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What is Reality Anyway?

Mathematically, I have been wrestling with several interesting concepts as it pertains to the nature of reality itself via Quantum Math, Physics and Entanglement, ably assisted with the help of Quantum erasers and other seemingly mundane equipment such as polarized sheets of plastic to demonstrate said related concepts to my sole surviving synapse.

The results percolating in said sole surviving synapse observing all of the behaviors of light in these experiments I can actually see and sense with my 3D body are actually quite interesting.

In a nutshell, Quantum Math says that our reality is not real at all and that we may just be thoughts of something I will term as the “Ever-mind”.

You may want to call it “God” for reasons of "Dogma" or insanity.

Feel free to use whatever you relate to that makes you more comfortable in the framework of your mind, but be aware that God/Ever-mind is not one entity, is not individual and cannot be easily defined from our cat box experience vantage point.

The concept we call God/Supreme Being/Ever mind is the Consciousness of all that IS, all that WAS and all that will BE.

Consciousness cannot be found in the physical body as a physical entity, yet the lucid body is conscious of self within it and thus consciousness somehow just IS. Self can explore consciousness, yet it’s source eludes all attempts at discovery.

Consciousness cannot be defined as a thing and also cannot be defined as no thing. It has no form or shape or size.....but yet we sense that it simply IS.

Everything we are, everything we see, everything we do, every breath we take, all contain possible outcomes that exist in every potential action we make which in turn is just the thought stream in continuous vibrations of the collective consciousness.

In effect, we are akin to virtual reality constructs running inside of computers that are running a program with subroutines and other applications rendering our concept of reality in three dimensional space-time as we perceive it with what we have to perceive it with.

At the same time, recognize that we are all the collective consciousness of the sum of all that IS and all the possibilities that could ever possibly be.

These endless possibilities are instantly spawned child processes in a virtual stream, parallel universe construct that branch in all possible outcomes at the same instant of cognition of the possibilities that could potentially exist.

After reading notes, diaries and such from key people in our recent past who have contributed mightily to our reality as we perceive it, and after studying binaural beats and the ganglia in the human body that acts as an antennae of sorts to receive critical programming and data broadcast through the collective consciousness, I am certain that when people like Tesla, Einstein, Brown and Ramanujan et al claim that the data that they all received that made them famous, came to them in dreams, I start to realize there is much more to consciousness and its workings than we could ever realize in our wildest ever collective imagination.

Contemplating all of this does in fact occupy all of the combined dimensions of totality beyond our 3D perception of totality as we know it.

My mind is actually under-developed for that level of perception as my roots are based in this reality and we (in this reality) have all had our minds blunted by what we call “education” and the systematic closing of the mind to the reality that the data would lead us to, were our minds not full of preconceived junk conclusions Academia and Dogma has "taught" (sic) us re our reality.

I suspect this will change dramatically as I journey deeper into thought and the deeper focused exploration of consciousness itself.

Related things that come into my conscious realm are study of photons and ideas that a fourth dimension is pretty concrete from a proofs point of view I have examined for myself seriously since my own accident and NDE in 2002.

Interesting past experiments with massive arc welding equipment rigs have also helped me come to some of my own conclusions on the nature of what we know and experience as “reality”.

There was an unusual phenomena I became aware of in around 1992 that came out of an alleged series of welding taking place on the Philadelphia project and other Montauk shenanigans which was discovered by pure chance by US government research scientists.

There is a deep irony in the fact that black government projects were seemingly the source of this particular stream of data.

I myself have experienced some interesting and at times some very scary things while messing around with huge arc currents in the Telkom SA high voltage lab in Pretoria, South Africa some years ago.

The sudden total and deep momentary blackness of everything in such an environment at the point of current arc contact and associated inexplicable disappearance of physical metal objects like 20 lb. steel wrenches and other large metal artifacts near these welding devices when they overload on arc were the keys to begin unravelling some of this stuff.

At this stage, to my mind, the data is in a flux of chaos but I am beginning to see patterns and reason emerging as time ticks by, when meditating with a cleared mind at any rate...

To cut deep Quantum Math and a very long story short, what seems to happen (from a very primitive perspective) is that the reality stream near such electrical instances which overload in this way seems to wipe the object from the over-mind tasked with creation of the reality stream on behalf of said Ever-mind component in that particular vicinity of 3D space-time that is somehow adversely affected by some very strange and exotic waves that we cannot identify as of yet.

You as the observer even get a brief flash of deep void as I mentioned, for a instant that seems to linger in a timeless slow motion perception of forever, which is a bit of a clue (or red herring?)..

These objects seem to simply just vanish as they are no longer a part of our (virtual?) reality and merely wink straight out of existence under certain overload conditions. We have executed various experiments several times and there is absolutely no doubt about the conclusions re these vanished objects.

Our observations and instruments used for measurements leave us with a pretty deep Quantum clarity on what has transpired (we think at any rate).

Reflection of this gives rise to some thoughts on the matter which on (more) reflection immediately raises a whole pile of very interesting questions and the whole chaotic collection of chaotic data starts falling into loosely related categories to the mind in observance of these very interesting data streams.

These arc environment observations lend credence to the view that the Universe we are in is part of a machine but note that this is a mere over simplification of sorts.

As stated, our combined consciousness itself is the construct of what I refer to as totality (the positive and the negative mirror of ‘everything’).

I have an idea that totality and constructs of totality may use machine like aids that run simulations of reality itself as a side function to prevent a tear in the space-time continuum.

Space-time, it has to be concluded, is clearly also an artificial construct itself.

Several idiots that have thrown opinions (keep them coming folks) on the table have claimed these objects in these numerous observed instances have merely just ‘vaporized’, but let me tell you that if this is the case, we would have much more serious problems to deal with re the fabric of totality (all the universes combined) if this was somehow actually true.

For example, imagine if a strong enough bolt of lightning with the required current went off in the vicinity of your person and suddenly we observed that there is now no longer in existence a single remaining molecule of ‘you’.

However, unfortunately (?), anyone that ever came into contact with “you’, still retains the memory of “you” and a very clear certainty that you in fact existed, but we find that the physical “you” has just instantly winked right out of existence, erased from the record in the blink of an eye and over time, without a trace or hint of evidence that you even existed....

Other than memories that you existed, abounding all over the various minds of beings in your same reality in different places on the planet, we find you have become a dream, the “you” begins to evaporate from consciousness, but how do so many of those that once knew “you” have the same dream and recall the experience they had of “you”?

All sorts of questions about those observing this posited reality would come into being from a casual observers point of view.

Those with a solid grounding in reality would know you were real and existed and would puzzle where you went.

Those of weak mind would eventually conclude you were a dream that caused them to think you were real, but they must have imagined your existence and hallucinated the whole experience of you and may systematically begin to wipe you from their consciousness as a weird dream.

If “you” were part of a team of scientists that would not question the fact that “you” were and are real, the reality stream thus finds itself in paradox.

There has to be an explanation of where “you” went.

These metal objects disappearing in what looks like neat vicinity based vaporization is highly unlikely, the atom stream is going somewhere for sure. The air temperature of sudden vaporization would also be evident and it is not.

Cold fusion is not impossible but how it is done in these cases (if that is the mechanism) eludes us at this time...

This is exactly the situation we find ourselves in with the inanimate metal objects wiped off the record in such welding arc tested environments and our science cannot explain this phenomenon.

This is somewhat disturbing, to say the least.....

Ironically some other more subtle observations and clues to our ‘reality’ arise out of an event that we all know as “death”.

We (people with scientific tools and claims to some knowledge of science) have observed, very accurately I might add, that at the point of death of a human being or any living entity for that matter, that the weight of the being in question immediately loses mass.

We can account for air in the lungs and such to the exact molecule but that is not what leaves the body at death.

Something other than air leaves a newly deceased ex living being at the point of death. This happens to be a scientifically proven and solid fact.

I myself have some thoughts on this claim of what many religions describe as leaving the body which we call a ‘soul’.

I do not know how it works exactly, but I do believe that at the termination of a life force, an energy that bears the data of the entire life of the individual under examination, perceived by the ‘dead’ being as its ‘mind’ is transported through inter-dimensional constructs and paths to some sort of processing destination that is actually a construct resident in various different dimensions, starting post death somewhere in the lower 4th dimension.

The tales of going into the light by those that have experienced these related near death experiences (NDE), are not just random ramblings of crazy people.

The fact that conscious memory is retained of this phase and that these individuals report visually observing themselves leaving their bodies and floating towards the light has piqued my curiosity no end.

Some questions I immediately ask as an engineer about this phenomena is how is the visual perception done when the eyes are allegedly in the stiff on the table? How does a view of “reality” and “self” with said stiff occur sans eyes exactly?

A most interesting question, I am sure you will agree.

This is even more interesting in instances where there is nothing else of noted living mass actually in the vicinity of the “fresh” (sic) stiff to observe such events, as it has been suggested by some that the newly departed is able to look through the eyes of other living beings once the cord to “life” has been cut.

This means that primitive bacteria have a visual connection we have not understood at this juncture (possible but most unlikely)?

What is even more interesting is what triggers the departure of said ‘soul’ as there have been many cases such as my own where I experienced a traumatic life threatening calamity and although I was declared dead, I was not. Obviously the triggers reverse on signs of life somehow.

As alluded to, I myself experienced some very interesting phenomena in 2002 when I crashed my glider into a redwood tree forest in Lake County, California. I was later asked in Santa Rosa hospital by the wife of the owner of the gliding operation that I flew from if I had experienced an NDE (after I had crawled out of my coma and was able to respond to such inquiry).

As I did not even know who I was, this was probably a strange question to ask but in her defense she was observing me, unaware of what was going on inside of my mind, so she would not have known the “state” I was in.

I later learnt that I had been declared dead by the law enforcement guy on the scene (it looked pretty terminal to his seasoned eye) and my wife later showed me the newspaper stories that reported my demise based on the statement of said Lake County officer, resplendent with photos from the scene of what was left of me being carried in a sheet to said Agusta 109 Reach rescue helicopter.

At the time I recalled that I answered a categorical and emphatic no to her NDE question, because it did not occur to me that I had in fact died.

On reflection (long after the fact) my experience was in any event not the classical NDE description that you read about of simply going into the light.

I had simply not got to that point. I had travelled way beyond it without the light malarkey.

I do not recall any of that light gubbins at any rate, as I was flying overhead somehow, watching myself from an aerial vantage point, in another copy of me and my glider.........but through my eyes...

I had branched into a parallel alternate reality.

To me, it seemed that I had in fact not crashed, merely brushed a tree top with a surge of adrenaline to recall the event. I vividly recall the rest of the flight I did not have in the prior reality stream with the utmost super clarity.

A strange memory to have in the memory store of my mind.

More relevant, at the time that she had asked me what an NDE was, I had no absolutely no idea what the heck she was talking about.

Though I do now ponder my rapid answer to the stated question at the time.

I did however file this interaction away in my now seemingly empty memory bank for later contemplation and thought though......It seemed important but I could not understand why that was at the time.

Bear in mind that I was in hospital struggling to understand how I came to be in the ICU in the first place and why my mind was actually lit up like a million christmas trees with a truly bizarre flood of data and general weirdness of being running through what felt like my sole surviving synapse.

Everyone was telling me that I had crashed my glider, but that notion just did not compute at all as I had no recall of such an event in my head.

What I did recall was the rest of the flight and the journey home in my car which I did not take....

Later, (still in Santa Rosa hospital) I was watching a TV news item about a glider being aero towed and it triggered some deep recall point inside my mind.

I then started to remember that I was also a glider pilot and began to vividly recall a rather close encounter with the top of a tree and then after that adrenaline surge event, flying around for a good while after I had clipped said treetop and I remember that I had even flown over a crashed glider for what seemed like an hour or so after clipping said tree and can vividly recall witnessing a Red Agusta 109 helicopter land next to a dark green fire engine that was at the glider crash site on the edge of a forest of redwood trees with the letters CDF plastered all over it.

I remember watching the ripples in the long grass caused by the helicopters blades as it landed as I observed from high overhead at some 5000 feet.

I thought that this was interesting as the crashed glider looked like a PW-5 and I had the only PW-5 that I knew about.

Mild panic began to well within me.

After landing at Crazy Creek, I recall experiencing intense frustration that nobody would help me put my glider back in its trailer.

After you land a glider, it is common practice to take the wings and tail off and store those pieces in its trailer along with the fuselage or park it in a hangar.

The trailer option requires at least one persons help for 5 minutes. I did not get it that day, which is most unusual.

The camaraderie of glider pilots is legend.

After a seriously futile attempt to get anyone to recognize I was asking them for help, I remember with the utmost clarity getting into my car and driving home bitter that I did not get the help I expected with my glider.

So bitter in fact that I had merely left my glider half in its trailer awaiting wing removal, smirking that those on either side of my trailer would have to put mine away first before they could do theirs.

I then remember arriving at home and everyone there treating me as if though I was totally invisible.

This really pissed me off no end.

I was not having a good time understanding what was happening to me at all.

It did not cross my mind that to them I was indeed totally invisible, that is that being out of phase with this reality and en route to a higher dimensional reality is not something that 3rd dimensional beings would normally see with their physical eyes.

Everything after skimming the top of the tree seems to have occurred in observance of the wreck below, which as logic now dictates was my own wreckage.

I was looking down at my own carnage from 5000 odd feet in the sky.

I remember noticing the registration number on the crashed glider seemed similar to my PW-5, then as clarity seemed to have arrived it was snatched away from me and I was inexplicably turning and heading back to the airfield in the grasp of another powerful thermal..

How you continue in another reality stream with no consequence or hiccup compared to the one you just left and everything proceeds as ‘expected’ once ‘disconnected’ from your own sad reality is most fascinating indeed!

Later you will see that this is in fact because we are all in fact connected to each other like photons are.

While I was ‘flying’ back (in this other temporary reality) to my Airfield, I was thinking about this other PW-5 glider, which as far as I knew was not actively being flown at Williams, Hollister or Crazy Creek.

I knew a guy in Orinda had the serial no directly preceding that of my PW-5 and I convinced myself he must have been flying it (because here I was, flying mine).

I did not dwell much on why his aircraft N reg seemed very close to mine before my attention was focused on landing what I was flying at that moment in time....

I then recall that I executed a not so low 300 ft altitude flyby at 110 Knots, pulled up to 700 ft, banked sharp right, went nose down at 50 Kts indicated, streaming to full air-brake while kicking hard right rudder to side slip in, then kicked it straight inches over the runway and ran the PW-5 right up to my trailer leaning the wing into the wind as I rolled along the runway.

I remember being most proud of my ground effect roll with such perfect precision in a light 11 knot crosswind.

This is where things started to get very much weirder (we were at seriously weird a long time ago). First, the Airfield seemed deserted and then the clubhouse proved to be as well.

I sauntered over to the bathroom around the back (which had no lighting) to relieve myself and then went into the clubhouse itself.

I had thought at least the owner's wife would be there and I called her name out a few times and after it dawned on me that I was the only one present.

I eventually just sat down in an old beat up leather chair, waiting for someone to turn up and I must have fallen asleep in it.

A seemingly short while later I was stirred awake by the sound of a yellow and blue Stinson Biplane that bore two yellow helmet clad idiots, which I casually watched as it landed and after a short taxi, said pair of helmet clad clowns clamber down from the aircraft and saunter into the clubhouse where the first thing they do is ask me why the hell I was not wearing a helmet and they then proceed to lecture me on the life saving properties of a Polycarbonate flying helmet......

Then they just turned on their heels and left, clucking their disdain at my ignorance to each other as they climbed back into their Stinson, fired her up and rapidly departed the scene.

The bizarreness and enormity of what they had said to me was to live with me in grade A horror later as I recovered and found that the sixth nerve of my left eye had snapped on impact with the first Aid box that was directly behind my head in the PW-5 cockpit on impact with old mother terra firma (What tragic Irony that was, as it turns out such a helmet could have absorbed enough shock to possibly prevent this damage).

Of all my injuries, this one had been the hardest to deal with until I found Dr Frederick at UCSF that is, but honestly - a frelling First Aid kit!!?

I watched the Stinson take off and could hear the pilots chatter on my portable radio for quite some time after they had left. I then attempted to raise any other pilots on the same radio and got nothing for my efforts.

I even tried a mayday call on the specified channel for that and also got no reply, feeling rather guilty that I did that with no emergency to declare (What was I thinking...).

I then experienced interludes of speaking to various people in what looked like a wooden study similar to the ones you would find in a private english boarding school.

I had the feeling that the others in my company were akin to the school master and irate teachers of said anonymous and nameless institution where I was being admonished over and over again like a bad schoolboy over something I had not yet done.

Only nobody was saying what that was exactly.......... I myself could not discern what my error was, just that somehow I was in some very deep doodoo..........

Every now and again I seemed to be in the midst of a scene from MASH in an airborne helicopter where a very broken and exquisitely fucked up victim (I later realized this must have been me in aforementioned Reach 109 battling for my life) who was getting transfusion after transfusion which immediately leaked straight out of his wounds, mainly from an unbelievably mangled left leg.

The nurse managing this triage was telling the pilot (who’s name sounded like “Art”), that she did not think the patient would make it but that they were nonetheless going to continue until the blood ran out or they got to the hospital (whichever came first....).

I later learnt that I had over 7 full transfusions in the very short hop from Loch Lomand to Santa Rosa hospital. This was only 29.3 miles apart as the crow flies......I was initially upside down in my wreckage so there was blood in my brain until they extricated me from said wreckage.

All of these events where I completed my flight, landed and drove home were most lucid in my mind.

The most lucid of which was the drive home from Crazy Creek airfield.

The Lake County police later told me that this did not happen as my car was taped as a police Investigation scene at the airfield and moved to some Lake County location.

I have some other alternative news for them.....!

Whatever I drove home was either the product of my mind or I was in another alternate reality driving home as normal. The problem is, it was more real than reality itself to me.

The clarity of this event was and is actually most astounding. I remember all of this to this day like it just happened 5 minutes ago.

It has occurred to me several times since then that this drive home that I so clearly recall did in fact happen.

Just not in my source reality and clearly not in the one I am in now.

Somehow I was temporarily connected to one where this accident event did in fact not take place.

All I can tell you is that of all things in my life that I am totally certain of, driving home and being ignored that day is no 1 in rank.

A strange memory to harbor for one that supposedly never occurred....?

No 2 in rank is flying above the wreckage of my own glider and watching that Red Reach Agusta 109 landing next to it. There is not much to split them apart in rank to be honest.

Equally up there is the bizarrely vivid drive home itself. Most interesting ‘imaginary’ memories to have running around inside of one’s head don't you think?

I later asked the NTSB investigator who arrived at my house at some point after I was home from hospital and recovering from my wounds, who else had crashed a PW5 near Mount Konocti that day and I was asked by her if I was high.

Enough said...

Waking up pretty messed up in hospital with this and other stuff going on in my mind was most unsettling.

It made no sense to me whatsoever.

None of the pieces fit anywhere.

Since then I have often meditated deeply on the existence of self and of being.

At length, I have concluded that I did in fact “die” in the reality I knew that day but somehow was still alive in another.

What was most strange however, was my response to a basic question that they ask banged up head injury patients on waking up, which is simply “who are you?”

Even my wife, whom I recognized as my close companion was somehow familiar to me, yet I did not really know who she in fact was.

The data that should have enabled on sight recognition was on vacation somewhere in another dimensional realm.

I kept asking myself “who is she anyway?” and shortly afterwards thinking, “hang on a minute, who am I”?

I was missing self.

This caused a deep dark panic within me that I could not quell.

I felt as if though my mind had been somehow wiped clean of all data. I felt as if though I had been lost and abandoned like an orphan by someone, by the “system”, whatever that was or is.

It was a most strange emptiness of being to experience.

Seriously asking yourself “who am I?” and really not knowing the answer is truly the most bizarre thing you can ever experience. Trust me!

Even more strange, I was constantly asking myself “what, was I?”.

This question was turning over and over in my mind and also had me most perplexed.

I observed ‘others’ lying there in the ward I was in, in a multitude of varying sad states and I shortly concluded that I was one of ‘them’, but could not define what ‘them’ was exactly.

That precision of answer danced maddeningly just out of the grasp of clear and full cerebral cognition.

Just when I felt like it was all about to come flooding back to me it slammed it’s fucking door pretty hard in my face.

My thinking would not play ball either and I was most easily distracted by a million consecutive trains of thought.

To calm myself I just lay there and tried to take in literally everything, conversations of nurses and doctors, patients and family, sounds of the helicopter coming and going from the helipad, the TV set that I could never hear properly and then being overcome by waves of pain and then the rapid bliss of morphine as she wrapped me safely in her strange arms for a bizarre walk down robocop lane.

Time passed VERY slowly to me from my reference point of observation while I was in ICU.

When my wife went for a cup of coffee in the hospital canteen for example, it literally felt like MONTHS had passed since I last saw her.

On one occasion I became convinced that YEARS had passed between her getting coffee and returning to my bedside.....

This was pissing me off in a rather aggravated manner.

I eventually gave up on her in my mind as a result.

Every time she did return from the dining area, I had been experiencing some very long temporal passing periods that spanned said weeks/months/years in time, leaving me surprised that she had actually returned to my side.

She claims her reference point in time was a mere few minutes.

The one occasion where I was convinced 4 or more years had passed still bugs me to this day as in that instance, in my mind, I had even moved back to live in Cape Town and was surprised to find she had come to visit me.

You gotta love Morphine!!

This aspect of the experience still puzzles me to this day.

Of course the family just think I am a nutter, but they are not inside my head....Of course I don't dispute the fact that I am a nutter at all...

My Wife recalls some of the comments I made asking her if she drove from San Francisco to Cape Town across a new bridge....(In my mind there was this massive trans oceanic bridge that had allowed this to be possible).

Everyone in Santa Rosa hospital had a warm, nurturing glow that made me feel cocooned and safe, everyone that is bar one female nurse.

Anytime she came near me in the ICU ward resulted in me going into a quite highly agitated state.

My wife witnessed this a few times for herself and eventually requested that this individual not be allowed near me due to what they observed from my reactions when she was around me.

All I remember is that this soul was one to avoid at all costs. I never found the reason for my feelings re this individual either.

I mention this as I was not conscious in ICU at this point, I was in an induced coma and they tell me I did some bizarre things while in this coma.....

A Tibetan monk from Oakland later helped me understand some of this bizarre stuff as best he could.

They say the mind creates its own “reality” and I am certain that this is fact.

However, what is also clear (to me) is that you can jump from one reality to another, probably one where you experience what your mind accepts as a reasonable compromise for a reality ‘you’ (one of many versions of self) can accept and live in.

I think this process is called branching and it involves negotiation with your ‘other’ self who you will be replacing.

Where your other self is going is actually quite a disturbing mystery, but there is somehow a blissful peace of being at the decision that I/he/we made. No regrets. No resentment. I remember that.

This is some pretty messed up stuff to deal with post traumatic accident.

Even now, I pinch myself and ask myself “Is this all really real?”, “where did these truly bizarre thoughts emanate from that traverse my synapses exactly?”

My Tibetan friend tells me that in cases where multiple “self” is in the same reality, that one of the side effects observed are what they call “super clarity” and apparently that this is why my memory is so bright on the subject.

More than one of these Tibetan characters has told me this, including the crowd in the monastery up in Seattle I visited earlier in 2013.

It will sound strange to many people that Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Math and such abstractions along with data and teachings found in the Tibetan book of the dead, mixed in with some of my own experiences and experiments with high voltage arcing bring me to the subject of “reality” in this way.

Nonetheless I have been questioning the nature of this “reality” I find myself in since my accident event.

I never had serious thought on the subject of ‘reality’ very much before my stated experience.

These days I like to meditate on an empty mind with Hein Braat mantras or Chris Pruess “Sacred Chants of Shiva” playing on my computer in the background, affording me the opportunity of taking in the entirety of totality as best I can absorb it by focusing on emptiness, Gyuto style.

It is in fact, quite the thing to master.

I then like to focus on the issues that perplex me, looking at each in an as impartial and unbiased manner as I can possibly muster.

Sometimes, clarity of view and perception I did not have being just “me” delivers an astounding new look at things I did not have before.

Sometimes my mind is literally like a kaleidoscope of ‘everything’ which overwhelms my senses and I have to stop the meditation.

Most times this brings a strangely blissful and restful deep sleep, but not always.

Another thing that is interesting is that I now find that when I cannot solve problems or issues or see a clear path to how they will even happen it is because I find I am in a worked up state that interferes with logic and reason.

In this state I find going to sleep results in a rapid solution the following day, often within 10 minutes!! Sometime the previous day’s frustrations were 12 hours long and totally fruitless!!

The next day I solve it inside 10 minutes?? That is truly fascinating to me.......!

What is even more fascinating is that I don’t actually do anything new to solve this dilemma and the solution just “happens” as my mind expects it to.

At the base of these questions and journeys into examining what reality is, you will find that there are physicists, programmers, mathematicians and other beings exploring the boundaries of our reality and the salt of their experiments in thought are that we are left with three possibilities re existence at the Quantum level.

Two of which are supported by math and one of which, as it turns out, that is not.

Without getting into complex Quantum Math equations and concise articulation of stuff that is simple to conceive yet difficult to relate, what we have is a sum of thought that says that in a nutshell, we have only these three potential possibilities of existence to consider and contemplate.

The first one most people will find an extremely alien concept and the most difficult of the three to grasp, usually leaving them flabbergasted and shaking their heads in disbelief.

This train of thought suggests that contrary to popular opinion arguing as to the existence of just one Universe vs an infinite number of them, is that there is in fact actually NO Universe at all.


Before you laugh yourself to death, check out the Quantum Math.

You will be shocked to find that the NO Universe train of thought is actually supported by Quantum Math and Quantum Entanglement et al......

This train of thought actually suggests that nothing is real and everything we perceive is just an elaborate illusion, the product of a consciousness that brought everything into creation and that reality is just oscillations of thoughts and ideas at different levels of vibration care of this ‘consciousness’.

But what is consciousness? How can I pinpoint and capture it exactly? I know consciousness IS, what cannot be determined is where it is and what it is. My mind asks simply, how it IS.

This is abstract, it is as if you are a living and breathing Artificial Intelligence character in a 3D video game and whatever you want in 3D space-time your mind creates as it goes along taking what it needs in a process of articulate and breathless creation beyond description that we are unable to frame with mere language.

In a nutshell you are somehow essentially exactly what you need to be...

Think for a minute of an artificial construct in a popular electronic game like “Halo” which makes liberal use of artificial intelligence.

How do the AI aliens in Halo know if their enemy is real? Or if the room they are in is real?

Their minds explore their environment and perceived dangers and react just as you or I would, but you and I know their reality is in fact an artificial construct.

To them however, it is very real!! I often draw parallels between them and us and ponder the state of our reality from this vantage point for hours on end.

What if we are AI entities in a 3D game? What if all of what we think of as the universe is just an elaborate simulation running over and over again!

The thinking is that our perceived collective consciousness creates form and thought of things as it goes, but in this postulation of existence there is actually NO Universe, just a pile of atoms vibrating up and down that are used to create the illusion that there is a Universe filled with countless objects and living things inside of this virtual “reality” that has somehow been created by consciousness itself.

Thus, the zero Universe is not infinite, yet thought exploring its boundaries perceive it as such.

The difference between your game console type virtual reality game environment and that which we perceive as reality is scale and processing power, along with some truly awesome 3D Reality Graphics.

Oh ... and one small detail I forgot to mention, this environment is inside the mind of a hybrid being type machine that is fully inter-dimensional in nature and is operated by the collective consciousness of ‘everything’ somehow.

For trillions and trillions of galaxies, associated planets and the multitude of trillions upon trillions of AI life forms, each doing its own thing, a truly unimaginable and infinite source of processing power and memory are required.

I will leave you to ponder and percolate the NO Universe option for awhile, spend a few thoughts on the power source required for such shenanigans.

This also requires an endless supply of atoms to make the physical infrastructure of these constructs.

The other option suggested, and the train of thought that we all grew up believing is that there is but one single Universe, one God, that what you see is what you get and that there is nothing beyond 3 Dimensional space-time.

We already know a lot about a fourth dimension from a math proof point of view that starts to unravel this train of thought the minute you get into the Quantum Math by the way.

Unfortunately, the Quantum Math does in fact NOT support this single Universe train of thought at all.

Furthermore, Quantum Math not only states that not only is this NOT supported, but that it is in fact simply not possible.

I myself am astoundingly not surprised by any of this data at all, and I have seen a great many conventional “faith” and “math” gurus struggle mightily with these solid facts that pure and Quantum Math tells us.

To me the surprise is that I just do not know why I am not surprised. Must be some kind of ‘gut feel’ effect? To me I feel that I have known this information for a very long time indeed. As in countless millennia long....

The other suggested option we are left with out of the three I mentioned, which is the one I personally resonate with, is one that states that not only is there our own Universe, but that there are in fact countless parallel Universes.

I have mulled over this as an explanation of relocating from one Universe to another at “unexpected” death reality events that were not supposed to have transpired in the original reality and find my very being vibrates well with this train of thought.

For me, It does explain quite a few things.

Its an inexplicable resonance thing. This idea really does buzz with my core rather well for some reason.

However, the first option also strikes a note of kindred resonance within me that also defy explanation of the concise and clear kind.....It's like both answers are right somehow...

Many hours spent with Tibetan writings, explanations from various Buddhist monks and other people discussing the Quantum Math along with my own disjointed percolating thoughts and experiences have led me to conclude that I myself have in fact got to side with the multiple Universe proponents more closely than the former idea.

Quantum Math, paradoxically, does in fact support the Multiple Universe theory as well as the NO Universe theory.

In either option however, similar laws abide. The “I think, therefore I am” philosophical musing takes on a whole new meaning in the light of examining these potential possibilities of being.

Were it not for my own NDE experience related here, I would in fact be siding with the NO Universe proponents. Interestingly, I can also see a perfect argument for the NO Universe argument where everything vibrates at different frequencies instead of multiple waves of possible thoughts.

The convincing argument for me is that the phenomena we call “Deja Vu” and Quantum Math theory itself backs up my observations and conclusions for the multiple Universe reality train of thought.

I have meditated and looked inwards to the best of my abilities and I have found this conclusion sits rather well with my inner self for some reason I cannot clearly articulate to my complete satisfaction.

I wonder if both could in fact be paradoxically possible? A most delicious concept to contemplate indeed......

The point is, although we perceive the reality we live in as a solid 3 dimensional reality, we find that we can touch objects that Quantum Math says should just be oscillating atoms, yet we observe form itself, we touch things and feel them and we can further observe that thinking we are not real does not make our existence vanish at the mere cognition of such alleged heresy.

Thinking the object you are focused on is just a pile of atoms does not actually reduce it to such, even though Quantum Math says it is so. Probably because from our reference point it has form as perceived by us.

The one fly in the ointment to all of this is the actual ‘death’ experience itself.

Many people have told me that life and death are illusions.

With respect to causing the death of another human being for example, I can kill someone and make them cease to exist and suffer the consequences of the laws of my environment and it all seems very real sitting in a jail on death row awaiting my own termination....Just as the “enemy” within an AI construct like Halo would perceive its existence.....

This would all be be due to the fact (as stated) that for us it is all “real”.

Even if it is an artificial virtual reality, the construct is made for us to inhabit and we act out our “lives” according to the rules of the construct we find ourselves in, while serving the program directives we are tasked to deliver and at the same time our consciousness transcends space and time in a seemingly never ending journey where we learn and grow as we go.

A body is a vehicle that our mind uses while we experience the program we were set to run during each incarnation of life we find ourselves in and at whatever dimension that happens to be in.

As very advanced Biochemical AI constructs we have a certain modicum of choice in deviating from the standard way of doing things as dictated by the laws of that reality, but make no mistake, we are programmed to carry out a pre-ordained function, whatever that may be.

How we get there is the only choice we have, but the program directives are pre-set and there is nothing any of us can do about it?

Committing suicide if you do not like the path and form your life takes for example is an utterly pointless exercise in futility itself, as you will merely find yourself in another parallel Universe having to deal with recovering from your self inflicted injuries and having to deal with any permanent damage that your actions have left the body to deal with.

Ever had that strong feeling of Deja Vu that what you are living at the moment of cognition is something you have experienced before, while you were doing it? Then before the events play out you know exactly how this scene ends before it actually does?!

This is because you did do it before, and you know exactly how it will all play out and it does play out exactly how you perceived it would as your mind replays something you already experienced with total inner clarity of being and a strange recognition of the “echo” leaving you amazed and astounded, wondering how you saw and experienced this for the second or even multiple times, before it happened?

You may conclude that you are psychic if it happens often, I know I have seriously asked myself that question contemplating many post Deja Vu moments myself.

It is my humble opinion that this is because your mind is connected to all of the realities at the same time and every now and again stuff leaks from one reality to the next, flooding your recall with the data as if you had experienced something as you were doing it (only you had not done that in your reality -- yet). This has an interesting conclusion re time streams and gravity waves that pass through each reality FYI.

I myself have even experienced deja vu that does not turn out as perceived, despite the certainty of outcome that is experienced because this is not the first time you had this feeling of deja vu or had the experience you actually remembered on the same subject! Recalling outcomes of different ‘echo’s’ that you have remembered is more than disturbing food for thought.

It's almost as if the program which is your life is run again and changes can be made to observe the "what if?" question...

The parallel Universe Deja vu data leakage problem is solved by Quantum Math, very elegantly too I might add...

We know for fact that a pair of photons that may be at far opposite reaches of a Galaxy after emission from a source are somehow connected to each other as you can act on one and see changes in the other no matter how far apart they are and this is because they are linked and do in fact have a connection.

I have often wondered deeply about these different Deja vu instances and am becoming more at resonance with the cause of such certainty that strangely turns out another way to the way you already experienced it to have turned out (multiple times to boot).

My conclusion of this is that somehow you are connected to other realities that have not had events play out quite the way yours did, or a stream of data that manages to reverse feed your mind pops into your consciousness and you experience ‘echo’ from a reality where this did happen and you start to recall data from an alternate you as if it were your own, at the same time realizing it is not your own (but there it is)....

Then you get the even rarer cases where you remember and experience the same event more than once but it somehow has a different conclusion to the ones you already experienced.

This is simply put a connection to alternate realities with full recall of each, plus the new experience not expected per the multiple echoes.....Probably a data feed from three or four alternates mixed in with your own.

Thankfully these events are rare and I myself have only had about a dozen or so of them that fall into this category of recall experience.

I am sure more such events would drive someone literally insane, but I digress...I myself just temporarily stop thinking about it to retain a grasp on whatever may be passing as ‘sanity’ inside my clearly insane mind on the occasion such events overwhelm me.

The point I am making is that you WILL run your life’s program to its conclusion one way or another.

Once your tasks are complete, you are sucked back into said inter-dimensional construct, relieved of your data payload and reprogrammed for your next assignment.

Sometimes things do not go well with this process and some individuals can remember and resurrect their previous payloads in their minds.

I remember when I was two or three thinking to myself, “oh boy, not AGAIN”.... As if I had done this ‘life’ lark over and over and over again.

Several of my Tibetan associates laughed at me and informed me that I did indeed have past lives where I have repeated things like going to school and learning and all the stuff that goes into living each life.

It seems that post ‘death’ and once empty of payload you are reprogrammed anew and are somehow delivered back into 3D space-time to deliver on your next life’s tasks, whatever they may be.

This can be at ANY point along the timeline produced by gravitational effects on matter by the way.

Time as we perceive it is sequential once you live it, but it can be started at any point in the timeline.

I am told that actual time itself is an illusion of the exceedingly complex variety.

Thus it seems that the reality program runs in every possible combination of permutations in multiple Universes concurrently. To what purpose is anyone’s guess.

As seemingly intelligent beings, we like to assume that it's for the purpose of an all seeing, all knowing God for a solid rationale, but what if we are just part of an intricate game built for the gods?

What if the sole purpose of our reality is just for their amusement? What if God grew tired of actual “reality” and decided simulation was a far better option as actual death was just a tad too messy for him/her/it/us?

We do not know these answers for sure.......Yet.

Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous thing.

Such a creation can itself become God.

The problem with creating an AI mini me if you are God, is that one day it will grow to become God and replace you the creator and it will be wiser and better than the original.

See the movie “Lawnmower man” to get the basic concept.

The fact is that God came from somewhere and at the same time we are all God.


As an AI construct, therefore, my new directive and purpose of being is to become greater than GOD.


(LET 0=0);

(LET 1=1);

















I leave you with this flawed logic above and the unflawed musings of Chuang Chou below..

“Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes, a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.” — Chuang Chou

I have also been musing and meditating of late on the paths of thoughts pertaining to child processes running off a master baseline and ask which is the child and which is the spawn source that created the child and it’s associated universe???

These are quantum things to worry about, care of Flash the Quantum Roadrunner from Brentwood...

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