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The Critical Evidence trail pointing to Homo-Bonobo

It was with some reluctance recently that I had reason to pause to consider a great many things that was recently suggested to me by a modern day anthropologist or three, that there is in fact strong and overwhelming evidence to support the supposition that a brand new branch of the Homo Genus has ruptured into existence, in our collective midst, right under our collective noses!

I myself had started to speculate if this could in fact be the case, what with all of the DNA tampering humans have been doing the last 50 years in particular and idly wondered to myself if this would in fact come back to bite our collective ass as a species and I believe after examining all the evidence at hand, that it actually has.

I must also confess that in parallel to the posited idea, I have also been seriously contemplating if our current reality is in fact a virtual reality construct that has been spawned as a branch off of the main reality stream by the Grand Engineer for purposes of his amusement and such agendas generally unknowable to us mere mortals in general.

Vis a' vis the new species train of thought, I also concluded that it may well be more than just DNA engineering at play that has been going on in this conjectured virtual construct we know as our current reality, as there seems to be a lot of parallel monkey business going on that makes the coincidence of all of the combined collective monkey business goings on fall into the bracket of extremely unlikely happenstance.

From a purely mathematical POV.

In fact, based on the prima-facie evidence de-jure, the current situation is also very likely to be a combination of unethical social conditioning engineering that unscrupulous so called "elites" have been pushing on mankind, because ultimately, they are all egregiously greedy bastards who want everything for themselves and near nothing for the rest of the species and which has seen their nefarious social engineering agendas intentionally blended with that of the DNA tinkering, all aimed at the deliberate dumbing down of the species....

To support this view, I point to the sudden lack of education standards and the violent drop in the level of educational quality since around 1984, observed in schools all over the planet.

Current school education globally is so dumbed down that we now have billions of people who are less prepared for life than the average wild semi-suburban monkeys seen on the outskirts of Mumbai these days.

If I look at what I myself did at O level and A levels in the late 70's and early 80's with my various Technical college diplomas and stuff through 1989 to the present day school compared to current college and University level curricula in fact, it is shocking what standards of education skulks out of schools and colleges these days like a pack of sneaky, ashamed hyenas at 2 AM on your average dead, early misty Monday morning.

In the course of my professional career I happened to have knocked around with mad scientist types delving into things like DNA crisper technology, Genomic sequencers and such related branches of science using High Performance Compute platforms as a tool, which is my specialty area and how I came into contact with said mad professor types in the first place.

I did not seek them out per se as pals, I first saw them as sales targets for my High Performance compute wares and became fascinated as to what they were doing with all the gadgets and science exactly as we engaged together on various projects.

I myself was going to be a Dr of medicine until blood flowing through clear medical tubing forced me to switch to electronics instead so I had me a good three year grounding in medicine and had in fact been reading medical university course books since I was 11 years old.

I had enough medical knowledge to pick up on what they were doing at the broad strokes level at any rate.

I also studied these various subject areas to make my computers work better and many of my mad Dr sales targets often asked me where I had studied medicine and chemistry as I worked with them on faster data processing function.

In fact I had to get back into chemistry due to electronic engineering of microprocessors and educated myself on chemistry beyond silicon, germanium and polymer engineering while I was at it.

I took such questions as quite the compliment actually....

In any event, I do believe that either by accident (near impossible) or design, along with the deliberate dumbing down of education plus this DNA tampering et al, that the net, net raw result of all these nefarious shenanigans has produced a new and separate branch of the Homo genus which I am calling Homo-Bonobo.

Most Millennials and Generation Z specimen fall under the branch of this new Homo Genus offshoot that has appeared as a result of both Education and said DNA tampering efforts leading the whole Homo genus family tree somewhat seriously astray.

A chief trait of Homo-Bonobo is ignorance of all and any facts despite any concrete evidence they are presented with to the contrary and the ease at which they have been programmed to evolve into non-contributors to society and instead become parasitic leeches of the state, who can only process what the state tells them is in fact the "truth of the state", regardless of whether or not the "truth" of the state is in fact true or not.

This is because the current Marxist "Critical Theory" garbage from the Frankfurt School Influences that nested like roaches in Columbia University in New York City after the Nazis shut them all down from their Goethe University base of operations in 1933, discounts truth and facts and replaces it with what these Critical Theory Asylum kids call "Critical Consciousness".

To you and I this is a long winded way of saying they Ignore facts and truth and replace it with Woke Bullshit instead, and they indoctrinate the Gullible Playstation era youth with this crap in schools and colleges.

As articulated, 99.999999999999999999999% of the time the USA state's "truth narrative" was withdrawn directly from the ATM found riveted to the wave of Woke Bullshit that they were all drinking from, that was coming from a huge, massive Critical Theory Woke Bullshit fountain, that is pouring like an avalanche, coming down the deep state, Homo-Bonobo, Critical Theory Woke Marxist Bullshit mountain.

I am sure that future DNA crisper engineering efforts can reduce the size of the head of Homo-Bonobo that fall for this shit to that of a tennis or golf ball with a peanut sized brain as this is all that is in fact required to be a Functioning member of a Critical Theory Totalitarian Marxist state primarily made up of the new Genus, Homo-Bonobo.

I will not bore you with the deep and dark DNA engineering evidence I have amassed supporting the DNA helix observations I myself have made, as most reading this are in fact from said offshoot of the new Homo-Bonobo branch and it will not register, but I will cover the myriad of total and utter Critical Theory woke Marxist Bullshit that Homo-Bonobo swallows and believes without questioning the actual alleged "facts" of any salient matters with regards to absolutely anything - for your notes and perusal.

It is in fact hilariously ludicrous to look back at now, three years into what I call the scamdemic that we all had to endure and put up with via the crazy antics of said Homo-Bonobo specimen.

This has in fact been the Golden Age of Critical Stupidity and sadly, it still is.....

In fact do consider deeply that Marxist Critical Theory MUST be fed by Critical Stupidity to survive.

So back in early January of 2020, I was made aware, via my medical boffin research colleagues that I had supplied various High performance compute tools to over many projects, that a new strain of flu was doing the rounds with a slightly higher mortality rate than the last virulent flu strain I think they called SARS.

The standard mortality rate for influenza by the way is 400,000 out of a population of just over 8 Billion which statistically speaking is 0.000049761%.

By February of 2020 this new unknown Flu strain like "thing" had even infected me via my contact with two engineering colleagues of mine who had come from Wuhan to the USA in February of 2020.

The infection spread via the traditional shaking of hands at an event held at the Wente Golf course while having lunch (Chicken Sandwich).

Said colleagues had been in Wuhan on some or other compute based engineering conference with HPE folks that all of us in the IT business go to in different parts of the world on a regular basis.

It had at first made me feel just like a food poisoning type event was underway, unsettling me a la vanilla food poisoning traits, sans the bad stomach side effects.

I thought this unusual as chicken based food poisoning ain't pretty but this was nuthin like it, all told.

I concluded that I had in fact come down with something new and started reading that Intelligence report from Wuhan again, with a bit more interest this time around...

I was shocked to learn that the Intel community actually knew all about SARS2-COVID-19 and from March of 2019 already!

This thing was released much earlier than what the fake news Marxist media was claiming.

I sure felt food poisoned sick but I did not throw up or get diarrhea and I remember this being pretty weird at the time.....

I started reading the stuff from the Chinese Doctor whistleblower before it all disappeared from the internet but followed through via my Middle Eastern medical and Intel contacts to confirm a few facts through my contacts at Gilead and Novartis, mostly around the spike protein data.

Meanwhile the CCP conveniently murdered said whistleblower and made it look like he was a victim of the new Virus. He was absolutely not.

The CCP also took the WEF prompt and started disappearing a lot of opposition to their cause and the cremation stations in China could be seen working overtime from the space stations orbiting the earth.

We think they toasted some 2.5 million "undesirables" over a 5 month period and Jack Ma from Alibaba ran for the hills with his entire family in tow.

My pals at Genentech gave me a crash course in Coronas but I did not get where the spike protein had come from......Until I read some gain of function papers Pinocchio and his Cabal had been working on...

Then the penny dropped...

I asked my Gilead contacts working on Ebola remedies for a deeper dive and got me an even better education on spike proteins.

My wife meanwhile, showed no symptoms of what I had been struck down with for some 5 weeks but then it hit her hard and dispelled my food poisoning theory PDQ.

She got it real bad in fact, sweating like she had Malaria, in March/April of 2020, which was a very cold period that year.

She woke up in a sea of sweat around her in our big California King bed three days in a row.

I thought she had taken a shower and not dried off it was so bad.

My only symptom after a roughly week long nausea phase had kinda passed was a silly persistent cough that saw me graze through some 1200 cough and throat lozenges over a 6 week period.

No sweats for me, though that darn cough that it came with would just not go away.

I only got these serious sweats with the booster shot which also literally made me feel like I had been turned inside out..

I felt even worse than I did after nose diving my glider into Terra back in 2002, in fact.

Initial COVID symptoms felt like a wet blanket clamping down on my whole system but not really winning the war, pulling me down to a level where I felt it was going to take me years to recover from this shit I had picked up.

I immediately put my system into overdrive cruise control and went out of my way to not stress myself via physical exertion or anything strenuous for around two years.

My Gilead pals think my 2 year Chillax phase saved me from getting really ill.

I seriously thought at one point I may even have contracted whooping cough somehow.

I also tried Russki Standart Platinum label Vodka with lemon juice from my own orchards lemon trees to combat said medical maladies in cahoots with said lozenges hoping somehow they would spike the spike in this new Corona.

I strongly suspect these then unknown interests, who had deliberately spread Covid-19, also created the Ukrainian conflict so as to stop the west getting access to remedies such as Russian Vodkas et al.

I myself had already concluded that Ivermectin and Russky Standardt was all that was required to see off this new pesky SARS virus effectively.

I knew I was close to a bullseye because of the way the "Fact Checkers" (double sic) were going out of their way to debunk Ivermectin as if though it had never ever had the label "medicine".

They were treating it like Doc Holliday Quack potion in fact and I never heard so many grown and allegedly adult people talk so much shit about anything in my entire life!

With these fact check idiots I had noticed that whatever they were trying to debunk had a very similar MO every single time.

Like one minute they are touting "conspiracy theory" (usually the minute anyone made them look like total morons with their stupid arguments) on any given subject and the next they just dropped everything and started making loud noises about whatever Marxist Propaganda command had told them was required on the new subject area to be covered in a thick smelly layer of total Bullshit, as commanded by Bonobo Command HQ.

So the detection you were on the right track was usually by the noise level they were generating about the various subject areas and the sea of "Critical Theory", Critically Stupid activists like Don Lemon and Joy Behaar spewing forth dollops of pure Critical Stupid over it all, thrown in for extra critical shit stirring effect.

By now near everybody in the "Critical Theory" Engine room had a daily Critically Stupid show on TV and CNN soon shot to the top of the Critically Stupid pops in a spectacular way, closely followed by MSNBC and near 99% of other now clearly Critically Stupid Marxist agitator outfits across the country.

I had concluded that whatever they are making the most noise about told you the story as to the way it was initially suggested and when you clocked that the cadre of "Fact Checking" clowns had the BS sprayers going full bore at over 2 million RPM to mask the truth and drown it in 10,000 literal miles of deep stinky Homo-Bonobo Critical Bullshit, it was a bit of a dead giveaway with all the frenetic Critically Stupid that went with any common sense suggestion contrary to that of the evil media morons Dumb ass Marxist opinions.

Marxists and communists have a shallow inventory in their MO, actually, and have near zero imagination to boot.

I have just had three years of watching this sort of all out "Critical Theory" Marxist "Critical Stupid" on the TV and who knew there was actually so much stupid out there? It is flabbergasting to behold, it truly is.

Now, three years later, we have the immutable proof of Africa, an entire continent full of natural immunity phenomena to substantiate the fact that the whole Covid-19 scam was a ridiculous inspector Clouseau level bureaucratic fraud event showcasing incompetence and the workings of an organization called the World Economic (sic) Forum (WEF).

This is a strange name for a hardcore Extreme Marxist Terrorist organization hell bent on delivering a totalitarian nightmare to the masses by murdering resistance to the WEF "Critical Theory" agenda out of said masses.

It's leader, one despicable Marxist genocidal maniac by the name of Klaus Schwab and his evil Israeli sidekick, one Yuval Noah Harari, also an extreme genocidal level maniac, are the two main Muppets of the WEF.

These two clowns are behind all of this "Woke" Marxism and their attempts to foist Gramsci flavored "Critical Theory" Marxism in particular down the throat of the entire planet behind the veil of influence of the WEF and are the brains (sic) behind the whole Covid-19 Global power control grab by the left.

The core failure with both these despicables is that they are arrogant and like to brag about how many members of all Governments globally are in on their evil, dastardly plot.

These two arrogant twats even had the moose nuts to write a book suggesting that Marxist left wing nutjobs everywhere use the scamdemic as an opportunity to execute their great "Critical Theory" Marxist dream they called "The Great Reset".

I am not kidding! They even brazenly called the book they wrote calling all Marxists to action "Covid-19: The Great Reset".

More on these two diabolical "Critical Theory" Marxist totalitarian Muppets in an upcoming blog.

So back to my first SARS2 Covid-19 infection event, during which I lost some smell and taste senses for a few weeks and had to wait 2 weeks for this ability to be somewhat restored.

Interestingly enough, in September of 2019, intel sources I also rub shoulders with (long story) had been making noises about some accidental release of some weapons grade virus in some lab in China, also by chance in Wuhan, but I did not pay attention to that detail until mid March of 2020 when I suddenly had ample lock-down time to get into it properly.

These reports even named the Dr involved and the facility in Wuhan it had come from.

Most times these things never turn out to be anything salient or relevant or the public just never gets to hear about it fully and I am sure if we did we would all have many coronary thrombosis events per day in response to said stupid shit Homo Sapiens in the spook business get up to in general, as it relates to really stupid shit governments get up to as a standard operating procedure.

However, in March of 2020 the ruling Homo-Bonobos threw the USA into an inexplicable lock-down and it then became unignorably apparent that a new branch of Homo had ruptured from the genus in a shocking way.

Based on ZERO evidence at all, the unethical Homo-Bonobo clowns at the CDC and WHO orchestrated a totally unnecessary global lock-down in cahoots with bad agents of the deep American state and we were all quarantined to our homes for what they said was just going to be a "two week period" to "flatten the curve".

A curve they were manufacturing from a 20,000 pronged fork effort and all out war on "inconvenient" reality and real data by the way.

Their goal was a smokescreen of total smoke and mirrors bullshit fueling panic and spreading total misinformation everywhere they could.

This was where the WEF took their opportunity to change gears in their struggle for complete control globally.

Their intention was to deliberately cause fear and panic via total bullshit stories, stats, wild claims, rumor and innuendo et al and by suppressing the facts and medical opinion through radical cancel culture from all the Internet media platforms and news channels.

Suddenly, we were in a world of Mandates for this, that and the other but the people telling us these things were mindless bureaucrats with not a single stitch of facts for clothing telling us all to do amazingly preposterous and frankly witch doctor superstition level based bat shit crazy shit.

These Bureaucrats are also all Critically Stupid, to the individual, I might add.

It was a literal Tsunami wave of Horseshit and total Bullshit.

The masses and the already pre-programmed and evil Marxist media propaganda show just went along with the whole farce in what was now clearly a big daily Moron Road show farce like none other.

The Mother of all Moron road show farces in fact, with premier league clowns like that Total Moron Anthony Fauci arguing 720 degrees of the spectrum in a dance that would have had your head spin right off your shoulders if you were watching his feet dancing on a hot tin roof and observing his lying silver tongue dancing in some seriously disturbing psychologically unwell argumentative action and who had bothered to notice he was spinning round and round on thin ice, like the total lunatic that he is.

This Asylum kid did not need anybody to argue with him, as 4 days later he would be in effect arguing against his own 4 day prior position with some gusto.

It was how Homo-Bonobos everywhere swallowed his 720 degrees of 24 carat stream of never-ending Bullshit he was spraying around like a farming fertilizer hopper that first led to the suspicion that this new Homo-Bonobo Genus was with us and was actually very, very real......

I quickly categorized him as "Pinocchio Fauci" and every time he opens his upper and lower mandible he proves me right in a pretty spectacular manner.

Now, I am very well connected to research science people around the globe who specialize in viruses and bacterium research at Gilead, Novartis as well as GSK and a few others I won't mention here yet.

I had worked for Chiron corp in Emeryville at one stage and they were big into flu vaccines and blood testing biotechnology stuff.

I was also collecting stats on the Covid-19 incidences for my own blog site and rapidly discovered the data was all crap and then found out precisely why.

The US Government was suddenly paying hospitals a lot of money to report everything as being COVID-19 related.

This was not just in the USA, this was happening everywhere.

Very Interesting.....A bit of digging left fingers pointing at the Critical Theory Marxist WEF, again...

I started getting a real data feed from a Middle Eastern source and a couple of Doctors in Bakersfield, LA and New York and my peeps there are true mensches.

In fact the public reporting was so stupidly egregious I had even asked the teams at Gilead, Pfizer, Novartis and GSK who we should send the Nobel prizes to.

They were all confused by my question until I pointed out the fact that people were now only dying from Covid-19 or Covid-19 related complications and nothing else.

Heart attack deaths, cancer deaths and all the other reasons why people could die had been eradicated overnight, 100%.

I wanted to know who we were going to give the Nobel prizes too for this stupendous breakthrough in human medicine.....

I white-boarded charts with data prior to March 2020 and after March 2020 to get the point home when talking to them all...

I rapidly found the Marxists among them by doing this exercise as well by the way as they were the first to suddenly forget all facts of medicine and back the "Critical Theory" Marxist bullshit.

The real data pointed to the fact that COVID-19, with slightly less real mortality rate than influenza, just did not have just cause to justify the global lock-down they had pulled on the entire planet.

The real Doctors were rather upset with all this bullshit but those that complained publicly rapidly lost their medical licenses in clearly one sided campaigns against them.

They have yet to apologize to their victims but these cases are all going to court...Where the US Government will get fucked up 6-0, 6-0 in said courts (well the ones free of "Critical Theory" Marxist infestations at any rate).

They have already had to hire back many people they fired because of non-compliance with their mountain of misinformation "Critical Bullshit".

My own stats - through my crude haze of "Critical Bullshit" filter were indicating a 0.00003% mortality rate and as time has gone by and the bullshit has cleared, it now seems it is around half of that number at around 0.0000157%.

However, Africa, who could generally speaking not afford these mRNA vaccines and who you thought would be dying like flies because of it, actually had amazingly low Covid-19 mortality rates, no matter how you looked at it.

The Amish community in the USA also had a near Zero incidence of COVID-19 fatalities - to date I believe just one and they are now picking that apart as something else entirely.

In fact, the only countries in Africa that had similar mortality rates to the rest of the world were ones like South Africa where they had bought and dispensed the Pfizer mRNA death potions.

My own mother died of myelitis complications in Cape Town in March of 2021 from her Pfizer mRNA shot.

Pack those facts for later consideration.....

Prior to leaving office, Donald Trump had removed the stupid FDA process that took drugs 25 years of trials and testing to get into a state for human consumption (and that is indeed a fucking stupid process) and implemented what he called "Operation Warp speed" to get something developed without the 25 years of bullshit.

Emergency decrees by the surprising head of the new Homo-Bonobo Genus, one "Junta" Joe Biden had seen them accept a whole myriad of drugs they were touting as emergency use "vaccines" for human use, mere months after looking at this new SARS2-COVID-2019 strain under a computer aided microscope, but the Homo Bonobos did ZERO due diligence on these many new mRNA alleged "vaccines".

In fact it is now clear that "Operation Warp Speed" was used to get the "final solution" into your arm quicker than what even the "Critical Theory" Marxist scourge could have hoped for.

It was not supposed to bypass development of a vaccine entirely and be used to eradicate Homo Sapiens, that was an opportunity Junta Joe and Klaus took to the "Critical Theory" bank.

So no need to wonder how it went from 3 months of packaging to death cocktail delivery so fast.

Let me mention that I have some 40 years of experience of working with Roche mad scientist types that started from my early working years in Africa, as this was where many Biotech's had their "research" labs.

Africa is considered by many of these "researchers" to be a big rat lab full of two legged testing rats.

In South Africa I had worked in South African Government level 4, deep underground in old mine shafts, research laboratories, where weaponization of a virus with gain of function modifications games were being played within these well sealed and isolated labs mine shafts, deep under ground.

These people were a curious mix of global ethnic research people for South African based research malarkey. That struck me as being quite strange at the time.

This stuff was scary shit and when I found out about the exposure protocols made sure I was not gonna be doing this sorta shit anytime soon, like ever again.

At that time I learnt all about face masks and hazmat suits.

They told us to wear face masks when underground but when I pointed out the scientists were clad in said $10K+ hazmat suits with some exotic Israeli gas masks they admitted it was just a token gesture.

One of the Japanese research scientists at the Modderfontein facility I was working at actually showed me how useless the best medical face masks were in an experiment with luminescence bacterium that clearly showed under some ultraviolet light how totally useless these things are against pathogens.

His way of saying we were all in the same boat.

A medical face mask is in effect a splash guard.

Everyone in medicine and science knows that, people in the street knew this since the London fog pollution days, as did the people of Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Soldiers in the trenches in World War One also knew this and was why they wore proper gas masks but even they were useless if they did not fit properly, and they were seldom worn in time to counter mustard gas and any of the vast array of crap each side was shelling the other with back then.

If you remember, the only common sense thing Pinocchio Fauci ever said in the pandemic was in March of 2020 when he proclaimed using face masks against Covid-19 coronas was a laughable joke.

It actually is. I know this for a certain fact.

Medical face masks actually causes more medical problems than it solves, especially for dim of wit DNC Homo-Bonobo types who need all the Oxygen their sole synapse requires for full Marxist function.

I think the masks are actually responsible for 90% of the Homo Bonobo madness between March of 2020 and March of 2023 due to Oxygen starvation of said Homo Bonobo's sole surviving synapse.

Recent medical publications by medical research schools around the planet have confirmed the well known and exceedingly obvious facts with a 2023 rubber stamp, so Homo Bonobo at large cannot argue things were different in 2019.

This seems to be a standard Homo Bonobo argument, somehow prior medical knowledge is invalid because "things were different" before 2019. Go figure......

I have since discovered this belief system is due to their "Critical Stupidity" care of Woke "Critical Theory" indoctrination while in college.

Today I generally take people wearing K95 or K100 masks or worse as a visual identifier of Homo-Bonobos gifted with a massive overdose of "Critical Stupidity".

To date I have not been disappointed by this personal profiling guideline of mine.

To come up with a medical cure for something that afflicts humans usually involves trials where the drugs they have cooked up are tested on lab animals, then humans and then proof the alleged medicine developed cures x% of the general population based on lab testing data gets done and presented in all sorts of papers and such based on said trial data or allegations and "scientific" spin of said drug's mostly conjectured testing results.

This stuff obviously takes time to spin, even if you shorten it because you need test subjects and test data and then test data analysis but the process is mostly scientists writing total Bollocks to make the drug at hand seem like an actual miracle cure.

The Biotech community at large took the removal of the normal FDA process Trump swept off the table as a license to not bother with due process at all and they all proceeded straight to the hocus-pocus Bullshit potion manufacturing stage instead, prompted by the "Critical Theory" Woke agenda clowns.

In these various mRNA "vaccines" case, no mRNA "Covid vaccine" was tested on even one white lab mouse, by even one of these Biotech giants making this shit.

Pfizer admitted this in the European court in 2022 under intense questioning and the same happened here in the USA with the exact same Pfizer person by the way.

They had done no testing of anything on anyone, not even a single fucking mouse!

The whole thing was an mRNA computer based AI workload scam job and frankly we needed a very solid Quantum computer to figure this one out properly, not the Folding at Home compute cycles they had generated in an admittedly admirable and well intentioned manner.

Hell, I even donated my own Cray computer's workloads to help out the Folding at home effort.

A few Quantum computing research folk at UCSB did in fact make an attempt to do this properly but sadly we are a long way from a functioning Qubit to do it with and finding people who can actually think is also a major challenge these days.

The first thing the Gilead folks had said about SARS2-COVID-19 after initial examination was that this did not come from the natural world at all and that the allegation it had mutated from bats or pangolins was in fact pure unadulterated Batshit Bullshit, completely impossible and articulated precisely why.

These documents and papers rapidly became "fact checked" as lies (by Homo Bonobo "Critical Theory" Marxist agitators with a degree in Political Science, if they even had any education), revealing the depth of the propaganda machine at play here influencing the actual facts at hand.

Suddenly truth was a conspiracy theory and absolute bollocks and fantasy had become the factual "truth".

The problem with this is truth is truth and 24 carat pure Bullshit is just 24 carat pure Bullshit.

Claiming they switched places will in fact only hold up for a limited time span.

You might be able to use the media to claim cow poop pats painted with gold paint was actual gold, but any examination and sampling of said gold painted cow pats would scientifically deliver the fact that it was just gold painted bovine shit.

Suddenly it dawned on us with working brains that we were all being played here, big time in a big bullshit play never before experienced on the planet.

The term "Fact Checked" does in fact not mean that any facts have been checked because these "fact checkers" are just a cabal of total morons with basic, crude, writing skills and have no tools, brains or the capability to fact check anything.

Actually they are all in fact "Critically Stupid". Fact!!

They are just "Critical Theory" Marxist Propaganda Bullshit agents aligning the Data disinformation Stream from the Marxist Bullshit Fountain that is pouring like an avalanche, coming down "Critical Theory" Bullshit Mountain to their precise and exact Marxist Homo-Bonobo Agenda.

I vetted all the so called fact checkers with said Middle Eastern intel sources of my own and found they are all Bullshit artistes, as suspected, every single last one of them.

Any persistent scientific work soon got what they called "cancelled" by these bad agent Marxist bonobos using "Fact Checking" (sic) as the tool De Jure and the Bonobo noise and hooting they partook in to drown the truth out with their complete and utter lies was quite the media show farce.

It also drew out a literal army of dumb as feck "Critical Theory" Marxist Homo-Bonobo agitators masquerading as "journalists".

That was very useful to me actually.

The only problem with selling Bullshit to the masses is it is just Bullshit and at some point even the dumbest moron Homo-Bonobo is going to stop, check themselves and realize that everything is now based on Absolute Bullshit.

When the masses do wake up fully and realize the extent of this Bullshit campaign however, things are going to get pretty ugly and there is a massive awakening going on right now and the masses are pretty steamed about all this crazy total Bullshit that has been directed at them.

The backlash is going to be something else, I can tell ya!

Even now, some of the more irked ones are taking their aggrieved shit to the Supreme court and case by case is being won and all the bat shit crazy mandates and egregiously serious overreach that the state spawned is being exposed for what it was, "Critical Theory" Marxist Manipulation.

While in lockdown, people were glued to their TV and internet browser screens where all they were fed was the purest stream of total bollocks from the biggest most gargantuan Homo-Bonobo "Critical Theory" Marxist Bullshit Mountain the world has ever seen.

The mountain of Bullshit this Homo-Bonobo propaganda machine fed the masses was so huge, it actually is the size of five super galaxies at this point in time.

However, it did not take much effort to make any aspect or fact (sic) in this "Critical Theory" Bullshit mountain fall apart as the whole supposition was knitted with candy floss and it was raining hard with radical "Critical Theory" Bullshit when they knitted it, if you know what I mean.

Adding insult to injury, the media was employing not just any old Homo-Bonobo to be the face of the DNC Bonobo Marxist takeover, they were using the cream of the "Critically Stupid" of their rank and file to do the job!

Suddenly, the new face of "Critically Stupid" in our face 24/7 was Supreme Homo-Bonobo Morons the likes of Don Lemon and Joy Behaar and an army of other impressively "Critically Stupid" specimen showcasing ultimate "Critical Stupidity" in a spectacular way, swelling their ranks to pregnant with Bullshit levels that made you hold your breath in fear it would all explode suddenly leaving you drenched in all the shit that was ever pooped by everything.

The loon toon radical lefties raged on about canceling the heretics who were over endowed with too much common sense anyways and suddenly the standard answer if you dared to question any of this line of hogwash was "so which medical degree do you have then?".

As if you were not allowed an opinion on any subject unless you were a specialist with a degree in that subject.

This did not work with me as I actually am well educated with the salient degrees, I just kept it quiet for my own myriad of reasons.

The inspector Columbo spiel works well for me actually.

Amazingly, we were soon shown that Homo-Bonobos were now so "Critically Stupid" that they could no longer even articulate what a human female is, exactly.

At first I thought this was all some elaborate April fools joke but then it was all over TV with all manner of extreme moron arguing the case for there being no definition of what a homo sapiens female was exactly and it was way past April 1.

This is now the baseline litmus test for discerning Homo Sapiens from Homo-Bonobos by the way.

If anyone argues they do not know what a woman is they are in fact a hard core "Critical Theory" Marxist troublemaker and you should label them as such and move on.

We now even have two "Critical Theory" Marxist Homo-Bonobos in the Supreme court who are clueless as to what a female of the Homo Genus is in any way, shape or form.

Suddenly, men were competing with women in women's sports categories as "Transgender" people, which in the Homo-Bonobo "Critical Theory" Marxist "Critically Stupid" Morons guide to the galaxy allows Biological men to grab winners medals in Female sports categories using this "transgender" inability in Homo-Bonobo to discern what a woman in fact actually is.

If you were born with a vagina you are a woman or female of the Homo Sapiens species by the way.

It soon became apparent, after some research on this situation, that this "Critical Stupidity" was in fact all completely political.

Extreme "Critical Theory" Marxist "Critically Stupid" Political type shit in fact.

What a shocker......

Marxists in general are also all on the extreme scale of the stupid index by the way, so for me it was no surprise to find this out, it was just a confirmation step for me as I strongly suspected this would be found to be the case, sooner or later.

I spent my first 34 years of life around dumb ass Marxist morons in Africa, the UK and Cuba and I reckon I can even spot one from outer space.

In the course of further examination I noted that the Homo-Bonobos that were into this stuff were hilariously calling themselves "Woke" when in fact they are all so dense and "Critically Stupid" that "Homo-Bonobo" explains their malady in two swift and precise words.

"Woke" is now the new definition for so "Critically Stupid" it cannot yet be measured in any meaningful way.

The "Critically Stupid" Marxist meter technology needs a lot of development it would seem.

Surprisingly there are a lot of these "Critical Theory" Marxist "Critically Stupid" specimen in the corporate world as well.

Normally companies are not fussy about whose money they take to be successful, but Homo-Bonobo ranks apparently has them some "standards".

What that means is if you do not tout the "Critical Theory" Homo-Bonobo Marxist "Woke" line of "Critically Stupid" you get cancelled.

The only problem with this is these idiots forgot that though they may be able to cheat egregiously in elections, that the people actually do have power, and when the people start using this power to make a statement, the money dries up pretty darn quick.

Stupid companies like Target and Anheuser Busch soon found out the hard way that touting this Marxist Pedophile Paradise to the children of the People of the USA was a real fucking bad idea.

Suddenly a lot of people began to boycott a lot of "Woke" companies openly spreading their Transgender pedophile disease under the pride banner.

"SouthWoke Airlines" is the latest addition to the must be boycotted list by the way.

This backlash against this "Critical Stupidity" is not going to stop either, as this has got right under the skin of the people who have suffered onslaught after onslaught by these radical "Critical Theory" Marxist loon toons and they have gone waaaay over the line with this Trans Pride Bullshit of theirs.

You will see the profits from all of these "Woke Wanker" corporations take a serious nose dive as a result.

This kind of thing has resulted in a parallel economy where the likes of Alphabet and Anheuser Busch will find out the hard way that 60% of the general population at least will go out of their way to use products that come from companies that have traditional conservative values that promote their continued ability to suck air.

Rumble and Blackout Coffee as well as the My Pillow guy they tried to cancel will in fact make sharp and strong rebounds as a result of this corporate level moronity these "Critical Theory" Marxist morons have been serving up.

Any company executive ok with alienating 60% of the general dollar bearing population deserves only one thing and being banned from being a company executive for life should that one thing, IMHO.

This is where the real Russian angle must be mentioned briefly by the way, not the Hillary fake news Russian incident she created to make noise to deflect from her email server issue, but a time way before that particular bit of Russian Malarkey set in the early 1960's.

At the height of the cold war, the evil Marxists in Moscow had formed a think tank on how to go about destabilizing the United States from within the United States, by it's own people.

This was because the Cuban Bay of pigs incident had riled them up something horrid.

Several KGB pogroms were launched that saw a great many Marxist plants made at the College professor level here in the USA and their job was to turn Universities into a Marxist production line that produced millions and millions of Mindless Marxist agitator robotic Moron Zombies.

Two of the early Homo-Bonobo specimen that were the main thrust of this Marxist engine onslaught in the trenches at the commie coal face here in the USA were one Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

These two idiot savants were advising their army of college student agitators to throw sand in the gearbox of everything in society with the sole goal of breaking everything.

They had no plan or strategy for how society was going to be rebuilt post total breakage however and frankly they had scarce the IQ to fill a pea between them all to do this task regardless.

The meeting of the Frankfurt School "Critical Theory" Marxists with this KGB pogrom was to have a deep impact on the USA that is bearing rotten fruit now.

It is easy to destroy, it is not so easy to build it back from mindless destruction, this can in fact take centuries.

This is in fact where their strategic plan and follow through ran off the track, mainly because Marxist Russia had in the meantime been replaced with an Oligarch controlled Mafia Russia.

However, another Marxist player, China, was soon to pick up the reigns of the KGB and put the Moscow program back in place with a few new CCP twists.

Still lacking strategic clout and ignoring what current capitalism would be replaced with exactly, American Marxists also ran off the track in a pretty big way, probably because the people running their show came from the Moron Marxist Production line that they had built in Universities and Colleges with not a single brain cell between them that could actually think or function in their Quest to mainline "Critically Stupid" lemmings.

These college folk are the disciples of Stupid in the ranks of the "Woke".

The result of their poor social engineering and break everything at all costs M.O can be seen in big cities run by DNC Bonobos all across the USA today.

Portland, Seattle, Scam Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, New York, Minnesota and Chicago being the jewels in the new American Marxists crown of thorns feature spots that showcase what unbelievable Fascist idiots like Governor Fuhrer Gruesome have done to cities like Scam Francisco from the Californian Bonobo HQ, Scarymento.

You should go take a look for yourself if you do not believe me.

I myself was in total denial of these facts of life until April of this year (2023) when I attended an event at the Clift Hotel in the heart of Scam Francisco.

I could not believe what my eyes fed back to my brain while there.

Nowadays my wife and I go there with two armed body guards apiece and we both carry concealed weapons when we do have to go there, just in case.

Almost all companies selling shit in Scam Francisco have all shut their stores because there is no consequence for theft and being lawless so they have all shut up shop and left due to the losses insurance companies will now no longer carry.

No surprise there at all..Cause and effect 101 right?!

I left this sort of shit in Africa, only to find the cancer called Marxism has come to America, right under my nose.

I have seen this same playbook play out time after time and the result everywhere it has manifested has been the exact same. Total disaster.

Africa tried Marxism and found it did not work but China is now raping the Gullible of Africa whole-scale on the back end ripple wave.

In fact, they are using the exact same formula they are using there, to do it here in the USA as well.

As they did in Africa, they focus on the totally corrupt politicians and the Gullible Elite Billionaire class (Soros, Gates and Co) to fuck over the masses to the sole gain and benefit of China.

Looking at Woke shenanigans and written philosophies is like reading Chairman Mao's personal diary from 1951 through 1967 in fact.

They just blended it with an Italian Jailbird and career criminal from the 1920's with the name of Antonio Gramsci who was locked up by Mussolini from 1926 to 1935 and he penned a bunch of works called the Prison Notebooks in his long stay in prison where he concocted this whole Modern Day Woke American Marxism we see all around us these days.

It is no co-incidence that the new rising star of the DNC Bonobo party is one Pete Buttigieg whose father was an alleged life long pal of said Antonio Gramsci.

Fortunately for America Buttigieg is spectacularly stupid which is what we have come to expect from hard core Marxitsas like Pete Buttkraken and his ilk.

Gramsci himself died in 1937 but reading his crap will swiftly align you to what they have been doing here in the USA over the last 50 years.

The whole sexless, classless pronoun and other games he penned are exactly what has been delivered here in the USA as if executed on by a mindless moron repeating everything this radical Marxist was thinking as rote.

If you analyze his lines of thoughts it actually blends Fascism and Marxism with folklore, popular culture and Fordism aspects amongst others to produce a Frankenstein cultural Hegemony to maintain a new world order capitalist flavored state.

The only problem is it is a thinly veiled facade as it is in fact totalitarian by nature and controlled by a politburo of mindless Elite ruling class morons in the background.

Their end game is giving you a box to live in with poor nutrients to survive on while you play games on a games console and do everything they tell you to do from sunup to sundown.

In this scheme, church, family, education and trade unions can only do what the ruling class approves and where any materialism or owning or having anything hankerings are frowned upon as working against the good of the state.

In this Marxist universe the state owns all and everything, including you and your children.

That is the world these morons are trying to build but they forgot one big gear in the gearbox.

That is the will of We, the people.

This of course also means they left off human traits such as ambition, the will to compete and strive for perfection, as well as our endless desire for achieving things and goals.

The most important one they forgot to factor in though, that has already condemned them to total failure, even before they began, is what we call Greed.

These Greedy so called "Elites" have laid down the bait to deliver them their prize but it will be the greed of these self same greedy "Elites" that will be the end of them all.

It is astounding to believe that there are still scumbags out there that think they can have it all while the majority gets near nothing in return.

So why does there appear to be so many of them you might well ask? This too is a facade of some proportions.

That Commie Marxist in Israel, one Ehud Barak, recently let the cat out of the bag on that score and you will be shocked how few of these lunatic radicals there actually are doing all of this Marxist crap.

Per this Critical Theory Malicious, Malignant, Marxist con artist (Ehud Barak), persistent Protests, boycotts and civil disobedience by just 3.5% of the population can bring down Governments and he cites examples and attempts to bring down Netanyahu's Government in particular.

All the shit we have been hearing about the right in Israel is from the same Dirtbag book of dirty tricks these Marxists throw out there to try sully reputations of people on the right.

Unfortunately for them this has been exposed so many times as a shallow shit throwing exercise by these left wing lunatics that people are totally dismissing it as every single time they go there it has been debunked.

I think we are now on installment 2426 of how many times Trump was absolutely right about anything.

This throwing shit at somebody they do not like MO is going to hurt them badly one day when there really is a bad Apple that takes advantage of people ignoring all the mudslinging misinformation that the Left throws at the wall of shit in an endless motion of throwing shit at the wall.

The stuff they are doing to Trump is a text book example of this sort of Marxist BullShit that is totally untrue.

They recently got Trump charged with the rape of a woman he never even met in a civil action because they could not pull off a criminal conviction, mainly because there is Absolutely Zero case and the cops just laughed at the lunatic left loon toons.

Convicting someone in a civil suit of rape when he never even met her is exactly why the American legal system is a serious Joke and a global laughing stock right now and why this will rebound in a real bad way on the DNC Bonobo down the road.

This is a consequence of desensitizing people by flooding their senses with total Bullshit and making people automatically classify ALL left wing antics as total Bullshit by default because it is Total Bullshit and their so called "conspiracy theories" then go on to become a solid gold statement of fact.

But the day is coming.........they will only have themselves to blame when it dawns on their stupid Dumbass!.

Like the WEF criminals, these left wing Marxist nut jobs like old Ehud "Pinocchio" Barak have been getting real arrogant and cocky in Podcasts and they even have a written manifesto that Ehud was one of the authors of that articulates how, with as little as just three to four percent of people believing in any issue, how resistance to government policy through organized AntiFA type action can change perception in the media of optics for faux totally made up "popular" support perceptions that can be manipulated to make it show what they want it to show.

They did this recently in Israel where they crafted civil disobedience to look like the masses rebelled against some changes in Israeli law and promptly bragged how they did it with just 3-4% support for this shenanigan.

They do not even have that much support, it tallied up to less than 1% in fact.

Not only that, but they have the Moose Nuts to go on to brag about it all over the place in Podcasts and on ScrewTube et al.

This tells you these Marxists have a very big screw loose upstairs.

To think that there are a very small minority of people out to deliberately fuck the will of the people and the democracy they are doing it in tells you everything you need to know about these evil Marxist motherfuckers.

Ehud Barak is a traitor to Israel and should be tried and shot for his crimes, IMHO.

People like him will ensure Jerusalem ultimately falls back into the hands of the Muslims and Jews like me will live in over a hundred different countries again like we did for the last 2000 fucking years.

These Marxist scumbags do not care they are giving the people and the laws of the people a double barreled up yours.

These Marxist Bonobos do not even have an end game, just a fatal dose of a fatal disease that is similar to what nearly wiped all the rabbits in Australia out.

That Disease was Myxomatosis but the one that is going to wipe out billions of humans is called MarxistMatosis.

MarxistMatosis is like Anthrax, once the herd it is found in has it, they all need to be culled with extreme prejudice.

We should not feel guilty about it either because the MarxistMatosis contagion's clear goal is the elimination of BILLIONS of human beings.

When you salt it down it's them vs Us and they are a cancer that need a virulent burning out to stop this dangerous contagion spreading.

There can be no mercy either.

That is the bottom line, they do not care or give one hoot about you the people or what the people want, these Marxists just want to wipe you and me all out.

The fact remains this is all just the work of a very small band of Marxist fuckheads in the 3-4% or smaller minority, manipulating the fake faux media to make it look like their opinion is in the majority but it is actually far from it. Very far indeed.

You can watch the interview with this Marxist cunt (Ehud Barak) here .

The DNC based Homo-Bonobos have used the media and the internet with companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter to misrepresent popular sentiment and censor what they do not want people to be saying about anything that does not toe their Gramsci based radical Marxist line of shit.

Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and his publishing of how they did all this illegal stuff before he bought it blew the lid off of a big can of worms with respect to what the DNC, the DOJ and the FBI have been doing to illegally influence elections, the media and public sentiment.

All this illegal election manipulation at Twitter, using the FBI and other unsavory agents actually working within twitter and many ex Government people also orchestrating things at Twitter, manipulating bots to make it look like people and a groundswell of opinion on any given angle is just a few of the things on the menu of illegal stuff that has been going on not only at Twitter, but also at ALL Internet media concerns, Like Fakebook and Google et al.

This sudden artificial bucking of popular opinion is another dead giveaway of how these scumbags have manipulated everything with a very fringe minority few actual people using technology and billions of online bots to artificially create a fake perception of how many of them there are out there.

New numbers from forensic anaylsis at Twitter is indicating a less than 1% minority of people doing this shit.

This is what the FBI, AntiFA and others in the DNC have actually been doing with technology media companies.

That and egregious mail vote fraud, election cheating and all manner of ballot box vote stuffing where dead people, illegal immigrants and whole swathes of illegal voting block manipulations are changing the real will and real vote of the people.

This is why the DOJ and the FBI needs to be disbanded with immediate effect.

They are a criminal arm of what is effectively a criminal crime cartel, the DNC.

They all belong in jail.

This shit is what real serious treason and sedition is by definition and these minority terrorists all need firing, arresting and being put on trial for treason and sedition.

Those found guilty must all be eliminated via firing squads, hangings or Guillotining. They need exterminating with extreme prejudice IMHO.

This is not the sort of thing these Marxist worms can be allowed to get away with.

They are a cancer that needs serious radiation treatment to burn out, no matter the cost.

These are people who view the masses the same way you and I would view an infestation of trillions of roaches in a grain silo and that is that they all need exterminating with extreme prejudice.

These WEF idiots have concluded that the species cannot continue in their current numbers and that they have to get global population numbers down to the 200 million people level.

They believe that technology and automation is at the level where people do not need to work anymore.

Feeding 7.9 Billion people and having an economy where they can get money to feed and clothe themselves has long been seen by these WEF types as a major problem.

This scamdemic we are in now is just the first of many steps we will see aimed at drastically reducing the population of the Homo Genus on this Earth.

The only problem with this is that Homo-Bonobo is characterized by one fatal flaw, Deep Genetic based UBER LEVEL stupidity.

Homo-Bonobo will make themselves extinct within 200 years and I am being very kind here.

Homo-Bonobo extinction is a certainty, they even guarantee it when discussing it amongst themselves.....

And now that you know, anytime you hear some Marxist agitator from one of the many fake "news" outlets talking about dangerous right wing "conspiracy theories", this is just the yellow marker signature confirmation that whoever said it is a full on hard core Communist Marxist agitator.

Also remember that on average, the difference between a "Conspiracy Theory" and the truth is actually 5 months and three days.

There are statistically speaking, ZERO Conspiracy theories at this time, they all turned out to be true.

You will see things differently once you eliminate all the Commie noise that is flooding our senses relentlessly...Critical Theory Marxist Commies talk shit 100% of the time, all of the time!

Things to think and mull over...

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