group of zombie-like “woke” followers.

Whatever their labels and self-descriptions, the essential characteristics of their beliefs, statements, and policies exhibit core and extreme violent Marxist dogma.

Moreover, they occupy our colleges and universities, newsrooms and social media, boardrooms, and entertainment, and their ideas are prominent within the Democratic Party, the Oval Office, and the halls of Congress.

Piven and Cloward were the chief instigators of this Militant Marxist Scourge in 1966

Their influence is seen and felt among the mostly witting as well as the unsuspecting and in news reporting, movies, television shows and commercials, publishing, and sports, as well as teacher training and classroom curriculum throughout America’s public school system.

They use the tactics of propaganda that Joseph Goebbels himself would have been proud of.

These thugs demand conformity and compliance, silencing contrary voices through repressive tactics, such as “the cancel culture,” which destroys reputations and careers, censoring and banning mostly patriotic and contrary viewpoints on social media, even including former president Donald Trump, and attacking academic freedom and intellectual interchange in higher education.

Indeed, they take aim at all aspects of the culture - historical monuments (including memorials to Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and the 54th Massachusetts black Union regiment), Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, Disney cartoons, ad infinitum.

Its fucking ridiculous that we let this happen without equal response and violent push back.

This Militancy should have been dealt with when it raised its ugly head back in 1966.

We now find ourselves living in a society where a myriad of Monty Python style states of ridiculous bollocks suggestion that belongs in deep and dark asylums and deflect from reality exist.

A classic example of one such is the ridiculous pronouns state we are in with respect to straightforward biological states of sexuality which are banned and replaced with nondescript words so as not to offend fifty-eight flavors of totally ridiculous gender identification.

Human beings are born either male or female and a few androgynous souls who are both male and female exist. So we in fact have three possible states of sexuality, Male, Female or Androgynous.

Everything else is a mental state that belongs in the locked vaults of an asylum.

Whether individuals of these three possible states of sexuality prefer various combinations of the three sexes as mates, according to their personal sexual preference has no bearing whatsoever on being in one of the three possible states that could exist and is frankly of no public concern to anyone either unless it breaks the law.

When you see people start playing games and wasting time with pronoun games you know you have arrived at a pretty weird Alice in Wonderland acid fueled tea party for the psychologically very unwell.

Frankly, humans have better things to waste time on and worry about than entertaining Psychological maladies of drug fueled fantasy or expanding the boundaries of mental unwellness by inventing 58 states of imagined sexuality.

Such mental health issues stretch online to social media where the lunatic Marxist troublemakers in big tech companies further waste corporations time and energy on crass stupidity and censorship of anything that is not their brand of sick puppy lunatic asylum insanity.

Past social media posts are scrutinized for early indications of insufficient fealty to the present-day radical Marxist hegemony.

Journalism (sic) and editorial pages are "sanitized" (double-sic) of nonbelievers.

Online forums in social media platforms now censor commentary and even the former President of the United states gets banned from making his comments which he is perfectly entitled to on their platforms.

This has resulted in these platforms offering no use or function other than a political propaganda platform of the extreme lunatic and ever more Marxist left.

So in response to this I and many millions of others have just abandoned them.

My life is much simpler since I ejected all of them from my computers, smartphones and my life.

The tech giants are the witting fuel for this Marxist mayhem but clearly they have not followed the path of the yellow brick road this leads to, for if they had they would see they are actually participating in their own demise.

It is amazing how few of them have any vision at all as to where the road they are on is actually going.

These sorts of ridiculous are also deliberate Neo Marxist tactics that emanated from Piven and Cloward who suggested such ridiculous actions to "deliberately throw sand in the gears of everything".

And yet, historical and present-day experience shows that Marxism and its supposed “worker’s paradise” are responsible for the death of tens of millions of human beings, and the impoverishment and enslavement of over a billion more.

Indeed, Marx was wrong about almost everything he thought of. Not surprising as the Syphilis obviously struck a spectacular bulls eye as it rotted his tiny brain from within.

The Industrial Revolution created a vast middle class unmatched at any time in world history, as opposed to an army of angry proletariat revolutionaries hell-bent on overthrowing the capitalist system.

Despite the Marxist class warfare rhetoric of Democratic Party politicians and their surrogates, with technological and other advances - capitalism has actually created unimaginable and unparalleled wealth for more people in all walks of life than any other economic system in the history of mankind circa 4004 BC.

Marx’s insistence that labor alone creates value is also completely incorrect.

If that were the case, the Third World would not be the Third World.

It would be flourishing.

Longer workdays do not ensure wealth creation or growth.

Of course, labor is a very important part of economic value and production, but without capital investment, entrepreneurship and sensible risk taking, wise management, etc., businesses would fail - as many in fact do.

As any businessman worth his salt will tell you, there are many decisions that go into running a successful enterprise.

Furthermore, all labor is in fact not alike - that is, there are different specialties, backgrounds, and approaches both within the workforce and applicable to certain businesses that make references to “the proletariat” nonsensical and uber moronic.

In addition, labor alone does not determine what the value of a product or service is.

Obviously, it just contributes to it.

However, consumers play the major role.

They create the demand and depending on the demand, business and labor provide the supply.

In other words, capitalism caters to desires and needs of “the masses.”

Also, profit does not create worker exploitation, as Marx wrongly insisted was the case.

On the contrary, it makes possible increased worker pay, benefits, security, and job opportunities.

Nor was America’s early economic success built on imperialism or colonialism as these Lunatic Loser Lefties will falsely tell you was the case.

The very resources America is falsely accused of plundering from other countries have not, in and of themselves, made those countries wealthy, even though they are the repository of these resources.

American know-how and ingenuity, born of freedom and capitalism, are the source of societal and economic development and advancement.

What, then, is the appeal of Marxism exactly?

American Marxism has adapted the language and allure of Utopianism.

It is “tyranny" disguised as a desirable, workable, and even paradisaical governing ideology.

I remember when I was young and in high school in Liverpool, where many impoverished and unemployed folk were outright communists and one had to tread very carefully with these angry mob folk who it must be said had just cause for their anger.

In pursuit of a very attractive young lady who was a hard-line communist, I delved briefly into this world to understand how best to liberate said young lady of her impressively scant clothing.

This was actually a much easier task than making sense of Karl Marx drivel and that of all of their other so called heroes and role models.

I swiftly decided said fine lady was in fact far too shallow for moi and pursued a more refined prey with a brain that actually worked instead, as the hard-line Marxist ideal then was far too 1917 and raw in the Liverpool of 1978, though I had to concede that prospects wise, party membership in that environment was a viable option for many trapped in that socioeconomic bear trap.

But you do have to be desperate to go there….Or just be in search of heads to kick in to relieve the pressure and frustration of being a total loser.

There are these days, unlimited utopian Marxist constructs, for the mind is capable of infinite fantasies such as my own non-Marxist butterfly fantasy - to illustrate the power of the human mind….

However, there are common themes to these so called Utopian Marxist fantasies.

These fantasies take the form of grand social plans or experiments, the impracticability and impossibility of which, in small ways and large, lead to the individual’s subjugation.

Indeed, the economic and cultural agenda driven by President Joe Biden and the not so Democratic Party provide ample examples of this ideology and behavior at work.

They include massive deficit spending, confiscatory taxation, and the regulation of all things large and small - drenched in Marxist class-warfare propaganda; and a slew of executive orders claiming to end numerous historical and cultural injustices they invented.

So, too, does their demand for absolute one-party control over the body politic through various extra-constitutional schemes and other means, as Marxism in any form does not tolerate the competition of ideas or opposing political parties.

Those views are to be found in the graveyard.

These efforts in the USA of late include changing the voting system to ensure Democratic Party control for decades, which has as its purpose the eradication of the Republican Party and political competition; attempting to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule so all manner of laws can be imposed on the country without effective deliberation or challenge; threatening to breach separation of powers and judicial independence by plotting to pack the Supreme Court with like-minded ideologues; planning to add Democratic seats to the Senate to ensure its control over that body; using tens of billions in taxpayer funds to subsidize and strengthen core parts of the Democratic Party base (such as unions and political activists); and facilitating massive illegal immigration, the purpose of which is to, among other things, alter the nation’s demographics and eventually add significantly to the pro-Democratic Party voting base.

These actions and designs, among others, are evidence of an autocratic, power-hungry, ideological movement that rejects political and traditional comity and seeks to permanently crush its opposition - and emerge as the sole political and governmental power.

The latter explains the true motivation of the obsessive and unremitting war against the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump, and the tens of millions of his supporters.

A proper audit now seems to indicate at least 77 million of them.

In fact careful analysis of US voting records since 1968 of Nixon vs Mondale and later when Reagan crushed Mondale leads me to strongly suspect that the DNC has been semi-successfully cheating in all elections since 1968 but their response to Reagan seems to have led to serious voting crimes to combat reality.

I suspect that they in fact have a scant 18-23% of the actual vote anywhere other than radical centers of Marxism like New York, San Francisco, Portland or Los Angeles.

We have clearly seen with the video evidence shown in various audits of the last election that blatant whole-scale cheating was in fact going on everywhere by the DNC.

In some of these voting areas they point blank are refusing to comply and work with the 2020 audit because their cheating was so blatant it is indefensible so they are just refusing to comply with the directive.

Trump was right, they were so desperate to get rid of him that they were willing to embrace banana republic politics and MO to do it.

It is stunning that they actually had the temerity and gall to go there.

As a result there is no confidence in American political structures and the Judiciary as they do not represent the will of the people and underline the fact America is now just another banana republic.

These are proven facts shown in courts conducting election audits.

When I hear the comment from various Marxist supporters that there is "absolutely no evidence or proof of cheating", when in fact there are thousands of cases with evidence of such and its on video et al and they still refuse to accept the proof, then you know this is a war against reality.

This does not even skim the surface of the real cheating they did with the help of big technology to electronically alter the results, just like they have been doing in Foreign elections here and there for years.

The NSA et al actually have technology that does this sort of thing, thousands are employed to this end to make it happen!!

The compromised NSA and FBI, newly politicized and now mere arms of the DNC used these tools internally to alter the voting machines programming - I know several of them who brag about it openly.

Maybe they should rename the DNC to the DFC?

Now, instead of free will and democracy we have cancel culture antics making anyone who votes against the DNC an enemy of the state.

This has driven the silent majority underground and their numbers are huge.

A massive backlash is building steam and when the bough breaks it is going to be very ugly indeed.

The DNC Marxist propaganda machine uses their best weapons ironically called "" or "" both of which are in fact effectively “deliberate_mind_fuck.orgs” to counter reality and morons sans brains cite propaganda posted there as if it were the gospel of truth in defense of the total lies they spread everywhere.

Factfuck & Politifuck are in fact both instruments of the radical Marxist lunatic left which they use as a tool to counter questions from their own army of “woke” who might occasionally show signs of being awake and not brain dead and pose "difficult" questions they cannot answer.

That Factfuck and PolitiFuck have become the de-facto oracles of "truth" is the biggest joke anyone ever hatched.

They should rename them to Factspin and Politispin to set the record straight.

Some digging here reveals George Soros money is behind them both.

The sole purpose of them both is simply to deny the truth and post utter pro Marxist bullshit in response to their frequent exposures.

No surprises there.

As free speech is suddenly “inconvenient” the cancel culture bicep gets flexed by the despicable technology leviathans to remove all dissenting voices and free speech itself.

I have removed myself from every one of these social media instruments of propaganda as a result. You all should do the same. If you do not partake in their stupid platforms they are rendered powerless.

It will also put them out of business. A win-win scenario of ever I saw one!

The Democratic Party, aligned with its surrogates in the media, academia, and the bureaucratic Leviathan, colluded to discredit and cripple Trump’s presidency, and destroy him personally, by unleashing an onslaught of slanders, conspiracy theories, criminal and congressional investigations, impeachments, and coup attempts, the likes of which this nation has never seen.

The unremitting, harmonized, and ferocious blitz was aimed not only at the former president, but also his followers and voters.

Their purpose was to break the back and spirit of the political opposition, and clear the field of obstacles to power and governance.

Indeed, the Democratic Party continues to pursue now-private-citizen Trump, having gained access to his tax returns through the offices of elected Democratic officials, including the Manhattan district attorney, an aggressive partisan.

The campaign to de-legitimize and marginalize the Democratic Party’s political opposition is further evidenced by Biden’s reckless racial rhetoric in accusing Republicans in Georgia of instituting Jim Crow laws to prevent black citizens from voting, a contemptible lie intended to upset minorities and turn them against the Republican Party.

Although weaponizing race is not new to the Democratic Party, given its historic pedigree - from supporting slavery to segregation - and Biden’s vocal and active opposition to integration early in his Senate career.

It is shocking to witness its grotesque rebirth as a political tool.

During the violent riots last summer (2020) and this spring (2021), which involved looting, arson, and even murder in multiple cities over the course of several months, and where Antifa and BLM had prominent organizational roles, the Democratic Party’s leadership mostly regurgitated the rhetoric and claims of the anarchist/Marxist groups and rioters, including the broad condemnation of law enforcement as “systemically racist,” and were not only loath to denounce the violence, but, incredibly, declared the rioters as “mostly peaceful” and their demand to de-fund the police (later, changed to slash their budgets) as "legitimate".

In fact, a BLM co-founder declared in the summer of 2020 that one of their “goals is to get Trump out, now.”

Democratic-controlled cities named streets after the group and numerous Biden campaign staffers donated to a fund that paid the bail for the release of those who were arrested and jailed.

Obviously, the Democratic Party and Biden campaign perceived an overlap or synergy of political interests and objectives with the rioters.

A dangerous and very foolish action indeed.

This one is going to bite them in the ass so savagely they will bleed to death as a result of the wounds from such stupidity.

The Democratic Party seeks to empower itself by breaching constitutional firewalls; skirting if not eradicating rules, traditions, and customs; adopting Marx’s language of class warfare; and aligning with certain avowedly Marxist groups and ideological causes, among other things.

Moreover, it is using the instrumentality of the government for its political empowerment and purposes.

Antifa Rally for Fascism

The truth is that the interests of the Democratic Party come before those of the country.

And allegiance to the party is more important than fealty to the country.

The DNP and these radical Marxist organizations are all 3000% guilty of treason and insurrection.

The DNP holds these characteristics in common with other autocratic and communist parties throughout the world.

Marxism is especially alluring to, and actively supported by, individuals who find Marxism’s oppressor-oppressed class warfare construct appealing for several reasons.

First, the fact is people want to belong to groups, including ethnic, racial, religious, and economic groups.

People find identity, commonality, purpose, and even self-worth with such attachments.

Indeed, I believe this to be the most potent of Marx’s paradigms, because he exploits this instinctively human and psychologically emotional appeal to create passionate and even fanatical adherents and revolutionaries.

This is another characteristic of American Marxism and the Democratic Party.

This brings me to a second point.

Within this class warfare construct, Marxism’s adherents and would-be followers are encouraged to view themselves and the groups with which they identify as the oppressed-that is, the victims and their oppressors are found in the existing society, culture, and economic system, from which the oppressed must liberate themselves and their fellow travelers, meaning those victims who identify with or are also members of the same group.

This is a primary reason why Marxism stresses classism over individualism.

The individual is dehumanized and is nothing unless he identifies with a group - the oppressed and victimized group, and the individuals who make up opposing or nonconforming groups are collectively dehumanized, condemned, and loathed as the enemy.

Again, this is a trait of American Marxism and the Democratic Party.

Of course, this formulation is especially seductive to the malcontent, disenchanted, disaffected, dissatisfied and the moronically stupid..

For them, individual liberty and capitalism expose their own shortcomings, failings, difficulty and total inability to function in an open society.

Marxism provides a theoretical and institutional framework through which they can project their own limitations and weaknesses onto “the system” and their “oppressors” rather than take responsibility for their own real or perceived shortcomings and resulting plights.

These individuals are “lured" by the false hopes and promises of the utopian transformation and the dreamt up criticisms of the existing society, to which their connection is tentative to nonexistent.

Improving the malcontents’ lot becomes linked to the “re-imagined” faux utopian cause.

Many in this population of malcontents are susceptible to manipulation, especially by demagogues and propagandists, and the lure of revolutionary transformation.

Importantly, whether one identifies with, or is among the class of oppressed or victimized is a matter of self-determination and self-actualization.

In other words, there are no hard and fast rules.

Furthermore, they and their group can also define and identify what and whom, for them, are their oppressors.

If you are struggling with understanding it let me attempt to salt it down for you.

Basically they “re-imagined” why they are pathetic losers, unable to achieve the success of others all around them.

Because they could not break into success or society ALL people who did achieve success in society were transformed into the enemy, their imagined oppressors.

This is all an imaginary construct of a very sick mind.

I ran into this exact same thinking all over Africa where these Marxist revolutionaries remain convinced to this day that white colonial farmers somehow hid the wealth and magic genies that were responsible for their success.

It did not enter their tiny Marxist minds for a mere nanosecond that hard work, market demand and tempered supply for the fruits of the colonial farmers success and the workers labors under their direction and management was what actually put food on the table for all to eat.

They still argue, to this very day, in perplexed and animated amazement, that even after they murdered them all, how it was that they managed to hide all the wealth and success somewhere.

This is the exact same mental unwellness American Marxists harbor in extreme jealousy and rage at almost everyone who has what they could not and never will get.

In the end, Marx and his modern-day surrogates direct their wrath at the existing society and culture, which must be toppled if life is to have meaning and start over in the newly minted egalitarian fools paradise.

Only when they get there, the reward is starvation and even more extreme poverty and hardships than they could possibly imagine exist.

No doubt they will “re-imagine” their newfound starvation and liberation from food on the table and new lawless environs as a Marxist paradise of sorts.

The mind boggles at such mental disease….

Thus, those in the existing society who are successful, content, and happy are tormented and targeted, for they are either among the oppressors or oppressor groups, and therefore support and sustain the status quo.

Moreover, those who sanction the existing society, or refuse to support or acquiesce to the agenda and demands of the oppressed, are also subjected to damaging and destructive pressures and conduct.

Either you are a part of the “righteous” revolution for liberation and transformation or you are not.

Hence, the allegedly oppressed become the real oppressors, and wield substantial power throughout society and the culture despite their limited appeal and vastly smaller numbers.

They become more belligerent, demanding, and very violent as their appetite for control and revolution grows and must be constantly satiated.

This also explains, but only in part, the cowardice of corporatists, professional athletes, broadcasters, artists, actors, writers, and journalists who, in the face of such tumult, buckle under the pressure, seek to avoid the mob’s notice through various forms of appeasement and capitulation, and in some cases participate in their own transfiguration and even disembowelment.

For others, their boardrooms, management, and workforce are sympathetic and “down for the revolution,” populated from the ranks of ideologically indoctrinated college and university students, particularly among the Ivy School elite, teachers’ unions, or the increasingly radicalized Democratic Party, of which they are members, sympathizers, and/or supporters.

Of course, many corporatists have simply abandoned capitalism for stateism and government/economic centralization, and support groups like BLM and various radical causes, as a way to curry favor if not partner with political and bureaucratic autocrats to destroy their competition and improve their financial positions.

Ted McAllister, professor of public policy at Pepperdine University, makes a persuasive case that today’s ruling class or elites disdain our country.

In a 2021 essay titled “Thus Always to Bad Elites,” he writes: Today, we have a very different elite than America did as recently as the 1980s in terms of their nature, goals, ambitions, style, and ways of exercising power.

The deepest fact of our time is that America has a bad elite, a mendacious one whose skills, values, goals, tastes, and types of knowledge are hostile to our nation’s inherited cultures and plural people.

The new elite that has emerged in the last generation or two has no interest in preserving anything other than their own power.

They lack historical knowledge and vision, which they supplant by, or exchange for, the powers of transformation and change.

Intoxicated by the power possible with emerging technologies, inspired by visions that only a deracinated globalist perspective could make attractive, this elite thinks of creative destruction as applied to culture.

However, they fail to recognize that creative destruction is the domain of the gods. They are millions, perhaps even Billions of years of evolution away from that domain.

These Marxists are primitive souls in terms of their soul evolution.

As winners in what they imagine to be a meritocratic struggle, they can see nothing of an inherited world worth preserving for their very success (which they cannot define).

The peculiar characteristics of their evolving power have given to our new elite the soul of kindergarten art applied to a global canvas.

They lack any experiential or historical ballast to weigh them down, to slow them in remaking everything according to their desires.

For them, streamlining power is key to creation and the annoying obstacles to their new creations are not really checks to prevent tyranny but, rather, limitations - unnecessary friction in the headlong rush to transform (to what - they do not know).

For this new elite, for instance, the good of free speech has become invisible because, for them, free speech is simply friction, irksome resistance to their murky goals.

The elimination of hate speech is the goal, the unimpeachable good, that the openness of free speech prevents.

In half a generation, the work of centuries is undone and the levers of tyranny put in place.

Actually, this is the best that can be said of the contemporary elite.

Unfortunately, too many among us take false comfort in the belief that there could never be a Marxist-based or oriented revolution in America, and what they are witnessing is just another in a cycle of liberal movements, which contribute to the evolution of American society and culture and, therefore, are worthy of approval and passive support.

Collectively, these are America’s “useful idiots” on whom Marxists rely - that is, individuals and organizations that are un-serious and un-aroused by the ominous clouds of tyranny, and even worse, are participants in their own demise and that of the country.

For many of these total idiots Marxism has a way of sneaking up on them, mostly because their eyes are wide shut and they are in total denial of reality.

They are not yet personally threatened and, at least for now, are unmolested or personally unaffected by it; or there are those who are too busy in their everyday lives to realize what is transpiring, or may dismiss these threats as amorphous, distant, or passing events; and there are still more who cannot believe their country would succumb to Marxist influences and despotism.

You better believe it muthafukkas! Your nightmare is here!! It is here right now!!!

The purpose of this blog is to awaken the millions of patriotic Americans, who love their country, freedom, and family, to the reality of Marxism’s rapidly spreading influence throughout our nation.

What is occurring in our country is not a temporary fad or passing event.

The Joe Schmo Experience in a nutshell

Radical American Marxism exists, it is here and now, and indeed it is pervasive, and its multitude of hybrid but often interlocking movements are actively working to destroy our society and culture, and overthrow the country as we know it.

Many of the individuals and groups who collectively make up this movement are unknown to most Americans, or operate in ways in which most Americans are unaware.

Thus, this blog was written to introduce you to a representative sample of them, some perhaps more familiar than others, and to provide you with specific examples of their writings, ideas, and activities, so you can know of them, hear from them and fear the consequence should they have their way.

American Marxism has made great progress toward instituting its goals over the last several years.

If it is to be defeated, as it must - albeit a daunting and complex mission - its existence must first be acknowledged and labeled for what it is.

The urgency of the moment must be realized big time, and the emergence of a unified, patriotic front of previously docile, divergent, and/or disputatious societal, cultural, and political factions and forces, which have in common their belief that America is worth defending, must immediately galvanize around and rally to the cause.

We must rise to the challenge, as did our Founding Fathers, when they confronted the most powerful force on earth, the British Empire, and defeated it.

Admittedly, in numerous ways today’s threat is more byzantine, as it now inhabits most of our institutions and menaces from within, making engagement difficult and complicated.

Nonetheless, I fervently believe the America as we know it will be forever lost if we do not prevail, for it is more imperative than ever.

Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and children’s children what it was once like in the United States when all men were free.”


The time has come to deal with these election cheating, Plandemic causing Radical Marxist scumbags who dare to threaten our freedoms and brain wash our children with evil ideologies and who have already begun to murder and cheat their way to power.

The time to stand firm and push back hard is with us.

There will be Martyrs, but better dead than Commie Red, trust me.

You can read it in the history books before they attempt to burn them all if you care.

I myself saw first hand what this trash Marxist ideology did to Africa, Cuba and Eastern Europe and the abject suffering and corruption it brought to the ruling elites of these Marxist states.

The time to return the "woke" to the mental health professionals and asylums for the criminally insane is upon us once more, so gather your gods or whatever you believe in around you in unity to deliver the "Woke" a rather large unforgettable "Poke".

The fact is we are the majority, they are a small, well organized army of violent mafioso styled criminals backed by an army of "Woke" disenfranchised youth drenched in deep but very dangerous crass stupidity and an obvious inability to think for themselves.

There is work to be done here and it cannot be shirked.

I look forward to daydreaming I am a butterfly once more one day soon when all this shit is behind us.

The words of John 11:35 probably say it all really.