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HCHCI Consulting Services has a staff of 12 highly skilled HCHCI Senior Consulting Architects who are also veterans at designing, configuring, deploying and building all known HCI platforms both on premise and in the cloud as well as having vast MSP experience with the likes of Din Cloud, OVH cloud and Equinix.

We also have cloud experience with AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and Citrix.

Every single one of our consultants also has 30 years minimum Data Center experience with deep networking skills and they have all worked for IBM, EMC, Hitachi, Sun Micro Systems, HPE and NetApp at some point in their careers (yes, all of them) and most were also involved in development of Blade servers and platforms like HPE Synergy and VCE corporation VBLOCK super integrated platforms on the compute side of the equation.

They also have more emerging technology testing and evaluation experience than you can shake a few dozen sticks at.

50% of Sequrux resources also wrote code for Novell, IBM, Cisco, EMC and Hitachi Data Systems and all have extensive orchestration and automation experience with many past companies that specialized in this art, like CA and BMC of bygone era's in IT.

They all have experience in Nutanix and VMware virtualization platforms from day 0 to present day offerings from both of these OEM vendors and everyone has specialized in one or other Backup platform from all the usual suspects plus all the newbies in this space (Veeam, Rubrik and HYCU).

There is almost nothing our team has not built or created from the back of a napkin to the delivery of a turnkey solution found in fortune 2000 data centers globally over the last 30 years.

Our experience spans four continents with onsite project delivery experience from Alpha to Omega stages and beyond.

Our diverse networking experience with all of the top 8 networking vendors totals to more then 400 Man years of networking experience deploying all the popular business applications and systems you can think of in just about every business sector known to mankind as well as some interesting Defense projects since 1984 to boot.

Our team have all also worked in the channel at some point in their career and understand the partner community very well.

The idea behind the services Suqurux offers is basically relevant and current experience of all the latest proven and new emerging technologies making waves out there that shortens the deployment and delivery time down to a precise art that saves a lot of time and resources.

We engage on a per project basis that covers analysis of legacy systems, new systems requirements, sizing and architecture as well as full turnkey operation delivery and the evaluation of current operations resources such as network fabrics and Data Center power that will be running the systems in question.

We also do forensic analysis of current systems that have run into significant problems and our speed to resolution with problem IT deployments are the stuff legends are made of.

The bottom line is we will assess, analyze, size, architect and deploy anything you need for any workload and function at the right IT spend, conserving your precious dollar.

This is what we live, eat breathe and do every single day, 24 x 7 x 364.

We do not work when celebrating Auld Lang Syne unless on deployment outside of the USA but we promote taking this day wherever we happen to be serving regardless.

Drop us an email request at to start a conversation of how best to deploy serious cost saving HCHCI platforms in your environment.

Carpe Diem!


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