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The Hammer of David

To stamp it's mark on the Golden age of stupidity, on Saturday October 7th, HamASS (this is spelled correctly by the way, they are just savage asses) decided to slaughter Muslims, Jews, Americans and anybody that stood between them and their crazed bullets, hand grenades and missiles.

The murderous Philistine Palestinian HamASS raghead Sauvages sans frontières, Dressed as IDF soldiers and all high on a drug called Captagon, came through border walls, from the sea and from the sky in an unprecedented onslaught not seen in Israel since 1948.

They were all equipped with GoPro cameras to record their depraved acts of butchery as soldiers of Sauvages sans frontières so that the world could have a precise record of their savagery and goals and clearly understand what they mean by their song "From the River to the Sea"..

To celebrate their excitement for this ASSham terrorist Sauvages sans frontières event, some crazed Egyptian Police nut job lunatics even started executing Israeli tourists and their own Egyptian tour guides for the crime of showing some unfortunate Israeli tourists around Egypt.

This makes Egypt off limits for all people wishing to not risk their lives for what is now 2000% confirmed as the land of the Jihadi lunatic nutter savage.

The USA should table a motion in the UN to recognize HamASS and Islamic Jihad as "Sauvages sans frontières".

The reality is that we are dealing with cut throat, murdering savages without any frontiers or boundaries, as such we should treat them for what they are.

I would also advise Jewish people to stay the fuck away from Indonesia and Malaysia as there seems to be a lot of stupid people there who listen to stupid Savage rhetoric and do stupid things in support of the stupid savages before investigating if any of them are true.

Most US colleges also seem to have the same population of uneducated dumb-ass savages in their ranks that also do stupid savage styled shit without investigating them before they act.

To emphasize this sad state of affairs, to my shock, horror and amazement the Left wing nut jobs in the DNC in the USA and their Marxist Cadre breeding grounds like Columbia, UPenn, and Harvard et al have student groups actually celebrating the attacks and deaths these Philistine Palestinian HamASS savages inflicted against Israel and all the multi-national victims who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is streamed phone video of one Filipino guy who is not even a Jew that the Philistine Palestinian HamASSes murdered after horrific torture to emphasize they do not really care about who or what they rape and decapitate.

Now we can see these evil students true colors shining through and it reeks of evil, demonic, stupid dumb CUNT!

Israel has released a great many of these GoPro streams and mobile phone feeds so you dumb-fuck dumb-asses can look for yourself what happened in Israel on October 7th.

This action from Sauvages sans frontières has been a slap in the face and a pretty violently hard kick in the nuts for many deluded progressive Jews living in San Francisco and New York who are suddenly surrounded by radical Philistine Palestinian HamASS loving terrorist supporters celebrating the slaughter and rape of Jewish babies and children like it's a New Years party for criminally insane asylum patients.

What a fucking Dilemma that is for a totally deluded Progressive Marxist Jew huh? My own Rabbi agrees this is an interesting conundrum for Progressive Jewish Marxists to deal with.

And let's not mince words here, though they strenuously deny it, these people are the core of the Critical Theory Marxist Brigade that rose up out of Columbia University in New York.

I went to visit a few of these types in San Francisco on Monday 9th of October, to pay my condolences as they sadly had family who were slaughtered in this Philistine Palestinian HamASS Sauvages sans frontières Massacre and these idiot progressive Jewish types just don't understand how fellow Marxist Sauvages sans frontières brothers high on Captagon pills could pull off such unspeakable acts of evil.

Many of the younger ones who did basic training and then national service in the Israeli army are paradoxically getting straight on planes back to Israel from around the world and straight into their Israeli army uniforms when they get there.

Almost every South African Jew I know who had kids serve in the army in Israel, who now live in Australia and the USA got called up by the IDF if they were between 30 to 40 years old and they did not hesitate to return to Israel.

El Al put on special flights for these guys and I was impressed at the response to the call up request.

I can only ask the deluded "progressive nutter" parents that are left behind in the USA about the company they keep and their screwed up ideologies that they have in their heads with regards to Sauvages sans frontières charter and where Jews fit into it exactly but this will wait for a later time.

Right now there are other things for them all to worry about.

I guess the critical Marxist Moron in them does not know how to process zero morality pure murderous Sauvages sans frontières evil, but they will in the aftermath.

Especially when their family (Godwilling) return from Israel to regale all with the total Philistine Palestinian HamASS Sauvages sans frontières horror they will witness and live through.

I also noted a great many of these older types of Progressive Jew went to Columbia University in New York and this is where they were all indoctrinated into Critical Theory bullshit and became hard core Marxists care of the Frankfurt school German Marxists that made a home there after Hitler booted them out of Germany between 1934 and 1938.

I now have another reason to Hate Hitler and all Nazi wannabees....

One thing I can tell you right now is the time for the ignorant mowing of the lawn that has been sown with senseless violence by HamASS Philistine Sauvages sans frontières and Ehud Barak Sauvages sans frontières left wing styled stupid idiot "progressive" Jewish inspired, totally deluded tolerance that has been going on these past 20 years in the Holy Land will never return to Israel ever again.

That stupid shit was never going to work because you are dealing with murderous Philistine Palestinian HamASS Sauvages sans frontières and the ASSham Philistine Sauvages sans frontières does not understand tolerance or coexistence, they have it written in their charter that they will stop their insanity ONLY when all Jews are dead - Ref attacks on Israel October 7th, 2023 & 2014.

Sadly if you are a Jew this means us or them, my preference given the choice they forced on us is thus them.

Now I myself have had Palestinian peers I worked with in London and Silicon valley and we all got along fine - until we all returned to Israel for company training in Tel-Aviv.

Instantly, both Jew and Palestinian were transformed into savages, only now I understand the Israeli view point very clearly. Crystal Clearly in fact!

These ASSham Sauvages sans frontières simply want ALL Jews dead.

They do not want a 2 party system, they do not want to share Israel in a sane and rational manner, they just want all Jews dead.

When the Ottoman Empire ran the place, these same Philistine Palestinian terrorist Sauvages sans frontières wanted all Turks dead so they do in fact have 1700 years consistency of this self same Philistine Terrorist Sauvages sans frontières behavior behind them that they are all standing on.

The sad problem for them is there was not ever any Palestine country or self governing region.

The Romans changed the name of Judea on their maps to Palestine but Palestinians were in the minority of the people who lived in the region.

Octavius was actually drunk on fine Judean wine and slurred the word Philistine to his scribe who thought he said Palestine, but he meant Philistine.

Said scribe was also pretty sauced up on said fine Judean wine and they both covered each other's drunken ass antics and the mistake became carved in stone...

Judea is actually named after one of the 12 tribes of Judah, Jews lived there 3000 years ago nomad style with the Bedouin long before the Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières were there.

Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières are viewed by other Arabs as the cut throat Gypsies of the Arab world, in that NOBODY wants to accommodate them or deal with them in their respective countries because they are a special kind of murderous troublemaker problem.

As in a very serious terrorist threat. This is a 1700 year old problem already by the way, it is nothing new.

Egypt wants no part of Sauvages sans frontières and the Saudi's want no part of Sauvages sans frontières either.

The Turks managed Sauvages sans frontières for a few hundred years and they too would rather not deal with Sauvages sans frontières ever again because if they did the Turks would take care of the problem in the same way HamASS Philistines take care of problems and then there would also be no Sauvages sans frontières.

Even the Iranian branch of Sauvages sans frontières who are backing the HamASS Sauvages sans frontières don't want them in Iran.

Iran is behind Hezbollocks and Sauvages sans frontières and countless other Jihadi nut job groups. These are all attacking Israel as proxies of Iranian Sauvages sans frontières, namely the loonatik Mullahs oppressing the people of Iran.

The only thing the Government of Iran engages in

When I was young I had a lot of sympathy for the Sauvages sans frontières situation from a visual perspective as the optics were pretty ugly from my nice remote view in Wales, but when I went to the West Bank myself and when I clearly understood the Sauvages sans frontières Palestinian Philistine HamASS terrorists were not ever going to compromise or partake in a 2 party arrangement or be anything other than murderous Philistine terrorist Sauvages sans frontières, I clearly saw the error of my thinking as a youth.

At that point my eyes went wide and I understood the Israeli reaction to Sauvages sans frontières that want to murder them all is actually totally 100% reasonable and sane.

The 2014 war finally kicked the River to the sea point up my ass and out of my head in no uncertain way and October 7th 2023 rammed it up and out even further, just in case I was harboring any doubts on the matter.

If you think you can negotiate with crazed bloodlust Baby beheading, infant oven roasting, rapist terrorist Sauvages sans frontières CUNTS you need to call 1800IAMINSANE for a funny farm pickup because you are in fact extremely demented and insane.

Ayatollah Nutjob Sauvage Al Trashish

If in doubt about the Peace loving HamASS Philistine Sauvages sans frontières agenda, this HamASS Sauvages sans frontières event should serve as a harsh and painful reminder that you just cannot negotiate with murderous baby butchering lunatics high on Captagon, whose only goal is the rape and murder of every single Jew they can possibly hack a piece off of.

This particular Savage went on TV to claim that the HamASS butcher event will happen again and again, adding fuel to the reality that they are ALL going to have to get sent to God before this madness stops.

This emphasizes and double underlines the fact that they are indeed Piece loving, not Peace loving. I think this has clearly been a semantics issue deliberately made into a grey area via ASSham Sauvages sans frontières Taqiyya antics all along.

There is a place in Israel called Kfar Azza where HamASS Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières beheaded 40 babies and 160 civilians in their homes which they then burnt to the ground in case they had escaped the orgy of GoPro filmed HamASS Sauvages sans frontières beheading frenzy.

I sadly watched the ASSham Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières GoPro footage the Israelis captured as well as saw the mobile phone video the HamASS murderous Sauvages sans frontières took with their victims own phones as they raped and butchered them into pieces on live stream.

I also recently saw the more despicable than beheading atrocity GoPro video the Israeli's wisely held back from public release.

This atrocity involved placing live babies in the ovens in these kibbutz homes and burning them to death.

This shit has galvanized and united a country that was falling apart due to left wing Marxist bullshit and has been the most powerful bonding agent that has had the reverse effect these Asshams had intended.

Apparently they felt such atrocities would win them popular support.

It has actually brought the real problem to the attention of sane people everywhere and it is going to require some pretty draconian action to remedy.

This atrocity shit was not done at just one Kibbutz, it was 17 Kibbutzim where these atrocities took place.

If you are one of those deluded protesters claiming this never happened you are also just as mentally unwell and deranged as these brave baby butchering ASSham Sauvages sans frontières terrorists and may be twice as mentally deranged as Tlaib and Omar.

That is a lot of mentally depraved derangement!

I have not slept since I saw that HamASS Sauvages sans frontières butchering shit and now fervently wish that I never had.

I will never be able to unsee what I have seen.

The ASSham terrorist Sauvages sans frontières deliberately targeted 17 or more other Kibbutz locations that lined the Gaza border and a few inland in the South of Israel as well.

Kfar Azza had 100+ souls butchered by these ASSham Sauvages sans frontières and many more were taken hostage, based on feedback from Palestinians fleeing Gaza city, most of these hostages were also butchered publicly when these Sauvages sans frontières lunatics got there.

These atrocities will not go unpunished and I pray God will give the IDF the strength and courage to avenge all those that died, with considerable interest loaded on top.

To those Insane Asylum kid HamASS fuckhead Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières threatening to publicly murder their hostages live on internet TV, I want to assure you that 10,000 of your own savages will die for each and every hostage you murder this way, you too are looking an extinction level situation straight in the eyes.

The time to eradicate and cleanse the earth of you and your breed of Demonic HamASS savage has been forced on us by your utter insanity, enjoy your martyrdom in hell...

Israel should respond in kind to the first hostage shot by executing 100 of the 5000 terrorists the HamASS savages are demanding Israel release from prison, also on live streamed internet TV.

These HamASS savages do believe in an eye for an eye after all. I believe in returning the favor with suitable interest in the face of such insanity.

Israel needs to invade and flatten the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip and re-introduce military control in the region including the entire West Bank, everything, in toto, from the River to the fucking Sea.

After razing everything in Gaza and the West Bank to the ground first, that is.

Operation eradicate HamASS savages has just started with the symbolic sounding of the Trumpet of Jericho and Tehran will also receive a special gift from the victims of these savage atrocities in due course.

Junta Joe is pleading with Netanyahu to give the Palestinian terrorist savages time to evacuate into Egypt.

It would have been nice for all the Kfar Azza victims to have had a nice warning too huh?!

Fuck that, they had near 3 weeks, I would have given them no warning at all.

In fact their leaflet dropping exercise was more than what I or any previous ruler of judea would have done.

The Roman Empire would have slaughtered every single last one of them if this had happened in their time! This is in fact the ONLY cure for this problem.

May Tehran glow in the dark for 13, 264 years! Hear this my prayer O Lord!

If you are serving in the IDF and should you think of Mercy for a fleeting momentary lapse of reason, please think of the 40 plus babies of Kfar Azza beheaded by HamASS Terrorist Sauvages sans frontières sans mercy to spur you on, this atrocity demonstrated clearly that mercy is the domain of God and God alone, your job is sending these scumbag HamASS Palestinian Philistine savages to their day of Judgement at God's feet.

Wave bye bye to Palestinian Philistine Sauvages sans frontières self rule as we can see what that stupidity brought us, measured in beheaded and cooked alive babies, murdered civilians and raped women.

Next time you hear these ASSham Sauvages sans frontières idiots singing from the River to the Sea, remind yourself they are taunting you and telling you their mission is to kill all Jews between the West Bank of the River Jordan down to the Sea.

That is every single Jew in Israel, as I said, you cannot negotiate with such insanity.

Israel also needs to use their air force to bomb ALL Mosques in Gaza and the West bank as I know for a fact this is where all the missiles are being stored by these HamASS terrorist Sauvages sans frontières nut jobs.

Waste no time nor spend even one iota of a second contemplating the morality of survival either.

Proof of Mosque missile storage silos came from a Mosque the Israeli Air force bombed in Gaza City, the secondary explosives that went off after the Israeli Bombs detonated was all the proof we needed of where the problems are coming from exactly.

My advice to Israel is to send all ASSham Philistine Sauvages sans frontières to God for immediate judgement post haste. There can be no other way.

Sad times as we see what these brave HamASS Infant murdering terrorist savages can do when given the means to do so.

To all those Harvard and UPenn student scumbags et al celebrating the infant beheading and burning alive bravery of these HamASS Terrorist Asshole Sauvages sans frontières, you have tagged yourselves as outstanding human trash worthy of similar dispassionate gene pool cleansing yourselves and I really look forward to somebody sending you all to your own fate in the exact same way so that I too can party that you and your ilk have been cleansed from the gene pool so we may all be free of human trash like you filthy worthless moral free deluded cunts.

We have set up a group here in the US addressing this aspect by making sure each and every one of these moral free student cuntbags is known for supporting the savagery of these HamASS Terrorist savages and we have already had many job offers to these lunatics rescinded once this information was shared with the right people.

This is not cancel culture this is just letting future fellow workers know who their colleagues are and if they should arm themselves when going to work with Sauvages sans frontières vermin.

You know what they say in the Scouts, "Be Prepared".

Our work addressing this alarming moral free support of Terrorism and Sauvages sans frontières in university and college campuses in the USA has only just begun and we are going to make student savages who support this sort of behavior suffer the consequences of their Moronic and sickening stupidity.

There are several trucks driving around various campuses displaying the faces and details of Sauvages sans frontières supporters as these Baby Butchering, Rape and decapitation student Sauvages sans frontières supporters are frankly also a dire terrorist savage threat to the USA and civilization itself.

To those that are rapidly withdrawing your signatures from those stupid support of Sauvages sans frontières documents I sadly have to inform you that once your signature is on that is it.

We have forever copies of the data and you will NEVER be forgiven.

We will never stop informing key people of your moral free support for beheading babies, raping women and then decapitating them.

There are few things that can never be forgiven but that shit is one of them.

By the way these student ignoramuses do NOT have first amendment rights to support Terrorist organizations in any way at all.

HamASS is a terrorist organization. FACT!

Professor Joseph Massad from Columbia University publicly stated the Palestinian HamASS savages attacks on Israel were "Awesome".

Why he has not had his terrorist hate speech Sauvages sans frontières ASS thrown in jail is a serious statement of the failure of Junta Joe's illegitimate administration.

We also have the names of all of the deluded terrorists at UPenn, UC Berkeley, Columbia et al and between six to eight people at each and every college in the USA working on making sure nobody hires deluded terrorist loving baby butchering supporters of Sauvages sans frontières without knowing they are hiring Philistine loving, infant murdering violent Sauvages sans frontières supporters who admire and support rape, decapitation and applaud infant beheading and cooking alive in ovens et al.

I certainly don't want to work with such savage Philistine specimen and I doubt any sane and rational person would either.

Professor Joseph Massad, terrorist & hate speech propagandist for Sauvages sans frontières at Columbia University, New York

The time to bring back the hawks and let the Hammer of God do it's work is upon us!

We have already raised a lot of money to help eradicate Palestinian HamASS terrorist Sauvages sans frontières activists everywhere we can find them!

Thank you all for your contributions and do not stop, this war is not going to be like any other you have ever seen.

To all tech companies in the San Francisco Bay area that are making payments to Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA et al, please note you are supporting the HamASS savage butchery in Israel, you are supporting the beheading of babies and the rape of Women and then their decapitation.

Not only that these people also want YOU dead. Read their charters, it is not hidden or secret. What is hidden and missing is you idiots grasp of the art of Taqiyya that they all practice on infidel suckers like you lot, Ref the Faux crocodile tears from Tlaib, Omar and AOC.

ANTIFA folks in the USA were trained in Turkey by the Marxist MLKP group and they were trained side by side with these HamASS terrorist scumbag Sauvages sans frontières.

BLM are self confessed radical Marxists and their charter is to destroy all companies and capitalist structure, so you idiots supporting them is akin to suicide and you are as a consequence direct sponsors of the October 7th terrorist highlights.

This is a sad FACT!

Why are you paying to have yourself shot in the head? Are there any leaders in silicon valley with actual working synapses? Do all of you have shit for brains?

You do know you are all playing Russian roulette with a gun that has all the bullets in the chamber right?

Boy, this sort of ignorant stupidity I see from these idiot companies giving money to Radical Violent Marxist or Muslim Terrorists who want to kill them all is truly staggering.

Do homework on your social justice "insurance" policy before you just give Infant Murdering Baby butchering terrorists your company cash, por favor.

That shit is like jumping into the pen in a Zoo that houses five fully grown and starving tigers holding 40 lbs of fresh bleeding beef thinking if you feed them by hand you will be AOK. It is that level of gloriously fucking stupid.

These student groups in these scumbag Universities are distributing pamphlets with images of brave and glorious baby murdering para glider high on Captagon terrorist Palestinian Philistine savages right now. What heroes those baby beheading terrorist savages are huh?

I am making my own vivid color pamphlets with these baby beheading murderers Para glider image and YOUR company logos on it sponsor style.

You dumb fucks all need public exposing for these banal acts of crass stupidity.

Have fun explaining your support for baby murdering terrorists and Radical murderous Marxists and Muslims who rape and murder women before publicly decapitating them to your shareholders and various boards of executives.

You might want to contemplate Bud light moronity and the consequences thereof.

We are transitioning from the Golden age of stupid to the Age of suffering Consequences for being stupid in the Golden Age of Stupid.

We are going to publish who in the US is supporting and paying for such savagery and terrorism and you will be SHOCKED at the big name Tech companies that are participating in financial support of such extreme savagery seen in Gaza and Israel this past week!

I have quite a long list I can publish now but we have to double check first, we do not want to make unchecked claims here but 99% of it has already been confirmed.

The Terrorist Sponsor wall of shame is going to be pretty interesting to look at.

I myself was shocked at some of the company names but then I also have video of these many Silicon Valley CEO's bragging about giving BLM and ANTIFA terrorist organizations actual money as if scoring brownie points with baby beheading brutal savage terrorists is the in thing in Silicon Valley these days.

There is no excuse for such moral free shocking behavior either, as each and every sentient being in the entire universe knows the difference between right and wrong.

Apparently, most US Tech companies are morally bankrupt and have ZERO moral compass as a token gesture to the times we live in.

Moral Cowards, each and every last one of them!

I myself certainly do not want to to spend even one cent doing business with companies that support such abhorrent acts of terrorism and who promote crimes against humanity we have all witnessed since October 7th care of HamASS.

My moral compass is fortunately not broken.

We also have left wing nut job DNC members of congress openly supporting and celebrating the savagery of the Baby beheading murderous Savage by flying Palestinian flags in offices of the US congress, this is OUTRAGEOUS BULLSHIT!

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is displaying her true lack of morality colors, as is Another Orrible Cunt (AOC) - she sure is living up to that moniker!

I noted that stupid Tlaib CUNT was also flying a Rainbow flag behind the Palestinian one. I wonder if she tells people how ASShams deal with Gay folk back in Gaza City? Yeah, they throw them off the tallest buildings they can find. FACT!

Then there is the dumbest CUNT in the universe, one Ilhan Omar. This fuckwit defies all anglo saxon nouns and pronouns or even choice adverbs fit to describe her.

The closest we can get is Super-mega-CUNT.

Even that falls way short of the accurate label fitting for that human piece of fecal pork detritus.

That is the kind of two faced baby beheading, murderous rapist savages we are dealing with here.

This clearly marks the huge problem the DNC has of eradicating this serious cancer from within that is going to destroy the DNC completely as the backlash unfolds against such acts of insanity and savagery.

Great PR you HamASS Assholes! You are reaping exactly counter-productive to what you intended.

God Bless Gabriels Merkava's and the tunnel campaign that is now underway but be careful folks and God be with you all.

Allahu Akbar ASShams!

ציד פראי שמח!

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