• Marvin the Paranoid Biological Android

The Rape of The Seas

Let me just start this blog by stating I am not a vegan or vegetarian as some have been suggesting.

I actually barbecue and smoke quite a lot of various meats in my various barbecue devices which I eat most heartily.

Do I have a tinge of guilt re what I am eating? Sure, if we could all photosynthesize like a Plant I couldn't be happier.

Sadly, whoever created the Universe only gifted plants with this ability.

For the rest of us, sustenance is via eating biological mass in its many forms. Eat or be eaten is what this reality seems to be about.

Complaints as to this design are not our concern, it is the way it is. I just deal with it.

For a long time now many of us looking at environmental impact sensor data have been very aware of the real reasons behind global warming.

The fake reasons given for global warming are the mother of all deliberate poisoned red herrings.

The faux response to this issue by every government on this planet to this serious problem underlines the trouble we are collectively in on this matter.

Instead of taking serious action aimed at the perpetrators of this malady they make up a zillion really stupid things to deflect from the real causes of the problem.

The many so called "Organizations of concern" that have been setup to pretend they are dealing with the issue are mere muppets paid for by the very industries causing the problems in the first place.

It is a pretty sick joke, actually.

I saw a surprising program on Netflix the other day called SeaSpiracy that reveals a mere sliver of these bizarre and truly horrific shenanigans.

The only disappointment was that they toned most of it down rather drastically but showed too much Dolphin slaughter which I already know about.

The situation is actually far worse than presented in this documentary by the way.

I have ties with Sea Shepherd and other orgs that are not playing games on this matter and their data checks out in very alarming for homo sapiens living on this Earth ways.

The surprise to me was that SeasPiracy even made it to Netflix.

There is documented proof of these fishing fleet organizations killing whistle blowers and those about to reveal scandals that reveal the global corruption and murder going on with this whole disgusting business.

It's not even a secret! Just never talked about.

I see the fishing industry response to SeaSpiracy is the usual "oh it's all just lunatic vegan terrorist over-reaction".

A laughable response from the true ecological terrorism perpetrators.

The SeaSpiracy plot and story is not new to us either by the way and the picture that the data paints for us is pretty much black and white, there is no grey area here at all.

In Japan in a shameful village called Taiji they are illegally killing Dolphins and Whales and their weak and pathetic reasoning for this shameful and illegal action is they are "pests" stealing their fishing catches.

I am sure the cetaceans have the same view of us as in actuality it is man stealing the fish from those that live in the Ocean that are the real parasites!

These are men with no honor who are deliberately and systematically partaking in the Rape of the Seas and killing us humans while at it and they make weak and pathetic excuses to carry on destroying the ecology of the planet regardless of the dire consequences.

And there are very real, dire and harsh consequences coming our way as a result of this utter stupidity.

The fishing industry is also killing millions of sharks every day and creating even bigger problems we already cannot recover from.

What has happened is that the Apex predators and the Dolphins are being driven to extinction, which in turn is also driving the fish that man and beast seek in unison to rapid extinction and guess who will be going extinct next after that happens?

Yep, that would be us.

But not for the reasons you would think that are at play here.

It has to do with how the oxygen we breathe is made on this planet.

When you buy Tuna these days you will note there is a dolphin safe logo on the tin, but this is a complete joke because they are killing more Dolphins now than they were ever doing before.

What, pray tell, is safe about 23x more Dolphins being slaughtered?

Nothing at all is the answer.

Anytime you see that Dolphin Safe logo on any fish product you can translate it to the total slaughter of 23x More Dolphins than before and let your conscience decide if you are at peace with consuming the product with the Dolphin Safe Slaughter badge on it.

There is no such thing as Dolphin safe fishing, this is a complete fallacy.

The only way you can eat Dolphin safe tuna is if you yourself go fish for it, with a fishing rod.

Not a fishing trawler with plastic fishing nets they deliberately throw into the sea when they are done with them in the hope that they will snag dolphins and whales and drown them by the way.

Over 100,000 dolphins and whales die this way every year which is why they do it.

We have seen many of these fishing fleet orgs that actually have this as a verbally stated policy when they train these fishermen.

This is totally deliberate policy and I have seen for myself how they setup these nets when they throw them into the sea.

They are death traps.

I have interviews with fishermen from hundreds of orgs that state this is the way it is and we have hundreds of videos backing it up.

They all deny it but they are almost all liars.

There are apparently ZERO ethical companies in the fishing business. FACT!

As for sustainable fish farms, these are the biggest scam in human history. The mother of all scams in fact.

Scams so big that the now late Bernie Madoff looked like a kindergarten schoolboy hack with no ambition in stark contrast.

These Factories of Death are killing the oceans so rapidly with their fish waste pollutants that by 2048 the oceans will just be toxic swamps with no life in them.

These so called "sustainable" fish farms cause so much pollution from fish wastes that it is in excess of all the population of the UK crapping into the sea every day, by a factor of 9x.

On SeaSpiracy they showed a map of brown shit around the coast of Scotland where all these farm polluting businesses operate, claiming it was equivalent to 4x the population of the entire UK doing their toilet in the sea.

That was just for Scotland, they are doing this Factory Farming disaster everywhere now.

For Scotland, that is old data in any event, the new and more accurate sensor data is 9x - 14x and it will be over 30x within 10 years.

The story with the others bar one in Norway is the same.

At least the Norwegian operation is playing with Algae to balance the damage this factory farming is doing to the planet.

The fish farm product that swills in its own waste and lice infestation its entire life is therefore not surprisingly also very sick and diseased as a result.

Ask yourself if it is healthy to eat something that is diseased and swilling around in shit, piss and lice its entire life for the obvious answer within you.

Tip: If you think eating grey, diseased fish flesh marinated in lice, shit and piss is healthy, you do in fact need serious help.

You can figure it out in nanoseconds if you really try and put two and two together here....

If you saw the lice these pen packed fish are infested with and the near death conditions they keep them in you would never eat another "Sustainably farmed" fish ever again just on witnessing this distressing spectacle with your own eyes.

They are using "chemical paint" to make grey sick fish flesh look pink and healthy by the way. FACT. I saw how they do it for myself recently and I could not believe my own eyes.

Sadly, the only way to deal with this problem is to actually stop eating fish.

We do not need fish in our diet, wild, farmed or otherwise.

The story that we need omega 3's from fish in our diet is one of the biggest piles of bollocks we have been fed by the fishing industry and those behind it.

The Omega 3 in fact comes from the Algae that the fish eat.

So if we want quality omega 3's, we can harvest this algae and leave the fish out of the freaking equation.

In fact, wild fish are so full of toxic waste and a smorgasbord of toxic metals like mercury that you are in effect committing suicide by eating the toxic fish anyways.

The damage from these metal poisons found in the fish flesh far outweigh any benefits that eating fish may hypothetically give you.

Where did this poison come from? Oh, our factories eject such toxic wastes into the sea!!

We are responsible for the toxic poisoning of the fish in the first place.

Who wants to knowingly eat a toxic, mercury laden fish in any event? Are you guys nutz or what??

I will from this very minute no longer buy any fish or go to any Sushi restaurant myself ever again.

I thought it was OK until I saw the random test results I paid for myself of the fish and lobster I was eating, just to see if this was true.

I do this every year by the way and the University of Oslo guys send me their data every three months as well.

This data is also correlated with 120 other educational institutions and we also tap into the vast network of sensors that are now in our oceans.

I myself have never been a big fish eater, but I have been known to enjoy the odd Ahi steak, maybe once a year.

All those Chinese and Japanese fishing industry people killing Dolphins, whales and Tuna need to be taken out of the equation pronto maximus.

We need to take drastic action to fix this dire problem and that starts with banning all fishing.

Not just some fishing, ALL fishing!!

The fishing industry is killing the sea and if we kill the sea we will all die. FACT!

Unless you know how to breathe sans Oxygen that is.

I myself have not mastered this quirky art yet.

This planet is a life support system that has a delicate ecology.

The sea produces the Oxygen we need to breathe, not the Amazon rain forest that everyone wrongly thinks does.

The sea life and the algae that produce the oxygen are kept in balance from Apex predator down to the smallest plankton.

When you break the balance of this ecology chain, bad shit happens!

It is an ecosystem we are tearing apart with our eyes wide shut...

FYI the Brazilian government is pretty much wiping out the Amazon forest anyways, more of that later.

If we kill the ecology of the ocean as we are now doing, the Oxygen production stops and gets replaced with toxic gases we cannot breathe (yet).

Not very smart.

We have other stuff we can eat other than fish but there is no Oxygen substitute I am aware of in abundant supply for us to safely breathe.

The plastic from the fishing nets are impacting the seas drastically, NOT THE PLASTIC FROM PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS OR THE FREAKING DRINKING STRAWS!!

That's all solid 24 carat, gleaming, steaming crap the fishing industry cooked up with exceedingly dim bureaucrats gifted with exceptionally low IQ levels (probably from to eating too much Mercury laden tuna fish).

The damage these huge dragged plastic fishing nets cause to the reefs and the fish stocks means all trawl net fishing and ALL fishing nets of any kind need to be banned and outlawed immediately.

Once the fish stocks have recovered and the Algae pumping oxygen into the atmosphere is preserved we can allow fishing by rod only.

If I had my way the only allowed fishing would be by bare hands.

You want it that bad catch it with your own hands!

So, what are governments doing about these drastic to our very survival and thus very critical ECO problems?

They claim banning plastic straws and plastic shopping bags is the best way to deal with this problem.

This is so stupid it defies belief. It is total bollocks. Absolute pure bullshit!

Government officials who spout this crap are pushing IQ's around the 65-75 mark.

Worse is that they think we are as smart as they are!!

FYI, plastic bags and plastic straws account for 0.00003% of the total ecological damage. FACT!

What is causing 97% of the damage is simple to identify and they all know very well exactly what it is.

The fishing fleets are responsible for 97% of the total damage we are facing.

The remaining 3% of the ecological damage is on the shoulders of the "sustainable" (sic) fish farming industry.

Between them they own the whole big, bad, rotten egg.

This problem is not due to plastic shopping bags or plastic straws or all the other crap made from plastic other than commercial fishing nets which are plastics based products.

There is no such thing as sustainable fishing either by the way, that claim it is a total lie and they know it.

I have seen the reports their own people have been giving them for years on the subject from over 33 of the top fishing countries.

There can be no more allowances made for the global fishing industry in the light of these facts.

To save the sea and thus the planet we need to ban ALL fishing and so called "sustainable" (sic) fish farming.

Anybody that tells you "sustainable" fish farms are the answer you can immediately categorize as a complete buffoon or master bullshitter with the IQ of a dead ferret either way.

When you ask total morons like the UK Government what they are doing about this problem they just tell you "oh we have banned plastic bags and promote sustainable fishing and fish farming".

Mathematically this statement translates to (0 ) + (nothing).

Last time I looked zero plus nothing was zilch.

Its not just them, all governments are doing zero plus nothing about the rape of the seas.

They should all be shockingly ashamed of themselves.

Basically they are doing nothing because they don't have the balls to take on the fishing biz and even worse than that, they are also being very stupid about it.

Oh and the bribes that take place to make this happen! Boy, can I tell a few of these stories to entertain you about UK, European and US fishing scandals!!

I want to know what their plan for what we will breathe is when we kill the Oceans.

As I said before, many of their scientists have told them of the dire consequences of this situation and they just ignore it.

What is a mystery is why they are ignoring it? Maybe they think being unable to breathe is not really that important?

Plastic bags are statistically not even the slightest bit of a problem compared to the damage the fishing industry inflicts on the planet. 0.00003% in fact qualifies as a statistical zero.

The harm the "sustainable" fish farming industry in the U.K inflicts is, as I said far greater than the entire population of the U.K Crapping in the sea by a factor of 9x every day.

This is considered a fact by the scientists at big credible Universities like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, et al who have been looking at this shit for a long time.

These governments and the fishing biz have served up a massive red herring porky for us to swallow and have not dealt with the problem at all.

I know for a fact of massive bribes ALL governments have taken in relation to this situation globally over the last 56 years.

Well, I have records of 156 of them at any rate.

The fact is that the planet cannot sustain the rape of the sea we are inflicting on it and if we do not stop it, the global warming, which is entirely due to the domino ecological impacts served up by the fishing industry, we will kill the sea and effectively collectively commit Total Homo Sapien (Ignoramus) seppuku by default.

We will kill ourselves and the entire planet if the seas die. FACT!

So what can you and I do about it?

Its radical, but we can all immediately cease and desist eating any fish.

No demand = no fishing fleets. Simple.

There are plant based products that actually taste better that we can and should use should you have urges you cannot quell.

I am on board with this fishing ban goal, effective immediately.

As for the killing of Dolphins and Whales? Well some very radical actions need to ensue to stop that shit.

What you can do to stop that crap is not go to any Marine park or Seaworld show that has Dolphins or killer whales on display and you can all pressure your local government officials to Ban these sorts of shows.

This is not radical loony left stuff either by the way. I am not a member of the tree hugger, loony toon, left column nutter clan.

We are all in serious trouble and if we do not deal with this effectively we are not going to last very long as a species.

"Sustainable" fish farms and banning plastic bags are like farting against thunder as a response to the problem.

It's a total sham and a very sick joke.

It's akin to taking a cyanide pill to feel better for a headache.

Lemme know when that works for ya!!

Join with us immediately by not eating any fish products. Nothing!! Nada!!! ASAP!!!!

There is no way we can pull off "ecologically safe fishing" either and if you do not believe me go read some serious documents and look at the statistics on the matter.

I guess if you do your homework and you still partake in this habit, that you are culpable in our ultimate extinction and just don't care.

Ban all fishing and fish products in all industries globally!!

Governments cannot help us with the problem by the way, because they are the problem. FACT!

As these corrupt global governments have all taken bribes from the fishing industry the most effective way to combat this situation is for the consumers to immediately decide if they would prefer to breathe air or eat poisoned mercury laden fish.

I know which option I would prefer and I certainly do not have to think about it at all, it's that obvious.

In fact, I have heard from very reliable sources on human biology that if you cannot breathe it would prove rather difficult to eat a mercury laden, lice infested fish...........

You know, I think they might just have a rather subtle point with that one......

I have spoken!!